Yalta and Potsdam: Days That Still Live in Infamy

Today’s Campaign Update, Guest Piece
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[Note: The following comment was submitted to a post on Saturday by Gregg W. Updike, a Navy veteran who served from 1983 to 1987. Gregg was on the USS America CV-66 when Ronald Reagan bombed Libya. This posting is a day late, given that Pearl Harbor Day was yesterday, but Gregg shared many thoughts that Americans should ponder these 78 years later.]

Don’t forget to “Remember Pearl Harbor” 78 years ago today; which resulted in our last formerly declared war a day later.

The results of that attack was paid back in less than four years with the total defeat of Japan and her Axis partners Germany and Italy.

Sadly, we left that war unfinished when we had the opportunity to be a true “arsenal of democracy” and defeat all totalitarian states for the foreseeable future at little additional cost (the Red Army was an exhausted force on the verge of collapse/revolt, and Mao’s China was a nonfactor). We won the war with our blood and treasure and gave away the peace with ink. Arguably more people ultimately lived under the tyranny of communism after the partial victory over dictatorships than before when our first communist president gave away the eastern half of Europe to the thug Stalin at Yalta in early 1945 with Truman basically sealing the deal at Potsdam later that year.

Hindsight is 20-20, and America in 1945 was “war-weary”, but Patton and Churchill, among others, saw the true evil that was on the horizon. Churchill was defeated and Patton was “accidented” as [a precursor to being Arkancided] to clear the way for the “New World Order”.

Since the Cold War started in 1945, 90% of the world’s problems of violence and unrest can be traced directly to Moscow! Examples are:

  • Active support of Mao in China after the Japanese defeat and withdrawal – USSR provided Mao with the captured Japanese Army’s weapons to use against Chang guaranteeing a communist China by 1950.
  • This lead directly to the 1950-1953 and beyond, Korean War. Both Mao’s China and Stalin’s USSR supported the first, and succeeding, Kims in North Korea.
  • USSR fomented world-wide third world violence and chaos by arming millions of insurgents with the famous AK-47 and other weaponry.

Several other USSR supported happenings during the Cold War and beyond:

  • Europe’s Iron Curtain, Cuba, numerous Latin and South America coups, insurrections, overthrows…, virtually the whole region is an economic disaster with not one strong or vibrant democracy!
  • USSR/Russian support to Israel’s Arab enemies, basically since 1947 and Afghanistan, just to name a select few overt actions.
  • And the covert infiltration of America’s education system (once the envy of the world – now ranked 17th), media, commercial/business (Chamber of Commerce), entertainment, political, and other institutions, and support of virtually every radical group active in the bringing down of our republic today with its money laundered through Soros front organizations with the silent support of several US presidents and the collective Deep State.
  • Over 100,000 American military and civilian deaths fighting USSR backed communist aggression since WWII, and the USSR was our “ally” and was saved from total defeat to Germany.

These are some thoughts to ponder when we think about the far ranging effects of that “Day of Infamy” 78 years ago.

PS: The USSR/Russia has the economic might equivalent to California, or Italy, and about half our population, so one must ask, how can they be such a threat to the US and to world peace and prosperity, without the help of globalist organizations like the UN, EU, and our Deep State?





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The USSR was ideologically globalist and thus fitted the narrative of our leftists. Now the remnant Russia is nationalist and not out for global domination. They just want to keep the globalist forces of Wall Street and London and Brussels out of their country. No wonder our globalist overlords who control the media paint those efforts as a great danger to us. They say: Submit to us or we’ll crush you! What self-respecting country would do that?

Steve Lawrence

Thank you for pointing out the tragedy of Yalta and Potsdam where FRD condemned half a billion people to the slavery of communism. I recommend Diana West’s book “American Betrayal” to see just how needless the loss of life in World War 2 was and how US policy was totally to benefit the USSR. I believe you have to go back to James K Polk to find a Democrat with a successful foreign policy (although Truman except for Korea did pretty well).


Dear fatman6502002,

In reply to your comment:

“Really, you have to ask such a pedantic question? It’s easy to state why they’re still a huge threat; they have something like 5000 nuclear warheads. Any country with that kind of nuclear arsenal whom is not an ally, is a threat, and a major one at that.”

The American Trump of the 20th century was Ronald Reagan. His policies of “Peace Through Strength” bankrupted the USSR, causing their collapse and defeat without firing a shot. Reagan was a true Statesman, who knew the USSR was a first rate military threat to the world with a second rate economy and could not sustain a long technologically based arms race.

