Good Move on the Terrorist Cartels, Mr. President. Now do Antifa.

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this #WINNING yet? Hah! Fat chance. – For the fourth time in the last seven trading days, all three major stock market indexes attained record high closes on Tuesday. This was the 10th record-high closing day in November alone, and…wait for it…the 100th record high closing day for the Dow Jones Industrials since Donald John Trump was sworn in as President of the United States.

Great. Now do Antifa – Speaking of President Trump, he told Bill O’Reilly in an interview released on Tuesday that he will soon designate Mexico’s governing party, er, major drug cartels as terrorist organizations, “and start hitting them with drone attacks.” This naturally threw Mexico’s government officials – most of whom are in the cartels’ deep pockets – into a panic, with the Mexican foreign ministry immediately announcing it would seek “high-level meetings” with counterparts in the U.S. State Department to discuss the matter.

Mexico’s foreign minister said his country would not allow any “violation of national sovereignty”, which is laughable considering that his country allows its citizens and the drug cartels to violate U.S. national sovereignty thousands of times every day.

President Trump is obviously still angry over the brutal mass killings of U.S. expatriate Mormon women and children by cartels early in November. Immediately following this latest act of depravity and the utter failure of Mexico’s government to address it in any effective manner, the President promised to “go to war” with the cartels, and offered Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador the support of the U.S. military in fighting them. Naturally, the corrupt Mexican government immediately dismissed the idea.

At some point, the United States is going to have to face the reality that Mexico is a failed state, and that its presence on the southern border poses too much of a danger to the lives and well-being of U.S. citizens to continue to ignore. Mexican cartels murder U.S. citizens every day, and their boldness in violating our borders and murdering, kidnapping and torturing Americans only grows over time.

By designating the cartels as terrorist organizations, President Trump will make it illegal for anyone to knowingly offer the cartels any form of support, which will create massive problems for open-borders politicians of both parties. Financial institutions who knowingly possess funds connected to any designated terrorist organization must alert the U.S. Treasury and impound the funds.

You will know which U.S. politicians are in the pockets of the cartels by observing which ones screech the loudest in opposition to having them designated as terrorists. This is not complicated. There is no valid, honest reason for any well-meaning person to oppose this move.

Once the President has completed this designation process with the cartels, he should immediately move to impose the same designation on domestic terrorist groups like Antifa. Doing this would of course generate massive outrage from the Democrat Party – which, after all, created Antifa – and the corrupt news media, but so what? The President is subjected to that every day regardless of what he does.

Antifa has been terrorizing U.S. citizens on the streets of large, Democrat-controlled cities since the day after the 2016 presidential election. The corrupt media goes to great pains to refuse to air videos of the riots the group creates on a regular basis, but we’ve all seen them anyway thanks to social media.

It is long past time for the federal government to move effectively to cripple this obvious domestic terrorist organization by de-funding it and penalizing any U.S. citizen who offers it support. As with the cartels, there is no valid, honest reason for anyone to oppose such a move.

Democrat politicians like to talk about Americans having a right to feel “safe” in their daily lives. The best first step to achieving that would be to end the reign of terror by the group the Democrat Party created in November 2016 and still supports today.

That is all.


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phineas gage

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at dbdaily!

phineas gage

The situation at the southern border is increasing untenable. The opioid addiction in our nation, completely overlooked by the Trump-obsessed and drug-loving media, is of monstrous proportions and it funds the ongoing cartel thug control of Mexico. Beyond that, the flow of illegals amounts to a de-facto invasion. No nation can tolerate this

However, it is not realistic to us to invade Mexico–nor would it be wise, considering our recent experiences in nation building. It is a failed narco-state, but it is not our job to fix it, we just have to protect ourselves from the consequences. I think the best approach is to build as impregnable a wall as possible, and then defend it with lethal force. That means terminating the drug gangs whenever and wherever possible, including targeted special-ops missions and extensive use of drones. If Mexico doesn’t like it they can clean up their act.

