Pelosi and Schiff are About to Walk Into a Senate Trial Trap

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Here’s why it might now be advantageous for the Republicans to hold a long, full Senate trail if the Democrats, as expected, send over articles of impeachment:
In a Senate trial, the Republicans will control the process. They will control which witnesses get called, how the hearings are conducted, what will be considered relevant to the proceedings. They will be able to compel the fake whistleblower to testify, Hunter Biden to testify, and myriad others who Adam Schiff refused to allow into his circus process.

If they chose to, Republicans would even be able to call Schiff himself, along with his staff, to testify as fact witnesses about their pre-coordination with Eric Ciaramella, and how they and their Lawfare lawyers actually participated in the drafting of the complaint that kicked off this whole clown show.

A long Senate trail would disrupt the Democrat primary season. Republicans would be able to force Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennet to sit in the Senate chamber, day after day, six days a week for as long as they want to keep them there, off the campaign trail. It would be a major disruption to the Democrat nomination battle, and would pretty much ensure that their nominee would either be a 77 year-old buffoon who doesn’t know what state he’s in most days or a 37 year-old neophyte who would be easy pickings next Fall.

A long Senate trial would allow the Republicans to publicly litigate the whole DNC server fraud. Maybe most damaging for the Democrats, Republicans would be able to compel testimony from Christopher Steele and witnesses from Crowdstrike and get them on the record on national television, testifying under oath about their activities during the 2016 election campaign and who paid for it all. They could even compel testimony under oath from John Podesta and Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schulz (remember, Schulz and Brazile were heads of the DNC during that time) and even Hillary Clinton if they want to. If it turned out to be politically advantageous, they could also compel testimony from James Comey and Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe and John Brennan and James Clapper and all the other Obama-era coup plotters who are now employed by MSNBC and CNN.

Remember, when this impeachment scam first started, how President Trump and Giuliani and others said that Pelosi and Schiff had walked into a trap? Well, there it is.

That is all.


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As much as I would love to believe that ALL of the swamp creatures in this never ending saga will finally see justice, it won’t be this easy. I supported President Trump from the day he came down that escalator simply because he was NOT a politician. I live in the far north suburbs of Ch-Iraq. Is it just a coincidence that my state is swarming with feds, and that they just might weaken our speaker’s hold on this state? I believe that President Trump has a chance of winning IL! BUT – there’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. The MSM were busy planting seeds about President Trump having chest pains last week. The swamp is murky, and deep. President Trump has made many enemies. If this were any other time, I would feel silly believing and speculating about such conspiracy theories. The curtain has been pulled back and nothing is out of the realm of possibility anymore. Please pray for our president and our country!!

Richard Cross

This could turn out to be excellent entertainment. I predict the Dems will NOT go for impeachment. They will stop short and claim to be heroes, “we’ve brought out the truth, now the voters can handle it.” They know that if they get into a Senate trial, they’re toast. But…and I wish this was my original idea but it isn’t…what if the House Republicans vote FOR a senate trial anyway…wouldn’t the Dems [email protected] themselves? Gotta go, buying more popcorn.

Off Topic Alerts

Meanwhile Russia just tested a new high powered nuclear weapon and comrade Deval Patrick had two pre-vetted people show up at a campaign rally.
No one’s mind has been changed by the impeachment clown car circus. Never Trumpers still hate the man and the deplorables still love him.
Charlie’s Angels is a big corn studded wokefest that bombed. I’m almost ready to drop my cynicism and crack a smile. (not really)

Jimmy MacAfee

Fireworks in the House may just be on the verge of exploding:

What this means is that the rule may invalidate the whole proceeding – which already blew up in the Dims’ faces. Let’s see what Jim Jordan and company can do with this! Find the fuse; click the lighter: the show could be starting sooner than you think!

Jimmy MacAfee

What a great day of comments! You rock!

