Is America Too Stupid To Survive?

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Did we learn literally no lessons at all from 9/11? – Mark Steyn often rhetorically asks whether America is too stupid to survive. It’s a valid question after this week’s terrorist attack in Pensacola, Florida by a Saudi Arabian pilot who was receiving training at the U.S. Naval station there. It is frankly stunning to many that a pilot from Saudi Arabia, of all places, was actually being trained by the U.S. Navy 18 years after the events of 9/11/2001.

Let’s all remember that 15 of the 19 Al Qaeda terrorists who, according to the official government story, perpetrated the 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 people, were from Saudi Arabia. Let’s also remember that the terrorists who supposedly flew the planes that day had received their pilot training not in their home countries, but right here in the United States. And not just anywhere in the United States, but in Florida, at the Boeing 727 simulator at SimCenter in Opa-Locka, the FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, and the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach.

So now, here we sit 18 years later, and our own Navy personnel are still training members of the Saudi air force at NAS Pensacola. It’s as if the U.S. decided to train Japanese pilots 18 years after Pearl Harbor.

Here’s the result: Three people dead, eight others wounded, and six more Saudi nationals detained for questioning after three of them were seen filming the shootings.

Pathetically, despite the fact that the terrorist had tweeted out an anti-America screed the day prior to the attacks and had hosted a dinner party earlier in the week where he and three others watched videos of mass shootings, the Pentagon yesterday said it just can’t find it within itself to say that this was an act of terrorism.

But Congressman Matt Gaetz, whose district includes Pensacola, was not so shy, saying that “This was not an act of workplace violence, this was not a random murder, this was an act of premeditated terrorism against our country and military on our soil.”

Former Florida Governor and current Senator Rick Scott expressed his deep concerns about the existence of this training program that includes Saudi military personnel, demanding that the Pentagon conduct a formal review:

“We shouldn’t be providing military training to people who wish us harm.” Oh, do tell. But the Navy told Fox News that most of the participants in this training program are from Saudi Arabia:

The majority of the hundreds of foreign aviation students who have participated in the program are from Saudi Arabia, the Navy said. The Naval training program has about 1,500 pilots in total.

In other words, we are basically training Saudi Arabia’s entire air force. And a spokesman for the Navy had this to say about the program back in 2017:

That program is aimed at “immersing international students in our U.S. Navy training and culture” to help “build partnership capacity for both the present and for the years ahead,” Cmdr. Bill Gibson, the center’s officer in charge, said in 2017. “These relationships are truly a win-win for everyone involved.”

So, the Navy leadership is all proud of the fact that it has a program set up to train pilots from the country that was mainly responsible for the 9/11 attacks just 18 years ago. And the story gets even worse: This program has been in effect for 40 years, since 1979.

That means that no one in the Bush Administration, including his military leadership, had the presence of mind to question its advisability in the days following 9/11. It also means that all that lovely “capacity” and “relationship” building Cmdr. Gibson talks about had been going on for 22 years before the Saudi terrorists attacked our country on 9/11/2001.

This is madness. National insanity, plain and simple.

Maybe we are just too stupid to survive as a country.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Nabi Rasch

The pentagon is dangerously naïve, infected with a pathological optimism.

Jimmy MacAfee

Speaking with certain levels at various events, I don’t think so: they know we could lose a major war, after what al-Bama did to our military. The trouble is, he stripped the ranks of soldiers, and he removed the real fighters and left a number of saboteurs (Vindman, anyone?) There is fear, not naivete, and the good ones near the top are not especially optimistic. Scenarios go in all directions.


Jimmy, If you are right, that makes me very sad. However, regardless of how diminished our military was during the past five administrations, I have to feel optimistic that the same incompetent organizations and countries that that are trying to ruin America and our military are the same ones that are in charge of our opponents.

The sandbox wars have proven (contrary to much “expert” commentary) that our military is still the best in the world and its’ ability to win is only impeded by our stupid political “rules of engagement”.

In other words, our enemies’ military is likely much more FUBAR than ours, so that is one thing I don’t really worry about. Especially if DJT can purge the Pentagon of the political generals/admirals and secretaries. I would be so happy if the bloated bureaucratic Pentagon could be trimmed down to a Triangle.

Jimmy MacAfee



Would the attack not be an act of war?


It seems many in the US are too stupid to survive.

Bennie Sprouse

We have been training Saudi pilots for about 40 years! It’s rather important to train people who are flying the planes that WE sell them. Now the BIG question is if we should stop selling OUR aircraft and technology to even our friends? One attack is too many, so we must have done a “decent” job on vetting they before. Now we need to find out WHO vetted this guy and the other “cheerleaders”! How did the guy get a PERSONAL weapon onto the base? Lot of questions to answer, but ONE answer is VERY evident – this WAS a TERRORIST ATTACK!


