British Election Will Provide a Preview of Trump’s 2020 Re-Election

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note: Today’s Campaign Update will be on a delayed morning schedule from November 30 through  December 4.]

When voters in the United Kingdom went to the polls on June 23, 2016 to vote on the referendum on whether to leave the European Union (Brexit) or remain in it (remain), the polls all predicted – by an average of 8% – that “remain” would win handily. But of course we all know that the actual vote ended with a 52-48% Brexit victory.

Five months later, all the polls predicted Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential contest, with the New York Times at one point giving Clinton a 99% chance of prevailing.  In the end, Mr. Trump prevailed with a near-landslide in the electoral college, the only measure that matters in our system.

Keen observers understood that the two elections were fought on basically the same issues: economic malaise, open borders, and general national decline brought to both nations by the forces of globalism and the politicians who impose it on their populations. Voters in favor of Brexit and Trump were under-polled by biased polling organizations, many of whom are run by corrupt media outlets determined to slant their reporting in favor of “remain” and Clinton. A few observers – including Today’s Campaign Update – predicted that the Brexit vote would actually serve as precursor to a Trump victory, which is clearly what happened.

Since those elections were held in 2016, the corrupt and disloyal forces of globalism in both nations have attempted to regroup and reclaim power, while doing everything in their power to deny the voters the fruits of their respective victories. In Britain, Brexit agreements negotiated with leaders in the EU by Prime Minister Theresa May were repeatedly rebuffed in Parliament, with many disloyal members of her own Conservative Party joining forces with the Labor Party – led by the mendacious and corrupt Jeremy Corbin, Britain’s version of San Fran Nan – to vote down every iteration of the proposal.

That failure to deliver led first to the Conservatives losing their parliamentary majority, and ultimately to May’s being replaced earlier this year by early Brexit advocate Boris Johnson. When Johnson saw his own initial proposed Brexit deal voted down in September,  that in turn led to a purging of disloyal Conservatives from the Party, and Johnson’s demanding a so-called “snap election” in which Johnson hopes to win a new mandate from the voters.

With that vote scheduled to take place on December 12, today’s polls in Britain now reflect a decided pro-Conservative, pro-Johnson, pro-Brexit sentiment among the country’s voters. The latest poll from YouGov projects that Johnson’s Party will score its largest landslide win since Lady Margaret Thatcher won her third term in office in 1987. YouGov projects a net Conservative gain of 42 seats, which would give it a clear majority of Parliament’s 650 seats. Although other polls also project a major Conservative victory, the YouGov result seems particularly significant since it was the only major poll to correctly predict the Conservative Party’s big losses in the 2017 elections.

If the December 12 vote does deliver a Conservative majority approaching the 68-seat advantage YouGov predicts, it would manifest the demand from British citizens that Parliament finally act on the mandate they delivered three and a half years ago. Good for them.

So, what does that mean for next November’s elections in the United States? Well, let’s think about it: What has been taking place in the U.S since November 2016? Just as in Britain, the forces of globalism have been working tirelessly, employing every dishonest tool at their corrupt disposal to deny Trump voters the fruits of their victory. President Trump has been subjected to an unending series of hoax ‘scandals’ and fake investigations and clown show impeachment hearings and congressional obstruction and all the fake news our corrupt media establishment can produce, all in an effort by the powers of globalism to regain their lost power.

American voters are becoming weary of the refusal by the Democrat Party to accept the results of the 2016 election, with polls showing more and more Democrats showing up at Trump rallies and pledging their support for the President. This is especially true in the African American community, where multiple recent polls now indicate 34% support for President Trump. If the President can achieve half that much support from the Black community, next year’s election will become an historic landslide.

So, keep an eye on the results from the December 12 voting across the Pond. Just as it did in 2016, the result of that election is likely to eventually serve as a precursor of things to come next November.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

A preview of sorts, for the record:

Expect all sorts of “medical emergencies” in the near future:
-Pelosi (likely)
-Nadler (likely)
-Brennan (probable)
-Biden (very likely)
-Clinton (Bill) (certain)
-Clinton (Hillary) (certain)
-Ginsberg (certain)
-Comey (likely)
-Epstein (safe in Tel Aviv)

phineas gage

Hong Kong is another one to watch, as is Iran and the ongoing unrest there.

Freedom is on the march across the globe, led by Trump.

The danger is that as Trump’s 2020 re-election increasingly becomes a fait-accomplit–as well as the utter failure of the Left’s attempts to remove him–they will become increasingly desperate. History often swings on such hinge points.

phineas gage

The two nations, while operating under distinct political systems, are closely linked by history, language, and culture, and often trend in parallel, particularly the Great Britain part of the UK. However, while in the EU the UK has gone much further down the globalization open border road than the US. As such, they are a bellwether test case–if they can begin to regain their national sovereignty under Johnson, it bodes well for the US and Trump.

Two other aspects are important:
*A successful Brexit will immediately be followed by a comprehensive trade deal between the UK and US, bringing the nations even closer and allowing the UK to escape the economic clutches of the EU
*The royals are largely symbolic, but they still exert behind-the-scenes power. Queen Elizabeth is rumored to be stepping down soon in favor of Charles, but it is my opinion that she wants to ensure the liberty and freedom of the British citizens before relinquishing power to her loony son, which means she will be pushing for this as well.

Jimmy MacAfee

Charles had Epstein-like problems with Jimmy Savile – at least he was close buddies with the handicap-child-rapist, as evidence attests. Whether or not he (Charles) did anything despicable remains open for question. The Queen is more likely to be holding on until all the chips have fallen, to bestow the honor to someone potentially more suitable and honorable. Savile was a monster of unimaginable proportions. Charles should have worn gloves if he ever had to shake Savile’s hand.

Jimmy MacAfee

Fox News polls: with polls like these, who needs enemies?

No wonder Crazy Nancy was going to Brussels when the President was going to have a most unwelcome visitor – around January 17 or so. With Adam “Ant” Skiff, on board the Air Force One made into a SCIF. The Globalists were set and ready to swear in Crazy Nan, to put us back under their thumb. Re: Ga. and anti-tank missiles, and Donna Brazille tweet about “President Pelosi.” Remember that Crazy Nan didn’t go on the trip, after all!

Take nothing for granted; these people are crazy. And stupid. and with Hispanics and African American support probably more like 50% (you don’t really believe 34%, do you?) there would be a massive uprising if anything should happen to President Trump and VP Pence. Massive.

Don’t put anything past the World Wide Deep State. Not just an American aberration.
LORD Jesus, please protect our President from these evil thugs.

phineas gage

Even if it’s anything close to 34%, the election (and the modern Democrat party) is over.


Spot on commentary regarding Brexit.

Now if some of the other semi-productive countries of Europe (France and Germany) would get on the ball and elect their version of Trump, the whole rotten, stinking fraud of the European Union would collapse. If that were to happen NATO could then be cleaned up and reformed to be a true and functional alliance against Russia, the Middle-East, and China’s ambitions. The UN could then be restored to its purported purpose and it globalist ambitions dashed. It would be forced to reform or it will ultimately collapse under its own corrupt weight of its bureaucracy.

Sooner or later, lack of funding from functioning nations will cause this.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent summary!

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