Marie Yovanovitch Just Wants to Live in a Hallmark Movie – Is That too Much to Ask?

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this #WINNING yet? Not even close. – Every stock market index set a new record-high close on Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing above 28,000 for the first time, a level that no Democrat on the face of the earth could have imagined just three short years ago. Media outlets like CNBC of course attributed the weeks astonishing gains to good news on the trade front, which is partially valid.

But let’s not kid ourselves here: Traders keep up with politics very closely, and they were also reacting to the confirmation that, in their ongoing three-ring fake impeachment circus, Bug-eyes Schiff and San Fran Nan are holding a big bag filled with nothing. Or maybe San Francisco sidewalk poop. Either way, this game – and sadly, this very serious abuse of our system is just a game to the Democrats – is not going well for the bad guys.

It isn’t going well even though they got some unanticipated help from President Donald Trump himself on Friday morning, when he stupidly intervened in the pointless, overwrought testimony by ex-Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch with this:

Dear Mr. President: We love you, but man, your role model Sun Tzu would have definitely advised against that particular move. That’s not 4-D chess, that’s a Jason Garrett 4th-down call with the game on the line. When your opponent is in the process of destroying itself, just get out of the way.

It wasn’t so much the content of the tweet, but the timing. Sure, Yovanovitch was coming across as a sympathetic witness, but mainly to those who wanted to be sympathetic to her in the first place. Plus, she was at that moment in time being questioned by Bug-eyes, the most notorious pathological liar and least sympathetic figure in the entire U.S. congress. Why interfere with that?

Schiff’s eyes damn near popped right out of his pasty face as he read the tweet to the national TV audience, knowing that the President had just handed him and his corrupt media toadies what will become the narrative for this entire weekend.

Other than that single moment, Yovanovitch’s entire day boiled down to essentially this:


“I was told…”

“I heard that…”

“It was my understanding…”

“I felt…”

“I was concerned…”

Question from Democrat lawyer and Schiff and every other Democrat on the Commitee:

“How did that make you feel?”


“I don’t know…”

“It made me feel terrible…”

“I felt intimidated…”

“Why did they say mean things about me…”

“I’m brave, just like the diplomats at Benghazi (seriously, she compared herself to those who came back in body bags thanks to Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s mendacity)…”

Question from Democrat lawyer and Schiff and every other Democrat on the Commitee:

“How did that make you feel?”

The entire day boiled down to how Ms. Yovanovitch feels. She was there for no reason other than a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy from the public.

Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley, the simpleton who told us on Wednesday that hearsay evidence is all like, superior to first-hand evidence and stuff, or something, actually boiled Yovanovitch’s day right down to its very essence in his questioning, which amounted to:

– It’s a Hallmark movie (yes, he actually said this, too)
– The ambassador’s feelings have been hurt
– It was not her preference to be fired.

Oh. Okay. Cue the bad Christmas music, someone.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and text

The day will do no lasting damage to President Trump, even with Bret Baier and Chris Wallace urging the Democrats to somehow turn the tweet into an article of impeachment claiming “witness tampering” (yes, they both actually said that, too). But the tweet did throw the committee Republicans off their game. It was a needless interruption into a day that was destined to go just like Wednesday had gone, with a witness who came off as “sympathetic” to corrupt media hacks and other DC swamp skunks, but who would do nothing to move American public opinion, which, again, IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT.

No summation of the day’s events would be complete without including a couple of clips from Republican Cong. Elise Stefanik, who is quickly turning into a major force with her questioning in this process.

First, Stefanik gets Yovanovitch to admit that she was prepped by the Obama Administration to answer questions about Joe and Hunter Biden’s influence racket related to corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma:

Second, watch as Sefanik almost literally undresses Bug-eyes before the nation’s eyes. It is a true tour de force for the ages:


One last word here: The Republicans have got to replace their staff lawyer, Steve Castor, with someone who knows what he or she is doing. I’m sure Castor is a fine committee counsel, but he is just god-awful on television. This guy has more rabbit holes to run down than Bugs Bunny, and he is clearly not at all comfortable in this role. The Democrats had the foresight to hire contract counsel, Lawfare attorney Daniel Goldman, just for this impeachment process. Goldman hasn’t been great, but he has been more effective than Castor.

Devin Nunes has this entire weekend to go find an attorney who actually knows how to question a witness in a live hearing. There are about 10,000 of them practicing in Washington, DC. I’d bet dozens of them have been knocking down his door the past few days. Hire one of them, Mr. Chairman.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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My suggestion for of a lawyer Nunes could get would be Rudy Giuliani. Former prosecutor, intimately knowledgeable about the case, proven winner, and best of all, having him on board would shove the Dem’s – Rosenstein – Mueller conflict of interest right back in the Dem’s face.

Jimmy MacAfee

My first thought: Trump is unnecessarily impulsive (at times.) Then in retrospect, after every wild tweet, they begin swinging wildly, sputtering and stammering. It’s a method I’ve considered to get rid of hornets: just about dark, whack the nest with a stick and retreat; the hornets can’t pursue in the dark, but they’re riled. Once they’ve calmed down, repeat as necessary. (Used this successfully to help get rid of drug dealers in my neighborhood.)

Whack away, DJT.

A New Dark Ages

Don’t forget the CPUSA when we are roasting rat kebabs around a 55 gallon drum while wearing sandals made from old tires.
This is the Great Leap Forward people’s collective utopia that the bestest and brightest will construct.
All the memes showing Trump as the come-with-me-if-you-want-to-survive Terminator II or they are really after you I’m just in the way are true.
As for a perfect teevee movie hallmark life that is just like utopia…banished forever. She will get her six figures a year pension and golden mchealthcarez I’m sure.


Dave, I think you’re incorrect about the tweet. President Trump has, since day one, given the dems something to fixate upon so they and their propaganda fake media have something other than important matters to complain and dwell upon; and always they end up hurting the dems politically due to their overreach. This is happening again, thousands more American’s are going to be given a reason, by the dems themselves, to move to the Trump column as they overreact to the tweet and try to make it an impeachable offense. It is 4D chess and pelosi and bug eyes are falling for Trump’s strategy again. The fact is, Donald Trump is way smarter than you, and probably 99.9% of the other people in the world. His tweet was not a mistake and in a few days/weeks/months down the road you’ll see it was another stroke of brilliant political strategy from the President, just like we’ve witnessed for 4 years.
Love the DB Daily Update, keep em coming.

phineas gage

Trump is going to be Trump. More than anything else, his tweets aggravate the political establishment and media like fingernails on a blackboard. You can almost see them shudder like Sideshow Bob as it gets under their skin. Beyond that, it’s how Trump speaks directly to his base.

I have a number of times previously thought that Trump had made a mistake with a ‘reckless’ tweet, and every time I have been proven wrong. The Democrats reflexively take the bait every single time. This tweet also had the benefit of further exposing the closet Democrats on Fox News.

Justme Andmeonly

“…your role model Sun Tzu…”

C’mon Don, you’re better than this. First off, I always considered Trump to be a Von Clausewitz kind of guy. Only commies are into Sun Tzu. Secondly, as a reporter (retired) why are you not looking at the content of his tweet?

Howard Wilder

I believe that the tweet in question is an attempt to uncover the cowardly ‘Anonymous’. You can say you want about the President, but if his sanity and level of intelligence is a cipher to some people, we can all agree that he’s cunning… I don’t care if ‘anonymous’ is his wife, they need to go.

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