Schiff’s Spying on Nunes Imperils All of Us

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

One presidential loser endorses another. – In years past, the endorsement by one former Democrat presidential nominee of a guy who is the current front-runner for the 2020 Democrat nomination would have seemed like  a bit of a non-event. After all, John Kerry and Joe Biden are old Senate colleagues who have been working together to destroy our nation from within for many decades now, so the endorsement by Kerry of his old running buddy on Thursday seems like a natural fit – one past loser endorsing a future loser, as it were.

But then you realize that Joe Biden is the father of ne’er-do-well son Hunter Biden, and Kerry is the stepfather of ne’er-do-well son Chris Heinz, and that both sons have profited to the tune of many, many millions of dollars in their shake-down schemes involving Ukraine and China, and suddenly the endorsement takes on a whole new, almost desperate dynamic, doesn’t it?

Why yes, yes it does. The more you know…

If you still don’t understand exactly how power-mad the Democrats in congress truly are, will the fact that they are now spying on and doxxing fellow members of congress help to convince you? – We here at the Campaign Update have repeatedly invoked comparisons of conduct of the ongoing impeachment clown show by Adam Schiff, Gerrold Nadler and Nancy Pelosi to the basement interrogations and show trials that we used think only happened in Stalinist Soviet Russia and other totalitarian regimes.

We have made those comparisons for good reason: Because they are entirely accurate, right down to Schiff’s conducting of witness interrogations in an actual basement and selectively leaking only the parts of the interviews he wanted for public consumption. Now we have news that we would have thought simply impossible in a constitutional republic just a handful of years ago, news that Schiff has actually been researching metadata records collected by the intelligence community and culling through it in an effort to spy on Republican members of congress.

Nunes appeared on Fox News with the constantly-interrupting Martha MacCallum on Thursday evening to explain exactly the process that Schiff used in his spying operation and the motives behind doing so. Given that the clip below contains subtitles for all the studious readers out there, I did not take the time to try to build a transcript of it:

It is important to understand exactly how unprecedented this situation is. Schiff’s actions, if they go unpunished by Pelosi and the Democrat-majority House “Ethics” Committee now set the precedent of a sitting Speaker approving one member of congress literally spying on the activities of another. It is completely beyond the pale. Sadly, they surely will go unpunished since the Dems on that Committee are every bit as corrupt as Schiff, and Schiff certainly had Pelosi’s approval before going down this road.

Schiff and Pelosi, by using this method – no doubt at the urging of their outside Lawfare Alynskyite lawyers – now open the door for future GOP majorities and speakers and committee chairs to employ the exact same sorts of tactics. Think of it as open warfare and imagine how the tensions and retaliatory actions will escalate over time.

Schiff and Pelosi also went after and received the records of journalist John Solomon, who has become a social outcast among his corrupt media peers for filing a series of extraordinarily well-sourced reports on the Ukraine situation, reports that actually follow the rules of ethical journalism that have been almost outlawed now in the corrupt national news media. Had Nunes and then-Speaker Paul Ryan gone after some hack at the New York Times during the previous two years, the media would have been in full outrage mode for years. But because this is a case of Democrats going after an actual working journalist, the response from the media establishment has been crickets.

This is a truly frightening development for our country. We now have the majority party in one house of congress actively spying on members of the minority party and members of the press, and placing the results of their spying into a formal committee report. Even more frightening is the fact that the press – which is supposed to serve as the public’s watchdog holding abusive politicians accountable – is as a group sitting in Pelosi’s lap begging her to give another scratch of its collective head with her gnarly fingers.

What this all tells us is that the Democrats and their media toadies view this impeachment effort as an all-or-nothing game. They view President Trump as a truly existential threat to their bases of power and corrupt way of life and are willing to go to any lengths to rid him from their midst.

Despite all the seemingly comforting words coming from some GOP members of the Senate, no one should just assume that the Republican majority there will hold together and kill this atrocity of an impeachment effort once it falls into their laps. After all, if the Democrats have no compunction against spying on their fellow members of the House, do you think they would hesitate for a moment to take similar actions against vulnerable GOP members of the Senate?

Remember: This is the party of the Clintons we are talking about here.

