Mitch McConnell Goes All Broadway Joe Namath With Hannity

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Mitch McConnell made a fairly rare, long-ish appearance on the Sean Hannity Tick-Tock hour last night. – The Senate Majority Leader made a lot of very important statements during this interview, including an ironclad guarantee – a la Joe Willie Namath before the 1968 Super Bowl – that there is “zero chance” the President will be convicted and removed by the Senate. Given that the media reports I’ve seen on it are woefully inadequate, I thought it was important to provide readers here a more fulsome summation of the interview.

Because the segment is almost 11 minutes long and the video clip provides closed captioning, I haven’t compiled a full transcript. However, key outtakes – which constitute virtually all of his own remarks – from McConnell’s remarks appear below.

[Apologies to readers: This video clip, for whatever reason, will not play when embeded within this piece, so please follow the link provided above to view it.]

Key Outtakes:

The Democrats have been wanting to do this for three years. The first headline in the Washington Post after the President was inaugurated was that they were going to impeach him. Well, they finally got around to it, and we assume we will see two articles of impeachment, both of them pretty weak stuff, coming over to us.

Under the rules of impeachment, the Senate then turns to it – has no option, but to turn to it – and it’s the sole business until we finish.

How we can impact that, really, is just with 51 votes. The Chief Justice is in the Chair, I don’t expect the Chief Justice to try to tilt the playing field either way. We will listen to the opening arguments by the House prosecutors, we will listen to the President’s lawyers respond, and then we’ll have to make a decision about the way forward.

Everything I do while we’re doing this will be coordinated with the White House counsel. There will be no difference between the President’s position and our position as to how to handle this, to the extent we can.

We don’t have the kind of ball control on this…a typical issue, for example, comes over from the house, and if I don’t like it, we don’t take it up. We have no choice but to take it up, but we’ll be working through this process, hopefully in a very short period of time in close cooperation with the White House counsel’s office.

You raise the issue of whether there will be witnesses; It will be up to the President’s counsel to decide if they want to have witnesses.

The case is so darn weak coming over from the House – we all know how it’s gonna end. There is no chance the President’s gonna be removed from office.

My hope is that there won’t be a single Republican who votes for either of these articles of impeachment, and Sean, it wouldn’t surprise me if we got one or two Democrats.

Over in the House, the Republicans are solid and the Democrats seem to be divided.

[On the Obstruction of Congress charge:]

This is a thoroughly political exercise. This is not like a courtroom experience, this is a political exercise. They’ve been trying to do this for three years, they’ve finally screwed up their courage to do it.

It looks to me like it may be backfiring on them, particularly in swing districts that the Speaker’s party managed to win in order to get to the majority. Most of the nervousness I see on this issue, particularly among the politicians since it’s a political exercise, is on the Democratic side.

[On whether to bring in witnesses like Schiff, Quid Pro Joe and Hunter Biden:]

Again, I’m going to take my cues from the President’s lawyers.

But, yes, if you know you have the votes, you’ve listened to the arguments on both sides, and believe the case is so slim, so weak that you have the votes to end it, that might be what the President’s lawyers would prefer.

You can certainly make a case for making it shorter rather than longer since it’s such a weak case.

[On the Abuse of Power charge:]

Well, this is a really weak case [laughing], and that’s why I think you’re gonna see bipartisan opposition to the articles over in the House.

[How long will it last?]

Well, if they do it [pass the articles in the House] next week, we will get consent to go home for Christmas. We would turn to it right around the first of the year, and we would stay on it until we finish. My hope is that it would be a shorter process rather than a longer process.

[On his and President Trump’s tremendous success on Judicial confirmations:]

It’s all about putting strict constructionists on the court. We put our 50th Circuit judge on the bench last week.

To put that into perspective, Barack Obama did 55 Circuit judges in 8 years, we’ve done 50 in 3 years. We have at least a year left for sure, we’re gonna do more.

One-fourth of the Circuit judges…remember, the most cases don’t make it to the Supreme Court. Most complex litigation never makes it beyond the Circuit court. This has been the most long-lasting, important contribution the President could make, well into the future, far beyond his tenure in office.

So, we’ll have a judiciary more inclined not to make it up on the fly. You know, President Obama said he wanted to appoint judges who had ’empathy.’ Well, that makes great sense if you’re the litigant before the judge for whom the judge has empathy. Its not so good if you aren’t.

[On how Mitch would proceed if a Supreme Court seat came open next year.]

Absolutely [he would proceed to fill the seat]. We definitely would do that. 

The most important decision I have made in my career was the decision not to fill the seat of Justice Scalia after he had passed away. That was the beginning, and now we have this exclamation point after three years.

[Hannity says he’s surprised Obama left so many vacancies.]

I’ll tell you why – I was in charge of what we did the last two years of the Obama Administration [laughs].

[Will there be any GOP defections on impeachment?]

I doubt it. There’s zero chance the President would be removed from office, and I’m hoping there will be no defections at all.


That is all.

