The Deep State Keeps Revealing Its Ugly Face And The Public Doesn’t Like It

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Polling support for impeachment of President Donald Trump is plummeting, and there is a clear reason why that’s the case. – Nate Silver’s 538 crew has a new report out today about the crashing support for the Democrat impeachment circus. While support remains strong among the Democrats’ demented voter base – which is always, consistently oversampled in these polls by about 10% – it is crashing and burning among independent voters, who have watched Adam Schiff’s clown-show public hearings and didn’t like what they’ve seen.

What did they see in those hearings? They saw a pack of members of America’s diplomatic corps, whining and complaining that the President of the United States was not following the dictates of foreign policy as implemented by the President’s globalist predecessors in office. They saw a bunch of hacks whose loyalties lie less with the American people than with the corruptocrats and oligarchs who control the Ukraine, and who appear to have worked against the interests of the country’s new reformist president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Deep State skunks helping Deep State skunks, as it were.

The public was also treated to the spectacle of a classic Deep State plant at the National Security Council, a preening, self-aggrandizing anti-Trump Lt. Colonel named Alexander Vindman. Vindman spent his time at the witness table obviously prevaricating and deflecting in order to construct damaging testimony against his Commander-in-Chief. Equally as repulsive and revealing was Vindman’s demand at one point that the Committee’s ranking minority member, Devin Nunes, address him by his military rank rather than respectfully as “Mr. Vindman.”

Add to all that the clownish Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, a Jeb! Bush supporter who bought his ambassadorship in the grand DC Swamp tradition. Then toss in the fact that the only two witnesses who clearly weren’t Deep State hacks, Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison – who had been Vindman’s manager at the NSC – had already basically been run out of the diplomatic corps, and the picture presented to the public was one of rampant disloyalty, clownish jealousy and corruption. In other words, just like the public saw at the Department of Justice, pre-William Barr, and still sees at the FBI and in the nation’s intelligence community.

In the days since the public impeachment circus left on its long Thanksgiving holiday recess, the public has been treated to the next episode of the Deep State unmasking itself, this time at the Department of the Navy in the Eddie Gallagher affair, which the Campaign Update chronicled in two separate posts on Sunday. There we found the repulsive spectacle of senior officials at the Pentagon openly defying the clear orders of the Commander-in-Chief, and outright threatening him in the public space.

As repeatedly noted here, Barack Obama spent his 8 years in office in a continuous effort to utterly corrupt every agency, bureau, commission and committee of the federal government, and was very successful in doing so. But this weekend’s shenanigans, which culminated – at least for now – in the unceremonious firing of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, likely represent the first time that millions of ordinary Americans learned that the corruption is so deeply integrated within our military leadership.

Sadly, the purging of the Swamp snakes at the Pentagon should not end with Spencer. The Commander of the Navy Seals, Admiral Collin Green, engaged in the same defiant behavior as Spencer, and Rear Admiral Charlie Brown, the Navy’s Chief of Information, issued the following statement in the midst of the dustup:

“The Navy follows the lawful orders of the President. We will do so in case of an order to stop the administrative review of SOC Gallagher’s professional qualification. We are aware of the President’s tweet and we are awaiting further guidance.”

The clear implication in that statement is that the President’s tweet ordering the Navy to disband its review board against Gallagher did not amount to a “lawful order.” Which is outrageous. The Commander-in-Chief just issued a pardon to Gallagher a few weeks ago, making his wishes on this matter clearly obvious to everyone.

Spencer claimed on Saturday that he did not consider a tweet to be a “formal order,” but the CinC can make his wishes known in whatever form of communication he prefers. For Spencer and the rest of the Navy brass to convene a review panel to question Gallagher’s status after the President’s pardon was rank insubordination. The pretense that the President’s tweet somehow does not constitute a lawful order borders on open sedition.

As Kurt Schlichter advocates in a great piece on all of this at

Fire them all.

Then fire their bosses for not having fired them already by the time the president got around to it. And fire their bosses. Fire the whole chain of command and order them all to retire.

Open defiance of the Commander-in-Chief and the sarcastic questioning of his authority in official statements is simply an intolerable situation. The Navy needs a good purging, if for no other reason than to set a good example for the leadership of the other branches of the armed forces.

The good part of all of this is that, the more these Deep State skunks and snakes unmask themselves, the more repulsed the public is by their actions. It has been a really bad couple of weeks for the denizens of the DC Swamp.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Leo Smith

We want to execute the Deep State Players.. And if they make us wait, we’ll get their Families too./


Each and every one of the 0zero appointees needs to be gone. As I understand it, 0zero demanded that any brass who wanted to stay in their position would be required to state they would swear allegiance to 0zero.
Time for a clean sweep fore and aft of the 0zero crowd in our Armed Forces. Replace with patriots, not politicians.
I nominate Chief Gallagher for SECNAV. LOL. That would be sweet justice.
Just sayin’.

dave dutchess

GIVE US THE NAMES OF THESE SWAMPERS starting with Richard Spencer. Expose them to the american public!

Everett R Littlefield

After spending 20 years in the US Navy, we of the enlisted ranks who did not have their heads buried in the sand, could see where we were headed. I left in 1975 as an E9 and have watched with increasing dismay, the degradation of the top of the chain of command. Then along came Mr Fundamental Change and started firing all the rest of the Admirals and Generals with a conservative bent and installing all the left wing kiss asses. Sorry to say that I did not encourage any of my three boys to join the military, because I did not want them to be working under a bunch of subversives. Witness what is happening right now! Mr President, please continue your fine work and get rid of all of obummers lackey’s!!

phineas gage

Sundance notes that there is not possibly enough time for Schiff and co. to write up the formal articles,transfer them to Judiciary, vote, and get them over to the Senate in the 8 days between when Congress reconvenes after Thanksgiving Break and when it leaves again.

They’ll either have to prolong this into January-February, or shut it down now. Given the way the polling is going for them, it might have to be the latter.

phineas gage

When Trump is reelected in a landslide next fall, expect a mass exodus of swamp creatures, voluntary or involuntary.

T Carroll

An excellent, spot on piece. It’s refreshing to see the truth spoken so well. Thank you!

Jimmy MacAfee

But…but…but…isn’t the Deep State just a conspiracy theory?

We’ll soon be finding out that many in the diplomatic world were just money-launderers for politicians, a rerouting of foreign aid to foundations and NGOs and personal accounts in places where money is laundered without fear. Not naming names…yet. They’ll come. It’s worse than you can possibly imagine. (Ask Rudy; he’s got it all.)

The public can deal with politicians who have affairs, or who have “different” sensibilities, but what they won’t abide is politicians with their hands in the money pot – OUR money pot. I think an Islamic remedy should be considered for these thieves: cut off the hand that steals. (You’d see a lot of DC swamp things nicknamed “Lefty.”)

Sharon Campbell

Very disheartening to see those higher up positions in our Navy were so embittered by 8 years of Obama that they disobey the Commander in Chief!

phineas gage

They were exhilarated by the Obama years. They can’t (and still won’t) believe that it came to a crashing end.

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