The Democrats are Cornered Animals: Expect Civil Unrest to Escalate

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – Every major U.S. stock market index once again finished the day’s trading at record highs on Friday. This came in the wake of the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee unanimously voting out their impeachment disgrace, which shows you how seriously the markets are taking that clown show. It also came in the wake of President Donald Trump’s announcement of the agreement to a major trade deal with China, which, along with the looming congressional approval of the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, was really the most important event of the week for ordinary Americans.

Here’s a pretty picture of the numbers:

Image may contain: text

Democrats would be scared to death if they had any sense. But we all know the answer to that ‘if’, don’t we? – The entire Democrat impeachment clown show has been a giant exercise in group stupidity, but words cannot really capture just how incredibly stupid it was for the Democrats to hold Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing, at which they approved the drafting of their two idiotic articles of impeachment, on the very day that President Trump was scheduled to hold a campaign rally in Pennsylvania just a few hours after the hearing concluded.

For those who haven’t been paying close attention to how the presidential contest is shaping up for 2020, Pennsylvania is shaping up to most likely become the single most important battleground state. The Democrats have pretty much surrendered in Ohio, they have little chance of winning Florida, the President is making tremendous inroads in Minnesota and he now holds sizable leads over every potential Democrat nominee in Wisconsin.

The way things sit today, the entire contest could come down to two states the President won in 2016: Michigan and Pennsylvania, with PA being the bigger of the two prizes. So, for the Democrats to hold that committee hearing on that specific day was political miscalculation of epic proportions.

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale collects a lot of information from those who attend the President’s massive rallies. The data he collects will assist the campaign in micro-targeting likely Trump voters in its get-out-the-vote efforts on Election Day.

The data from the Pennsylvania rally tells a story that, like Thursday’s landslide victory by Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party in the UK elections, is indicative of a likely Trump/GOP wave election building for next November.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • The rally was held in Hershey, PA, population of around 15,000 individuals;
  • The Trump Campaign was able to collect information from 23,207 identified voters, more than 8,000 more than the entire population of the city;
  • 82.5% of the attendees were Pennsylvanians – the remainder came in from neighboring states;
  • The rally was held in the Giant Center, capacity 12,500. This means that almost 11,000 mostly Pennsylvanians stood outside in the cold and sporadic rain for several hours to watch the President’s speech on the large monitors that are always set up outside the rally venues;
  • Think about this one, which is a trend the Campaign sees at all of these rallies: Just a little more than 20% of the attendees said they had voted in at least 1 of the last 4 presidential elections. So the President is firing up thousands of new potential voters in a state that was decided by a little over 40,000 votes in 2016;
  • Even worse for the Democrat Party, more than 20% of the attendees were registered Democrats. Yikes;
  • Contrary to the way in which these events are portrayed in the corrupt news media, 18% of those in attendance were non-white.

On the same day on which the President held this massive rally in Hershey, PA, Fauxcahontas held a campaign event in some bowling alley in Iowa, and Quid Pro Joe spoke to a crowd of tens of people in some classroom in some state he could not identify. Most of those tens of people were a captive audience of kids forced to attend.

Given all of the events of this week, is it any wonder that a new poll from Politico/Morning Consult – which almost certainly over-sampled Democrats – finds that fully 56% of registered votes believe the President will probably be re-elected next November?

This data helps to explain why the despicable Democrats in the House went down this tragic impeachment road. They’re panicked over the numbers they see; they know their own candidates are a collection of political midgets; their Party has no agenda other than taking our country down the pipe to Venezuelan-style socialism; and their Party is utterly devoid of real leadership.

So, they rolled the dice on an impeachment effort, hoping against hope that, with the help of their toadies in the national news media, they might create a groundswell of opposition to the President that would force Republicans to throw up their hands and abandon him. As Mitch McConnell assured everyone on Friday, that effort will certainly fail in the Senate.

This now leaves the radical leftist Democrats cornered and out of options. And we all know that leftists who are cornered and out of options always, invariably resort to escalating public unrest and violence.

2020 will be a dangerous year in America. Be careful out there.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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This is what happens when you turn your entire party over to the big government unions and prop up those who promise those very same big swamp unions the most payoffs.

Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Swalwell, Cortez, Omar, Tlaib ……Yech.
This is who the Democrats are today – stooges for the big government employee unions.


