How the Coup Plotters Have Ensnared Themselves in a Trap of Their Own Making

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

I’m old enough to remember when MSNBC’s fake on-air talent was condemning others for spreading conspiracy theories. – There really are no depths to which MNSBC and CNN will not plumb in order to give Deep State enemies of the people a paid microphone on their fake news programs.

The latest hired contributor at MSNBC is the sleazy ex-U.S. attorney Andrew Weissman, otherwise known as the guy who really ran the Mueller Witch Hunt and wrote the Mueller Report. Appearing with fake host and former George W. Bush adviser, the truly demented Nicolle Wallace on Friday, Weissman made it clear that, once the current Democrat/media Ukraine narrative has crashed and burned in spectacularly failed fashion, the Deep State coup plotters plan to go right back to pushing their spectacularly failed Russia Collusion conspiracy theory.

Asked by Wallace about the alleged call between Ambassador Gordon Sondland and President Trump, which supposedly was placed on Sondland’s unsecured cell phone in a Kiev restaurant, Weissman speculated that it’s all part of a grand conspiracy by Mr. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to fix the 2020 election!

I swear I do not make this stuff up:

“You know that call is going to be monitored by the Russians… Do you care about the Russians having it?”

“Why weren’t the president and Ambassador Sondland worried about the fact that the Russians would undoubtedly in Ukraine be able to hear this conversation?” he then asked.

“If your thinking is ‘I don’t care because the Russians will be siding with me in the 2020 election,’ then you’re all on the same team,” the former Mueller prosecutor hypothesized.

So, there you have it, folks: The Democrats and their willing media co-conspirators signaling their plans for the next chapter in their never-ending coup d’etat efforts. No doubt they already have folks at Fusion GPS, Crowdstrike and Christopher Steele – along with some high-powered law firm through which they can launder all the money – signed to contracts to assist in the next effort to frame a President of the United States.

This latest revelation by one of the leading figures in the endless series of coup plots goes back to the question posed here at the Campaign Update on November 10: How Does the Never-ending Coup d’etat End?

Of course, the better question to ask is, does this never-ending coup d’etat effort ever end? The answer to that is obviously a resounding “NO.” It will just continue, morphing into the next false narrative even as the previous narrative crashes and burns, becoming increasingly shrill, careless and violent as time goes on and the plotters’ frustrations mount.

This is a game the Democrats can play with America’s very existence since they control 95% of the corrupt national news media, and it is a game they feel they must play since Donald Trump’s very presence in the office of the presidency threatens to expose and destroy the continued ability of the DC Swamp denizens to fleece the nation – and other nations, as Quid Pro Joe and his ne’er-do-well son Hunter blatantly did in Ukraine and China.

Make no mistake about this: Donald Trump is going to be re-elected next year in what is shaping up to become an epic electoral college landslide. He is going to be President of the United States of America for five more years, and the never-ending coup d’etat will continue for the duration, and even after he has left office.

The simple fact of the matter is that the coup plotters and their media co-conspirators have no choice now. They’ve come this far and completely exposed themselves to anyone who is paying attention. Even if the Democrats wanted to chuck it all and try to focus on actually doing real government stuff, they are completely bankrupt of any policy ideas that are not already proven failures.

Add that to this new reality: The Republicans are suddenly, finally starting to strike back. We now know the Horowitz Report, as timid and white-washing as it no doubt will be in its findings, will be released on December 9. We know that Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham continue to expand the scope of their own investigation into the origins of the never-ending coup. And we know that Senate Republicans are gearing up to mount a long and aggressive Senate trial effort once the House sends over its inevitable baseless articles of impeachment, with even Lindsey Graham suddenly sending out letters and demanding all sorts of information from the State Department.

Thus, even if the Democrats wanted to bring the coup plot to a screeching halt, the inertia they’ve created with their Russia Collusion and Ukraine hoaxes now makes that impossible to achieve.