The next few months are a very dangerous time for our country. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I have a degree in psychology. I am not qualified to diagnose. But, I can tell you, we are enabling someone who is clearly mentally unstable to the danger of every member of congress and the senate. Why am I the only one saying this? Or am I. Is this a psycological ploy against our citizens to let this debacle continue? We know that the democrats are so dirty they stink. Do something you overpaid bunch of incompetents.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ever hear anything coming out of this?
Hasher Jallal Taheb, hoping to use a rocket launcher to kill the President and VP.:

I warned of this impending attack on January 13-14 earlier this year, on DB, suggesting that the President use the WH bunker. Also wrote to the President via common email, suggesting the use of the bunker.

Anyone hear anything more about the attacker? Why not? Very suspicious. And if you think that the dems are above using such a radicalized moron to do their bidding, especially to install Princess Pelosi into the Whitehouse,
you would be mistaken. Donna Brazile tweeted, around that time:

“#MadamSpeaker today
#PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter
#MLKWeekend is underway

Keep Hope Alive!”

This was also when Pelosi was heading to Brussels on a SCIF-capable Air Force One. She was also with Adam Schiff – but the flight never took off. Instead, the President’s wife and son used the plane to go to safer climes.

Think this is a joke? It was an assassination plot, and Pelosi was in on it. No one seems to be paying any attention to the confluence of statements, events and people involved.


Sedition is one thing. Using the Russian supplied dossier makes it capital treason. Building air tight cases on fifty or more worthies takes time. The trials won’t happen until after President Trump’s reelection. Impeachment is squeal like a pig time by the guilty Dims.

Jimmy MacAfee

“The next few months are a very dangerous time for our country.” Dave, you are spot-on. Some of the dangers:

False flag
Economic sabotage
Manufactured war with lethal and capable enemy

Every one of these, possibly originating in the bowels of the Deep State, is medium probability, considering how desperate the Deep State has become. (Has the CIA considered what would happen if any of these occurrences took place? What would happen to their friends and families?) To those who try to keep us safe: no napping.


Wikipedia defines a banana republic as “In political science, the term banana republic describes a politically unstable country with an economy dependent upon the exportation of a limited-resource product, such as bananas or minerals.” Yes the democrats are making the US politically unstable but that is because they are mentally unstable themselves. Let’s pray that they never get in power again. It takes years to build something good but just days to tear it down.


It used to worry me that one day I would wake up and we would be a Banana Republic. Somewhere along the way, I missed the fact that we ARE a Banana Republic with only a very slim number of chances to turn it around. We are in dangerous times indeed!

phineas gage

Bulging eyes = expthalmos, caused by periorbital edema

/Given the economic numbers released today, the Dems now have to be completely all-in because Trump’s reelection is all but guaranteed. Thus, as David says, it is a dangerous time. However, even given the GOPe swamp things in the Senate, I cannot believe many of them will actually vote to convict Trump in the current political climate–it would be the equivalent of political suicide for them.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s an alternative, true.
Considering that AOC and Adam Schlep don’t ALWAYS demonstrate their bug-eyes, insanity is far more likely – especially considering the level of cognitive dissonance they both display.

Jimmy MacAfee

Aside from demonic possession (something that cannot be ruled out) the bizarre manifestations of facial tics, odd body movements, strange speech patterns, bulging eyes, fainting spells, head jerking and so forth can be explained through pychosis, treatment of psychosis or neuroleptic disorders or neurologic disorders (Huntingtons’s?) Without making a diagnosis, let me list a few possibilities, after a snippet from a reputable website that sets the scenario for some of the characters involved:

“Tardive dyskinesia is caused by long-term use of a class of drugs known as neuroleptics. Neuroleptic drugs are often prescribed for management of certain mental, neurological, or gastrointestinal disorders.”
Tardive dyskinesia affects individuals who have been taking neuroleptic drugs for a long period of time. A high percentage of schizophrenic people who have spent long periods of time taking these drugs have a high risk of developing TD. However, neuroleptic drugs are also prescribed for depression, some digestive disorders, and other neurologic illnesses.”