More sane Democrats defecting. Overheard them muttering ………this is not who we are.


Where ANTIFA dare not venture; my neighborhood…

T.M. Ritchie

The American historian Stephen Ambrose near the end of his life was being interviewed by a reporter from the New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune about the after effects of the Civil War on the country.The reporter asked him if he thought this country could experience another civil war. His answer was yes. He said if this country ever elected a black man President his tenure would be so divisive that a civil war would be inevitable. Stephen Ambrose died in 2002.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s not an issue: Barack al-Bama’s race is not an issue. His corruption, and the corruption of Jezebel and of the FBI, DOJ, CIA and State Department, and of the Democrapic Party are why there could be a civil war. Since African Americans are increasingly joining in the Trump Movement, why would we go back to race-bating? Plant much?


fbi all over internet attempting triggers

Jimmy MacAfee

“PATCON is an acronym for “Patriot Conspiracy”, a Clinton-Reno-Holder, FBI and ATF undercover operation. PATCON was designed to infiltrate and incite the milita and evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them. Ruby Ridge was a PATCON operation. Waco was a PATCON operation. And so, too, I believe was the Oklahoma City Bombing. After watching these news broadcast excerpts, it is very difficult to come to any other conclusion, but that McVeigh’s ‘truck bomb’ was little more than a decoy for an FBI-run false-flag terror operation – for which they were already poised in nearby hotels to emerge as the ‘heroes’.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Yep. Waco was meant to be one; OK City was another; Ruby Ridge, another. PATCON still exists, in one form or another.

Don McCoy

Oh yeah…Dems are gonna flip their wigs once the impeachment debacle is quashed. AntiFa and “student” protests will flare up and be more violent. They’ll really try to tamp down free speech even more than now. Gun rights will be attacked because guns can stop them taking over. Watch…Virginia is a good indicator since they’re now unfettered over there. Virginia will make California look like Missouri.

big John

I keep my tire iron at the ready for them uppity Leftists.


The ‘unrest’ will be Smollet hoaxes along with organized and sponsored fetish marches in safe spaces. The obnoxious will stall traffic – temporary solution: get a few canister air horns, available at marine supply stores or online, and a good set of ear plugs for the party.

War story: I happened to get stuck in a fetish march in LA and also happened to have an air horn and other boat things as I was headed out to sea that afternoon to reel in some garbage and perhaps a flounder – anyway I hung out the window and let er rip right in the face of a snarling, tatted rat face, green haired prog. She had a pantload when I hit the button and fell over at the curb she had waddled quickly over toward along with a dozen of her theatrical troop of morons. Five minutes of that horn is enough to ruin your whole parade – they all peeled off far enough for me to get through and the dam broke and every car just roared on by right behind me. Pickett could not have felt more gratified.


100% I believe Leftists will stage a false flag attack. Maybe more than one. Could be a series of attacks to drive a “domestic terrorism” meme. Charlottesville was a complete setup and managed by the Virginia Governor and Attorney general with winks and nods to leftist funded Antifa and BLM. The Charlottesville city police purposely disappeared from their sentry positions while simultaneously herding the Keep The Statue protestors and the idiot white nationalists who were drawn from all over the country, as far as San Francisco by Kessler’s online agitation…directly in to a gauntlet set up by Antifa and BLM armed with coke cans filled with concrete and water bottles filled with urine…and many of them with baseball bats.

And yes, there were real white nationalists there, but they were drawn in from all over the country. They were NOT primarily Virginians. The Keep The Statue protesters had no idea they were being drawn in to a media false flag event and all these other wacko’s from out of state would be drawn in…some of them organized “actors” “portraying” white nationalist gun freaks. The event drew in all the wacko’s, right AND left. But it was mostly staged, with fringe elements joining in…these people, Left and Right are so stupid they couldn’t know they were being used.

Before the event, people online in the comment boards and elsewhere were telling those of us who lived nearby to go and support the “Keep The Statue” protestors. I knew something smelled wrong about it and stayed away. I wanted nothing to do with it. I’ve been part of some significant marches and rallies in DC…its all a waste of time. Media will portray it the way they want and bury anything positive to conservatism, etc.. Don’t waste your time…at best government will roll its eyes and facilitate a rally, but they all think your are pathetic, even conservative cops know rallies, on the public streets, are a waste of time and an inconvenience for other taxpayers who may have wanted to use or pass through that space. Trump rallies are effective for Trump supporters and a fairly decent way to get Trump’s message out, but even then, only people who already use conservative media are seeing the good side. Leftist media still portray them like they do everything else. Some people need that outlet though, so Trump is smart to keep his base close to him…and entertained.

