A Slurring, Bumbling Pelosi Demands Articles of Impeachment

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note: Today’s Campaign Update will be on a delayed morning schedule from November 30 through  December 4.]

In an utterly predictable move the Democrats have been planning to take since the day after the 2016 elections, a slurring and bumbling Nancy Pelosi announced this morning that she is asking her committee Chairmen, Jabba the Nadler and Bugeyes Schiff, to go ahead and vote out their articles of impeachment that were written for them by a bunch of radical leftist Lawfare lawyers. No surprise and really no big deal.

Here’s a clip of Pelosi’s embarrassing performance, followed by a partial, verbatim transcript:

Transcript – all misspellings and grammar errors are exactly as they came out of the doddering Speaker’s mouth:

Lel us begin where our Founders began in 1776. “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to zuh, to dizzolve the policul bonds which have connected them with another.”

With those words, our founders courageously began our deculrashun of independence. [deep breath] From an oppressive monarch. For among other grievances the King’s refusal to follow rightfully passed laws. In the course of today’s events it becomes necessary for us to address among other grievances the President’s failure to fafully execute the laws [hard stop with lips oddly pursed].

hwhen crafting thuh conssstution the founders feared the return of a moncarchy. In America. Hahhvin just fought a war for independunce they specifically feared the prospect of a king president corrupted by foreign influence. During the constitushonul convention James Madison, the architect of he constitution warned that a pressdunt migh betray his trusht to foreign powers.

Whish migh prove fatal to the Repubuc.

Another founder, Governor Morris  feared that a presdint may be bribed by a greater interest. To betray his trust. He empasized that this magistrut is uh not thuh king. The people are the king [weird grin at this thought].

They therefor cruayted a constitutional remedy to protecth gainst a dangerous [swallows something, perhaps the gerbel running around in her mouth] or a corrupt leader. [another swallo, perhaps the gerbel’s tail got stuck in her dentures].


Unless the constitution contained an impeachment provision. One founder warrened. A prezdent migh s quo “spare no effort or means whatsoever to get himself [rapid eye-blinking here] re-elected. Simillly, George Mason insisted that a prezdunt who procured his appointment in the first instance through improper and corrupt acts might repeat his guilt and return to power.

[End of partial transcript]

It goes on for another three minutes, but you get the point. The Democrats are simply carrying the “Russia Collusion” fantasy they invented in mid-2016 to its final conclusion. Indeed, in response to a reporter’s question, Pelosi bluntly stated that “This isn’t about Ukraine, it’s about Russia.” It’s a despicable, depraved disgrace to the constitution and congress, but hey, it’s Nancy Pelosi and her gang of circus clowns – what else would you expect?

The best part came after San Fran Nan was finished. As she was leaving the room, Fox News reporter James Rosen asked her if she hates the President. Watch this demented reaction from the person who is, frighteningly, just two steps from the presidency:


I don, I don’t hate anybody [wagging her finger at the reporter like a deranged school marm screaming at her kids to get down off those monkey bars].

We don’ hate anybody, no anybody in the world. You accuse me of ma

Reporter: I did not accuse you.

You did. You did.

Rosen: I asked a question.

You did.

Rosen: Representative Collins yesterday suggested that the Democrats are doing this simply because they don’t like the guy…

I din…I had nothing to do with that I s….I think that this Prezdunt is a coward when it comes to helping our, our, our, um, kids…who are fraid…uh, um gun violence. I think he is cwuel when he dudn’t deal with uh,uh, helping the dreamers, th, of which we are very proud.

I think he is in denial about the constitution, about the uh, climate crissses. However, that’s about the election. This is about the ele..take it up in the elect…This is about the constitution of the Unit states and the facts that lead to thuh prezduntsh [dentures getting loose in her mouth now] of is oaf of office.

[Now this lifelong promoter killing babies plays the “as a Catholic” card] As a Catholic, I rusen you using the word…hate in a sentence that addresses me [says the most hateful woman in the history of the United States congress].

I don hate anyone, I was waised in a way that is full…a heart full of love…and pray for the Prezdunt. And I still pray for the Prezdunt. I pway for the Prezdunt all the time. So don mess wif me when it comes to words like that.


You seriously could never make these people up. Not in a million years. This woman needs help.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Dear LC
In the summer of ’18, I had a 2-3 hour dream with the Lord; He told me that all these people – the corrupt, the evil, the enemies of G0D – would be exposed and have to answer for their crimes. I asked again and again: “What about…?” and the answer was: “him too,” and “her too.” I said: I know that You will judge them when they come to meet You. And He replied: “No; in the here and now, in the present, they will be held accountable.”

This gives me more hope that liberty will be restored than anything else. And we see the evil men and women, dashing themselves on the rocks trying to escape what is about to happen.

Jimmy MacAfee

When Mrs. Pelosi says she’ll pray for our President, it means that she’ll pray to her dark gods of abortion, lies, pedophilia, corruption, murder, rebellion and all manner of sin.

