Impeachment Public Testimony: The Worst 8 Days in Democrat Party History

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

As the public impeachment circus hearings come to a close, America asks, what in the hell was that all about? – Having worked in the communications field for a long, long time, one of the first things I learned was that if you cannot make your case to the average American in 25 words or less – 50 at the outside – you don’t have a case.

The average American has the attention span of the average house cat. If you aren’t giving them some food or scratching them at just the right spot behind the ears, they’re going to move onto focusing on the next thing that moves. That is why this impeachment circus is going to go down as one of the most epic fails in our nation’s history.

Over the last 8 days, Bug-eyes Schiff has paraded a series of non-witnesses across the nation’s television screens who not only could not make their case in 25 to 50 words, they couldn’t do it in 25 to 50 minutes. By the time people like Bill Taylor or this David what’s-his-name who testified on Thursday with Fiona Hill finished their interminable, confusing opening statements, most Americans had either tuned out or committed suicide just to make the bad men stop.

It has been hilarious watching during the breaks as DC Swamp skunks like Chris Wallace have classified a Marie Yovanovitch or a Gordan Sondland as a “compelling witness,” knowing that these insufferable gossips were compelling only to their fellow denizens of the Swamp. No one in the rest of America gave a damn what these people had to say, and that is already starting to show up in the public opinion polls.

Think about it: Everyone in America knew what Watergate was all about. There was a burglary and the President lied and obstructed justice to try to cover it all up. That’s 18 words.

Everyone in America knew what the Clinton impeachment was all about. The President was having sex with a plump intern in the Oval Office and he lied and obstructed justice to try to cover it all up. That’s 26 words. Easy.

In this Ukraine deal, the Democrats have simply failed to make any cogent case describing succinctly what it is all about. Anyone who managed to listen to this parade of offended bureaucrats came away more confused than anything else, and frankly pissed off to see first-hand the sort of petty jealousies and turf-protection activities that appear to dominate in America’s diplomatic corps.

This whole process is a stunning, amazing failure by a Democrat Party armed with the support of 95% of the nation’s corrupt news media. In order for it to succeed, Schiff and his band of circus clowns would have had to move public opinion in favor of impeachment to such an extent that a bunch of Republican members of the house and senate came over to their side. Instead, the first raft of polling data shows they have only succeeded in moving it in the President’s favor.

Republicans, in fact, are so fired up that a group of GOP senators – including Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney (!) – got together at the White House with President Trump today and agreed that it would be to their advantage to hold a full-fledged trial in the Senate should the Democrats ultimately approve articles of impeachment.

Rather than try to make this thing go away quickly, the GOP is now ready to prolong it right into the presidential primary season.

These past 8 days are the worst 8 days in the Democrat Party’s history. They will ultimately ensure that Bug-eyes Schiff’s place in U.S. history will be as one of the greatest failures ever to walk the halls of congress. Awesome.

That is all.


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Lack Of Self-Awareness

Good thing the commiecrats are clueless true believers…that way they can’t see how they look to other people.

phineas gage

Based on my experience with students, I would say that David is correct. These kids cannot study because they are unable to focus and concentrate for more than a few seconds. If television is harmful to the human mind, social media is absolutely lethal.

I would also say that as much of a debacle as this has been for the Democrat Party, it has been even worse for the media.


“If television is harmful to the human mind, social media is absolutely lethal.”

Now that’s a perfect comment!

Social media mind control has been a big part of the plan, and it’s incredibly effective.

Cameron Howe

Color me skeptical, but I do not trust Romney or Collins (or Murkowski for that matter) at all, and as much as I want to like the guy, I am at best cautiously optimistic about Graham. The fact that they are making a case for a full fledged trial makes me think they have ulterior motives. At best such a spectacle irritates the aforementioned attention spans of Americans (if a week of Schiff moves the polls this much, what would a month in the Senate do in the other direction?). At worst, Romney and Co have something up their sleeve to spring forth in the trial in the hopes Mittens gets a nod for the nomination, as the party savior, in his mind anyway.

