Why GOP Voters Should be Proud of Their House Members Today

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

During the lead-up to the 2016 elections, I repeatedly wrote that, as a class, Republicans in the House and Senate were the single most hated element of the DC Swamp. This was because of their repeated collective failures to live up to the promises they had made to voters in getting elected.

On the campaign trail, House and Senate Republicans sounded like Ronald Reagan, promising to go to Washington and beat up on those Democrats and President Obama, promising to get rid of the Obamacare atrocity, promising to rein in Obama’s regulatory reign of terror, promising to use the filibuster and the parliamentary process in the House to force Democrats to pass real budget bills instead of agreeing to just another continuing resolution, promising to rebuild the military and get our young men and women out of the myriad Middle East and African civil wars Presidents Bush and Obama had gotten them entangled in.

But once safely in office, all those promises and many, many more were quickly forgotten, as congressional Republicans immersed themselves in the corrupt ways of the Swamp and became utter cowards when it came to casting principled votes out of fear that they might get negative attention from the corrupt news media. But their disloyal, unprincipled and cowardly behavior brought them nothing but scorn and contempt from those they were trying to please: They became hated by the Democrats, hated by the corrupt news media, and yes, hated even by their own voters, voters who only continued voting for them because the alternative – voting for a Democrat – was too repugnant to contemplate. Better to vote for a coward than for a Marxist Alinskyite.

Ok, now that I’ve had the catharsis of getting all of that out my system, here’s why you Republican voters should be proud of your house members today: Because, to a man, and to a woman, they all did their damn jobs throughout throughout the Democrats’ Soviet-style impeachment clown show. Oh, Texas congressman Will Hurd had a shaky moment early on, but even he ended up coming around to realizing that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi were abusing their power like no one in the nation’s capital had ever done before, and got with the program.

Hey, for once the Republicans actually had a program to get with. An aggressive, no-nonsense, call a clown a clown strategy for giving no ground to Schiff and his fraudulent, corrupt process. An aggressive, no-fear strategy of staying on-message with the corrupt Democrat media toadies and for pointedly calling them out when they lied in their reporting, which of course, happened constantly.

Devin Nunes and Doug Collins, as ranking GOP members on the House Intel and House Judiciary Committees, respectively, were stellar, scorching the earth and the hides of Schiff and Jabba the Nadler with every opening and closing statement. Both men managed their committee members and their questioning time perfectly throughout, and the results were spectacular.

Both Jim Jordan of Ohio and John Ratcliffe of Texas did double duty as members of both committees, and all conservatives should be incredibly grateful for those two men. Jordan was fantastic in capitalizing on the utter absurdities of the parade of hearsay gossips who showed up as “witnesses” before the committee, rendering them all human pin cushions by the time he was done with them. Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor himself, was more subdued but equally effective in consistently pinpointing the legal holes in the Democrats’ case and tying several of the witnesses up in knots of logic they could not untie.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz utterly and completely decimated the Democrats’ despicable Alinskyite Lawfare lawyer, Daniel Goldman, making him look like an 8 year-old being lectured in the Principal’s office for all to see on national television. It was a moment of TV beauty that deserves to be seen again here:

These guys were all members we expected to shine going in. But the hearings were filled with some new stars, too. Like Chris Stewart of Utah, one of the finest human beings serving in congress today, who time after time providing piercing and pointed questioning that brought Schiff’s array of haughty gossip witnesses crashing down to earth. Michael Turner of Ohio was another relatively unknown member who took apart several witnesses and battled fiercely with the imperious Schiff on several points of order. Louie Gohmert of Texas and Arizona’s Andy Biggs also had great moments in limited duty on the Judiciary Comittee.

And then there was Elise Stefanik, the 35 year-old who represents the 21st district of New York, who may have been the star of the show. Combative, pointed, smart, and fearless of the vicious attacks from the press that she surely knew would come, Stefanik emerged from this process as one of the true rising stars not just in the House, but in the Republican Party. Expect her to have a prominent speaking role at next year’s GOP National Convention.

Going into this impeachment farce, seasoned observers of House Republicans had every reason to be nervous, to expect them to be completely disorganized and ineffective. After all, under Boehner and Paul Ryan’s non-leadership, we had seen this story so many times before.