Mrs. Pelosi: when you pray to darkness, darkness is all you’ll get.
Repent while you still have time.


Keeping the cork in a bottle doesn’t appear to be one of her talents.

phineas gage

I very much prefer your accurate transcripts to the other ‘polished’ versions.

I was moderately surprised by this. Given the ways things are going with Impeachment II (Trump approval now up to 52% according to latest poll; impeachment numbers cratering), I though she would try to defer it into 2020–particularly because I think its going to be very hard for her to make 30 freshmen Dems in Trump districts walk the plank to their political deaths. That in turn will mean she loses her position as speaker.

This either indicates she is completely controlled now by the radicals in the party, or she just wants to put an end to this as soon as possible. Or maybe she is just as insane as the other radical loons.

The Senate trial will be must-see TV.


The Dems had better lose at least 50, preferably 75+ seats in the house and a couple in the senate (tough year for the GOP this cycle) or this impeachment crap will go on for the next five years.

Notice how we are not hearing on every newscast how the GOP only needs to capture about 20 seats to regain the house? Remember how the Dem. cheerleaders kept harping on that all last year when they needed 20 or so seats to flip? That is a prime example of media bias when you are talking to any of your Independent/Dem friends or anyone who still might entertain the novel concept that the MSM is impartial.


Something totally out of control of the Democrats happened in November 2016. Hillary was a given to be elected and in the last hours of voting the total swung to Donald Trump for some inexplicable reason. The word was that hundreds of church leaders called on their members to pray for his victory and go vote for him. Was it divine intervention? There is no way to prove it was or wasn’t but something unheard of happened. Let us presume that somehow God intervened and all along Mr.Trump was his choice. The hit on the President is he isn’t a perfect man and therefore is unfit for the Presidency. Look at the men God chose through the years. Everyone of them had flaws. God doesn’t pick perfect men; he picks men perfect for the job. My thesis is simple. God picked a man who would make every effort to right our ship of state. If our nation capsizes, the world will descend into a chaos we are cannot at this time imagine. If God did have a hand in choosing our President through changing the hearts and minds of the voters, then thee is nothing that the demented Democrats can do to remove President Trump from office. The filthy acts, the illegal conduct and programs proposed by the Democrats are being exposed to the light of day and it is worse than anyone could have imagined.
The President is suffering from their demented conduct and so is the nation as a whole. With faith and prayers of good men and women for our President, he will prevail and we will continue to prosper as a nation.

Jimmy MacAfee

That afternoon of the election, I sent out an email prayer – to dozens of friends and acquaintances. Only got two negative responses. But I do believe that the prayer of thousands – if not millions – of Americans had effect, and the Lord spared us from disaster.

My plans, had HRC won, was to close my business, sell the property, move to an alternate property and go mostly off-grid. Already had sold all my stock, weeks earlier.

Praise Jesus, Trump won! And I pray now – here – that those people who are attempting to harm our President and the American people will be exposed and subjected to rules governing issues such as treason and sedition, as well as exposing and criminally prosecuting their complicity in human trafficking, abuse of children by monsters, their drug trading and illegal and corrupt transactions such as in Ukraine and elsewhere. Lord, let those who hate You repent of their sins and turn away from their crimes and atrocities. Let them be humbled, either willingly or unwillingly.

I pray this in Jesus’ Holy Name,


Thank you for the reply and prayer. I would like to tell everyone what I know about certain ones, but I cannot due to the need to remain anonymous and live under the radar. Suffice it to say we were saved from a situation that would have brought utter misery to our Republic.
Nancy Pelosi is ill, physically and mentally. If you notice, she is loosing weight and is possibly drinking heavily. She has all the symptoms of a woman whose health is failing and her behavior exposes it. He behavior seems to be one of desperation to hang on. No one should wish her ill will. Truthfully, she is managing that quite well by herself. She needs prayer that she will change her ways before it is too late.
Thanks again for your reply. May God bless your efforts for Jesus.

Jimmy MacAfee

She’s tired; she’s worn out; she’s depressed: she’s surrounded by people who are even less capable than her, more insane and even less in touch with reality. The one and only way for her to quit her position: that’s for her party to lose the majority.

She’d rather have that, than to be deposed by an internal revolt: her ego couldn’t stand to be replaced by her own side – perhaps with Adam Schit or Nadless unseating her, or someone Ocrazi supports. Her revenge on Schit – and the Left – is to lose everything: no more chairmanships for Schit and Nadless, and punishment for Omar, Ocrazio and others.

In a word: she’s committing political suicide. And taking everyone down with her.


What is with that shadow/mark between her forehead and hairline? Three possibilities:
Botox/facelift scar.
Lobotomy scar
just bad makeup – maybe even her artist can’t stand her.