Jimmy MacAfee

That was – as you said – a staged event. Shows how far the current “gubner” is willing to go to get his way. But the Deep State is deeper, and has more schemes to draw from – a history, you might say.

phineas gage

I will add that the Deep State threat does include violence, but of a much more professional and capable type. The presidential security detail needs to be at its highest level over the next year, and no one with Obama administration ties should be in the White House or on the grounds.

phineas gage

Violence on the street is a problem and is not to be discounted, but it is not where the Left will do the greatest damage. Antifa is almost entirely composed of upper-middle class white kids that can’t hold a candle to the Weather Underground radicals in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

The real danger is the continual presence and machinations of the Deep State. That is where their power lies, and they are firmly entrenched.


Agreed, most of the ANTIFA et al, army are just the useful dolts, the foot soldiers of the Deep State apparatus; many of whom are paid just to hold a pre-made sign, and shout a mindless chant. Most, when interviewed, don’t even know what they are protesting. These “professional” protesters are bussed in to display an intimidating strength in numbers campaign. It is portrayed as a bonified grassroots movement; actually a façade sponsored by the various Soros’ NGOs. After Trump won, I remember hearing about how such “activists” were recruited via sites like “Craig’s List” and on social media, and paid upwards of $75-$100 a day in cash (Where was the IRS in this? I’m sure they didn’t get 1099s). And don’t/can’t RICO statues apply to this organized display of revolution? It was easy to get unemployed momma’s basement dwelling SJWs when so many had no jobs and no positive direction during the Obama Reign. Not enough coverage of that fact was broadcast to the public via conservative media and Trump Tweets in my opinion.

About real organic grassroots protests:

I was highly involved in the 1990 “Hands Across New Jersey” anti-tax, anti (Gov.) Florio movement. We held two rallies in Trenton, NJ that summer. Both times we had to get a PERMIT, we had to provide PORTA-POTTIES, we had to get insurance, and other requirements to stage and partake in our First Amendment Right. The rally site was cleaner when we left than when we got there; there was no violence, there were numerous lucid speakers, with a clear message and the thousands there were concerned, but optimistically happy citizens. The NJ, NY, and Eastern PA press either ignored or denigrated us and our efforts. However, the NJ Dem. Legislature was overwhelmingly defeated the next year; as was Florio (“Florio Free in ’93 was the chant”) three years later. Sadly the NJ GOP was not much better…

That was a real organic “grassroots” movement.

The TEA Party was/is a real and organic “grass roots” movement. Every place where they rallied, it was left cleaner after they left than when they came. There was no crime and many of the participants left with a better understanding of the way things really work in politics.

Occupy Wall Street was the left’s counter to the TEA Party. It was not organic; it was not “grassroots” and virtually every site was trashed and violent crime happened everywhere they squatted; much like Woodstock.

Ever wonder how the Revs. Sharpton and Jackson were able to get their mob to show up at a moment’s notice? I’m sure they had permits…

Or, about the demonstrations at airports with professional signage the day of, or after, Trump’s first, and ultimately constitutional travel ban? I’m sure they had permits…

Or, about the anti-Kavanaugh protestors with professional signage during his hearings. I’m sure there are thousands of signs already printed and in storage for any of the dozen or so potential nominees that Trump has on his list to replace RBG.

So, there are two keys to defeating the left’s deep state and its allies:

1) Bust a few hundred heads of their rabble army when they commit violent crime and destroy property. When that happens, they will go away; a hundred bucks ain’t worth getting your head busted or your face smashed in. I remember virtually all of the college protests of the sixties ended overnight after Kent State…

2) Go after the Organizers, and Financiers of these rioters via the RICO law(s).


For sure, ANTIFA is a total fraud but those who protest are intimidating. Even if they are a rent-a-mob, they do beat people up and put them in the hospital and go pretty much scott free.

Normal people just aren’t up to dealing with a violent, deranged mob but taking them on is exactly what the Communists want: violence in the streets.