How does the never-ending coup end? It doesn’t, because the Democrats and their willing, corrupt media co-conspirators have ensnared themselves in a trap of their own making.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Show me from Missouri

I don’t think the coup is settled at all. It still has overwhelming media support, and the media is overwhelmingly for a Democrat President, and they’ll stop at nothing. There actually is nothing they won’t do to get rid of Trump, and I mean they would collude with Russia (Hillary and the DNC colluded with Russia through law firms, which apparently made it legal), and will also coordinate with China (The media has been overwhelmingly against Trump’s trade war with China).
The media has latched onto Trump’s phone call to Ukraine’s President as a road to get rid of Trump, and has even turned Biden into a hero over it, totally overlooking Ukraine corruption and the depth’s Joe Biden and his son Hunter have sunk to in corruption and profiteering involving Ukraine and China as well.
The attacks have just started.
The Kavanaugh hearing can be regarded as a Spring Training camp compared to the World Series that will come up with the next Supreme Court Justice appointment, if Trump is in office when the appointment is made.
The stakes are going up, so expect the fight to get much more intense, probably dirtier.
There may be people being indicted over Spygate, but I don’t expect that to have any deterrent on future conflict.
Perhaps some long prison sentences and RICO statues being applied, perhaps even judicial oversight of out-of-control political parties or organizations, if the organizations engaged in crime to achieve political ends.


Dimocrats go into politics with criminal intent. Under Obama they were open field running. President Trump was a shock. He promised to put them in prison and hang a few. Desperate measures for desperate people.

Hunter Biden is my favorite perp. Any jury would convict him just for being ugly. The kid is going down.

Jimmy MacAfee

Guiliani will make certain it happens. (I’ve said this before, but Gropey Joe Biden reminds me of James Caan in the movie Eraser: acriminal thug.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Kennedy wasn’t all bad: he wanted to end the Vietnam War, wanted to take down the CIA, wanted to destroy the Central Bank and wanted to reduce income taxes (up above 80 % at the time, some claim 91%.) He would be a Conservative compared to the entire Democrapic Party right now. His father was an anti-Semite who wanted Great Britain to be forced to surrender to the Nazis, and actively undermined Britain while serving as ambassador. His son, JFK, was kept from being prosecuted when the fastest boat in the US Navy (PT boat) was run over by the slowest boat in the Japanese Navy. Daddy got him out of trouble – (which is more detailed than that I’ve described.)

JFK was also medically unfit for office, like HW Bush. Would have died within a matter of years if he hadn’t been shot by the cabal. He had Addison’s Disease; lived on steroids, drugs and bimbos. He also had debilitating muscle pain and dysfunction, far from the vigorous young President he was portrayed to be at the time.

phineas gage

The Kennedy mythology is remarkable. As you note, he was a very sick man, not only suffering from Addison’s, but also addicted to pain killers used to treat his back pain.

Ironically, one of the symptoms of Addison’s is a bronzing of the skin, and this was interpreted by his fawning media acolytes as a sign of robust health.


Don’t forget old Joe K. got Kennedy transferred to the PT boats in the Pacific to keep him away from “dating” an Ingrid Arvad (sp?) who, according to an old History Channel show Hitler described as a ‘Nordic Beauty”. Hoover, another corrupt FBI director full of self importance, was snooping around pre WWII at alleged Hitler connections.


As you well state he wanted a lot of good things, but accomplished virtually none even with a strong Dem congress.

Getting assassinated made him a martyr – nothing more. But at least his bimbos were attractive stars, unlike…

Had he not been shot, he would have lost in 1964 in a landslide a la’ Carter in 1980. I believe he was in Dallas campaigning because the polls said he was in trouble. He would have been regarded as one of our worst presidents had he lived. My belief is that LBJ had him knocked off – simple as that. All the other theories/findings were/are noise to save Johnson.

