Dear Gordon Sondland: “Assume” Makes an “ASS” out of “U” and “ME”

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Ok, so now we’re supposed to impeach a sitting President of the United States based not just on hearsay and rank gossip, but on what Gordon Sondland assumed. And thus, the dumbest impeachment effort in the history of the known universe continues apace.

Ambassador Sondland gave us a 45 minute opening statement this morning, longer even than the mind-numbing long and winding road of hearsay and gossip delivered by Bill Taylor a week ago. During that opening statement, the self-serving Sondland threw literally everyone involved in this entire Ukrainian fake controversy under the bus. He did his best to leave behind a trail of dead bodies including Rudy Giuliani, Kurt Volker, Taylor, the dapper dandy George Kent, Alexander Vindman, Marie Yovanovitch, Jennifer Williams, Tim Morrison, the garbage man, the mail carrier, the pest control guy, the plumber, the White House chef, Ivanka Trump’s seamstress and, of course, his main target, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Sondland wove a tail in which he assumed that, whenever anyone mentioned the word “Burisma” – the corrupt Ukrainian gas company that has been the central player in so much graft, bribery and influence peddling with various U.S. players – they actually were saying “Joe and Hunter Biden.” This latest Deep State fantasy play included the theme that everyone involved “knew” there was a “quid pro quo” in which the Ukrainian government either had to open investigations into the rank influence peddling engaged in by Joe and Hunter Biden during the Obama years or they would never get congressionally-authorized U.S. economic and military aid.

It was a wonderful tale, a tale whose plot almost made Adam Schiff’s bug-eyes plop right out onto the hearing room carpet at various points, a plot so stupendous and seemingly evil that, after his 45-minute questioning of Sondland, Schiff could no longer contain himself and called a “bathroom break” so he could rush out into the hall and hold a press conference. Alas, it was all for naught at the end of the day.

See, Sondland’s tall, self-serving tale had one inconvenient plot twist, and it turned out to be the part that he left out of it. That plot twist, as coaxed out of the dissembling Ambassador to the EU (what a perfect job for this quisling fool to be in, hobnobbing and partying with the quisling fools of Europe) by Ohio congressman Michael Turner, is that, in the only conversation Sondland actually had with President Trump on this whole “quid pro quo” nonsense, the President told Sondland not once, but twice, “I want nothing! I want no Quid Pro Quo!”

Oh. Schiff’s bugeyes sank deeply into his tiny cerebral cortex when Sondland had to admit to that. Here’s the clip:

Turner: Answer the question – no one on this planet told you that Trump was tying this aid to the investigations. Because if your answer is yes, then the chairman is wrong and the headline on CNN is wrong. No one on this planet  told you that President Trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no.

Sondland: Yes.


Early in my professional career I had a very smart boss who taught me a very important lesson. When I had failed to carry out a task and he asked me why that had happened, I told him that I had assumed another person on our team was going to do it.

He smiled and asked, you know what “assume” does, don’t you? When I said no, he said, “assume” makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” Don’t assume anything – if you aren’t sure, ask.

Obviously, Gordon Sondland never had a smart and kind boss who was willing to teach him that very important life lesson. Even more disturbing, Sondland decided to cling to his assumption even after his current boss, the President of the United States of America, personally informed him that his assumption was wrong.

This is the kind of self-serving fool who permeates our diplomatic corps and the rest of our federal bureaucracy, the sort of jackass President Trump was elected to get rid of. Sadly, Mr. Trump has no one to blame for Sondland but himself, since he appointed the slug to his ambassadorship.

No time like the present to correct that enormous judgment error.

Some clips from the hearing for those who missed it.

Jim Jordan’s latest tour de force:

John Ratcliffe:

Rising star Elise Stefanik:

Devin Nunes:

That is all.


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Gordon Sondland looks just like the hack ambassador from Yemen in the 2000 movie “Rules of Engagement” starring Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson. Just as bald, just as feckless and just as much a backstabbing creep.

Fire all these diplomats, kick out the foreign ones and close our embassies and consulates! At best they are worthless and obsolete; at worst they are costly and destructive to America.


I hate to offer this thought up because I despise A. B. Schiff, but he is actually helping Trump make his case about the State Dept., the rest of the deep state and, of course, the MSM.