All my life I have been waiting for the “silent majority” and the Americans of African descent – who I am often told by prominent conservative blacks – are just waiting to shed the bonds of the Democratic Party’s plantation tyranny and are going to massively vote against the Democratic Party. It only happened during Reagan with the so called revolt of the “Reagan Democrats”. With the exception of Reagan, no GOP presidential or congressional candidate has ever given the “Plantation” a real reason to vote FOR the GOP; consequently the Americans of African Descent default to the Dem Santa Claus to the tune of 90+% IN EVERY ELECTION!

All real, fair, and conservative Americans now have the opportunity to vote for someone real, someone who represents their values next November. We will see how that works… – NO EXCUSES! The stakes have never been higher; the consequences of a liberal victory never more dire…

This impeachment happened now for no other reason than to fulfil a Democratic campaign promise. Rep. Tlaib stated on election night that we are going to impeach the MFer! The “squad” of four loons and the “Justice Democrats” run the Democratic house and were not going to be denied their impeachment promise; Nancy (Klink) is just a figurehead at best. And much of the old-guard Dems (Crowley) in previously safe seats are terrified of being primaried (a la AOC) next year. Rather than showing real leadership, the old-guard Dems have acquiesced to the radical demands of the “Justice Democrats” movement.

The hijacked and leaderless Dems must lose 50 to 75+ seats in 2020!

I’m reminded of the scene from “Christmas Vacation” Where Clark Griswold went to his boss’s office to wish him Merry Christmas and the boss, not wanting to be bothered, got on the phone to no one and said “get me somebody, anybody”. The same scenario applied to the Dems this year with the failure of the Mueller Report, and other attempts. So Klink and Adam (Hostetter) got together and called their deep state friend, the communist, Brennan and said, Get me something, anything, that we can use to craft articles of impeachment against Trump. Magically, Eric CIAramella hooks up with Hostetter and his staff and voila, we have an impeachable offense that we can bring forward and make political hay.

Klink now says there is no pressure on the “moderates” in her party to vote the “party line”; sure, I believe that.
This is the same speaker who said we have to pass Obamacare to see what is in it. Totally believable.

I have mixed feelings on where the senate should go on this trial. On one hand acquittal/dismissal would end this national nightmare (only temporally because Rep. Greene (D(umb) TX) says we’ll do it again). On the other hand, a long drawn out trial in the senate would further expose the Deep State and probably some complicit Republicans which I feel must be done.

Whatever course is taken, it should not be taken with the (dumb) idea to somehow placate the media. Hey Republicans!, UNDERSTAND THIS! THE ONLY THING THAT WILL SATISFY THE MSM AND THE LEFT IS FOR TRUMP TO BE CONVICTED AND REMOVED FROM OFFICE! So fight the good fight fiercely, because you and Trump are on the right side of this and stand up and WIN one for AMERICA!

Good Citizen

Yes it is a tricky dilemma. With Durham waiting in the wings I think the most prudent thing to do would be to vote to acquit immediately. Why risk a trial. Gives the Deep State at least a small chance to get Trump removed from office. Who knows what could happen in a protracted trial. Not to mention Chief Justice Roberts will be the presiding Judge. Can’t trust him as far as I could spit. Vote quickly and Trump is acquitted. Then let Durham and Barr peel the scab back just in time for the election.


That’s the best advice I’ve heard yet. Excellent strategy.

Jimmy MacAfee


Jay Lewis

Yup, the Antifa thugs already made their presence felt in London yesterday after the vote on Thursday. November next year is going to be chaos.

Bart Hinder

So if they declare that our AR15s are illegal, there’s no reason not to install the full-auto sear.


Full auto is a waist of ammo. It’s only good for making the enemy keep there heads down and you want there heads up for a better shot.

Htos 1

I’m a .308 guy myself, comfortably cool and nested….

Jimmy MacAfee

I prefer bolt action – 7 m mag, 25-06. But those are for hunting, right?

Robert Miller

What a great point Navy00!!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d prefer a version of the AR10. With better receivers than in some models.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Left does a good job of amplifying their numbers: case-in-point: tranny numbers, barely a percent of a percent. Like a huffed-up skunk, they make themselves look larger than they are. Mostly, like the aforementioned skunk, they’re good at stinking things up.

