GOP House Intel Members Executed a Plan for a Change

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this #WINNING yet? Yeah, neither am I. – Ho-hum. You know what’s coming, don’t you? That’s right: The Dow Jones Industrial average and the S&P 500 closed yet again at all-time record highs on Wednesday. Morning trading was way up as investors began to realize the clownish House Democrats were going down in flames one more time in their latest attempt to frame President Donald Trump, but then pulled back somewhat in the afternoon when news came that US and Chinese representatives had hit a snag in their trade negotiations.

Speaking of the Schiff/Pelosi/Media impeachment circus, we summarized the day’s glorious action with a late afternoon post yesterday, but it’s important to note why the Republican committee members were so successful and effective in that hearing. That’s important to understand, because it has been a rare outcome in the past for Republicans, and it shows some very promising developments are taking place within the House GOP caucus.

Let’s go these reasons:

Strategic thinking – In a somewhat stunning development, the Republican members of the committee came into the hearing with an actual strategy. This is something the Democrats have always done, at least going as far back as the Nixon impeachment. But the Republicans have, in all but a tiny few instances, always avoided strategic planning like it was a communicable disease.

I’ve actually testified in a couple of congressional hearings myself, staffed executives who were testifying in several others, and sat through dozens more over the years, and it has always been striking to me to witness the difference in coordination between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats invariably come into every hearing with a clear goal in mind for outcome, assignments on who covers which specific topics during their 5 minutes of questioning, and excellent message discipline. Republicans typically seem to show up with no goal in mind, no discernible assignments and the message discipline of a bunch of alley cats.

I don’t know if credit is due to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Ranking Member Devin Nunes or Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan – who was transferred to House Intel just for this hearing process – but whoever it was that led this effort to do some strategic planning, kudos to you.

They had a goal in mind – And that goal was to decimate the witnesses before them. Not to play nice with them, not to waste precious time slathering praise on these two guys for their service to the country – or in George Kent’s case, his father’s and grandfather’s service – not to just question what they had to say in some half-assed manner, which has always been their norm in these settings, but to destroy their stories and reveal them for what they are: A pair of disloyal deep state hacks.

This goal became evident right from the start, when Devin Nunes basically insulted them as a couple of operatives who managed to pass muster in Schiff’s capital basement interrogation process so well that they became his star witnesses. Every Republican who asked questions was tough, pointed and precise, taking care not to needlessly insult them and set off the snowflake battalion among the perpetual outrage mob on Twitter, but to destroy the narrative they were pushing point by point.

That was the goal, and by the end of the day, the objective had been met.

They had clear assignments – Rep. Nunes was the stage-setter. His opening statement, when the live TV audience was at its maximum, was a scorched-earth devastation of the pathological Schiff personally and of the Democrats’ four-year effort to frame the President. You could tell how effective it really was by observing how the Democrat toadies in the media reacted to it: The shrillness of their response to anything Nunes does always has a directly inverse relationship to his level of effectiveness.

Jim Jordan had the assignment of ripping Bill Taylor’s credibility to tiny shreds, point by point.  This was no easy assignment, because Taylor – unlike Kent, who relied on co-opting the military service record of his ancestors to lend himself credibility – really did serve his country with valor during the Vietnam war before becoming a career bureaucrat. So, Jordan had to rip Taylor’s confusing and byzantine narrative to shreds, reducing him to a mumbling heap, and do it all with a smile on his face. He did all that and more, with Taylor even chuckling along with him at several points.

Everyone else who asked questions, from John Ratcliffe to Chris Stewart to Elise Stefanik to Michael Turner, addressed clearly-defined subject matter and were very effective. As is the case in any team effort, their level of effectiveness was no doubt enhanced by having a clear plan and strategic approach.

They had message discipline – The Republicans came into this hearing with several key messages they wanted to hammer over and over and over again in order to beat them into the collective mind of the viewing public. Among those key messages were:

– This whole process is a sham led by perhaps the single most dishonest member of congress;

– There was no quid pro quo;

– Where’s the whistleblower, and why won’t Adam Schiff be honest about his contact with him?;

– The elected President, not unelected bureaucrats like you guys, gets to determine U.S. foreign policy;

– Neither of these witnesses has any first-hand knowledge about anything relevant;

– The real bad actors relevant to Ukraine are Joe and Hunter Biden.

These messages were pounded home repeatedly, with GOP questioning leaving the two witnesses completely stumped and wordless time after time. In the end, it was Chris Stewart who got to deliver the right uppercut that devastated the Bidens:

Of course the answer is no, which is why neither of these very DC Swampy creatures could muster a response.

The Bottom Line – Unless Schiff and San Fran Nan have some witness waiting in the wings who is going to make some stunning new accusation backed-up by real, first-hand knowledge and corroborated by others, they would be far better off disbanding this budding fiasco today rather than extending the pain for another two full weeks or more.

After yesterday, they have a clear rationale for doing so, and for pinning it on the President. They could gather all their corrupt press toadies together for a live conference, and tell them that the testimony of these two third-hand gossips and nasty questioning by the GOP members of them shows that it would unproductive to continue this process. They wouldn’t want their other third-hand witnesses to be “bullied,” after all.

They could then blame it all on President Trump and his firm assertion of executive privilege in refusing to allow his top advisors, who might actually have some first-hand information about something relevant, to testify before Schiff’s clown show.

And then they could all go to the capitol basement and huddle up to work on their next false narrative designed to frame President Trump.

