U.S., Canada Wildly Disparate Jobs Reports Expose Biden’s Buffonery

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hmmmm…what could possibly be the reason for this? So hard to guess… – By now you’ve likely seen the news about today’s massive November jobs report for the U.S. Trump economy:  266,000 new jobs created for November, record low unemployment rate of 3.5%, record low unemployment rates for Blacks, Hispanics and women, and a 3.1% year-over-year real wage growth. Combine that with an inflation rate of just 1.4%, and you have a U.S. economy performing at peak performance levels.

But hey, you don’t have to believe me – just ask Jim Cramer, no fan of President Trump, who responded thusly on CNBC Friday morning:

Oh, and the jobs report was even better than its top-line number, with September and October’s initial low-ball numbers being upwardly revised by a total of another 41,000 jobs. Given the undeniable trend of about 80% of the initial jobs reports coming from the anti-Trump bureaucracy at the Labor Dept. having to be revised upwards, it is very likely that the November number will also end up being revised substantially higher in the next 30 to 60 days. That of course is a complete reversal of the revision trend during the Obama years, when the friendly bureaucrats would regularly publish inflated initial reports that would later be quietly revised downwards.

But it gets even better than that.

Up in Canada, whose boy prince Justin Trudeau was caught on video mocking President Trump at the NATO summit earlier this week, the government had to admit to a whopping LOSS in November of 71,200 jobs. According to the Financial Post, this was the worst monthly jobs report since 2009, and lowers the total job growth in Canada for 2019 to just 285,000. Thus, the U.S. economy just added virtually the same number of jobs in one month that Canada has added for the entire year.

Let’s all remember as well that Trudeau has reportedly urged Nancy Pelosi to hold up approval of the U.S./Mexico/Canada trade agreement (USMCA) for political reasons, and has spent his time in office following the Obama program of layering more and more national regulations over his country’s economy. At the same time, Trump has repealed more regulations than the past six presidential administrations combined.

Gosh, wonder if that’s had an impact? You think?

Interestingly, all of this only serves to emphasize the tin-eared buffonery of Quid Pro Joe Biden, who, after Trudeau’s mocking of a U.S. President on foreign soil, actually produced the following campaign ad to try to take partisan advantage of the incident:

The reality, of course, is that Biden still cannot grasp the fact that Trump was elected largely due to the fact that so many Americans detest elitist leftist nitwits like Justin Trudeau. Trudeau’s mocking of a U.S. President will only help Mr. Trump get re-elected next November, and the Trump Campaign will no doubt use Biden’s tin-eared ad as a tool in its arsenal should Biden end up being the Democrat nominee.

The fact that Democrats like Biden and San Fran Nan Pelosi, who also mocked the duly elected U.S. President on foreign soil earlier this week, celebrate when our country’s leader is disrespected by these globalist clowns tells us all we need to know about their true nature. And that true nature is very, very ugly indeed.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Remember during the al-Bama years, when there was an unfavorable jobs report, the markets usually went up: they were betting against America and American workers. (This was true during the Bushie years, too.) Now, when there’s a great jobs report, the markets go up. Strange how that works, when sabotage used to be rewarded. I thought it strange that the markets would go up when jobs went down.

It was apparent that the US Chamberpot of Commerce was hostile to the American people, and they wanted to teach us a lesson while they stabbed us in the back.

Wouldn’t have minded China becoming economically powerful, if they hadn’t militarized the South China sea and elsewhere, started persecuting Christians at an alarming rate and with unbelievable viciousness, and stole military secrets worse than in the Cold War. This happened during the al-Bama years, when Barack al-Bama rolled over for a tummy rub from the Commies, and the Commies haven’t changed their stripes since then but have only grown worse. Guess they haven’t learned anything.


Don’t forget Jimmy, China did not have to steal our military secrets (missile launch tech) during the BJ Clinton years. He gave them away to China via a laundering operation with Charlie Tri (I believe) for campaign funds against Dole in 1996. An impeachable treasonous crime that should have resulted in the death penalty. It was naturally all kept very quiet by the MSM. Monica’s blue dress served as nice cover.