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In the spirit of the Christmas Season, I’ll make an attempt to write new lyrics to the Twelve Days of Christmas. This in not where my talent lies but hopefully someone here who is more creative can improve and disseminate to as wide as audience as possible.

On the 12th day of Christmas PDJT gave to us:
12 Strong GOP congress-people with backbones defending America
11 Future Deep State Criminal Prosecutions
10 Future firings of current Deep State Traitors
9 Leftist newspapers failing in 2020
8 States flipped to GOP in 2020
7 Defeated Dem and RINO senators in 2020
6 MSM networks permanently discredited: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS
5 New Pro US trade deals
4 Dem House Leaders exposed as criminal frauds
3 Percent Unemployment
2 Dollar Gas
1 America being Made Great

Merry Christmas to Dave and his readers.


What a great 12 days of Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Dims are going to be hiding behind the benches and under tables, after they “impeach” the President, largely because of this:

I’d mentioned Rogers’ heroism before, in giving President Elect Trump the knowledge that he was being spied upon. All the fake media tell us that Barr is horrible for saying that Trump was spied upon, but FISA knows!

“He [Rogers] discovered the illegal spying. He went personally to the FISA Court and briefed the Chief Judge and worked with her for months to uncover the people who did it. The FISA Court has already told the Justice department who lied to that court and that has been given to [Attorney General] Bill Barr already.”’s-nsa-chief-discovered-administration’s-‘702’-illegal-spying-operation-briefed-trump-surveillance-trump-tower/

Mitch knows, too. Even a sissy like Mittsie can’t stand up to the evidence. And what evidence it is!

Jimmy MacAfee

The story: a bald eagle is freed from the clutches of an octopus. Metaphor America. Video included.

Jimmy MacAfee

McConnell sometimes is surprising. Graham won’t be able to prevent witnesses from appearing, if he has the stones to even try.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s time to flood your Senators offices with mail, especially liberal Dems (like Warner and Kaine,) and send them email and make phone calls.

By the way, the Gubner of Va, Ralph “coon” Northam threatened to use the National Guard against Virginia counties if the Sanctuary towns resist his gun-grabbing. I’m figuring the President will restrict the use of the National Guard in that event, and many Guardsmen will refuse to obey the order, and if any do, this will begin the shooting phase of the present civil war.

phineas gage

I’ve been watching this–it could get interesting if the gun-grabbers really try to implement their fascist policy.

Note how ‘sanctuary cities’ in defiance of federal and state laws are completely permissible when the libs do it, but not so much with conservatives.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect that any order from the Gubner to use the National Guard would result in his removal from office via martial law. Richmond would be under siege, and this has been part of the planning in the case of certain eventualities.

I’ve supported the notion of sanctuary cities for illegals, mostly because they should be forced to live with the crap they import, murderers, homeless, sidewalk crappers. I believe it is their right to live in the hell they create. I also believe that the feds have a right to enter such sanctuary cities and do their jobs, which means arresting illegals.

If the feds ever got a notion to take our guns, then the shooting war would take on a whole other dimension. Don’t want to speculate on that.

phineas gage

I am predicting right now that Romney votes to convict. But that’s if it even makes it over to the Senate–the way the vulnerable Dems are panicking like a spooked herd of catttle right now–and if Pelosi is really not going to whip the vote–it could well go down.

Cocaine Mitch has plenty of flaws, but he’s been superb with judges, and there’s no way he’s going to allow a GOP president to be taken down by such a political charade on his watch.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think Romney won’t be able to vote to convict; his constituents will be flooding his office with hate mail and phone calls and emails and angry visitors, and you might see him booed off the stage at any townhalls he might be brave enough to attend. I don’t see Mittens stupid enough to take that kind of fire. And if he does, he’ll be primaried and will be reduced to a lonely shell, an isolated hermit crab cast into the deepest of the deep. Kind of like George Will, non compos mentis and persona non gratis, who are part of a small and growing-smaller group of wussie Never-Trumpers who have begun to resemble a pack of three legged hyenas. (Both metaphors are accurate at the same time.)


He is in a tough spot, entirely of his own making. Unfortunately he just won, so he is in DC for the rest of Trump’s Terms, so primarying him is not an option during Trump, recall, if Utah has recall is the only option.

However, if he votes to convict, he’ll be a pariah in the GOP and Utah and rendered irrelevant (unlike McLame) in national politics and be a one term one off. He will have ultimately accomplished nothing (RINO Gov of MA, they’re a dime a dozen) in his political life.

If he votes to acquit, he’ll get no respect from the left, e.g. the NYT and the WAPO where their appreciation and respect of him really matters to the carpetbagging senator – the MSM want so badly for pro-impeachment and conviction votes to be bipartisan, even if unsuccessful.

I guess he could vote “Present”, or do an Arlen Spector and vote “Not Proven” (Chief Justice Rehnquist ruled Spector as a not guilty vote in the B. J. Clinton trial).

Most likely, he is praying to his magic pants the House Impeachment effort collapses and doesn’t even make it to the senate. He can then continue to hide in the DC swamp under the public radar, with his RINO creds intact.

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