The Trump Economy Defies the “Experts” Yet Again

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This damn Trump economy just refuses to cooperate with all the “experts.” – This Black Friday was, at least according to all the “experts” quoted by cable news operations an the nation’s other corrupt media outlets, supposed to be a down year. According to their joint narrative with the Democrat Party, the Trump Economy was supposed to be lurching along into a new recession, one that would arrive just in time to impact President Trump’s chances for re-election in 2020.

Given that 2/3rds of U.S. Gross Domestic Product – GDP – is derived from consumer spending, this media/Democrat/”experts” narrative meant it was necessary for Black Friday’s spending to be down from last year and the year before that. Thus, those were the predictions we were getting from people on MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and on and on throughout the fake, corrupt, narrative-driven media.

But the problem with this narrative is a fundamental one: It is not true. The Trump economy is not bumbling along to another recession at all, as evidenced by third quarter jobs numbers and economic growth estimates having been revised upwards by over 10% in recent weeks. Those revisions would have been taken by real “experts” as warning signs that they were promoting a false story to the American public. But when the “experts” are fake, the warning signs go unnoticed.

The next big warning to the purveyors of fake news should have come when Adobe, which surveys 80 of the top 100 retailers in the U.S., announced early on Friday that Thanksgiving Day online sales had come in at a record high $4.2 billion, a 14.5% increase over 2018. In that same report, Adobe said that Black Friday’s online sales had already reached $600 million by 9:00 ET, a whopping 19.2% rise from 2018, which put it on a pace to reach $7.4 million for the day, far and away a record for any Black Friday, and the second-highest online sales day in history, behind last year’s Cyber Monday total.

Adobe confirmed that $7.4 billion Black Friday total in a follow-up report on Saturday, and now projects that Cyber Monday sales could reach a phenomenal $9.4 billion, almost 20% higher than last year’s record $7.9 billion. And finally, “small business Saturday” sales were projected by Adobe to reach $3.0 billion, up 18% over the record set in 2018.

These are not indicators of an economy limping along towards the contraction the “expert” narrative engineers prefer. While these double-digit jumps in online sales were partially offset by about 6% lower foot-traffic sales at malls and brick-and-mortar stores, per an initial estimate by ShopperTrak, the overall picture this massive consumer spending paints is one of a vibrant and very healthy economy.

Just a personal anecdote about that foot traffic: It may be down slightly across the country, but in Las Vegas it is wall-to-wall people. The little wifey and I touched down here on early Friday afternoon, and everyone we have spoken with is stunned by the masses of people flowing through this city’s casinos and high-end shopping centers this weekend.

It’s just one city, but it makes us wonder if we won’t see those ShopperTrak estimates quietly revised upwards in the coming days. This low-ball estimate followed by a quiet upwards revision process has, after all, become an integral part of the anti-Trump narrative, after all. Why stop now?

In any event, this record Thanksgiving consumer weekend is just one more instance of an agenda-based, narrative-driven media and group of “experts” trying to influence the public into creating a slowing economy based on fear and fear alone. The big problem they have at this point is that they have played the boy who cried wolf so many times now that the public no longer pays any attention to them.

God Bless America and its’ President, Donald J. Trump.

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That is all.


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Yea, we are fortunate to have a strong forceful President who understands how business should be, exposes
the naysayer;s and promotes the workers and every person to better themselves and the best part is we have 5 more years of this.

Greg Budell

Great work, sir! I think foot traffic may be suffering a bit from a different fear- that they will get caught up in the horrendous behavior shoppers display in service o the Christmas “spirit”. More than a few people have said they avoid the insanity at all costs. There’s no such thing as a day off from the despicable left, is there?

phineas gage

The fake news media, including the traitorous Matt Drudge, tried to paint a picture of less than bustling traditional department stores (e.g. Macy’s) to push this false narrative, intentionally ignoring that the majority of shopping is on-line these days, as well as the fact that other types of stores did very well.

People have more disposable income due to substantive real-wage growth across the income spectrum, and they are confident in spending it. This translates directly into votes, as most people vote their wallet/pocketbook.

The Dems and the fake news media are SOL.

Jimmy MacAfee

People are accepting the “new normal,” and are more confident. This is entirely due to President Trump’s international and American economic policies, which included de-regulation and tax cuts. Especially those. Bless those who offer real hope! G0D Bless you, President Trump! May He continue to give you strength, safety and prosperity!

We didn’t accept al-Bama’s “new normal,” a state of despair, brought about by hyper-regulation, trade sabotage and his repeated statements that “these jobs are gone and they’re not coming back.” He was a hope-thief, as are all the Demonrats. Al-Bama was a psychopath, like Hillary, who had no sensitivity to the economic terrors he was applying to our people. Least sensitive former President in US history – cold as a fish.

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