Time Swings and Misses With Another Person of the Year Pick

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Here is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year:


Time’s Person of the Year is a 17 year-old girl who:

– Was born in to great white privilege in her racially-homogeneous country of Sweden;

– Has lived a prosperous and privileged life provided to her by her neglectful, attention-seeking parents, both of whom are performers and radical leftist activists;

– Has been used and abused by every adult who has ever held influence over her life;

– Is currently being held up as a poster child by the radical climate alarmist community in order to advance its globalist/socialist political agenda;

– Is fond of constantly lecturing all adults who will listen to her angry hectoring that they have “stolen my childhood” despite her prosperous life of white privilege; and

– Became famous by hitching a ride on a very wealthy billionaire’s sailboat to float across the Atlantic to the U.S. early this year.

Here are Time’s stated criteria for awarding its annual Person of the Year designation:

“Person of the Year (called Man of the Year or Woman of the Year until 1999) is an annual issue of the United States news magazine Time that features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that “for better or for worse… has done the most to influence the events of the year“.

Think about that for a moment: 2019 is a year hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens have risked their very lives taking to the streets to protest the Communist government in China. It is a year in which similar numbers of Iranians have taken similar risks in defying the ruling Mullahs in their own country. Hundreds of these ordinary people have lost their lives as a result of their courageous advocacy for simple human dignity and freedoms.

2019 is a year in which Democrat congressman Adam Schiff successfully held up the business of the entire federal government for months with a clown show, Soviet-style impeachment process. What about him, and what about the fake “whistleblower” – Eric Ciaramella – who served as the catalyst for the entire process?

2019 is a year in which Donald Trump and his Administration created the most vibrant and booming economy on the face of the earth, while at the same time hamstringing China’s hegemony with crushing tariffs. What about him?

2019 is a year in which the rousing success of the brilliant men and women who run the U.S. oil and gas industry created the conditions that will allow the United States to ultimately completely disengage from wars in the Middle East, other than to protect Israel. What about them?

If you have to be politically correct and want to give it to some climate alarmist, what about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Unlike Greta – who just admitted to the climate conference in Madrid that she her fellow alarmists “have achieved nothing” – AOC’s introduction of the “Green New Deal” has already influenced the policy positions of literally every man and woman running for the 2020 Democrat Party presidential nomination. Love her or hate her, AOC has, unlike Greta, actually done a lot to “influence the events of the year” in a real, substantive manner.

I hold no animosity towards little Greta. I actually feel a great deal of empathy and sadness for her, since she is a child who has basically been used shamelessly by every adult who she has ever had significant contact with.

But she is a poster child – a cute face for the globalist socialist movement to use on its “climate change” ads. And the saddest part about her is that, once her childish cuteness has worn off – and that will not take very long given her constant scowling – she will be completely discarded by these people and forgotten within days.

The best thing well-intentioned people can do for Greta is to pray for her future.

That is all.

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Cameron Howe

The other day I was in my favorite breakfast cafe, and the gentleman sitting across from me had a T-shirt on that said:

“Because Greta said so”

I about spit out my coffee.

She is just David Hogg 2.0

Jimmy MacAfee

Listen to the girl’s words: “you have stolen my dreams and my childhood.”
Who did? Who stole her childhood, her dreams, and her future?

Her parents, and those who tortured her with fears: her childhood indeed was stolen.
But was it those who make carbon dioxide? No, it was those who filled her with terror over a phantasm of fake science and political theft from political thieves.

Imagine taking an autistic child, with extreme sensitivities, and barraging them daily
with terrors – unimaginable terrors. That is Greta. This is not of her doing, but of evil adults, who did indeed steal her childhood. Remember that Greta was around 17 when she made her entrance: her childhood was over. Who stole it in the future? There was no future childhood for Greta: it was already stolen, by those who inflicted emotional pain in the lies of the climate politicians and pseudoscientists. In a very real way, Greta never had a childhood. It had been stolen from her.

And her future? May it be that she recognizes the real villains in her life: her parents, the Leftists, the politicians, the whole pigsty of liars and thieves; may she one day soon recognize the Truth, and ignore the false.


True believers in the global warming religion will be unfazed by the hundred year solar minimum. For starters we have 2019 early winter, a cold winter, and a long winter.

Steve in Missouri

They reason Time selected her was that she had a primarily anti-Trump agenda, Trump choosing to leave the Paris Climate Accord since the US was doing all the work, and China and India didn’t need to change their economy for years if not decades into the future.
The US economy, through deregulation, is also employing millions of more people in better jobs than the economy when Obama was President and 1% economic growth was the new “normal”.
So Time chose to attack Trump through a climate change activist rather than focus on news issues such as the Hong Kong protestors who are protesting for their freedom.
Perhaps Time doesn’t understand about that however.

Jimmy MacAfee

Time doesn’t understand anything about anything: they’re warped, perverted, malicious, lying and malevolent; they’re misanthropes, maladroits and malcontents. So you’re right. And then some.


And Sport Illustrated named that female (?) soccer star Ramone or whatever her name is as its’ “sportsperson” of the year, and during her acceptance speech crapped all over SI for only having had three other female sportspeople as prior winners. Such gratitude!

I hope the left keeps using these unappealing props to showcase their agenda.

Fred Ward

Her face is not “cute.” It’s often contorted with rage and self-righteous disdain. She is truly ugly.

Jimmy MacAfee

She may have Mosaic Down syndrome.

Jimmy MacAfee

Agreed: pray for her future. Good admonition.

Torturing kids with Asperger’s Syndrome isn’t like Ben Affleck in The Accountant; this is real, and this is serious child abuse. As someone who has some spectrum issues and dealt with abuse – (not a disorder, but approaching one) – I am deeply moved and angered at how they abused this little girl, when she was a little girl, and how they’ve continuously abused her ever since then. Like when the press questions her, and she gets that look on her face (like al-Bama when he didn’t have a script to read from) and the Asperger’s becomes real and noticeable.

In my opinion, her parents and caretakers should be jailed for the rest of their lives, for possibly ruining the rest of her life. And Time should be held accountable, too, for patronizing her and treating her like the first chimpanzee who has learned to speak. She is not an ape, not a toy, and they have continued where her parents left off. G0D Save her from their evil clutches.

Good column, Dave. Thanks.

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