Schiff and Granholm Float Another Despicable Trial Balloon

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

What if the Democrats impeach President Trump, but then don’t take the next step? – The next step envisioned by the founders in writing the U.S. Constitution would be that the House, acting in good faith, would then quickly transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate. There, a trial would be held in short order to determine whether or not the impeached president should be removed.

But of course, as we have seen repeatedly in recent years, today’s Democrats are not people of good faith, a future potentiality that American patriots like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson – who disagreed vehemently on political matters but always acted in the best interests of their country – simply could not imagine. Because they simply could not contemplate the possibility of a House of Representatives being populated in the majority by actively seditious individuals who care nothing about the nation’s well-being, they did not feel the need to explicitly lay out rigid times frames for every step of this sad process to take place.

Thus we now have the spectacle of Bug-eyes Schiff and former Michigan Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm laying out a scenario on the Sunday morning talk shows in which the seditious Democrats would go ahead and vote on articles of impeachment before congress recesses for the Christmas holidays, but then hold them up indefinitely while the House Intelligence Committee under Schiff’s control continues its clown show witch hunt.

The Democrat theory of the day being that Republicans can’t begin a Senate trial until the articles have been formally transmitted to them by the House. Here is what Schiff had to say to CNN’s fake host Jake Tapper:

“We have continued to learn more information every day. And I think that is going to continue,” he said on CNN. “So, we may have to file addendums to that report. We may have other depositions and hearings to do.”

Later on the same program, after Schiff laid out his strategy for ongoing investigations as far as the eye can see, Granholm detailed the other side of this latest un-American tactic:

 “It is important to consider as Democrats to slow our roll a little bit. I was glad to hear that Adam Schiff said there is other information and this is not the end of things. And people are saying before you toss it over to the Senate, why don’t you take your vote on what you’ve heard and just hold it. Seal it, like a sealed indictment until you’ve gathered what you think is necessary to convince the jury that has already made up its mind. I don’t think we’re there yet.”

Yeah, sure, just seal it like an indictment, and keep the nation in limbo for as long as ol’ Bug-eyes sees fit.

This of course is what is known in the DC Swamp as a “trial balloon.” Schiff and Granholm obviously coordinated their remarks in advance to roll this concept out and see what kind of reaction it creates in the public and among their corrupt media toadies like Fake Jake Tapper. The media reaction is certain: They will just all nod their collective hive brain and parrot the Democrat talking points like the good little organ grinder monkeys they truly are.

The public reaction, though, is less certain. Democrats are already seeing their polling numbers drop rapidly, especially among independent voters who are sick of this nonsense. Will a clear, undisguised stalling tactic like this create even more disdain from the voters?

The reality about all of this is that Schiff and Granholm both know that the Democrats have miserably failed to present any evidence that the President has committed anything remotely resembling an impeachable offense, and they are desperate to justify keeping their pathetic witch hunt alive. Being Soviet-style Marxists at heart, they are true believers in the Stalin/Beria philosophy of “show me the man, and I will find you the crime,” and they simply cannot accept that they haven’t been able to execute on that where President Trump is concerned.

This is, in other words, the rhetoric of people who know they have failed terribly.  But if you don’t believe they are depraved, demented and despicable enough to try to follow through on it, you need to play closer attention.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

Schiff is playing for time for his own reasons; when his issues come out, he’ll claim it’s “retaliation” for these endless hearings. But his issues are so big – and I mean BIG – he’s gonna wish he’d never played Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Mickey Mouse version, Fantasia.) The music is representational, too.

Except in this case, with this Mickey Mouse, he Apprentice faces consequences beyond his own imagination. Epstein-type consequences.

In other words, the specter of losing control of the process to the Republican majority in the Senate and not being able to continually vilify and impugn the President — not to mention the likelihood of exposure of the Dems’ house of cards phony impeachment bases — is too unsettling. Of course, as political gamesmanship drones on, fewer and fewer voters (particularly independents) will support impeachment. The Dems run a significant risk of self immolation over this entire gambit. May they lose the House and have their vaunted “resistance” reduced to slow rolling the administration through the Judiciary and depending on fellow travelers in corporations and their minions in the media. Then again, with increasing numbers of conservative judicial appointments, they may be reduced to caterwauling on the fake news networks.


This schiff show has to end for the good of the country. There must be something the Senate can do. Bring schiff in before a Senate committee and question him. This farce has to end.

Sloth the Happy Mutant

Is this fake news like the naval brass story?


Rush has said we are in a race between the Barr/Durham indictments and the house impeachment vote. Did Adam B.S.chiff just inadvertently give them the time?

Let’s see what is on the docket:

Rest of November: Nanpo awaits the poll results of the “hearings”


Dec 9: IG report maybe, hopefully, might be, could be, possibly released on FISA abuse

Nanpo awaits the poll results


Before Christmas recess: House votes for Impeachment

Nanpo awaits poll results


Between Dec 9 and New Years AG Barr announces indictments


Nanpo awaits poll results


Jan 2020 impeachment quietly goes away followed by *

Asterisk = If bad results for the Democrats, a contrived headline grabbing disaster on the lines of a mass shooting, a terrorist attack occurs, or another “new” presidential scandal (possibly against Pence) is trial ballooned to deflect attention and to beat Trump up on gun control or his tweets, or his hair or…

At this point I put nothing past these people; this is how the Dems run our government.

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