Navy Brass at the Pentagon is Openly Defying the President

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There only one solution to this, and that is the firings of these men. – The New York Times reported on Saturday that both the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, and the Admiral serving as Commander of the Navy Seals, Collin Green, are in open defiance of their Commander-in-Chief, whose name is Donald J. Trump. If the story is true – which, of course, is always a pure crap shoot when it comes from the news fakers at the New York Times – then there really is only one possible proper outcome here, and that is for both men to be fired as soon as possible.

According to the Times report:

The secretary of the Navy and the admiral who leads the SEALs have threatened to resign or be fired if plans to expel a commando from the elite unit in a war crimes case are halted by President Trump, administration officials said Saturday.

The Navy is proceeding with the disciplinary plans against the commando, Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, who counts Mr. Trump as one of his most vocal supporters. After reversing a demotion in recent days, the president suggested on Thursday that he would intervene again in the case, saying that the sailor should remain in the unit.

The threats by the Navy secretary, Richard V. Spencer, and the commander, Rear Adm. Collin Green, are a rare instance of pushback against Mr. Trump from members of the Defense Department. Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, scrambled to come up with a face-saving compromise this past week in the hope that Mr. Trump could be persuaded to change his mind.

A “face-saving compromise,” huh? That’s what the top command at the Pentagon is all about now – saving face when their plans to railroad a man whose 1-rank demotion had been recently restored by their President?

Gallagher, for those not familiar with his case, had been accused of committing war crimes while serving in Iraq, and put through a long and very costly court-martial. The jury ultimately acquitted him of the alleged crimes, but cited him for – I kid you not – posing for a photo with the body of a dead terrorist fighter, and issued a demotion as punishment.

After the President restored his rank, the Navy brass announced early this past week that they were convening a review board to evaluate Gallagher’s fitness for remaining in the Seals. The President tweeted in response to that news:

“The Navy will NOT be taking away warfighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s Trident pin. This case was handled very badly from the beginning. Get back to work!”

Based on leaks coming from disloyal jackasses at the Pentagon, the toadies at the Times characterize the Navy’s response to that tweet as follows:

One argument that officials said may be relied on is the assumption that a tweet does not constitute a formal presidential order. Mr. Esper and General Milley conveyed to the president that if he followed up that tweet with a direct order, there would be huge consequences: Mr. Trump would lose Mr. Spencer and Admiral Green, further infuriate his top military leadership and do untold damage to decades of military justice doctrine, according to administration officials.

Oh, so, by exercising his clear Constitutional authority to intervene in this ridiculous persecution of a Navy Seal by the Navy brass, the Commander-in-Chief would “infuriate his top military leadership” and “do untold damage to decades of military justice doctrine,” eh? What about when the leadership engages in open defiance of their chain of command because it is angry? Wouldn’t that be doing untold damage to the system?

That part about infuriating the military leadership, given that it no doubt comes from someone in that military leadership, sure sounds like an open threat, doesn’t it? Since when do the leaders in our military get to openly threaten the Commander-in-Chief?

If – and again, it is a big “IF” considering the corrupt source – this story is true, then it becomes just one more reason to be very concerned about the loyalties of the current leadership at the Pentagon. When added to the refusal by military leaders to properly deal with Alexander Vindman and his leaking activities at the National Security Council, it paints a very disturbing picture.

Appearing at a public event late Saturday, Secretary Spencer denied having threatened to resign, but not the other aspects of this very disturbing story.

Here’s a link to that video:

Spencer also noted that “I work at the pleasure of the President.” He sure doesn’t act like he believes that to be true. Perhaps the President should exercise his pleasure.

That is all.

[Edit: As I was compiling this piece, President Trump issued the tweet below.]



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Truman fired MacArthur for insubordination during the Korean Conflict. Fire them all!


And MacArthur was a well known bona-fide national and international icon who had real accomplishments like many WWII successes (and some failures), rebuilding Japan, and leading the Inchon, Korea attack, unlike all these politically correct Obama slubbs. There are enough worthless br(ass kissers) in the Pentagon fill the Grand Canyon.