Sure, it is important to train their pilots on the planes we sell them; so send a dozen instructors over there to train them. I’m sure we send tech. reps. to maintain the planes we sell them and train them how to keep them flying; they don’t fly them back here for an oil change. It can be done.

In 1921, after WWI, the Brits sent the Sempill (a military) commission over to Japan with some state-of-the-art (for the time) aircraft to train up the Japanese Navy on aviation (they were WWI allies) and lend expertise on aircraft carrier building and operating concepts. That was a one-time deal as the alliance slowly melted away during the 1920s, largely at the behest of the US as we didn’t want Japan and England ganging up against us. Hard to believe but a century ago we were not the allies that we are today. So I don’t see any need to have their personnel sent here. During the 1930s the Japanese developed their military organically sans outside help…

I totally agree with you that our vetting process sucks. I want to know who approved this program, who is in charge of granting the access to it and, most import: WHY ARN’T THEY FIRED?

I know that if I approved and credentialed someone to enter the USA and he wound up killing people through an act of terrorism (which it was), I couldn’t live with myself and probably end my life if I made that big a mistake. I feel the same about judges and parole boards etc. who release criminals upon society…

Why aren’t people in the FDA or EPA fired, or at least personally sued, when they approve a drug, or a chemical, or a procedure that turns out to hurt some people several years down the road? The only people who truly benefit are the ambulance chasing lawyers. Ever notice that when something the government is in control of goes wrong, the only solution is to punish law abiding citizens one way or another with more taxes or restrictions or regulations?

Cameron Howe

“Ever notice that when something the government is in control of goes wrong, the only solution is to punish law abiding citizens one way or another with more taxes or restrictions or regulations?”


Jimmy MacAfee


Mr deplorable



President Eisenhower created the “People to People” program in the fifties to foster an exchange of understanding amongst young people (HS students) between America and the world – primarily Europe. My son went to several European countries, stayed with actual families and it was reciprocated here with foreign students staying with American families. The idea was to expose each other’s children to foster a cultural understanding which would hopefully produce less national animosity and prevent war in the future.

Your post said this started in 1979. Hmm, what was going on in 1979…?

Jimmy Carter was going on in 1979! So this was his administration’s brilliant idea?

The Iran Hostage Crisis was going on in 1979

The OPEC gas shortage was going on in 1979

Carter gave away the Panama Canal (1977)

Carter allowed Castro to dump over 100 thousand of his worst in the Muriel boat lift to the US (in 1980)

Carter didn’t limit his disaster to 1979; his whole four years were a disaster.

So I guess Carter just wanted to love the world and enhanced Eisenhower’s People to People program and opened our military training to almost anyone to promote cultural “harmony”. I’m surprised we are not training Iranian, Russian, and Chinese pilots – maybe we are? It’s apparent that we can be that stupid!

Isn’t it amazing how our last three (at least) Democratic Presidents have used our military as their own social engineering petri dish – to the detriment of its main mission?

The other thing I find galling is the posts these pre-criminals are making on social media hours, days, weeks prior to them executing their crimes.

What the hell is Wray’s FBI doing to actually protect the American Citizen???

We supposedly have all this meta-data being collected on everyone, yet nothing these miscreants are posting seems to be preemptively acted upon. But by golly, we need Red Flag laws where any disgruntled spouse, relative, friend, enemy, employer, employee can “alert” authorities to the danger you pose and you stand a good chance of having your 2A rights taken from you. Worse yet, in all likelihood, you will have to prove your innocence, at great cost, to get you rights restored. But judging by the was the government/media is treating Trump and his associates – guilty until proven innocent – the concept of Red Flag Laws – makes perfect sense in the “justice system” of today’s America.


The Bush family has a consistent record of incompetence. Yes, Yale graduates are too stupid to deserve to survive.

Charles Aronowitz

There is no cure for “stupid.”


America will “welcome all comers” to our demise. We are good to a fault, be kind, but be vigilant!

Jeff Williams

WHEN do nuke the legacy of HW Bush and 11/22/63???

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe when President Trump declassifies ALL of the Kennedy assassination files.

phineas gage

A large part of us, yes. That part needs to be purged and remove, much like an invasive neoplasm. Ask yourself if this nation with its current collection of elitist soy-boys could have won WWII–the question is so nonsensical it doesn’t deserve an answer.

Trump is the beginning of the process to reassert and reconstitute the national fabric and identity. It is an epic cultural struggle that will take several decades. We will likely suffer during the process, from forces both inside and out. I think we will survive, but probably not as the country is currently constructed.


We ought to be disentangling ourselves from a whole host of foreign relationships. How many countries are we still providing aid to that burn our flag or speak ill of the US??