I finally watched the two clips you posted only after hearing commentary about them all day; she is hard to watch and they made me cringe and nauseous. Between her and biden’s (lower case intentional, he is such a small and petty person) performance yesterday, they show no “temperament”, which is one of the common criticisms of conservative candidates.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ever consider tardive dyskinesia, caused by medication?


Never heard of it, looked it up, could be.

Any normal person her age, with her afflictions, with her wealth, would be looking to retire, get treatment and enjoy life… Same goes for Hillary Russian Clinton!

But these are not normal people…


Pelosi and her followers are headed for a disaster of some kind. I pray that whatever it is going to be happens before they take the country down with them. These people are as evil as anyone who was in the rogue regimes of Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and Hitler to name a few. The damage they have done to the nation is unimaginable and yet there is a whole host of people who want them to have total control. They do not know what they are wanting.
Political blindness is a terrible disease and it can be fatal.


She desperately wants to keep her son out of prison.


The behavior of the Democrats appears to be close to sedition and fomenting an insurrection. Remember that Maxine Waters told her supporters to confront their opposition where ever they could be found.These are dangerous people who are using the color of law to enable their evil deeds. A wise person is careful about that for which he wishes, but whoever said that the current edition of Democrat are wise except the Democrats themselves.

phineas gage

I think you may have something there.

Sharon Campbell

Nancy Pelosi is not a Christian. Christians do not believe in abortion until birth! She may be a Catholic but a Christian, I think not. She claims to be standing up for the Constitution which is laughable. The only thing she’s defending is corruption in Washington.

Kenneth Gross

Point of clarification. At one point she was referring to founding father Gouverneur Morris of New York, a signatory to both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution (he authored the preamble) and U.S. Senator from New York 1800-1803. Gouverneur was his first name.

John Nelson

OK. I admit it. Another old guy with way too much time on his hands and even more time to think. Think about being an old guy and wondering what’s left in life. Think about current news events and wondering if America, the America I grew up with, is rapidly going down the toilet.

Speaking of toilets, I wonder if speaker Nancy Pelosi, with all her wealth and arrogance, has employed an illegal alien to wipe her butt. What would that person’s title be? Certainly nothing as crude as Butt Wiper. Nosiree! I suspect it would be referred to as a more politically correct title.

[Want ad in a San Francisco Newspaper]

Wanted: Fecal Extraction Engineer (FEE), prior experience preferred but not required, must be bilingual, ability to be on call day or night, comfortable working with both diarrhea and constipation, soft but firm hands required, ambidextrousness a plus, care must be exercised around hemorrhoids, anti-bacterial cremes to be applied post extractions, skilled in the use of toilet plungers and brushes when necessary, must be able to remain in a bent posture for extended periods, air fresheners and extra strong toilet paper supplied, no scented candles allowed due to the possible fire/explosive nature of the position. This is a lifetime governmental appointment with competitive salary, healthcare benefits, pensions and use of my private bathroom when not on duty. If interested, telephone BR-549 weekdays and leave your contact information with receptionist.

If there ever is such a position I might apply since I lost my sense of smell and don’t mind getting my hands dirty. But then, I would most likely be rejected due to arthritis in my index finger and a bad case of terminal flatulence (TF).

Northern Sentinel

“No one is above the Law”

Keep that in mind Nancy as your future unfolds.


Pelosi displays a breath-taking departure from reality, has difficulty reading from her script, and really reveals an unsteadiness when interacting in unscripted encounters with press questions such as Fox’s James Rosen’s. Her hand/arm-waving response to Rosen’s question about hating Trump shows she is stressed out and would make Beto smile.


The Lunitic tries to use words from the constitution to spew her BS.

Jay Whitcraft

People are free to disagree with me, but IMHO the more that President Trump is attacked the bigger the wave in his favor will be next year. Think of the 2010 democrat wipeout! I can say for sure I will be helping the campaign as much as possible. Jay


Ok, so Nancy Putin doesn’t “hate” (another word the Dems and the PC crowd has rendered meaningless with “hate” crimes etc.) Trump – she was raised not to hate as a good Catholic don’t you know – she just despises everything about him, his policies, his success, his mannerisms…

While she may claim not to “hate” the president, she certainly doesn’t like him in any way. And she may “pray” for him. Pray for him to be removed, Pray for him to fail, Pray for him to just give up and leave, Pray for him to be jailed, Pray for him (fill in the blank)…, Pray for anything but Trump’s well-being, success, popularity, or accomplishing anything good for America.

Jimmy MacAfee

I remember when Princess Pelosi claimed that if we didn’t have a stimulus, every month we would lose “500 million jobs.” So when I think that maybe she’s heading toward dementia, I’m reminded that she’s been demented for a long, long time. I do think she’s heading for a stroke, though. Leaky brain.


And that brilliant comment was made ten years ago. What damage has ten years of Botox treatment done to her pea brain since then? That is truly something scary to ponder; that this fossilized dingbat (is the face and “leader” of the Dem. Party) is the best the left has.

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