The Fake Impeachment Coup Effort Goes Back to at Least April

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Readers who watched Friday’s fake impeachment hearing will likely remember the moment when, after President Trump had released the full transcript of his first call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, Bug-eyes Schiff read the White House’s read-out summary of the call, prepared by staff of the National Security Council, into the record. You will also remember that Bug-eyes dramatically noted that, hey, this NSC summary of the call does not accurately reflect what was actually said on the call.

Specifically, Bug-eyes pointed to this passage from the NSC summary:

“[President Trump] underscored the unwavering support of the United States for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity – within its internationally recognized borders – and expressed his commitment to work together with President-elect Zelensky and the Ukrainian people to implement reforms that strengthen democracy, increase prosperity, and root out corruption.”

Bug-eyes then noted, as his eyes almost bugged right out of his pasty noggin, that the transcript of the call does not indicate that President Trump in fact said any of those things on the call. Naturally, Schiff wants the public to believe that this incorrect read-out summary of the call is somehow a part of a nefarious White House scheme to cover up the President’s “real” conversations with Zelensky.

But there’s a problem with the Democrats’ latest false narrative to frame President Trump: Guess who prepared that read-out summary of that April call? Why, as the Washington Examiner reported on Saturday, that job fell to the NSC’s “Ukraine expert.”‘

Guess who that happens to be? If you said retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who plays the role of the unassailable military guy in this whole charade, you win the prize. This would be the very same Alexander Vindman who tacitly admitted during his Capitol basement interrogation that he believed it was his job to actively undermine and countermand President Trump’s policy towards Ukraine, even as he laughably claimed he faithfully worked to execute that policy.

This would also be the very same Alexander Vindman who pretty much undoubtedly is one of the “sources” for the fake complaint filed by fake whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, the CIA leaker/spy who went right back to the CIA once his role in this fantasy play had been executed and remains gainfully employed there today. Vindman himself remains embedded at the NSC with the apparent full backing of the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who could recall him from his posting at the White House at any time for any reason.

In fact, a good case can be made that it is the Pentagon’s duty to the Commander-in-Chief to act to reassign Vindman to some clerk job in the Pentagon basement, since it is politically impossible for the President to make that happen at this time. Yet, the generals do nothing to remove this human cancer. Think about the implications of that inaction in this whole scenario.

So as we see clearly now, this latest coup plot to remove the President via this impeachment circus did not begin with Bug-eyes and his staff coordinating the complaint with Ciaramella. It began at least in April with Vindman constructing the read-out summary of that call in a way that supports the Democrat/media “coverup” narrative.

It would be a great next step if the Examiner could endeavor to find out who else at the NSC was in the chain of approval for Vindman’s summary. Let’s all remember that President Trump’s National Security Advisor at that time was this guy named John Bolton, who the President got rid of in August.


This is not an impeachment, folks. This is a slow-rolling coup d’etat, one that has been moving since at least April, and likely earlier than that. It’s the “back-up plan” to the Mueller “back-up plan.”

That is all.


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Cameron Howe

Wait….I thought the released transcript is for a phone call in July. This Vindman summary is for a phone call in April. Is Schiff intentionally confusing the two calls? Or was there another transcript released? Sorry I’m having trouble keeping up.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wanna know about Adam Schiff’s odd and troubling relationships that have been rumored for awhile, such as alleged by “John Here To Help.” When are those hearings?

Jimmy MacAfee

Vindman politicized the military – at least his position, and he represents a certain class of military which doesn’t know how to obey orders if he disagrees with the policy and won’t obey if it violates his feelings. Bad enough that he lied about lethal aid to Ukraine, which al-Bama did not offer Ukraine. He flat out effing lied! Either he’s incompetent or he committed perjury!

Bad enough that we have a badly politicized CIA under “Gina” Brennan, and an FBI under “Christopher” Comey. How far does this stench reach?

Jimmy MacAfee

Obama fired a lot of Generals and Admirals. Maybe a shakeup is needed, and bring some back who were terminated? And remove some al-Bama holdovers?


Reassign the LTC to the underwater mess kit repair section at the NTC

Sharon Campbell

Just WOW! Great assimilation if evidence, David. You are an investigative reporter we need on the front lines. Too bad America doesn’t have such reporters in the front lines.

phineas gage

And, if this is actually true, I think that the fix might already be in with the Senate.


And, if what you suspect re: the Senate, is true, the time for torches and pitchforks and lots of rope may be just down the road.
Not that I, being an old man, want to see it happen, but it might be best for resetting the Constitution and the rule of law in this nation.
Just sayin’.

phineas gage

Sundance comes right out and says that the military (DoD, specifically Joint Chiefs) is collaborating with the CIA to take out a president.

It really is banana-republic time in the United States of America.

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