I would extend this to academia as well. Countries like China have a huge footprint here and steal from us continually.

phineas gage

True, but the liberal Democrat-dominated areas of those states is just the coastal/urban regions. Vast swathes of the inland regions are conservative Republican. So it is across the nation–Democrat strongholds are highly centralized-usually urban-areas.

This gives me optimism in the long run due to the strongly decentralizing forces of modern technology, which will act to disperse and weaken the Democrats, at least in terms of diluting their urban politica machines where so much of the most radical leftist policy is entrenched.

The Democrats are very much a party stuck in the past, both in terms of ideology as well as logistics. They are worsening it by cultivating an illiterate third-world base to retain power. It will ultimately be their undoing.

Jimmy MacAfee

Agree. And if things get really nasty – a real civil war – there will be a lot of miserable leftists in the big cities, without food, water, electricity. They’ll last maybe two weeks, and will resemble “Escape from New York,” silly as that movie was.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.” – John F Kennedy

Jimmy MacAfee

One of the best antidotes to Leftism and proliferation of soy-boys is Jordan Peterson: he and Donald Trump are teaching millions of American men how to actually BE men! (and not hipster-wimpsters.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Adam Schiff and Nadler (and Schumer) all have dual citizenships. Maybe it’s time to put an end to officeholders (and high ranking military officials) who have dual nationalities? Including European nationalities, and Ukraine.
Israel is the only nation on earth with a good reason for dual citizenship; all the rest are just Globalists. Members of Congress who hold dual citizenship are not in good standing (see above list of Commie sympathizers.)

China isn’t stupid; they prohibit dual nationalities: (Chinese site)

“Is dual nationality admitted in the world?

Answer: Many countries and regions in the world admit and respect it, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada and Australia. Most countries do not think that a citizen will lose his nationality of his homeland if he succeeds in gaining another country’s nationality.”

Another link:

Maybe the Chinese know something we don’t? Does this prove us to be stupid?

Nabi Rasch

At the very least it demonstrates extremely careless government. The public is likely more helpless than stupid.

Jimmy MacAfee

Kashoggi – not a good man – and the remnants of the Saudi Royal family who are likely implicated in Las Vegas, trying to take out Salmon’s next-in-line, are all interconnected. Right Mr. Tradecraft?

Jimmy MacAfee

Are we “too stupid to survive?” Well, maybe. We see former allies and Patriots being bought and sold:

“For his part, Bob Drudge said in an email, “I am retired and have no comment.”

If you read Drudge these days, you won’t be informed; you’ll be disinformed. Whatfinger and Liberty Daily are still reliable. If you count on the website Drudge no longer runs, you may be making yourself just another victim of fake news. Links to the WAPO, NY Times and Judge Napolitano are evidence. Don’t be stupid.


I thought his name is Matt, not Bob Drudge. So who now runs Drudge, and shouldn’t it be advertised as being under new (CNN/WAPO) management? I know if I made my bones creating a conservative website, and “retired” from it, I wouldn’t want my name associated with its anthesis.

Jay Whitcraft

I think if MBS isn’t killed or dethroned by his own people, we have won the war on terror. Sure it will take another 25-40 years for the last of the radical factions to die out, but MBS is in the process of cutting the head off the beast. IMHO without large behind the scenes backing from Saudi Arabia, the whole thing collapses. For sure there is the “Turkey problem” to deal with, but that is what a good CIA is for.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s quite a caveat: “a good CIA.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Saudi Arabia will cease to exist in a decade or two; they have limited reserves. Oil is not forever. While it flows, so does jihadism. But if you want to see another example of another fake “ally,” read the following:

“A Muslim cannot be a terrorist and Islam does not produce terrorists,” the Turkish president said on Dec. 5, once again rejecting the term “Islamic terrorism.”

My name for this Gollum-lookalike is YipYip Errordog, who once (in 2015) tried to get the US.NATO into a shooting war with Russia. He is regarded by most of his neighbors as a low-life rug salesman, with an intention of eliminating Israel and putting together a new Ottoman Empire. And we’re selling him F-35s? And letting his country produce F-35 components? President Trump, please! Get real!

He also saturated Europe with Islamic colonists, facilitating this with his purchase of oil from ISIS, helping John McLame’s “allies” (al Nusra was just another version of al Qaeda) and he wanted Syria as part of his own caliphate. He thinks of himself as the Muslim version of a messiah, a Mahdi, and is every bit as bad as those in Saudi Arabia that Prince Salmon had arrested and stripped of power. Scratch a little, and I think this “pilot” had friends and family close to those Saudi families who supported ISIS (along with Qatar.)

Edward smith

You are right! No one seems to be aware that the Ottoman empire is being rebuiilt.


SSDD FUBARed beyond recognition because of the swamp creatures

Jimmy MacAfee

I wonder if he was being trained to fly, but not to take off and land?

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