Jay Whitcraft

I bet Pelosi doesn’t call a vote on articles of impeachment or allows her “moderate” members to vote against it, forcing it to fail, then saving face by saying we tried our best but the Republicans killed it. Jay

Bennie Sprouse

One thing to remember – the dems might be testifying UNDER OATH, but that SURELY doesn’t RULE OUT THEIR LYING! They have nothing more to lose at this point, it’s just a matter of how many of them are going down and who they are taking with them! The dems might unite to do something, but I doubt they will take the rap and spend a few DECADES in prison so the others can continue to live freely and richly!

Jon Jones

They should also force members of the MSM to testify under oath. Which ever traitors they call in they need to have lots of perjury traps. They need to use ALL of the Mueller dirty tricks against these traitors, including arrests using the same procedures that were employed against Roger Stone. Now that would be justice.

Charles Aronowitz

“It would be a major disruption to the Democrat nomination battle, and would pretty much ensure that their nominee would either be a 77 year-old buffoon who doesn’t know what state he’s in most days or a 37 year-old neophyte who would be easy pickings next Fall.”

No. The most likely result of such a disruption would be the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.


Hillary would testify too if Repubs grow a set….GPS ect is all Hillary


I am thinking they need to get every Republican in the house to vote FOR impeachment if it looks like the demorats are not going to get it to pass. I think this will be the only way a lot of the truth will come out, and a trial in the Senate would be the best thing for their party if they were just willing to burn down the house.

M Allen

I just don’t trust the republicans to do what is right. They have proven to be nearly useless. Exactly what has Graham done this session? Investigations? – 0. Subpoenas? – 0…useless. But a good thing that a protracted trial in the Senate would provide: The senators including those running for President will be under a gag order, cant talk about it on TV or anywhere else after hours until the trial is done. So drag it out until after the dem convention.


The demoncrats are in a lose/lose situation. If they call of the impeachment, they lose their rabid base, which is the only base that they have. If they proceed, they risk being exposed as the frauds that they are going into the 2020 elections. Since the republican Senate can drag out the trial until October, 2020 and then issue indictments just days before the election, I don’t think that the demoncrats see going forward as their best option.
If demoncrats were smart, and we have seen that they are anything but, they would settle for an Article of Censure and let this all end. Their blind rage against the President of the United States and his 63 million supporters will prevent them from doing the ‘smart’ thing.

phineas gage

This has been an epic disaster for the Democrats, and they have to seriously think about ending this to minimize the political damage, as reflected in the recent polling data. Otherwise they are looking at an historic landslide defeat in a little more than a year from now.

Their problem is that they have ginned up their fanatical base so much that they may not be able to pull back from impeachment. They are politically doomed either way.


“Republicans would be able to force Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennet to sit in the Senate chamber, day after day, six days a week for as long as they want to keep them there, off the campaign trail.”

Don’t forget Sen. Lieawatha MA. I forgot about Bennet (Sen. No Chance CO).

Barisma Biden could also be jammed up in the trial as a “witness”.

The DNC may actually welcome this diversion from the primaries as it might allow them to choose another untainted candidate (like they did to Hillary with the “clean, articulate, fresh, and unknown, Obama in 2008) through the back door. I have no idea who fits that profile but, hey, DNC/Soros/MSM/Russia/Ukraine/et al, give it a shot.

I really thought San Fran Nan was a seasoned pol who would find a way to avoid this kind of a trap, but she, like the rest of her caucus, is apparently so blinded by her hatred of Trump and that trumps (pun intended) everything. This is all or nothing for the Dems, actually less than nothing as they will lose bigtime in 2020 if it plays out like you and I hope. I guess it is true that politics (in most cases) is the last refuse for the incompetent. Because, lets face it, until Trump came on the scene, no one exposed these punks for the partisan anti-American fools/tools that they are.

That will truly be Trump’s legacy!