And yet damn near half the country is named after him; JFK this and JFK that, two (2) aircraft carriers (one decommissioned and one is building). No one has had that honor bestowed upon them!. He is on our coin money and I’m surprised they haven’t found room for him on Mt. Rushmore, along with Obama. All too many non-heroes are over-celebrated in this country; one of whom has a holiday…

Meanwhile, Reagan, possibly the best president since Lincoln has Regan National Airport in Arlington, VA (not international) and an aircraft carrier named for him – that is it as far as I know.


The Democrats are not going to stop until they get CW 2.0. As time goes on. there are more and more reasonable Americans that are siick and tired of their disgusting behaviors. Nobody ever wrongly accused the gun control nuts of being smart. They are playing around the fringe of picking a fight with the majority gun owners. Since they simply can’t stand to not get their way, they could easily turn something like that into a hot war.


What is CW 2.0?

Jimmy MacAfee

Civil War II

Wonka Vision

The derp state is composed of the bestest and brightest…which is why they all work in government. If an original thought ever popped into their minds it would cause panic and anxiety.
All hail the mediocrities who will build the glorious people’s collective utopia. As they live in luxury the comrades will fight over scraps. Note to all the *speshul* free rider snowflakes-wear comfortable shoes while you toil in the beet field. Remember the promises of free stuff when it gets hard. Forward!

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, you wrote about the murder of JFK; here’s an interesting take (which somewhat exonerates Woodrow Wilson, oddly enough.)

I’m undecided, but definitely interested. Trump is decidedly anti-Central Bank. Think the conspiracy of and by the press has some link to the bankers? I’m beginning to think so.

phineas gage

I knew it was really over this past week when GOPe senators such as Susan Collins, Graham, and Mittens gathered at the White House to meet with Trump and Mitch began making more definitive statements in support of Trump. That means these politicians that would swivel on a dime to remove Trump know that the game is up and they are moving to shore up their political flanks.

The Dems and media will of course continue their journey into their inner world of fantasy and insanity, but it is now subject to the law of diminishing returns, with their audience shrinking asymptotically to their lunatic base and a few dead-end never-Trumpers.

The reasonably sane Dems know it is time to stop the crazy train, but I doubt it will happen. And so much the better. This party is now actively dangerous to the American republic and need to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground-up.

The main concern is just what they might try as their desperation and incoherence increases. Presidential security should at the highest levels.


Lest anyone thinks that this coup attempt is, or would have been, aimed exclusively at Trump, they should look at history since 1969.

Nixon was reviled by the MSM and the left – from the fifties when he was on the house anti-commie committee. In his attempts to placate the left resulted in his EOs creating the EPA and OSHA, and he eventually got us out of Viet Nam… In view of his 1972 opponent and the Dem. platform there was no way he could have lost his reelection bid. For some inexplicable reason his “men” decided to do “Watergate”.

It took almost two years, and the 1970s cabal had to get VP Agnew first, to bring down Nixon, with the help of feckless, gutless senate Republicans. That caused severe GOP loses nationwide in the 1974 midterm. The WAPO was feeling its oats – boy, we can actually bring down a GOP president anytime we want. America wound up with a caretaker milquetoast Ford whose conservative policy vetoes were often overridden by an emboldened near communist congress. He ultimately lost in 1976 to all hat and no cattle Carter with his phony excrement-eating grin.

Not much good happened during Carter’s term…

The Reagan revolution in 1980 restored the concept of MAGA/KAG. The coup, led by the WAPO and the usual suspects, bided their time, and like with Nixon, waited until Reagan’s second term to attempt removal – despite a second near record landslide win in 1984. Another relatively minor scandal, Iran/Contra, (which was a success by the way) was pumped up to the max, but the coup failed and Reagan survived, though he was wounded. He lost the senate in 1986 in part because of the coup, and was just as “Borked” as his SC nominees. Moderate Justice Kennedy was Reagan’s third compromise choice.