Flush them all into the Potomac River!


Time to clean house at DOD (all branches) and prune the anti-Trumpers!

Ben Colder

President Trump did the right thing by giving these guys a pardon.How in the Hell can one fight a war with all these restrictions on how you fight it is just nuts what Odumbo and the rest of the communists did.If these other guys the sec of Navy and this Admiral Greennuts are insubordinate Then Trump needs to fire them on the spot.What is it with these swamp creeps they think they can get away with telling the President to buzz off I think not.


In the UCMJ the charges are insubordination and disobeying a direct order from a superior…

Leo Smith

FIRE every Officer who disregards the Presidents orders.. Then Court Martial and jail them for as long as possible. If you don’t agree with the Commander in Chief, RESIGN IMMEDIATELY or commit treason and be hanged.

phineas gage

If true, this is about as serious as it gets. It is only a small step from here to directly attempting to take power in banana-republic style.

The rebuilding of the military has to encompass not only equipment but personnel as well, particularly the Obama embeds at the upper echelons. The fish rots from the head down.

The good thing about this is that in their desperation these traitors are exposing themselves.

Jimmy MacAfee

Word in the FBI (a comment which applies to a lot of departments, in SOME cases the Armed Services):
“$hit rises to the top.” Certainly applied to the Presidency under al-Bama, and his CIA and FBI and DOJ, and to the West Wing itself. Failure of leadership.

By contrast with certain current leaders, or recently retired, General Tommy Franks and General Schwarzkopf were excellent at providing the military side of the conflicts they were charged with handling, without undermining their bosses – and neither of the Bushies got their panties in a wad about it when the Generals spent a lot of time with the press; neither President was thin-skinned nor envious, while Obama was a petulant little turd who was jealous of his own shadow if it grew too late in the day.

Advice to President Trump: get people you can trust (unlike McMasters and a few others), get them on-message and allow them to communicate like Franks and Schwarzkopf in critical times. Team effort. We’ll need them to keep things together when we’re under attack from external enemies (while our internal enemies are simultaneously weakening us.) We will be under attack at some point, if we’ve been too badly mangled by people share the same level of petulant prickery as al-Bama (Brennan, for one.) A civil war would be an invitation for invasion. Better to just hang the Benedict Arnold-types now and get it over with.


So Trump as CIC orders them to resign. No big deal.


There is precedent for promoting relatively junior officers to high positions over other more senior officers by none other than liberal icon FDR. Admiral Nimitz was promoted over approx. 20 other more senior officers to replace the scapegoated Admiral Kimmel following the Pearl Harbor Disaster.

Their must be some one and two star officers who are patriotic to the country and constitution who can be promoted. In most cases, they must be confirmed by congress (senate only I believe, but I also thought that the senate was the only chamber of congress that dealt with treaties, but apparently the house is also in the treaty approval business, because Nanpo’s house is blocking Trump’s Canada-Mexico trade agreement). If congress stonewalls Trump’s selections, then make them acting secretaries. Trump can and should do recess appointments all over DC when congress adjourns for the holidays.

Trump made a name for himself by firing people on this TV show The Apprentice with the phrase: “You’re Fired”. A couple of dozen “Your Fired” letters and recess appointments would go along way to cleaning the swamp.

Either the president sets policy and runs the military, and the state and all other departments or he doesn’t. It is time we Americans find out who really runs this country.

phineas gage

As I understand it, treaties and trade deals are interpreted differently under the Constitution:


What if the SEALS in question were transgendered immigrant persons of color who always vote democrat?

They need to be executed for High Treason!