Hillary Clinton: seizures, post-brain injury issues, drugs use to control these? Her temper shows her to be unstable, and her odd laughter at the rape and murder of Ghaddafi shows a deep level of cruelty. Unprofessional assessment: evil, concomitant with multiple medical issues.
Nancy Pelosi: Possible use of neuroleptics; her flashing temper shows her to be mentally unstable, and her garbled speech shows signs of profound disorganization. Could this be schizophrenia? Hard tellin’ not knowin’.

AOC and Schiff: eyes open to the point where all you around the iris is the sclera, sometimes an indication of being out of touch with reality, and sometimes due to Graves Disease (hyper thyroidism.) Considering their behavior, it’s hard not to conclude demonic possession or insanity.

Joe Biden: mental illness or personality disorder of some sort, plus serious cognitive dysfunction; temper shows him to be unstable, flashing at minor annoyances and out of proportion to the goad. Planning dysfunction, requires others to do his work for him and to speak for him.

As I said, this isn’t a diagnosis, but it explains some things, and as Dave is completely right, combine his commentary with the possibility that these are some VERY sick people who are trying to ru(i)n this country.

By comparison,President Trump is the model of physical and mental health compared to them, and his occasional impulsiveness is mostly a result of a strong sense of intuition (ENTJ) Those listed above always refer to Trump’s supposed issues, which is another form of projection: they’re sick, and they accuse him of their own catastrophic behaviors, and medical/mental health issues.


Since the left is all-in, all-or-nothing as stated above, the Republicans and conservatives had better push back or risk being overrun and obsolete. How do you do that against people who want to win at any cost? The bigger question is – can they do that successfully while also concluding these investigations such that justice prevails in the end? It seems like a VERY tall order. I’m not sure how all of this gets resolved without a spiral of escalation that ultimately ends in some kind of conflict.

I’m worried how bad its going to be if Trump wins re-election. Can you imagine how bad it will be if Dems win the election?


AT+T, which owns CNN, needs to be sued by Solomon, and Nunez and other victims – for billions!.

Trump, Barr, Dunham, GOP congressional leaders, et al, had better get a handle on these “high crimes and misdemeanors” and prosecute these anti-American seditionist Democrats.

Before Trump, the vast majority of the GOP politicians simply rolled over to the actions of the Dems. The vulnerable GOP senators you mentioned (many of whom are also feckless) had better pick this hill to die on or they deserve their fate. “We all hang together, or we will all hang separately”, has never been more true.

King George III was an ally compared to wretched enemy the Democratic Party has become; truly an existential threat to our republic.

The Dems are forcing an actual “constitutional crisis” unlike the faux claims by the left Media/Political complex constantly harping that Trump is creating a “constitutional crisis”.

All my life, the left has said the constitution needs to be updated via a convention, especially now since it is becoming harder for them to amend it via judicial fiat.

Well, I now agree, the constitution needs to be amended to the following:

Term limits: 12 years for all federal office holders.
Mandatory retirement of 70 for all judges and politicians unless they are willing to pass a yearly competency test aired on TV.
Mandatory voter picture ID; voting rights suspended for any person who is on public assistance/welfare, to be restored when they become productive taxpayers – “skin in the game”.
Legal cases involving the president go directly to the Supreme Court with adjudication with in one month.
The budget must be legitimately balanced every year – with deficit spending only allowed by a declared war or an emergency recognized by a 2/3 super majority in congress.
National borders defined and immigration law enforced; any official in any way violating any federal law or impeding enforcement shall be immediately removed from office and tried for treason with martial law in their jurisdictions until a new election can be held.
Military tribunals rather than jury trials for all offenses committed by elected/appointed officials at all levels of government
No president or governor can produce an Executive Order when they are in a “lame duck” status.

In a perfect world these, and several more, amendments would be added, but that is a start.

I believe John Adams said the constitution is a wholly inadequate government if the vast majority of the citizens are not people of good will. Sad, but very true.

Sharon Campbell

It is now obvious that there is no depth of depravity that the Dimocrats will not go to destroy our Country as apparently there is no means to stop them.

phineas gage

What Schiff is doing is not new–the Democrats have been harvesting metadata for political spying operations for some time, as instituted during the Obama regime. They are assisted by the social media giants.

This is the true danger if the Barr/Durham investigation does not bring forth serious criminal indictments.

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