Bush the first was a near landslide winner in 1988 because he ran as the person who would be Reagan’s third term. But he BETRAYED the GOP base as soon as he lowered his hand on inauguration day. Kinder Gentler, and “Read My Lips…” went away soon after. In many ways, his attempts to appease the left was Nixonian. And after the Thomas SC fight, he had no guts to fight for another conservative judge and we got the empty suit liberal Souter. Bush was a wimp, he was eager to please the globalist “New World Order” left, engaged in an unnecessary war that never really ended after declaring victory rather than forcing Iraq to concede defeat, and doubled the deficit in four years to no good purpose (Reagan also doubled the debt, but beat the USSR and won the cold war without firing a shot!). Gross media exaggerations of the recession along with Perot’s reform party challenge, and the NY Times strategically timed printing of a front page headline of Caspar Weinberger’s Iran-Contra indictment – which went nowhere – on the eve of the 1992 election, caused ignorant voters to put the relatively unknown Clinton into power.

We all know the scandals and the legacy of the Clinton years that afflict the nation to this day, and the media did everything it could to prop up both Clintons (remember “Clinton fatigue”). If Clinton was so popular and so great, Gore, should have swept to victory in 2000 like Bush did on Reagan’s coattails in 1988, but that didn’t happen – and the Clinton third term was somewhat blocked – barely. The other thing about Clinton’s legacy is he created this “polarization” in this country in 1994 when he, and his nominal wife, lost both houses of congress for the first time in over forty years. What the voter revolt in 1994 did was effectively purge the Democratic party of its “blue-dog” moderates who could, would, and did work with GOP presidents for the general good of the country; the hard core radial Dem. congress people remained unscathed and became the dominant force of the party – unchecked and unfettered.

Bush the second was a bigger spendthrift than his dad, again for no good purpose, and he ranks as one of the worst presidents in my time because he had a GOP congress for much of his two terms and could have pushed a conservative agenda. He got off to a good start with tax cuts, but after only seven months in office 9-11 happened and he allowed his presidency to be consumed by it and the subsequent Middle-East Wars… He, like his dad, also refused to fight back against the vicious leftist media attacks, and lost congress in his second midterm (2006), and was rendered impotent. The Dems did not try to impeach him, rather they rolled him, drove his approval numbers down to the 30s and paved the way for an Obama win in 2008. There was no need to attempt to impeach him in 2007 because he presented no threat to their agenda, and, in fact, he, by being a Republican, gave it cover.

We all know about how Obama was praised and protected by the MSM. We know about the Banana Republic Obama created and inserted in the bowels of government which was designed to support his third term with Hillary in the left’s continued management of the decline of America, which is, to this day, severely blunting Trump’s MAGA agenda.

Unlike the weak Bushes, Trump fights back against the attacks and in doing so, is forcing them out into the open for all to see. Sadly there are many RINOs and “conservative” never-Trumpers working against him, but he is also teaching many Republicans how to fight and win against the left. It is ugly; it was always going to be ugly, because war is ugly and ultimately one side or the other, has to win. It has always been that way throughout human civilization.

The point of this missive is to describe how the left has operated since the Eisenhower administration (my whole life) and how dirty they are.

There is also creditable evidence that these CIA/DOJ/FBI/IC “insurance policies” were in place to spy on (and ensnare) any GOP nominee whether it was Cruz, Kasich, or Bush the third. Does any politically savvy person believe Hillary and the left would have graciously conceded an election loss to an establishment GOP winner? Especially in a close loss? Remember the messy Gore v. Bush spectacle of 2000. No Democrat, short of a landslide, will ever graciously concede an election like Bush the first, McCain, and Romney did.

Only the name would have been changed in the “insurance policies”, and NONE of others would have, or could have weathered the storm as Trump has because they were all mainly go along (maybe Cruz would have fought) to get along politicians in the mold of the Swamp.


Great historic recounting of the last few presidencies. It’s important to realize that the Communist Party USA was the conduit used by the International Communist Party to infiltrate virtually every government agency as well as hundreds of private sector companies and non-profits. They’ve been working seriously on this overthrow for at least 60 years. They were so close. Had Hillary won, we would be well on our way to being an authoritarian state with intentions of world domination.


