The Horowitz FISA Investigation May Have Found its Scapegoat

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Details of the Horowitz FISA report are leaking, and it all smacks of a whitewash. – Not that that outcome wasn’t completely predictable, since I warned you to fully expect that in yesterday’s Campaign Update.

Last night, CNN ran with a story – based on leaks no doubt obtained from one of the many ex-FBI snakes now employed by the fakest news channel on earth – proclaiming that Horowitz’s report will make claims of criminal activity by a single FBI lawyer, whose identity is not revealed in the story. Might it be James Baker, the former FBI general counsel now working for CNN as a contributor? Might it be Lisa Page, the paramour and co-conspirator to super-duper FBI stud Peter Strzok? We didn’t know, and CNN wasn’t telling.

What CNN did say about the nature of the potential charges against this lawyer is this:

A former FBI lawyer is under criminal investigation after allegedly altering a document related to 2016 surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser, several people briefed on the matter told CNN.

A little later in the evening, the Deep State mouthpieces at the Washington Post came in with a story of their own, and it revealed more about this lawyer’s identity. According to the Post:

The person under scrutiny is a low-level FBI lawyer who has since been forced out of the agency, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss material that has not yet been made public.

Hilariously, after Wolf Blitzer carried a report on this CNN “breaking news,” the fake news channel’s own on-air fake talent studiously ignored it for the rest of the evening. Only in America’s dead profession of journalism would a news outlet work so hard to bury a major scoop that its own people were the first to report.

But the bottom line here is that Horowitz, true to his nature as a career creature of the DC Swamp, has apparently found the perfect scapegoat, a low-level lawyer who has already been forced out of his job and who can now become the sacrificial lamb, the offering to the public in a report that otherwise whitewashes the utter defrauding of the FISA process that we all know was led by Strzok, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein, among others. We know a whitewash is very likely because the Post piece also contains this very disturbing passage:

That conduct did not alter Horowitz’s finding that the surveillance application of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had a proper legal and factual basis, the officials said.


The lone bit of potentially good news in all of this actually appears in the CNN report:

Horowitz turned over evidence on the allegedly altered document to John Durham, the federal prosecutor appointed early this year by Attorney General William Barr to conduct a broad investigation of intelligence gathered for the Russia probe by the CIA and other agencies, including the FBI. The altered document is also at least one focus of Durham’s criminal probe.

So, again, if you were expecting gang-buster, myriad criminal referrals to be contained in the report from career apparatchik Michael Horowitz, you would be well advised to cool your jets. While reports from CNN and the WaPo are highly suspect at best and far from definitive accounts of the totality of the Horowitz’s findings, they provide good initial foundation to believe the report will be a classic DC Swamp whitewash.

After all, if the report contained criminal referrals targeting the true major players in all of this, those major players would be working with their toadies at CNN, WaPo, the NYTimes and the networks to plant stories that smear Horowitz and contain more-preferred narratives.

If you want real justice to be levied at the coup cabal plotters, it will either come from John Durham and his investigation, or it will never come at all.

That is all.


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An unusual number of Republican senators are retiring. These are criminal rats leaving the swamp. We need to elect 66 Trump supporting Senators in order to defund the criminal agencies. Electing a Republican house depends on ghetto poll place shenanigans.

Richard Cross

I knew it! Horowitz has ties to Clintons…


Unfortunately, my expectations for justice for the actors in this cabal are very, very low. For three+ years we have known what has happened and the only people punished have been the Presidents people, some unfairly.
It should not take a genius to get indictments from those involved in these shenanigans.
I’m afraid the Tree of Liberty is going to be watered, but by necessity, it will fall to Patriots to do it.
Let us hope the military is not turned against us.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s hope not. But when you consider a few of the swamp slime – McMasters, M-Craven, others – who were somehow able to remain employed under al-Bama from Kenya…well, let’s just say that the sh$t sometimes rises to the top. But even at the top, there are some good guys, who will be supported by the majority of lower ranking soldiers, airmen and sailors. Hard to say about the Pentagram as a whole, since they have the sordid history of relying upon a certain satanist named Michael Aquino, PhD for military strategy. The devil is in the details, and he also lives in both a corner of the Pentagon and a certain audience hall in the Vatican.


Correction, 50 million instead of 100 million in salary for the 500 dedicated public servants, but still, that is a gross misuse of taxpayer money

Russell Scott

Sounds like the AG “bombshells” are as big a dud as Schiff’s. God will clean up Washington. President Trump is in there to show man can’t police himself. The “great and terrible day of the Lord” will cleanse the Earth of man’s corrupt nature, the source of all his problems.


That is what I’m hoping for Russell


Just out of curiosity, and something to consider:

It has been reported that Horowitz has a staff of approx.. 500 people working on this “investigation” for him? One year’s “work” on this report costs 2,000 hours X 500 people = a million person hours for a report that in and of itself cannot press charges against anyone. If these people earn 100K per year, that is a hundred million dollars spent on this crap. Not to mention the logistics (computers, phones, and office space) involved in moving these TAD personnel to Horowitz. When I was in DC twelve years ago, every cubicle in our leased facility cost about $1,000.00 per month.

What do these people do when there is not a need for a critically important report to be produced as soon as possible? Chuckle, wink, wink, nod, nod.

If these investigators are temporarily assigned duty (TAD) to the IG’s office, where did they come from? And what security/law enforcement operations were negatively impacted by their absence?

Mueller’s fifteen – twenty clowns (lawyers) were supported by at least twenty FBI agents, and probably twenty other lesser personnel and it was reported that his investigation cost somewhere between 25 – 40 million dollars or approx. fifty to a hundred thousand dollars per page. This doesn’t count the lawyer fees that the defendants were forced to pay…

What do these people do and if the nation was able to survive without their services for a year, why are they still drawing paychecks funded by the taxpayers?


Time to really investigate the investigators.


FBI Line Level Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith left FBI Sept 2019. Worked for Strzok. Part of Clinton (non) examination of servers. Worked on FBI investigation of Trump w. PS. Mistress is his supervisor at FBI and not fired yet.

William Blackwater

Draining the swamp is the same as there will be blood. The draining the swamp will include casualties on both sides. Pray for DJT

phineas gage

As expected–just a lot of stern words and no action. But this was predictable–anyone who expected more was not being realistic. The IG is a deep state appendage.

Barr and Durham is where the hope for serious prosecutorial action lies. If it is true that grand juries have already been seated, it is good news.


Another report to tell us what we already know: Democrats are corrupt liars. Russiagate was a failed coup. There’s STILL no IG report. There are STILL no indictments.


Of course it’ll be a whitewash. All his reports have been. A gov’t agency like the DoJ cannot investigate itself. It’s naive to think it can.


all that matters is that the administration went through channels first before durham lowers the boom…If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn’t be satisfied with a limp wristed report. he and his family have been attacked and the country put through a ridiculous three years of a resistance effort to remove him for no legitimate reason. there will be blood…

Jimmy MacAfee

Sounds more like they’re trying to control the narrative. I expect more targets.

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