New Democrat Polling Gives us a New Impeachment Narrative

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Now  the Democrats’ handy poll-tested and focus-grouped word is “bribery.” – “Quid pro quo” never did work: It was too clumsy and all in Latin and stuff. And nobody was buying “obstruction of congress,” which is not even a real thing. So, San Fran Nan and Bug-eyes Schiff got their pollsters out on the job making calls and convened some focus groups to find them a handy new word to describe exactly what it is they’re accusing the President of the United States of doing.

This is how the Democrats really do this stuff, folks. No kidding. Everything they do, every word San Fran Nan utters in public, is based on data from polls and focus groups. They literally never do anything real anymore – haven’t for about 27 years now, in fact, since the Clintons rose to power.

The problem for them, though, is that polling and focus-grouping is a fool’s game, the most completely inexact science this side of global warming. You would think they might have learned that lesson back in 2016, when they had to eat the cost of all those pre-planned Hillary Clinton victory parties that all the polls and focus groups told them to go ahead and pay for.

But here they are, still buying in to their failed process, even after the implosion of “Russia collusion” and “obstruction of justice” and the Stormy Daniels payoff and all the myriad smears of Brett Kavanaugh and every other poll-and-focus-group-tested tactic they’ve deployed over the past four years.

Armed with her latest poll and focus group data, San Fran Nan put on her red dress and held another stammering, doddering presser at the capital last night, during which she revealed her fancy new word:

Here’s a clip:

Yes, friends, now we are supposed to believe that Donald Trump, on that July 25 call – the transcript of which we have all had the ability to actually read for ourselves for the last 6 weeks – actually “bribed” Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. Never mind that that literally is nowhere to be found or even remotely implied in the transcript of that call – San Fran Nan and her little pathologically-lying toady Adam Schiff say it’s bribery, so hey, it’s bribery. Plus, they have a parade of non-witnesses who are, like Bill Taylor and dapper dandy George Kent, going to testify about their third-and-fourth-hand hearsay gossip to back up the Democrats’ latest big, meaningless word.

You want to know who really did commit real, actual, by-the-book bribery of Ukrainian officials? Joe Biden. You don’t have to believe me, you can watch him brag about outright, unabashed bribery with $1 billion of American taxpayer money right here:

That’s real, true, unabashed bribery, committed by a sitting Vice President in order to protect his ne’er-do-well son, Hunter, who was getting massive payoffs by an utterly corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company called Burisma.

This, of course, is the Democrats’ favorite Saul Alinsky tactic of “projection” – accusing your enemies of doing all the bad things you in fact have done. It’s despicable, it’s demented, it’s disgusting. But hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here. Did you really expect anything else?

That is all.


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The Dim base is 80 IQ blacks and 85 IQ Mexican peasants. Dim propaganda is unsophisticated. However President Trump has them all on paychecks and they like that better than welfare cheese.


The Dims are in a swivet because they are all guilty of high crimes. There’s a new sheriff in town, and a hanging judge.


Yes Trump is the new sheriff (I compare him to James Gardner’s character Jason McCollough in the movie “Support Your Local Sheriff” and not Dangerfield’s disruptive character in “Caddyshack”), but who is the “hanging judge” you speak of, and when is he going to appear, and, most importantly, WHEN IS HE GOING TO START HANGING THE CRIMINALS?

Jimmy MacAfee

A little Latin for the Dems when they try to sell horsh#t:

Caveat Venditor


The narrative of quid pro quo was never a good one for the left to use against Trump. I know why it was used, just like the media montage: gravitas was used to mock Bush Jr., it sounds fancy and sophisticated. If Trump engaged in quid pro quo, it must be bad, really bad, and therefore he has to go; he has to be IMPEACHED!

Now, some in the left say the phrase shouldn’t be used because Latin is too confusing to the ignorant masses and carries little negative connotation; call it “bribery” instead. Maybe the media quit pushing quid pro quo because they found out that it didn’t damage Trump because too many people actually know its meaning and that it is not a bad thing.

Everyone in the free world engages in quid pro quo all the time. I go to a store and buy something and I pay for it – that is a quid pro quo (Something for something). It is not illegal, unethical or impeachable.

