Jim Jordan: They’re Never Going To Stop

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

At last night’s disgraceful clown show impeachment “hearing,” Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan said everything that needs saying on the Democrat/media/Deep State Coup Cabal’s fiasco. I’m dedicating this morning’s Campaign Update to Mr. Jordan’s five minutes of oratory greatness because frankly, he summarizes the whole sordid tale of the last four years better than anyone has done before.

Please, spread the video clip below and the transcript that follows far and wide, to all your friends – both real and on social media – and anywhere else you can distribute it, because it is something every American needs to see, listen to, and absorb. First, the clip:



They’re never gonna stop.

Congressman Green said yesterday that if the Senate doesn’t convict, it will not end. This is not about Ukraine – the facts are on the President’s side. Zelensky said he wasn’t even pressured; Ukrainians didn’t even know the aid was held up at the time of the call; and most importantly, they did nothing to get the aid released.

This is about one basic fact: The Democrats have never accepted the will of the American people. Three weeks ago Nancy Pelosi called the President of the United States “an imposter,” and the attacks on the President started before the election:

July 31, 2016: The FBI opened the Trump/Russia investigation, and spied on four American citizens associated with Trump’s campaign. They took the Dossier to the FISA Court and they lied to the Court 17 times.

Didn’t tell the Court the guy who wrote the Dossier was desperate to stop Trump.

Didn’t tell the Court the guy who wrote the Dossier was working for the Clinton Campaign.

Didn’t tell the Court the guy who wrote the Dossier had been leaking information to the press.

And the FBI continued the investigation after the election.

On January 3, 2017, Senator Schumer said this: “If you mess with the Intelligence Community, they have 6 ways from Sunday of getting back at you.” It took all of three days for that statement to come true.

January 6, 2017, at Trump Tower: Comey briefs President-elect Trump on the Dossier. The Dossier that the FBI already knew was false.

They do it so they can leak it to the press, so the press can write about the fact that they briefed him.

The President was told that he wasn’t under investigation when in fact they were investigating him and trying to entrap him at that meeting.

And of course, they continue their investigation after the Inauguration.

When we deposed James Comey in this committee last congress, he said that after 10 months of the FBI’s investigation, they “didn’t have a thing.”

Comey gets fired on May 9, 2017.

Eight days later, Bob Mueller gets hired, and we get two years of the Mueller Investigation: Nineteen lawyers, 40 agents, 500 warrants, 2,800 subpoenas, but ZERO collusion.

But Democrats don’t care about the facts, and they’re never gonna stop.

The “whistleblower’s” lawyer said, 10 days after the President was sworn in – “coup has started, impeachment to follow.”

Sixteen members of this committee voted to move forward with impeachment before Bob Mueller ever testified, before President Trump and President Zelensky ever had their call.

They’re never gonna stop with their attacks because they can’t stand the fact that President Trump is draining the Swamp, and doing what he said he would do, and most importantly, getting results.

Taxes cut;

Regulations reduced;

Economy growing at an unbelievable pace;

Lowest unemployment in 50 years;

Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the Court;

Out of the Iran deal;

Embassy in Jerusalem;

Hostages home from North Korea;

And oh, by the way, a new Nafta Agreement coming any day now.

They can’t stand it, and they’re never gonna stop, and it’s not just because they don’t like the President.

It’s not just because they don’t like the President: it’s because they don’t like us.

They don’t like the 63 million people who voted for this President; all of us in “Flyover Country,” all of us common folk in Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Texas; they don’t like us.

How about what Ms. Carlin said last week, sitting right there [points to witness table]? The Democrat professor who came here and told us what she believes:

“Liberals tend to cluster; Conservatives spread out, because they don’t even want to be around themselves.”

How about our colleague, Maxine Waters? 

June of 2018, when she said this: “And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

That is scary.

How about Peter Strzok, the guy who ran the Clinton investigation, the guy who ran the Trump/Russia investigation, the Deputy head of counterintelligence who was fired when he said this:

“Went to a southern Virginia Wal-Mart, I could smell the Trump support.”

They don’t like us.  That’s what this is about. 

They don’t like the President, they don’t like his supporters, and they dislike us so much that they’re willing to weaponize the government.

A few years ago, it was the IRS; more recently, it was the FBI; and now it’s the impeachment power of congress, going after 63 million people and the guy we put in the White House.

Think about what Chairman Schiff did last week:

He released the phone records of the President’s personal lawyer;

He released the phone records of a member of the press; and

He released the phone records of a Republican member of congress.

This is scary stuff.

This is scary stuff, what they’re doing, and frankly, it is dangerous for our country, it is not healthy for our country.

And we should all remember what Emmett Flood, the President’s lawyer, told us this past Spring when the Mueller Report first came out:

“It would be well to remember that what can be done to a President can be done to any of us.”

This is scary stuff and serious stuff, and I hope you guys [looking at the Democrats on the commitee] will reconsider and stop it while you can.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Boom! Jordan, you were Air Jordan! What a historic speech. Summarizes better than anyone we’ve heard publicly. We are living history, and I believe history, and more importantly God is on the side of truth.

Thanks David for posting this epic speech.

Jimmy MacAfee

The incentive is there, if the American people will see it and act upon it: if they want this continuous parade of phony Congressional investigations/impeachments to continue, and if they want high unemployment, and if they want to ruin our energy autonomy, and if they want to return to endless wars…then keep voting Democrats into the House and Senate. The fact that they will not stop until they’re completely defeated is obvious, but we can thank the idiot Representative Al Green for his candor.

Americans hold their own fate in their own hands. Vote accordingly: if you want widespread disaster, vote Dem (or RINO.) Otherwise, vote for Conservative (and Libertarian leaning) Republicans. Those of us who can, will prepare for either eventuality. But if you love your children?