Great stuff Gregg! Thanks for your thoughts and insights.


Thank you, It is fun contributing to Dave’s fine blog. Wish more people knew and understood history; we would be in a much better place if people knew as much about politics, and accurate history as opposed to sports stats and Hollywood gossip.


I was referring to what the left and the Deep State history was against GOP presidents. I was too young to have any first hand recollection of the Kennedy presidency. My parents however, despised Kennedy.

He won an arguably corrupted election in Cook County (Chicago) IL and with LBJ’s renowned machine in TX beat Nixon narrowly in 1960. He was feckless on the Bay of Pigs invasion which brought communism to our doorstep and directly lead to Cuban Missile Crisis a year later. He allowed the Berlin Wall to be built, and finally, by choosing LBJ as VP, he saddled America with the most corrupt president up to that time. His successor turned what was becoming a difficult cultural decade into an absolute disaster with the Viet Nam War, the race riots, the drug culture, the modern welfare state, Medicaid, Medicare, “War on Poverty” the black vote buying scam euphemistically called the civil rights bill… and the appointment of Thorogood Marshall on the SC, among other country destroying actions.

Many people still revere Kennedy to this day for reasons I don’t understand. They cite the space program as one of his great accomplishments. Does anyone really believe a president Nixon would not have pursued a similar position on space post Sputnik?

He did get taxes lowered, which was great, but that is an anathema to the left, so much so, he would not even be allowed in today’ Democratic Party, much less be a Democratic President. He also (hidden) disgraced the office by Clintionizing it thirty plus years before B.J. Clinton.


The CIA arranged a Cuba invasion of Cuban patriots and CIA mercenaries. Kennedy withdrew air support the morning of the invasion and they all died on the beaches. Kennedy deserved to be shot for that. In the event he was shot for that, right through the old pumpkin.

Jimmy MacAfee

All you need to know about the Pentagram and the CIA at the time of Kennedy is Operation Northwoods. Case closed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Kennedy warned the CIA that he wouldn’t be coming with troops, but was assured by the CIA that the op would work without help. It was a lie, and Kennedy warned them. The head of the CIA was the one who should have been shot. As far as invading Cuba was concerned, I’d agree that it should have been done, but not under a CIA flag.

phineas gage

I agree that JFK has been vastly overrated as a president (whatever your view on the assassination) by the most narcissistic generation of all time. However, compared to what passes for Democratic politicians today, he was a giant.

As much as JFK has been overrated, Nixon has been underrated to the same extent (and by the same people). His domestic policy suffered from trying to curry favor with Democrats who hated him, but I would rank him among the very best presidents in history in terms of foreign policy.

phineas gage

Also, it’s pretty clear that JFK did not win IL in 1960 (his corrupt father rigged it for him) and thus did not win the election. Nixon was far too decent of a man to contest the result and put the nation through a terrible time.

Jimmy MacAfee

The original Deep State coup. Unless you go back to Lincoln, who was assassinated because of his opposition to bankers.

phineas gage

The progressive agenda goes back much further than that. Most historians would point to Woodrow Wilson as the one who started the long march that has continued through the 20th century and on into the 21st.

Trump and Boris Johnson are welcome signs, but with Netanyahu being falsely accused and possibly imprisoned by a leftist cabal in Israel, it is clear that the outcome in this ideological struggle is far from certain.


Theodore Roosevelt was the original “progressive” in my thinking.

