Harris Drops Out, Leaving a Snowy-White Democrat Field Behind

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note: Today’s Campaign Update will be on a delayed morning schedule from November 30 through  December 4.]

What are the Democrats going to do about all these racist…ummm…Democrats???? – Kamala Harris became the latest of the 6,000 or so Democrat presidential candidates to drop out of the race on Tuesday, and naturally the Democrat/Media propaganda complex ran with the “America is a racist nation” narrative in response.

Let’s examine that notion for a moment and take it to its logical conclusion.

Kamala Harris ended her campaign for one reason and one reason only, and that is because registered Democrat voters told liberal pollsters that they don’t plan to vote for the California Democrat Senator in the Democrat Party’s upcoming Democrat primaries and Democrat caucuses. The reality is that, if she wasn’t polling down in the low single digits among these Democrat voters, this Democrat Senator would still be a candidate for the Democrat nomination.

There are no Republicans, or conservatives, or independents involved in this equation. The simple fact of the matter is that Kamala Harris is ending her campaign because she has been utterly and completely rejected by a bunch of racist, sexist….Democrats. That’s according to the Democrat/media’s own narrative.

Faced with this despicably false narrative, it is even more instructive to observe exactly which candidates have managed to gain so much support from Democrat voters that they have forced Harris from the race. According to the RealClearPolitics average of the most current polls, Harris trails five other candidates, all of whom have one thing in common: They are all as white as white can be.

Not a minority among them. No Hispanics, even though the Democrat voters could have shown support for Texan Julian Castro. No Asians, even though Andrew Yang is in the candidate field. No African Americans, even though both Harris and Cory Booker happen to be in the field.

Just a bunch of white folks, and boy, what a collection of white folks they are:

In first place is the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator, Quid Pro Joe Biden, a pasty white guy from either Delaware or Pennsylvania depending which side the bed he happens to wake up from each day, a 77 year-old fossil from another time who brags about working with fellow pasty white segregationists during the Nixon Administration and thinks “malarky” makes for a catchy 23-skidoo campaign slogan that will attract Millenial voters.

Next up is The Commie, Bernie Sanders, a 78 year-old pasty white guy from Vermont, a life-long Bolshevik who has never worked a day in the private sector or accomplished anything real in his entire life.

Currently in third place is Little Princess Gonna Take All Your Wampum, Elizabeth Warren. Warren is as white as the driven snow, but managed to advance herself into lucrative positions in life by lying about actually being a Native American. Now, that’s the kind of “diversity” racist Democrat voters really admire.

In fourth place is Preacher Pete, the very white, 37 year-old Mayor of a college town in Indiana who regularly polls at 0% among those racist African American Democrat voters.

Next up is the newly-insurgent Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire ex=Mayor of New York City who is even whiter and older than Creepy Uncle Joe.

Taken together, those five pasty-white, mostly-elderly, not-minority-in-any-way candidates currently receive 74% of the total polling support from Democrat voters. Not Republicans, not Independents, not any broad cross-section of “Americans” and not among a bunch of rednecks out here in Flyover Country: DEMOCRATS.

The true fact of the matter is that Kamala Harris failed to inspire passion among the Democrat base because she is a horrible candidate who ran a horrible campaign. Given that she is also reportedly a horrible excuse for a human being who slept her way into political power and is accused of abusing her staff, this is really  not at all surprising. She was supposed to be the female version of Barack Hussein Obama, but instead turned out to be just a cross between Sheila Jackson Lee and Amy Klobuchar.

If “racism” or “sexism” has anything to do with Harris’s rejection, then Democrats have only to look into the mirror to see who those sexist racists are.

That is all.

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Bill Garrison

I did not know Senator Spartacus was snow white, Tulsi has some Polynesian blood and I’m pretty sure Castro is a person of color.

Ben Colder

So glad she is out I can not stand that woman.


Lefties just don’t see everything through the prism of race, they embrace the prism of race.

Anthony Bertrand

the problem could be solved by using the logic of the “progressive, dem, commie left,,” just have one of the super brilliant candidates identify as black and the problem is solved

Rudi S

Don’t forget the last white guy in the race, Cory B.


I beg to differ with you. IMO Kamala is a cross between Sheila Jackson Lee and Mad Maxine Waters.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Maxine is a cross between a trout and a goat.


You are really insulting trouts and goats Jimmy. How about a cross between a large mouth bass and a leech/slug?

