Tick-Tock: Hannity and Graham Break Wind, er, News on the Horowitz FISA Report

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Tick-Tock News Hour finally gives us something other than gas. – All-hat and No-cattle Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Sean Hannity’s Tick-Tock News Hour Wednesday evening. That’s nothing new. What is new is that the Senator from South Carolina had actually managed to round up some cattle for a change, informing Hannity’s loyal audience of something that they hadn’t already heard 600 times before on Tick-Tock News.

That item of actual new stuff is that the long-delayed report on abuse of the FISA process from plodding, obfuscating DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his staff of thousands of do-nothing bureaucrats will definitely, no question, you betcha be issued on December 9. Not December 9 of 2020, not of 2024, but…wait for it…THIS ACTUAL YEAR. I swear I’m not making this up. Here’s the clip:

For those Baby Boomers who still like to read stuff, here’s the transcript:

Mr. Tick-Tock – You’re gonna have, on December 11 [he actually said September 11, but I’m trying to be nice here], the Inspector General will be before your committee. I’m hoping we’ll get…

Sen. Graham – …December 11…

Mr. Tick-Tock – …a number of days, and not on a Friday, a dump…

Sen. Graham – …it’ll be December the 9th…

Mr. Tick-Tock – …derp…

Sen. Graham – …you’ll get the report.

Mr. Tick-Tock – [Shocked] December the 9th. That’s locked.

Sen. Graham – That’s locked.

[2 seconds of dead air as a shocked Hannity suddenly realizes he’s going to have to actually run a different show than he’s run the last 550 straight days come December 9.]

Mr. Tick-Tock – Ok. That’s a Monday. You’ll be in your chambers on Wednesday.


Ok, so, all of you who have been asking me for the last 10 months or so, “where’s the FISA report?” and “when’s the FISA report coming out?” – now you have it straight from the mouths of two of the most unreliable people on the face of the earth.

My only pieces of advice to you here are:

Don’t get your hopes up. Horowitz is a career DC Swamp creature. He is not in his job to actually find real, true wrongdoing that would create a major scandal within the department of government that pays his salary. As we have seen in the previous reports he has issued following his interminable investigations, his modus operandi is to do everything he can to create excuses to minimize and excuse wrongdoing by department employees.

While this report will likely contain criminal referrals, don’t expect them to be any sort of blockbusters involving people like James Comey.  Horowitz will bend over backwards to ascribe real criminal wrongdoing by these people to simple violations of departmental policy. Remember: Horowitz is a bureaucrat at heart, and it is never in the self-interest of any career bureaucrat to do real damage to the department in which he is employed. The permanent driving incentive of the career federal bureaucrat is always to preserve and grow the bureaucracy. This is the fundamental problem with allowing the DOJ to investigate itself, regardless of who the Attorney General happens to be.

Don’t be surprised if these dates end up being delayed again. Everything Graham says about any of this is highly suspect. The man has already almost succeeded in getting through his entire first year as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee without calling a single hearing or issuing a single subpoena over any of this stuff. It seems odd that he’s suddenly now going to break that record of non-achievement with just three weeks remaining in the year and the Christmas holiday season coming up.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger. And hey, maybe this will be the one time Sean Hannity’s Tick-Tock News Hour and his favorite guest actually deliver something real.

That is all.


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phineas gage

My opinion is that we are right on the existential knife’s edge–Trump, and by extension the people, has landed blows on the Deep State, but they are fighting back furiously. I think things are going to come to a resolution of some sorts as we approach the 2020 election. It won’t be simple or clean because these people won’t relinquish power easily.

If Trump is reelected by a wide margin and then begins to seriously clean house in his second term, I think we will have turned the corner. However, we see but through a glass darkly.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are so many moving parts to the takedown of the Globalist regime. One for example, is demonstrably true because of Twitter’s behavior: the prosecution of the head of Burisma was reported on Twitter, and Twitter permanently banned the poster. Now, this wasn’t just some dinky-wink poster: this was a major power-player in the alternative news.

Why is it that some people supposedly on our side think we’re losing? The Deep State is in a panic, which is evidence that we’re winning. Wars are won and wars are lost, but I don’t want any Eeyores on my side; win or lose, we must fight! This is a deathmatch. The Left and the corrupt Deep State/Shadow Government all know it, and most of us know it. Look at the alternative media: there is a victory of some sort every single day, as the latest victory being the stalwart work of Jim Jordan and the rest of the Patriots in the Shiff-storm that is falling apart, like sinking goose poo.

Watch for the Deep State to try to initiate another 9/11, or to try yet another attempt on the President’s life when the Deep State has no ammo left. But note this: this time, they’re being watched, and if there is even a hint of either of these things coming to pass, we’ll see limited martial law – and most Americans will support it. We may even be called upon to defend the Constitution against the traitors aligned with Soros and Clinton and Pelosi.


“For those Baby Boomers who still like to read stuff, here’s the transcript:”
I’m not a “boomer”, but this is retarded for you to post. What are you, a “cool millennial”?
I just added your site to my bookmarks last week, had no idea you are a POS.
Delete bookmark now.

phineas gage

LOL, can’t please them all…..Personally speaking, this site is now one of my favorites, not just for the the excellent daily content but also commenting. I don’t like the bigger conservative websites in that respect. Back in the day I was always at Polipundit until that site folded. A smaller number of posters with intelligent commentary is best.

My best wishes for the growth and success of this site.


I like your transcripts Dave – please keep them coming

Regarding the IG report: I’ll believe it when I see it.

If it is not out on 12/9/2020 in full, FIRE HOROWITZ and his whole staff and give Barr and Durham a month to get the FISA indictments rolling – including the “misled” FISA judges (they seem to be willing accomplices in this criminal enterprise from day one AND FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR) who don’t seem to be too upset about being lied to! Why weren’t the FISA warrant applicants held in contempt of court???


The Pantsuit Princess commentary was/is pretty hard to beat.



I didn’t watch that particular show, but from the clip above its hard to validate where LG gets the 9-Dec date. Did the IG or Barr tell him that? Did he pull it out of his backside…or what?

At this point, I’d say the odds are 50-50.

phineas gage

O/T, did anyone actually watch the Dem debate? I have less than zero interest in these lunatics, although I do enjoy David’s statistical analyses and predictions.


Horowitz has referred both Comey and McCabe for prosecution previously. The DOJ under Barr declined to prosecute in both cases instances. I don’t have much confidence in Horowitz but he did refer two of the biggest fish only to have Barr blow them off. I don’t believe there was a deal where Horowitz (wink, wink, nod, nod) refers and Barr declines. There was speculation at the time that Barr would go for prosecution when more easily prosecuted referrals came out of the FISA report. If neither happens then Barr and Horowitz are both DS operatives and I’ll see you on the barricades.


It’s hard for me to revel in the whole “Tick Tock” mockery thing even though I personally find it hard to watch Sean’s decidedly propagandist style. He’s still on the right side of the fight. I’d rather insult the liars at CNN. Having said that, I’ll believe Graham when I see the report on 12/9. Until then I’ll assume it’s (at best) ANOTHER empty promise or (at worst) another canard.

phineas gage

The speculation is that the hold-up was due to the renewal of the national security (e.g. spying) laws. Now that a temporary reauthorization has passed, the report is being released.

It will be a complete whitewash (so much for tick-tock). If anything substantive is going to happen, it’s going to have to come from Barr and Durham.

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