President Trump should pardon General Flynn, reinstate him in the military and give him a direct order to restore order as the head of The Joint Chiefs of Staff. POTUS has a nearly impossible task of finding actual patriots to fill his positions. We have nearly been overrun by those who should be serving us, and instead serve themselves.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d like Flynn to do what got him in trouble with the Deep State Intelligence sector: audit the Intel Community. He also deserves compensation for all that he’s lost, including reputation and personal wealth – and add pain and suffering to that. Take it from Millionaire Comey’s personal accounts, and from the Bidens, Clintons, Kerrys and al-Bamas; let him pull the lever to the scaffold for Brennan and certain others (even if they’re already named above.) Roger Stone should likewise be compensated and pardoned and his convictions overturned – and the judge who appeared to be criminally acting against Stone’s Constitutional rights should also be audited, investigated and dealt with the way she acted against Stone.


Obama/Bush Deep State SS Officers. Time to clean house in all agencies!

Jimmy MacAfee

Al-Bama, the former fake President from Kenya, fired a lot of good men, and left a lot of dregs – and those who managed to keep their heads. There was an insufficient investigation into a lot of things – like why a helo full of Navy Seals was killed by insane Rules Of Engagement, and it can be presumed that their deaths came from the very top. As in the Jealous One, al-Bama, who refused to share his glory with mere warriors. In his mind, HE was the hero! And Brennan called the UBL mission “one of the gustiest things” he’s seen any President do. Well, other than the fact that his hand was forced, and he really wanted to wait until closer to the election. A certain post on a certain website made him move months earlier, after delaying 2-3 times for an already-planned mission. Al-Bama was no CIC. He was a prancing pickle.

Same with Benghazi: arming ISIS was the intent, and Ambassador Stevens was standing in the way – and paid for his opposition with his life. Benghazi was nothing short of a hit job to remove the impediment. Jezebel thought she’d ride the Libyan Express to the Whitehouse, but our appetite for undeclared war had waned considerably.

Heads need to roll at the top, for those who disobey direct orders from the President. This President, Donald J. Trump, is an actual Commander in Chief. Unlike the last one to occupy that title.


People call President Trump a narcissist and they are correct. I find his narcissism to result in good things for the average American. What many fail to acknowledge, was the fact that Obama was the biggest narcissist to EVER live in the WH. His arrogance had him calling EACH individual sortie in the ME towards the end of his Presidency. The control freak stacked the deck against POTUS as much as he possibly could, including spying on him long before he even announced (to be divulged at a later date) his run for POTUS. This entire coup is a result of the Democrats which were led by O in an effort to rig an election. When that didn’t work, removal from office is where we are today. For well over a year now, I have had the impression that there is something very big that hasn’t been discovered, due to the insanity we observe daily. This weekend, Rudy began discussing a pay for play during the Obama Presidency. I wonder if he isn’t onto something.

Jimmy MacAfee

Count on it.

Diver Dan

How is getting Obama promoted flag officers that aren’t team players or back the President (their job) to voluntarily leave a threat? I’ll even hold the door open for them and call a cab.


There needs to be a near-Robespierrean cleansing of the DoD & Pentagon. These swamp rats have had it “their way” so long they’ve forgotten – or are choosing to ignore – the Constitution.

Remedial civics? Ok – but they can learn that while they learn to code.

Can you imagine if any high brass had tried this under BHO?

Oh man – they’d’ve been drawn, quartered, accused of racism, etc. Their careers would’ve been over inside 5 minutes.

Marilyn Renee

Regardless of their rhetoric, these officers need to step down. We have a duly elected Commander in Chief. They need to show the honor due him, and have not.


SecNav has already denied he would be resigning. Admiral Green? Crickets.
My thoughts are that the CINC should retire the Admiral.
Keep in mind that most of the brass in all branches were put there by 0zero in 2009 as I recall. They were folks who would go along with resisting US citizens should 0zero decide to implement his total commie policies.
President Trump needs to weed out the bad apples in the pentagon and elsewhere.
Perhaps, in the 2nd term. He is a little busy right now.
Just sayin’.


You are 100% right. Obama and Clinton only promoted Democrats to field and flag rank. Now they are in charge of the services and openly defy their C in C. The ones who do this should be in Levenworth.

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