Couple that with his “this is a great deal for the American people” with the North Korean nuclear power deal, Hillary Russian Clinton’s uranium (One) deal along with Hussain Hope & Change’s other SOS’s (Lurch, who served in Viet Nam for like three months and just endorsed Bozo Biden) Iran nuke deal, and we have a cabal of Pro-Asian (thug communist dictatorships, theocracies, and corrupt states), anti-American power players who all just happen to be DEMOCRATS.

All of these deals, treaties, policies, including the Paris Global Warning accord which was pro China, India, and SE Asia countries like Viet Nam, and were decidedly AGAINST America and ALL were put in place by DEMOCRATS! What an amazing coincidence, I think not. What is it with the Democratic left’s love affair with our Asian enemies?

Both Bushes may have gotten us entangled in costly endless poorly fought sandbox wars, but at least they kept most of the “religion of peace” Islamist terrorists over there and kept America reasonably safe post 9-11. In other words, those actions at least had a stated purpose that was in America’s interest, at least to some degree.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m aware of and agree with your comments…almost: the last paragraph, however, is not quite right:
our participation in wars in Islamic nations has allowed spill-back, something that has happened to nearly all countries who engage in wars and entanglements. For instance, Great Britain has a lot of people from their former colonies (not so much the US) who have followed the Brits home.

Fight for the Brits, become a British citizen. Happened with the Romans, too. And Dearborn and San Diego are filled with people from those countries where we fought. Had we not gone to Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia etc. we would not have them back here with us. The Islamist terrorists are now HERE. Recent events in recent days show this quite clearly in both US and Europe.

Part of this is because of the long-range vision of Islam, while we can’t think past the next bribe.

I’ve had pushback on this notion, from some very credible people, but I’m right and they’re wrong. I simply don’t have the right pedigree, and they didn’t think of it first.


Point taken. Agree that the Bushes’ sandbox wars were a fraud and a mistake. That is why I couched it by basically damming the Bushes with faint praise. The net result was/is another mess for president Trump to clean up. And we didn’t fight those wars to actually win them; that was/is the real problem. I didn’t see the Japanese, Germans and Italians following us back to create trouble back here. We won those wars and, to a great degree, dictated terms of their surrender; something that was not done anywhere in the Middle East.

Also, most of Europe did not engage (help us) in the Middle East, and they have the same spill-back problem. The real cause of the spill-back problem is caused by our and Europe’s rotten self imposed immigration laws and Barack, the Magic N****’s dreamers, and the visa lottery.

Jimmy MacAfee

Looks like China is going to be bypassed. Trade without them isn’t so unthinkable. Only DJT could have seen this, acted on it, and followed through.


Speaking of Canada’s 71K November job loss:

Bear in mind that Canada’s population is only about 36 million, about 1/9th of the US population. Prorated, 71K (multiply by 9) equals almost 640K jobs lost if the US and Canada had the same population – in a SINGLE MONTH! If Trump’s US economy ever lost 640K jobs in one month he would be literally run out of office (only Dems. like Obama, can survive with job losses like that).

The question is: Why do our friends up north put up with being run by jerks like Trudeau when Trump has been showing the way to economic success and prosperity for the last three years?

By using the same apples to apples population comparison Trump’s 266K job increase would equate to a gain of over 29.5K new jobs in Canada.

When their version of Trump gets elected and his policies get enacted, Woe Canada could again become OH Canada! With Trudeau and his leftist policies, eh, not so much. Same goes for Europe.

Jimmy MacAfee

Satire (barely)
Macron: “When the boot fits, lick it.”
Truduhh: “Why do I look so much like Fidel Castro?”
Merkel: “Deutchland uber alles: suck off, EU. Especially Greece.”
Biden: “Huh? I can beat Mike Tyson. The punk.”


Expect the laughing hyena kanucks, frogs, and krauts to enjoy a 25% automobile tariff.


We are laughing at them.

phineas gage

They haven’t just removed the masks, they’re now parading naked through the streets.

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