In the Business World, This Impeachment Circus Would be an HR Dispute

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Anyone who has ever spent any time in the business world has been in this meeting: You’re running a project, and you get your 20-member project team together in the main conference room for a meeting. You’ve prepared an agenda for the meeting, assigned whatever speaking roles need to be performed, distributed whatever pre-read documents are necessary for the meeting to produce its desired result.

You have done your job as the team lead. And the meeting goes just as planned. The discussion points were all covered, the various speakers all added well to the conversation. The meeting ended with heads nodding all around the table, and everyone seemed happy.

And yet, within hours you discover that the 20 team members left your well-planned and executed meeting with 20 different perceptions of what was said and what was supposed to happen going forward. In fact, one of the participants in the meeting turned out to be so upset because his priorities weren’t addressed that he actually decided to go lodge a formal complaint with Human Resources, and then gossiped about it with anyone who would listen in the break room.

You discover all of this because a few hours after the meeting ended, you got a call from HR demanding that you come explain why employee X’s personal priorities weren’t addressed in your carefully-planned and executed meeting.

Anyone who has been in a team lead and/or management position in the business world for any extended period of time has found themselves in this position. It happens every day in every sizable company in America.

This is exactly what happened in the wake of the July 25 call between President Donald Trump and his counterpart in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.  You had a bunch of diplomats/bureaucrats/spies listening in on that call on the “American” side – although, given that he was offered the job of Ukraine Defense Minister no fewer than three times, it is questionable how “American” Alexander Vindman actually is – and every one of those career government employees left the call with their own unique impressions of what just happened.

One of those people – Vindman – was so upset that his own personal priorities for the call had not been met that he decided to go file a complaint, not with HR, but with the NSC counsel, and then went around gossiping about it to apparently anyone who would listen to him. One of those people was CIA plant Eric Ciaramella, who became the fake “whistleblower” who kicked off this whole affair after consulting with Bug-eyes Schiff and his staff.

In essence, that is what all of this has now boiled down to after three mind-numbing days of he-said, she-said, we-said, they-said, I-was-told, I-heard, I-thought, I-felt and I-was-upset nonsense from these “public servants.”

The big difference is that, in the business world, each and every one of these self-important jackasses would be fired by any competent boss. But in the government world, the worst that will happen to any of them will be getting reassigned to some cushy teaching job at Georgetown University.

These are exactly, precisely the very people 63 million pissed-off Americans hired Donald J. Trump in 2016 to get rid of.

That is all.


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IIRC, hes the son of Ukrainian immigrants? Speaks the language, knows the culture, etc. Degrees in related to the area etc. What I want to know is how does a Lt. Col. in the US military get offered a cabinet position in a foreign government? 3 times ?!?

Foreign governments courting US military officers should be a huge red flag. According to Vindman, he notified the appropriate people in our government about the the offers….so what came of that? Anything this guy says or does with respect to Ukraine should be suspicious. You dont get offered the Minister of Defense job without rubbing very close with some high-ups in the government there. Someone should explore those relationships.

Jimmy MacAfee

Remember, he was made the offer under the CORRUPT government, prior to this one (which Trump’s team vetted)

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe Ukraine-born Vindman can run! He’d be as legal as al-Bama. But wait! There’s more!
Pudge-boy was “lazy” and a “chow-thief,” according to his fellow Ranger trainees. They wanted him out.

Some idiot will propose an outside candidate from the military – a rat-bastard whose troops loathed him. Lots of those to be found. Vindman, however, will not be. He’s got perjury issues. Or maybe Adam Schiff will run? He’s got boy problems of some sort, it is being said.

Mark Warner will be the Dark Horse.

phineas gage

Just as with the media, the hidden value of these ridiculous proceeding is that these people are fully exposing themselves.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent points! Note that the back-stabbing pudge-boy sends Eric Cinderella to do his work, and when that doesn’t work out, he pouts. No respect for the man, no matter how he’s served, because he’s a petulant jackass. And as for Cinderella, he doesn’t have the foresight to do any job in Intel. As one commenter – an actual CIA whistleblower – said recently: he didn’t think it through before he began. And because of that, he was swayed by the Stay Puff marshmallow man.

How do we even still HAVE a government, if it runs like this? Our enemies must be drooling and salivating. On the other hand, Americans have a well-deserved reputation for being cantankerous. Most of us don’t have jobs with board meetings like upper levels of private industry; most of us are Deplorables, and we don’t take sh#t. Especially not from government goons like Pudge Boy and Cinderella and Schiftless.

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