The real question is: Will the GOP finally grow a pair and fight and finally smack down these reprobates as we all wish, or will it just be a big nothing with the president being acquitted and the Dem machine remain largely unscathed? Will McConnel become Ratcliff, Jordan, Meadows, or will he be like, well, himself?

The other sad fact is that many ignorant idiots on the left probably still think that when a president is impeached that’s it, he is gone , and Hillary would immediately become president. For the ignorant, Trump would have to be convicted by a 2/3rds majority in the senate, and then Mile Pence, a real conservative would become the president. Would Pence become a Reagan, or would he become a Gerald Ford? And if that were to happen in 2020, Pence would be eligible to run for two full terms stretching through to 2029.

Judging from the recent creditable polls on impeachment… Maybe the Dems overplayed their hand? Time will tell.

Joe D

I do not believe that a Senate investigation would necessarily require that the present Dem candidates stay away from the campaign trail. The Senate can choose to have the investigation handled by the full Senate of they can appoint an investigative committee under Senate Rule XI. The investigative committee was set up as a way to streamline the investigations. The main problem with using the full Senate as the investigative body is getting enough members to form a quorum. Democrats could delay the investigation if enough of them carried out a protest and simply did not show up for the meetings.


The senate, under Rule XI, can appoint an investigative committee to streamline the investigation…

First off, no investigation in today’s DC is in anyway “streamlined”. The GOP run the senate, so why would they want to do that?

Second, the “investigation” has been done by the house; that is what impeachment is about. The senate is the trial.

Third, Oh, I hope the Dem senators do deny the senate a quorum. That would end the impeachment trial right then and there.

Then the political fall-out on the Dem side will be breathtaking, and will spell their doom with the Pelosi Dems who won in Trump districts having voted for impeachment have signed their political death knell. The senate Dems who sabotaged the house impeachment will lose their funding support from the wealthy rabid leftist base and destroy many political machines in their states. It will also expose the bogus nature of the impeachment charges for all to see and produce a near permanent and small Dem. minority. So please Dems., do walk out on the trial and deny a quorum.

Quite a box the Dems have painted themselves into; if the GOP plays it right, America might just be saved. I’m betting they and Trump will.


The DNC may actually welcome this diversion from the primaries as it might allow them to choose Hillary again like the plan has always been.


The dems/commies are stupid, but not that stupid. Okay, I could be wrong. Been known to happen.
Their mistake, after watching how President Donald J. Trump handles folks who attack him, was to think the repubs would react like the milquetoasts in past admins. Surprise. The repub congress critters who grilled the leftist liar witnesses did a fine job of exposing them. As much as the Schifforbrains would allow, which showed him and the whole process for what it truly was, a clown circus at best.
A Senate trial? If the repubs stand together, it could be more devestating to left/dem/commie party than anything which has transpired to date.
Therein lies the rub, as someone once said, somewhere. Can’t count on the repubs to present a cohesive front capable of taking on the obvious idiots of the dems.
Then ya throw in the proven rinos of Mittens, Collins(ME), and several others. They’ll go with whoever kisses their butts in the proper fashion, i.e., donates enough to their campaigns or something.
I’d like to see a trial in the Senate of all those who have had a hand in the debacles since the POTUS walked down the escalator.
I still have hopes for the occupancy rates of lamposts in DC to go up. I know it’d be an ugly scene, but what a lesson for those who would betray this nation.
Just sayin’.

Will Nika

I love your comment and agree with all aspects of it. I admire the strategy of Jim Jordan on the committee (excellent move), the host of Republicans that were brilliant and strategic (using a military man to confront a military man – like matching up from the bullpen), and was stunned about their cohesiveness and effectiveness up and down the line. I too have misgivings about a senate trial although it could be everything this article points to; I would just rather see the House vote crash and burn. And you are right that lampposts look so bare in the dreary fall weather and could stand some garnish just for aesthetics (and some effing accountability for a change). Good post.


The democrats will squeal like stuck pigs when the shoe is on the other foot. They will steam how unjust the process is and based on lies.

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