Corrupt, Humorless News Media Launches Investigations After Trump Tweets Meme

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You seriously could never make these people up if they didn’t already exist. – The fake journalists who populate the corrupt news media wonder endlessly why the American people hate them with such a passion – they truly cannot understand it.

And then today happens.

President Donald Trump tweeted out a hilarious meme of his face superimposed over the body of Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” character on Wednesday morning, and you would have thought the damn world was coming to an end. Here’s the tweet in question:


Now, swear to God, this is what the raging nitwit Democrat toadies at the Washington Post tweeted out in response:

“unclear why.” *sigh*

Really? You are truly unclear why a man with a keen sense of humor would tweet out a humorous meme featuring his face superimposed on a movie hero’s body?

Here are some other things that are not clear to the Democrat toadies at the Washington Post:

  • Dentist told WaPo editor to floss five times a week. Unclear why.
  • Label on lettuce recommends consumers wash in warm water before eating. Unclear why.
  • Low tire pressure light appears on WaPo reporter’s car console. Unclear why.
  • Mailbox in front of WaPo publisher’s home filled with mail. Unclear why.
  • Yard guys arrive at WaPo editor’s home weekly to mow grass. Unclear why.
  • Nancy Pelosi has all kinds of issues keeping her dentures in her mouth when talking. Unclear why.
  • Reboot of Roseanne not funny without Roseanne. Unclear why.
  • No one went to see horrific feminazi remake of Charlie’s Angels. Unclear why.

This list could go on and on, and the rank stupidity it telegraphs to the public is not limited to the toadies at the Washington Post. Both CNN and the New York Times actually launched investigations into why exactly it was that President Trump tweeted out the meme, joining the Post in referring to it as “doctored.”

And they wonder why we hate them? Really?


Here is wishing everyone who reads this a joyful and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

[Your enjoyment of it will be maximized to the extent you are able to completely ignore the corrupt nitwits in the fake media.]

That is all.


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And these are the people who call us Trump supporters a cult!


WaPo publishes Terrorist ad lines to assist Terrorists world wide in their Death Cult.


Dave my clean comment is not posting – again

Don McCoy

Ha ha ha! That’s why he’s so awesome! KAG 2020!


I liked the one from the NY Post where they used the term “possibly” when referring to the doctored photo. Possibly?!


The only thing missing was a caption at the bottom that said: Worlds Most Interesting Man! The caption would be correct. I seriously love living in Donald John Trump’s America, as there is NEVER a dull moment.

Sharon Campbell

I don’t know which was the funniest. The continuing stupidity of the media or your analogy. The Libs really have no sense of humor. Maybe that’s why they’re always so fussy & negative.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump actually DID look like that in his athletic years. And he would have thrashed Gropey Joe if Joe threatened him as he has in recent past. (Joe was athletic, too, but in a limpy-wristy kind of way.)

President Trump is one of the greatest things/people we have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day, everyone!

phineas gage

This is almost identical to their response to the ‘doctored dog medal’ photo.

At this point, it is Pavlovian (among other things…).

phineas gage

We eagerly await the Brian Stelter investigation….

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