When the USSR dissolved we, the UN and NATO, had the opportunity, and the obligation to disarm the cancer that was the USSR and forever remove that threat by mandating the removal of their nuclear weapons and other WMDs. Unfortunately Bush the First with his “New World Order” was president then and the result was Russia was allowed to remain a threat to the US and world peace. In effect, our 1945 position of strength was again punted away in 1990, with Russia, though wounded, was allowed to regain its’ superpower status in a very short time. History once again repeating itself. In both cases, had we succeeded in rendering USSR/Russia a non military superpower, we would have been able to save trillions in defense and other security spending over the past 39 and/or 74 years. But the communists that have been in the US government for the last 80+ years couldn’t/wouldn’t abide by that – the total defeat of their client state. The UN is just as culpable, as is NATO whose reason for its’ very existence would have been eliminated.

Many of the world’s power-players need a world in near chaos in order to survive and thrive. Endless unrest, conflict, and violence muddy the waters, and create international confusion. To quote LT Holden in the movie “Operation Petticoat”, “In confusion there is profit”. To quote the brains behind the Clintons, Rahm Emmanuel, “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

Jimmy MacAfee

One of President Trump’s first brilliant acts was to open Anwar, and to declare self-sufficiency in energy a national security issue. Those people who want to end the use of fossil fuels because of “climate change” are our enemies, both foreign and domestic; they want us to be held hostage to other energy producing nations. I have no doubt that if we stopped producing energy, the whole “climate change” BS would disappear overnight. Especially since they never talk about China and India’s contribution to carbon dioxide.

By the way, I love carbon dioxide – almost as much as I love plants – but plants love carbon dioxide even more!

Jimmy MacAfee

Compared to Barack al-Bama, Putin seemed to hate America less. I still hold this to be true.

But when Putin stated that the worst geopolitical event in the 20th century was the decimation of the Soviet Union, it becomes hard not to conclude that Putin has some very bad wiring, and never is to be trusted. The conclusion that the Deep State was conspiring with Putin (and China) is evident on multiple fronts, from Uranium One to the sale of certain (classified) military technology to Russia by Bill Clinton. Not just China. Cannot say anything more. But the Deep State was, and is, actively sabotaging the interests of the United States of America, helped by James Comey (who said he used to be a Communist, but wasn’t sure what he is now: “I’d moved from communist to whatever I am now.”)

We were scheduled for destruction by the Deep State. For people who wonder why the US is never mentioned in End Times prophecy, it is possibly because we no longer exist when that happens! But that time is not for now – not yet.

Al-Bama’s sabotage of Israel at the end of his Presiduncy – (and meddling in Israel’s elections illegally too) – was heading us to a path of annihilation. This was al-Bama’s chief mission as a former NOC for an intelligence agency, to facilitate the destruction of the United States as we know it.

Bill and Hillary spent time in Russia during the Cold War at a time when it was incongruous for Americans to be there, unless they were either spies or traitors (like Bolshevik Bernie.) The KGB disinformation campaign has been off-loaded to the CIA, which has elements which are completely on-board with the dissolution of the United States. But Ukraine did more than Russia to meddle in our elections, which makes them…not friends. At least the last Ukraine government, anyway. We’ll see if they give up Crowdstrike, if they’ve stopped participating in the corrupt attempted overthrow of President Trump and attacks on him as a candidate.

We have internal enemies – CIA’s Sidney Gottlieb was one of the worst, but Dulles was a complete and utter moron, helping push Operation Northwoods. Sometimes, our own people are our own worst enemies. But we should never drop our guard against former enemies like Russia: they have ambitions. Alaska is one of them.

Jumper Bones

Mr. Blackmon, I’m very happy that you and Gregg agreed to post his comment, from yesterday’s “Daily Update” article, as a separate article today, because I wanted to share it with family. Gregg puts a lot of perspective on everything we face today…!


“The USSR/Russia has the economic might equivalent to California, or Italy, and about half our population, so one must ask, how can they be such a threat to the US and to world peace and prosperity”

Really, you have to ask such a pedantic question? It’s easy to state why they’re still a huge threat; they have something like 5000 nuclear warheads. Any country with that kind of nuclear arsenal whom is not an ally, is a threat, and a major one at that.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Russian nationalists want Alaska back, because of the ice-free deepwater ports and natural resources (energy, in particular.) Putin is sometimes reckless, but is always scheming.

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