Of course, Nan and Bug-eyes aren’t clear-headed enough to do that, so the nation will be subjected to this clown show until it comes to a bitter end.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Bennie Sprouse

If Pelosi has any desire to save some of their demented democrat party, she will put an end to this SCHIFFSHOW and can “gracefully exit” by claiming to end the debacle in order to “SAVE the WHISTLEBLOWER’s LIFE”! She can make some lameazz, incoherent (ei USUAL speech) press conference to announce that “he’s not worth it”! Hmm, where have we heard THAT ONE before????

Nathan Redshield

Gee. This IS a first! McCarthy is continuing the improvement I’ve notice in the last few months. Maybe I might resume sending the NRCC money after stopping after seeing it wasted in the past years by Ryan, Boehner & Co.!


True Dave,

But things, big things, still have to happen – while we’re still young to quote Dangerfield from Caddyshack.

If the swamp survives largely intact post Trump, then were back in the same $hit that we have lived with since LBJ. Only this time the left will make sure that there is never another president Trump.

This is truly a tipping point.

I want to know exactly what Hillary meant when she said “If that f***ing bastard wins we all will hang” on the night of her loss to DJT, and I don’t want a fifty year investigation to find out; I want to know before we are all dead via “climate change”.

Jimmy MacAfee

That quote from HRC is one of the things that makes me hopeful.


I hear you, and it is a nice start, but talk is cheap – Sen Gramensty sounded great at Kavanaugh’s defense for his 15 minutes of fame, but now that he is in charge of the Sen. judiciary committee: crickets. Hopefully he can deflate his John McCain doll and do something for America by countering all this dem crap in the house and call Adam B.S(chiff) to testify under oath in the open.

When the swamp gets hurt, REALLY HURT, by the GOP is when I’ll consider giving some money.


I also liked when Ratcliff said that if they impeach Trump, to do so they have to call Zelenski a liar. Awesome, considering that one of the Dem themes both from congress members and the testimony of the witnesses was that Ukraine was so important to our national security (speculative), and that Trump was literally responsible for dead Ukrainians (uhh…no). Fake outrage, and I guess we only need to believe Zelenski when its convenient for the narrative.

Jimmy MacAfee

This just keeps getting deeper by the minute; – if the Dems had just let the President be President, a lot of this would never have come to light. The more hearings they have, the more stuff comes out in the open. Expect much more in days to come.

phineas gage

Nevertheless, the House Dems will still likely impeach the President, and his fate remains uncertain in the Senate. I don’t think McConnell will do anything dramatic, but as the GOPe leader, anything is possible.

The best outcome is this farce becomes more ridiculous by the day and Pelosi decides to fold the tent.

phineas gage

I strongly suspect Devin Nunes deserves most of the credit for the GOP coordinated response. His powerful opening statement, as you write, set the narrative, and I believe he was guiding the others such as Jordan.

Beyond deflating the Dems latest doomed quixotic assault on President Trump, this also indicates a strengthening of the core conservatism of the House GOP, as the establishment members continue to be winnowed out. Unfortunately the Senate remains much further away from this goal.

Uniparty Über Alles

Jordan busted up the clown car beach ball juggling seals impeachment mania circus like a boss!
I almost had some hope for the GOP wing of the Uniparty for a few seconds and that is no easy task.

Don McCoy

Our mistake, on the Right, is believing that procedure or the rule of law will matter at all during this fiasco.

Sharon Campbell

Wow! Superior article! I watched the whole clown show & cheered for the Republicans. They need to get even tougher tomorrow

Jimmy MacAfee

One of the issues that came up at the hearing:

“President Barack Obama gave Ukraine blankets and ready-to-eat MRE meals. President Trump gave them lethal defensive military weapons, like Javelin anti-tank missiles, as well as night-vision goggles and communication devices. U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, one of the star witnesses on the first day of hearings on the impeachment of President Trump, said Trump did far more than Obama. “During the 2014 to 2016 period, I was serving outside of government and joined two other former ambassadors to Ukraine in urging the Obama administration officials at the State Department, Defense Department, and other agencies to provide lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine in order to deter further Russian aggression,” Taylor said Wednesday.
“I was pleased when the Trump administration provided Javelin anti-tank missiles and enacted stronger sanctions. All to say, I cared about Ukraine’s future and the important U.S. interest there,” Taylor added.
The ambassador also said he “supported much stronger sanctions on Russia” that were enacted by Trump — not Obama.”

As I have been saying recently.

Jimmy MacAfee

Something the Dims don’t want you to know: Shokin wasn’t fired only because of Hunter Biden and his dad, Quid Pro Joe:

r />Glenn recaps part of his interview with a NEW Ukraine whistleblower, Andrii Telizhenko. He was an advisor to the former prosecutor general of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin (who was trying to investigate Burisma, where Hunter Biden was on the board). The Obama administration — including Joe Biden — said for years that Shokin was corrupt, but Telizhenko says the opposite. He says that a George Soros funded NGO wanted Shokin GONE, and Joe Biden put the pressure on until he was fired. And, Telizhenko says, diplomats at the Ukrainian embassy were told to cooperate with DNC researcher Alexandra Chalupa, because they believed it would bring them favor once Hillary Clinton was elected president.

But it is good that Jordan and others have stepped up; helps a lot that Trump is a fighter, and has taught them how to fight. Reminds me of Pale Rider.

But the question remains: why is NO ONE talking about Sorass and his NGO? Is it because he’s a CIA asset, spreading misery the world over? The Dims are deflecting for more than one reason. And Schiff was allegedly CIA in his past. As one anon puts it: “Once CIA, always CIA.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Furthermore, anyone hired under Brennan should be investigated and perhaps removed from their position, and kept from government service of any kind. He personally sent CIAmellowyellow to work in the Whitehouse to spy on President Trump, with McMaster’s assistance. These things couldn’t come out in the hearing, and they won’t in the Senate under Graham, either.

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