I wish more people in the good media would point that out to the “unwashed/brainwashed masses” – I haven’t even heard Rush explain it “for those of you in Rio Linda”. But then again I wish for a informing, non-propaganda, and unbiased media and a real education system, world peace, and an end to all the stupidity and ignorance…

All conservatives should make clear the real meaning of the words/phrases the left bastardizes in order to falsely push their agenda. I guarantee 90% of the public has or gets the wrong meaning/impression of the catchphrases/buzzwords the leftist media uses.

marty lopez

The Democrat’s strategy is simple. When you own the media, yours is the only voice that is heard. Democrats and the globalist establishment whose interests they represent always tint, slant and spin the facts as they present something of an alternate reality in the expectation of shaping public opinion

Meanwhile Republicans, Trump and his Administration are held to a different standard altogether, an exacting model of picture perfect in all things. Any imperfection, or blemish and the Democrats use their lawyers and bureaucrats amplified as always by the media to cry foul in the court of public opinion.

This isn’t any square house, kids. The system as constituted is a fix, a rigged game with constitutional democracy, the republic and our very ability to control our own destiny as the stakes. If Trump allows Durham and Barr to do anything less than the equivalent of Sherman’s march through the south with regards to Hillary and Obama and Obama’s entire Administration, their deep state operatives and hangers on, Trump will have allowed himself and his entire Presidency to be blunted and made a fool, out flanked and out maneuvered.

I am especially fond of the story about Lincoln and Grant meeting at the end of the war, sitting together on a porch of a country house. Lincoln, always on the verge of depression, philosophical and introspective told Grant that they had enabled each other to do terrible things referring to the horrendous causalities and incalculable suffering. Grant smoking his characteristic cigar looked up and simply replied, “We did what had to be done.” Now it is Barr as Grant and Durham as Sherman who must do that, which simply must be done.


I liked my high school Latin class. Unfortunately, there was a teacher strike and my Latin teacher was fired with no replacement. So, no quid pro quo. Oh, and there was no bribery.


I think that bribery might be yesterday’s word. Tomorrow’s word will be intimidation, as in the tweet intimidated the non-witness.

Jimmy MacAfee

One day, they’ll try to remove him because he farted during a colonoscopy. If there weren’t the word “ridiculous,” they’d invent one.

steve wood

i think it’s too convenient that the reporter asked her to specify what bribery means to her. Total setup nothing is real anymore.

Steve Coerper

Now explain to me again why Biden and his son are not both in handcuffs?


They are part of the rich, liberal, establishment. They should be joining Hillary in prison, yet she walks free for the same reason.


Maybe they should poll test ‘Witch Hunt’ and blow a gasket at those results.

In Silence I Observe

Always stand back when your enemy is flailing and failing. Even the dimmest of bulbs knows this is about nullifying the 2016 election.
The CPUSA thinks everyone is as spineless and brainless as their true believer followers. They think that they have some right to rule over the Kulaks in flyover land.
The permanent bureaucrat parasites grew fat under Sobama and they don’t want that gravy train to end.
Others fear criminal prosecution because Trump is not some dirty player and not a member of their club.

phineas gage

Also, as Levin pointed out last night, the whole point of the term ‘bribery’ in the Constitution was based upon the concern that foreign powers would manipulate the president. Not the opposite.

The opposite is called ‘foreign policy’ and the Constitution fully invests the President with the power of creating and implementing foreign policy. That has always , at times, involved strong-arming other countries. Which didn’t even happen in this instance. The whole thing is pathetic.

phineas gage

It is extremely valuable to have your perspective as a political professional on this poll-driven strategy. But, as Rush so often says, the Dems keep going back to the same playbook. They seem unable to change, even though this is the very definition of insanity.

Sharon Campbell

The Dimocrats use the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals point by point. Americans cannot allow these corrupt life time bureaucrats in the Government to takeover our Country!

Jimmy MacAfee

Their “polls” are like the computer generated music these days: no melody, no lyrics, no chord changes, no inspiration: zero. Same with “praise and worship music,” which is 7-11 music (seven verses, 11 times.) Blah.

Same old song with Nancy and her crew of uninventive idiots: same song, same lyrics, same tune…over and over and over again.

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