This morning, a local (Nashville) radio host was playing Jerry Go-Nads (Gen. Burkhalter) audio clips shutting down the GOP minority in the house and he described the Dems violation of traditional congressional minority party protection. The reason for such protection(s) is to check the power of majority, to avoid a “tyranny of the majority”, which is what true democracy is, or can become.

This is another example of the one-way street of politics in Washington DC and state capitols. When the GOP runs the house and/or senate the Dems demand their voices be heard, and the Republicans usually acquiesce. When the Dems run the show, their rule is absolute, especially when jerks like McLame co-sponsor their agenda.

If aliens from Mars came to America in 2017-2018, they would think the Dems ran congress.

When the Dems lose congressional elections, our nation becomes a country governed by the TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY; when they win It is run by the TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY! They way that works is FM!

FM was/is a slang navy expression to explain away the unexplainable, and it does not mean Frequency Modulation.


Schiff commits overt broad daylight and in-your-face crimes and the best Jordan can suggest is “reconsider”?? DAMN! What does Schiff have to do to get arrested? Does he claim some sort of I’m-above-the-law immunity? It still looks like kabuki, and I won’t get anything except disgusted until I start seeing orange jump suits, and a LOT of them. We’re seeing treason. Everything Jordan said is right, and there’s plenty more he could have said. But the criminals are still on the payroll, still have their security clearances, and can continue their treachery. Someone please tell me what the good guys are waiting for.

phineas gage

One big reason, concerning Senator Mark Warner, is discussed by sundance today.


Boy…sure can’t fool Jim Jordan! Especially because the Dems BRAG that they’re never going to stop! Republicans really need to get it together and FIGHT rather than just trading barbs. Headlines about Democrats getting “slammed” and “lambasted” are great…but there are never any actual results. Where are the lawsuits? Indictments? Sheesh…good burn though, Jim. Keep up the good work.

Anyone thinking about how we’ll block the ubiquitous Democrat election fraud next year?


What I don’t understand and perhaps Dave or his commenters can clear up:

Why does the fact that Comey’s private briefing of the dossier to Trump make it releasable to the public? It was an intelligence assessment, wasn’t it? Aren’t Intelligence briefs supposed to be “classified”?

Why did Comey have to have the room cleared in order to “brief” Trump?

Didn’t everyone in the room with Trump have clearance and was therefore able to be “read in” on the dossier? When former agency directors, and CNN and MSNBC “contributors” still have their clearance, I’m sure everyone in that meeting with Trump had a clearance

Who authorized the dossier to be released – after being brought to Trumps attention? If that is the standard, the public should be hearing EVERY briefing the president ever gets. Something stinks to high Heaven here.

Apparently the new standard under the Trump presidency is that his phone calls to foreign leaders and others are immediately releasable to the public – often in near real time; yet all the crap coming from the (supposedly declassified by the president) DOJ/FBI/IC – much of which is/was subpoenaed is taking months, if not years (with much redactions) to be released. In effect, the president enjoys less privacy protection than the average citizen, or non citizen. And don’t forget about the extreme numbers of unmaskings that were done during Obama’s administration.

Obviously this is a real threat to “National Security”. Why would any foreign leader (friend or adversary) have any confidence in our president or country to protect secrets?

During the Bush terms the press and WikiLeaks routinely got “classified” information which they published forcing Bush to declassify – WHY? In effect the press – not the government vetted what was “classified”. I never understood that? Why weren’t the leakers and the publishers prosecuted?

Amazing how I don’t remember any such damaging leaks during the Obama administration. The only embarrassing instance I remember during Obama’s administration was when the loudmouth Obama on a hot mic, said to Medneved (sp?) asking for more time from Putin – he would have “more flexibility” (to screw America) after the election”. It was buried by the MSM, and only narrowly exposed to the public by the small conservative media; Romney and the GOP should have made a campaign commercial from it!

Why wasn’t he IMPEACHED for that? It was the same circumstances with a GOP House and a Dem Senate at the time prior to Obama’s second term. Perhaps reverse racism was the reason…?

Yet Trump and the GOP congress can’t get any declassified information from the DOJ during all these “investigations”.

This all needs to be fixed Mr. President.

phineas gage

I certainly can’t answer all of these questions, but it is clear that the dossier ‘briefing’ was held specifically so it could be leaked to the press (CNN). That was the tool they used to get the dossier into the media domain, since none of it could be independently verified.

Leaks are illegal, but they are used routinely by the deep state bureaucracies to advance their agenda via, as David would say, their ‘toadies in the media’.


Phineas, thanks for the response, but most of my questions were rhetorical to make a point, and need no specific answer.

My main point is how does briefing the president allow for the public release of the briefing, regardless of its’ content?

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve heard that No Name’s buddy, Wimsy Graham (who did a good job yesterday) had a copy in 2016, from No Name.


Ok, got it, Thanks Dave. I now remember that it was out and about as gossip; officially telling Trump about it made it “news”. I now also remember that John McLame certainly thought it was real bonified “intelligence”. So much so that he sent a toady to Europe to get a copy and get it to the “proper people”…

Still, all the other leaks and classifications referenced in my comment need to be fixed, in the name of “National Security”.


We need a miracle. We need a majority in the House and 66 votes in the Senate.

phineas gage

Correct. They are not going to stop–unless we stop them.

However, this doesn’t require a divine miracle. It simply requires the American people asserting their democratic will.

* A significant number of top Democrat figures will soon be indicted

*A political blowback of hurricane proportions awaits the Dems in 2020.

*Beyond that, Trump is in the process of carrying out a fundamental political realignment that will effectively destroy the modern Democrat party.

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