Re: antifa, it is essentially a domestic paramilitary wing of the opposition political party. Fortunately, it is almost entirely composed of upper-middle class white losers. A little bit of Chicago-convention therapy and they’ll dissolve. When you encourage bad behavior you get more of it, and the opposite is true as well.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Upper-middle class white losers” – could describe the CIA. Witness Eric Cinderella.

Steve Coerper

DAMNED STRAIGHT! And I hope Bonchie at RedState gets the memo. In Bonchie wrote: “The broader point here is that this has to stop. People can have their political issues and believe deeply in them.” This is palpable bovine excreta. These thugs aren’t assaulting people because they deeply believe in any political issues. They assault people because they are paid to do so, and if you follow the money you’ll meet Soros or his ilk. I LONG for the day these people are arrested.

Sharon Campbell

Another excellent decision on our great President ‘s part! So good to hear this news!


” … end the reign of terror by the group the Democrat Party created in November 2016 and still supports today.”

The Dem. party is the reign of terror; ANTIFA is just a satellite, as is Planned Parenthood, and every other leftist Soros’ funded organization. The people need to end the reign of terror of the Dem party by continuing to defund it via a lack of campaign contributions, and DEFEATING EVERY DEMOCRAT ON THE BALLOT IN 2020!

As you so correctly state, the DemMSM will be outraged regardless of what Trump does, so Mr. President, please expand the firings, end all the illegal boarder activity BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

Part of the brilliance of Trump is he is multi-tasking and flying under the radar. He is skillfully using the media focus on all this phony anti-Trump everything to attack and dismantle other parts of the Deep State ( EPA deregulation for example) while everyone is shouting Mueller!, Stormy!, Russia, Ukraine!, Impeachment!

May GOD Bless and Protect our president.

PS. It is really amazing that many American financial institutions are working with the left to harass gun owners with loan threats and impeding money access/transfer which is probably in violation of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause. Many of these institutions are likely in bed with the cartel financing; their money has to be coming from somewhere besides the drug profit. Both sides of this coin need to be exposed and investigated. Financial institution investigations can and have been done in the past. B.J. Clinton and his AG went after Microsoft hard for no good reason in the 1990s. Big Government forced Big Bank to make bad loans which caused the housing bubble bust ten years ago.

Jimmy MacAfee

AuntyFay is a made-up entity, much like ISIS. Mostly paid cowards, like participants in the Occupy Wall Street foolishness. If you want to designate a terror-supporting organization, consider the FBI:

They enabled terrorists, not just on 9/11, but in Oklahoma City: news reports immediately after the latter indicated 2 larger unexploded ordinances, TBD. Later, they claimed that this was all a “mistake.” OK City was a precursor to 9/11, just as Operation Northwoods was a precursor to them all. Lok at Kenneth Trentadue and his Epstein-like death, who was connected to the Clinton FBI and DOJ and someone by the name of E. Holder.

Flight 800 was another FBI coverup, with witnesses’ testimony and videos stolen from those who saw the missile hit the airliner. (Notes about that in the linked article.)

But as for made-up organizations, the FBI supported most of the “white supremacist” groups, largely funding them; most of those organizations reportedly would have folded without the FBI keeping them financially afloat. Part of PATCON, a radicalization program. And the sh-t goes on.

Fact is, Aunty Fay couldn’t exist without official sanction and support, with help from NGOs from you-know-who (an infamous Nazi collaborator.) Designating them a terror organization would only help if the FBI wasn’t always working on bizarre counter-intel schemes, and supporting domestic terrorists. Sh-t rises to the top, real FBI agents always say. There are many patriots among them, but sitting in a hole that the uppers use for a crap-pot tends to make one seek cover instead of truth.


Isn’t it amazing how the nationwide anti-Romney Occupy Wall Street riots, which was aided mightily by asshat mayors lead by Bloomberg by not enforcing their city’s laws, went away immediately after Hussain Hope & Change stole his second election, never to be heard from again?

Jimmy MacAfee

And my main, poorly articulated point: the government can declare someone a “domestic terrorist,” and the government then funds the terrorists “to keep an eye on them.” That’s how they institutionalize internal enemies and keep them funded.

So maybe it isn’t such a good idea to declare them terrorists, but to instead trace their funding and cut the head off the snake?

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