They’re in desperation that African American men support Trump at 34% (probably more like 54%)
They’d like us to war amongst ourselves. They’re also in desperation that so many Hispanics support Trump, with numbers around the same (I know from interviews that the 34% number is way larger than that, particularly among the Christian community of both African Americans and Hispanic.)

Let the desperate be desperate; let the degenerate be degenerate: they devour themselves in their own madness. Don’t play their games. The Left doesn’t have near the numbers they claim, and most people are being red=pilled (seeing the Left for what it is: demonic) Almost no one believes the fake media any more.


IMO (and likely many others): Barack Obama was the biggest NARCISSIST to occupy the WH in American history. The I, Me, I, Me Commander in Chief was such a control freak, that he called individual sorties in the Middle East. NOTHING occurred on his watch without his approval. It kept him so busy, and he was so full of himself, that it left little to no time for him to work on a successor to lead the Democrat party. He was quite content to turn it all over to Hillary, who thought she had the election rigged to the point that it was impossible for her to lose. I grew up a JFK Democrat that walked away from the party because of Hillary. I can still remember how indignant she was when she was removed from her appointment on the Healthcare committee that Slick put her on. The Democrats are lost in the desert and as long as they keep promoting identity politics, they will stay lost.

Jimmy MacAfee

Part of Barack al-Bama’s reason for micromanaging drone strikes is that he personally pulled the trigger numerous times, when the drone program was under CIA control. Brennan saw to that; part of his seduction of al-Bama. Sitting on the Whitehouse couch, he blew the hell out of a lot of people in several countries. He didn’t have to be in a facility to make that happen: for him, it was fun and games, watching the rock-scramblers get blown to Adamschitt.

Welsh Warrior

Let the liberals bring on the violence. It’s time for a good”cleanse” of this disease anyway. Patriots are armed up and waiting!!! Bring it on soy boyz and girlz.

Jimmy MacAfee

Why waste a winning hand, when you hold all the cards? The Left is in a panic; why should we panic too?’s-nsa-chief-discovered-administration’s-‘702’-illegal-spying-operation-briefed-trump-surveillance-trump-tower/

Let Durham be Durham. Good things are happening.

The press wants us to act out like retarded Leftists. Keep your damn powder dry until it is absolutely necessary. When they come for your guns, personally and at your doorstep…be locked and loaded.


You can bet that LEFTIST Nazi-agitators are already out there, using SOROS’ money to whip up large crowds of anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic HATE-filled Demo-Socilaists, to “take to the streets,” when Trump wins re-election in November 2020.

Expect RIOTS in many cities (as many as Soros can buy) following President Trump’s RE-ELECTION!!


I’m sure Trump is secretly (a la his Thanksgiving trip to Afghanistan) prepared to declare a national emergency and martial law if necessary on the night of his election victory. He is a leader and that is what leaders do. I believe he was probably surprised at the opposition’s vitriol (and how long it has continued) from his win. It wasn’t terrible to let it (the violence) happen as a means to expose what the left is, but this time around, it had better be decisively countered and FORCEFULLY PUT DOWN!

Jimmy MacAfee

No, they’ve transported fake Rightists and Leftists on the same busses, as they did in Charlottesville. The leader of the “protest” was an Obama-voting Leftist, and the whole thing was staged by the Left. Both “sides” were the same side, except some know-nothing dupes who managed to get swallowed up in the stupidity.

They’ve learned from their operations from the past; they won’t stage anything that will make the Left look bad; instead, they’ll manufacture a disaster in order to blame it on President Trump and his supporters, and to declare Martial Law in places which resist the impending illegal gun confiscation orders by the Governor of Virginia.

All the Leftist agitation – Aunty Fay – has blown up in their faces. Even Charlottesville didn’t go the way they wanted, portraying Aunty Fay (ANTIFA) as “heroic.” Nobody bought that. Even the press couldn’t swallow that load of AdamSchitt.

Sharon Campbell

Excellent article. I, too believe Americans must be aware that cornered animals are dangerous,

Jimmy MacAfee

Desperation brings out the worst in people, especially the worst people.

Jimmy MacAfee

Messages to Whitehouse show no tertiary response – “thank you we have received your message.”
Someone needs to alert the President in order to untangle this before it happens.

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