That said, Jay and Gregg, you guys make an interesting point on tying up the Democratic senators.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Dave? Americans aren’t stupid; they’re being lied to by all the relevant institutions. Trump supporters are definitely not stupid. But here’s something the news won’t allow you to know:

Jimmy MacAfee

What if they intentionally had this circus in order to take attention away from Buttergag, Kamasutra, Lieawathat and the ranting old geezer? The nomination circus is worse than the Schiff-show! Everybody in the DNC is preparing for a backdoor deal.

The Deep State is terrified that Lieawhatha will win; that’s why they’ve been openly challenging her numbers. She and the old geezer are scaring them to death, because whatever damage they think Trump has done; these two jokers are worse. At least with al-Bama, he was – like Schiff – former CIA, and could be managed. These two are unreasonable. And Gropey Joe is soiled drawers, untouchable.

Looking deeper, it has been claimed (and will be revealed soon) that Schiff has Ukraine problems of his own. His show is personal, but the rest are using it, hoping to keep the attention off the poo they’re trying to stick to the wall.

Jay Whitcraft

Once again my beloved President, Donald Trump has outmaneuvered the Dems. If they impeach him, half of their top 4 candidates for President will be tied down during the primaries. If for some reason Nancy Pelosi comes to her senses, and stops this charade, their nutcase base will stay home in 2020. Jay


You beat me to it. A two month trial which will end in acquittal (dare I say exoneration?) will keep senators Commie VT, Pocahontas, MA, Spartacus, NJ, Round Heels, CA and Comb Salad Fork, MN along with “witness” Barisma Gas Biden off the campaign trail until hopefully after the “Super Tuesday” primaries and probably eliminate them from the nomination.

A. B. Schiff’s and San Fran Nan’s little charade will take all the o2 out of the primaries (perhaps by design), but it will also galvanize Trump’s baes support, move fair minded independents to his side and deflate the left’s lunatic and never satisfied base of misanthropes to where they either get frustrated and violent or get bored like AOC and stay home.

That will leave just Doomberg, Buttplug, the Hawaiian Heroine, Ying Yang, and Silly Steyer, to carry the Dem’s dystopian “message”. Maybe it will open the door for Irish Bob O’Rorke (to reengage), Frankin, or Gore, or Lerch (Kerry) or Edwards, or Moochelle, or Oprah, or some leftist actor like Hanks or Madonna or Depp to give it a shot.


Mr. Blackmon,

First time commenter, still get a juvenile chuckle from your last name. Like when I walk past a Vietnamese restaurant with “Dong” in the name.

I wish I could say I’ll eventually mature, but I’d being lying to us both.

Having found and having bailed on Drudge, I was fortunate enough to read your Updates.

Your writing is on point, engaging and pleasantly acerbic.

I look forward to following your writing on a Daily Update basis.

Thank you.


“No one in the rest of America gave a damn what these people had to say, and that is already starting to show up in the public opinion polls.” Very True Dave.

I’ll bet 95% couldn’t find Ukraine on a blank political line map of Asia!

Furthermore, NO ONE gives a damn about Ukraine!

Barely anyone gave a damn about a real crime with the death of Ambassador Stevens in Libya under Obama and Clinton – same 95% with the map of Africa.

In a sane world ABSchiff and his committee would be laughed out of DC, but we are not in a sane world. The only way this becomes a bad eight days for the Dems is if in 2020:

Many Deep State Criminals are successfully prosecuted and jailed!

Trump wins in a landslide by at least five % in the popular vote and gets 350 electoral college votes.

The GOP gains a net of two senate seats – AL and some other state.

The Dems lose 75 plus house seats plus many governorships and state legislatures.

The above results are the only thing that will stop all this impeachment crap and these BS investigations.

If, on the other hand, Trump wins like he did in 2016 and there is a repeat of the 2018 election, he will be successfully driven from office and the DS will see it as a victory which it will be. That is how deadly serious these times are. 2020 is the last chance to save the country – every real American must do his duty!

Sharon Campbell

I’m so glad that waste of taxpayer money & time is over! Schiff did provide America with a front row seat into the bureaucracy of life time do-nothings, with their petty jealousies & superior arrogance. Also, I researched the number of State Dept employees, it 75,000+. Then sent the President a message to please cut that number in half!


And most, if not all probably have security clearances. Yikes!!!

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