But they came in with a clear and highly-organized plan with two main objectives: 1) dismantle Schiff/Pelosi/Nadler’s fraudulent case, and 2) do so in a way that would hold the Trump support base together.

The fact that they were successful in achieving both objectives is a credit to the leadership of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. His leadership made success possible. Be thankful Paul Ryan is spending his time these days trying to screw up Fox News – had he still been Minority Leader there is no telling how badly this all would have gone.

So, I know it’s hard for many of us, but be happy, Republican voters. You finally have leadership in the House of Representatives you can be proud of. If things go half as well in the Senate, Election Day 2020 will be a great day for America indeed.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Regarding your catharsis, the RINOS weren’t/aren’t only cowards, they were/are willing collaborators in most cases.

The main reason the Dems retook the house in 2006 and 2018 is not because the people suddenly fell in love with the Dems and their message; it’s because many Republican house and senate members gave conservatives absolutely no reason to vote FOR them and rather than vote for the ‘Marxist Alinskyite”, they stayed home especially since both elections were non-presidential midterms. The old saying “you can’t beat somebody with nobody” is true especially in low turn out elections.

The other rule of American politics is the conservative electorate often will not blindly vote for any jerk (Perot, not B.J. Clinton, beat Bush the First for example), with an (R) after their name, whereas the lemmings on the left will always vote for ANYONE with a (D) after their name. That is how people like Nancy (Col. Klink, Jerry (Gen. Burkhalter) Nadler, and Adam (Maj. Hochstetter) Schiff get elected in safe districts for life.

The newbie dolts that win in swing districts are the Sgt. Schultzes (know, see, and hear nothing except what they are told to do by Col. Klink) of today’s Dem party. If the newbies don’t follow the Klinks, Burkhalters, and Hochstetters, they are threatened to be sent packing to the Russian Front – deprived of DNC campaign funds. Some loyal, but vulnerable Dems are occasionally spared from having to vote for their political suicide when there are enough Dems in safer districts to carry the day for bills like Obamacare. This makes the “spared” ones even more beholden to Klink and NOT to their voters.

Trump is leading HIS Republican Party from the moribund state it has been is since the FDR years, with the possible exception of the four Gingrich years when he was speaker.

Jay Whitcraft

I too want to thank you Dave for pointing out how wonderful our house members performed during this total sham. Those members need a lot of well deserved praise. Those fools Nadler and Schiff repeatedly broke the crooked rules that they themselves passed. My personal warning to ANY democrat that thinks that this is ok:
Someday this will happen to you! Jay.

Big Al in NC

As usual, Mr. Blackmon: well done. I’ve enjoyed your political evaluations for quite some time, and have shared your link quite a bit with friends. I’m one of “those” readers that prefers the written dialogue versus the video…I’m not always where I can freely watch a video, and your analysis (within) the written version truly adds depth and meaning I would miss simply watching a video. So…a big thank you for your efforts on my behalf (and others…).


GOP shouldn’t be thanked for this. They should be ashamed because they should fight like this EVERY day.

phineas gage

The Gaetz take-down is indeed epic. All that Goldman could do was sit there and stare hatefully at Gaetz.

Jimmy MacAfee

It was a gaze, was it not! Imagine a moth being pinned live to a panel.

phineas gage

Gaetz, Jordan, and Ratcliffe have all been superb, following in the path blazed by Devin Nunes.

phineas gage

The simple truth is that people respond to strong leadership. It is no accident that the GOP has started to grow a spine under Trump.

The fact that the impeachment vote will be entirely partisan (since the execrable Justin Amash now calls himself an independent) is more than symbolic, it is politically important.

It will be interesting to see what happens on the Senate side. I’m expecting at least the embittered Mittens to vote for conviction, and probably several others as well such as Ben Sasse and Collins (she gets a pass because she’s in Maine and voted to confirm Kavanaugh). Murkowski will probably have to be bought off–I’d rather she vote against Trump and get tossed in the next election.


To “Mittens” Romney aka “Pierre Delecto” (figures it’d be French; you know how good they are @ surrendering) – I want my $600 & my vote back you schmuck.

Jimmy MacAfee

You’re right: this is the GOP we’ve been waiting for. Finally!

As to Paul Ryan: may his name live in infamy forever.

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