Jimmy MacAfee

Puckered like a rectal wart! Mad Maxine, in her natural environment!

Jimmy MacAfee

Harris: Who do I have to sleep with to get this job?
Hillary: Who do I have to kill to get this job?
Buttergag: Unprintable
Liewatha: Who do I have to lie to?
Big Gulp Bloombug: Who do I have to buy?
Booger: Mommie and Daddy, I need help! My Spartacus doll is broken!
Nasty Amy: Anyone got a fork? My comb is broken.
Beta Min: My big stork wings have flown me back to my breeding grounds.
Tulsi: My knife is sharper than all of yours!

phineas gage

It would actually be interesting if either Yang or Gabbard began to get some traction, but I don’t think the DNC would ever let that happen.

That being said, are they really going to nominate one of these certain losers, or do they go with Hillary (another loser) at the convention. I don’t think there is any good option for them. Sad!


Sad? No way!

I’m glad the Dems are in this situation which is entirely of their making. This train-wreck collection of punk/dud candidates is great for America, as they can appeal to no one with any sense. We will finally get a clear understanding of the true number of brain-dead dolts (who would literally vote for Stalin – tired of using Hitler, although I saw Tom Arnold on a you-tube video say he would vote for Hitler over Trump) there are in America who will only and always vote for the Dem party label. I’m guessing 43% – like what B. J. Clinton got in 1992, which means Trump will get a 55% landslide win with 2% going to the independents.

Several local commentators, since the start of the great purging of the Democrat moderates in 1994, have stated that the Dem’s. bench is thin and shallow. I didn’t take it to heart as I always felt that, just like with bureaucracies, someone would fill the void. I was wrong, the Dem bench is empty!

There was no real scouting for a new team until 2005-6 when Nanpo and Dingy Harry, recruited, and funded the races of “moderate” appearing young candidates (some were ex- military, some were known ex-athletes with name recognition, and other appealing pols in swing districts/states. Combine that with miserable GOP “leadership” in congress along with Bush Jr’s unpopular war and spending and the Dems took over congress.

The Dems. largely bided their time during the dying Bush administration and got a near super congressional majority in the election between “Barack the Magic N****” and McLame. When that happened, the Dems went wild with Obamacare and the PORKULAS spending and the TEA party was born.

2010 thru 2016 cost the Dems the last vestiges of the moderate blue-dog wing of their caucus along with several thousand down ballot races nationwide which has left them an empty bench.

They have nothing but unappealing loud-mouth radicals running their party and any remotely “reasonable” people still left have had their voices drowned out. I’m really surprised some “reasonable” Dems didn’t become Republican like what happened in 1994, which shows there are no good or smart politicians in the Dem. Party. That is the real legacy of B.J. Clinton, Hillary Russian Clinton, Barry Hope & Change, Nanpo and Dingy Harry.


Thank GOD!

Couldn’t happen to an uglier group of misanthropic misfits, derelicts, corrupt anti-American Creeps.

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen to that, too!


Thanks Jimmy

phineas gage

Love your candidate analysis, it is the best. All that was missing was your updated nominee odds.

The Dems/media firmly believe that white/racist/conservative machinations took out Harris, even though as you state it is all due to Democrats. That doesn’t overly trouble them because they are not rational and are in fact quite mad.


Tulsi Gabbard can take the victory lap for ramming the shiv in Harris’s back which she couldn’t extract.


The presidency is a cerebral occupation.


Smug, nauseating, unimpressive.

Jimmy MacAfee

Harris also had a lot of Hillary “Jezebel” Clinton in her, along with “Nasty Amy” Klobuchar and Sheila “Jackass” Lee. All three of these witchy wretches treat their staff with contempt, hostility and emotional violence. May their ends come suddenly and without warning, or may they all repent and be Saved.

Bony Bernie/Angry Bernie looks like the guy in Indiana Jones after he drank from the wrong cup in “The Last Crusade.” Toxic anger from someone who recently, true to Demonrat form, came into some real money. Wonder how many of us could get the kind of book deals these idiots are getting?

Which brings me to this point: most (most) book deals for politicians are nothing more than a form of money laundering. Maybe some day a forensic accountant will follow the tracks of these gravy trains.

phineas gage

The ‘Last Crusade’ analogy is a good one. Along the same lines, I always thought that Obama resembled the Henry Kane character played by Julian Beck in Poltergeist II.

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