I’ve said it before, Trump should fire EVERYONE he can, including the political Generals and Admirals, and have GS 15s as acting directors of all agencies and departments. Give the acting bosses a month to clean house and if they don’t measure up, repeat the cycle until the government is cleaned up. I believe Clinton fired virtually all of the US Attorneys General and Obama did the same with Bush’s Ambassadors. Only GOP presidents try to work with the holdovers.

With ambassadors and diplomats like the ones at the hearings, who needs spies? This crap has been going on since at least FDR when his state dept. was infested with commies working for Stalin. Sen. McCarthy had it right in the fifties but was driven out because of the cabal back then and it has only gotten worse.

I find it amazing that no one felt “uneasy” about Obama shipping millions in cash to Iran. Hmmm.

First thing Trump should do is secure his communication channels with all foreign leaders, his cabinet, and trusted staff. People’s heads should roll for any leak. If he hasn’t, he should rescind Obama’s Jan. 2017 EO that opened presidential communications to all 17 or so Intel agencies.

We also need a constitutional amendment that prohibits a lame duck president from giving pardons, making appointments (McConnel blocked Garland from the SC in bummer’s last year like Biden did against Bush the first, so there is precedent and can be done) and making up new EOs in the waning days of their administration. If it wasn’t necessary in the 2000 plus days prior to the election, then it surely isn’t necessary in a president’s last seventy or so days.

After Trump secures his communications, he should close virtually all our embassies and kick out all foreign diplomats. Because of modern communications embassies and consulates are largely obsolete. There is no need to post people abroad especially in dangerous places like Iran (1979) and Libya (2012). Any function they may perform outside of diplomacy could be handled by customs, ICE, or the US based state department. After our deep state, and expensive “diplomatic corps” becomes a corps he can then kick the UN out of the US. Diplomatic immunity is BS.

Can someone, anyone, ever cite an instance where “diplomacy”, the League of Nations between the world wars, or the UN since World War II has solved a problem, ended a crisis, or prevented (much less end) a war in over 100 years?

Cameron Howe

“This latest Deep State fantasy play included the theme that everyone involved “knew” there was a “quid pro quo” in which the Ukrainian government either had to open investigations…or they would never get congressionally-authorized U.S. economic and military aid.”

This type of thinking in the State Department is understandable, after 8 years of the BHO administration (Clinton/Kerry/Biden), this behavior is considered Standard Operating Procedure.

I’d also like to point out, all these Ambassadors work for the State Department. The previous “hoax” (I hate that term, the Big Foot film was a “hoax”, Nessie is a “hoax”, so I’ll say “coup”) was largely an intelligence operation (Brennan/Clapper CIA/DNI). It is not a coincidence here that these shenanigans are originating at the State Department, and the DoS works hand-in-hand with the CIA to the point that they may as well be considered one and the same. Where do you suppose all the “cultural attaches” (read: spies) hang their hats while deployed?

Jimmy MacAfee

One of my arguments to the President, on the topic of closing bases in Syria and others, is that we can’t count on ambassadors and consulates, as they’re already so badly compromised, no legitimate intelligence can be obtained. We need more operating space, not less, and we need less Deep State corruption and arrogance. The CIA did a good job preparing the ground in Afghanistan, and without silly diplomats pissing on their feet at every step. All that was undone under al-Bama and Gillian Brennan and al-Bama’s fake generals and admirals and the ever-impotent State Department. Facial recognition, along with AI that Google is helping the Chinese to pioneer, will make HUMINT almost impossible. Embassies are not what they used to be.

phineas gage

After yesterday’s disaster, the Dems will roll out two other deep state drones to testify that they ‘heard’ someone saying something to somehow reinforce their quid-pro-quo narrative.

The polling is going south fast–I don’t think they can keep this going much longer.

Jimmy MacAfee

Any word on Eric Cinderella, since he chickened out? Or maybe we should say he soy-boyed, except for the fact that a certain “chiken” chain just “chikened” out. Hope he has a fine day, wondering if he’s gonna be broiled or baked.

Sharon Campbell

I watched the whole clown show & could not find any truth except President Trump wanted NOTHING from Ukraine! Clown show should have ended right there!

Jimmy MacAfee

I spent my day moving a tree stand to another location and 4 feet higher. Precipitous work, but nothing like what you did! Hats off to you and Dave. I’d rather fall out of the tree than listen to the pompous impeachinators lie, lie and lie.

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