phineas gage

I agree with you, although he is not usually portrayed that way.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some points:
-Iran Contra was a joke, but REX 84 was not: it was a coup attempt by North et al against Reagan and the Constitution; Attorney General William French Smith put an end to it before it could get legs. There were a lot of coup plotters in the administration, including HW Bush. None were ever prosecuted for this op.
-H.W. Bush was medically attenuated, which is why he went limp, and allowed Sununu to manipulate him into raising taxes. It’s well known that Bush suffered from hyperthyroidism, and the treatment was worse than the disease, as he became listless and stumbling. This allowed Perot to third-party him into defeat.
-Dubya didn’t fight back, as you said, but he did try to privatize Social Security (actually a very insignificant amount of the funds.) Congress did NOT have his back, and they stuck him in the back at every opportunity. The spineless RINOs were in charge when Dubya had the majority. In addition, the War in Iraq became corrupted, as everybody was making money hand-over-fist, just as others were making money hand-over-fist in the phony sanctions. Obama’s friends were among these, and this is the reason why he was opposed to the war – not on any principle, but because his corrupt friends would be cut out of their billions.
-Al-Bama was CIA (like Schiff) and so was easy to manipulate by Brennan, who was his surrogate father (al-Bama’s abandonment issues were plain to see, and his personal history indicates that he would always seek a father-figure (McLame thought he could fill the bill, but that was ridiculous, since Brennan already took that place.)

Brennan’s CIA became more corrupt than at any other time in history, and they spied on the Senate and Brennan lied – before admitting that the Clowns were spying on Senators. This was a blip, compared to what they’ve done with 5 Eyes. Brennan, an Islamocommie, pro-LGBT sillyman, was by far the worst, most damaging director of the agency in American history. I hope they save enough rope for his wrinkly old neck.


“H.W. Bush was medically attenuated, which is why he went limp, and allowed Sununu to manipulate him into raising taxes”

I seem to remember he was forced (blackmailed, quid pro quoed, extorted) into agreeing to raise taxes so he could get Dem senate support by none other than folks like Algore for his sandbox war in Kuwait. Perhaps it was arranged, by Sununu, but Bush Sr. made it happen.

Jimmy MacAfee
Graves Disease

Even the Wall Street Journal wondered what was happening with Bush, and the answer is: he was listless after they destroyed his thyroid in the treatment. He went from the Energizer Bunny to a sloth, all in a matter of weeks. Look up the relevant articles, which I remember reading at the time.

phineas gage

‘I got bad advice and took it’ –H.W. Bush


Astute observations Gregg; think you’re spot on. Moreover – call me crazy if you want – but in lieu of all these Deep State Neo-fascist activities what were formerly considered “ kooky conspiracy theories” I’m not arbitrarily dismissing anymore, such as the CIA being behind these mass shootings which conveniently seem to take place when the Dems need something taken out of the headlines. Remember in the old days when the CIA was considered a “dangerous right wing organization” by Leftists? Heard about – but haven’t read yet – a book named “Behold a Pale Horse” Where a former naval intelligence officer apparently let the cat out of the bag about a lot of things. The FBI has proven itself a rancid organization probably beyond redemption. Ruby Ridge et al? Don’t buy the “officially approved spin” any longer. You get to a point where it’s time to raise the Black Flag. Hopefully it doesn’t get that far.

To quote Don Surber, “no excitement without an indictment”.

My preference would be severed heads on pikes.

Steve in Missouri

CIA does have dirty hands now and FBI is hopelessly entangled with them, at least at the political appointment level.
I’m not sure how the agencies can be restored to their original purpose.
During the Obama administration, as his administration was winding down, a lot of his political appointees where transferred to government civil service.
There was some opposition to it being done at the time as regulations were being ignored.
Probably those civil service appointees should be reviewed to determine legality, and if done against regulations, the civil service personnel need to be discharged from their positions.
Undoubtedly, there will be extended law suits against discharging them but political appointees were never intended to be long term civil service employees.


Trump has be attempting to change regulations and to get rid of some of these civil service appointees. Obama did a number on us and you are right, maybe it cannot be restored to their original intent.Given that the President is challenged whenever he tries to restore, but the deep state is indefatigable,


Thank you and agree on the severed heads on pikes

John Schmidt

I think that the latest state of Washington elections, particularly Seattle, should be looked at closely on how we lose.


My relatives tell me that the stench of corruption from Olympia to Seattle is killing them. Also, the PROG ZOMBIES that live on the West coast are totally nuts. The lying politicians have their ‘army’ of drones to back them up.

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