Another Epic Failed Hearing for the Democrats, Another Mass Shooting

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Just a coincidence, no doubt. – So, with their corrupt media cohorts struggling to spin their disastrous first day of impeachment circus hearings to their advantage, the Democrats were desperate all Thursday morning to change the narrative. There were no bombshells in the testimony of either Bill Taylor or the dapper dandy George Kent, no revelations of anything resembling impeachable behavior by President Donald Trump, nothing for anyone in the Democrat/media/deep state Axis of Disinformation to hang their rhetorical hats on.

As a result, it was a very slow news morning for America for once. And then it all magically changed, with yet another school shooting, this time in a high school in Santa Clarita, California, where a 15 year-old male student shot at his fellow students, injuring at least six and killing at least one. In the coming days, we will no doubt be told that this “lone wolf” suffered from mental issues that required him to take multiple prescription medications. We will learn that he comes from a broken family, that he had severe discipline issues at school and multiple run-ins with law enforcement over a period of many months, and probably that he was even known to the local FBI office.

That’s the seeming script for these things that our nation knows all too well by now. Script or not, the latest mass school shooting provides Democrat politicians the opportunity to change the day’s narrative on a dime, and their corrupt media toadies the ability to quit talking about the foundering impeachment circus and shift to promoting gun control and demonizing Republicans, the NRA and any American citizen who believes in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Within two hours of news of the shooting hitting the airwaves, Kamala Harris had a new gun control ad out on her Twitter account:

That’s some fast work right there. It’s funny how this happens, isn’t it? But surely just a coincidence. Right? I mean, to believe otherwise you would have to believe the worst things imaginable about certain people in our government, wouldn’t you?

I’ve seen folks promoting conspiracy theories about this subject on social media and elsewhere in recent months, but I’ve always just dismissed it all as rank paranoia. So, I thought, let’s disprove any notion of “conspiracy” here and look at what happened the last time the Democrats had such a miserable failure in a nationally-televised congressional hearing. I didn’t have to go back very far in time to do that – just less than four months ago.

Let’s go back to July 24-25 to see the exact same sequence of events happening again. On July 24, Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared before a joint hearing of several House committees to talk about his report which failed to nail President Trump or even provide a viable roadmap for his impeachment, its goal from the outset.

Remember how Mueller appeared frail, barely in control of his mental faculties, unable to remember the simplest details about the investigation he supposedly led and the report he supposedly authored.  Remember what an abject disaster that hearing was for the Democrat Party, so disastrous that even their most corrupt media toadies at CNN were forced to acknowledge its abject failure to advance the ball for the never-ending coup d’etat.

What happened the very next day? A mass shooting in California’s San Fernando Valley, in which a man killed four people, including his father and brother, and wounded two more at a total of four different crime scenes.


What happened barely a week after the San Fernando shootings, as congress was getting out of town for its month-long recess, which would inevitably cause a bit of a vacuum where their favored narratives were concerned? On August 3, not one but TWO mass shootings, this time in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Big shootings, too – a total of 32 people killed and another 51 injured.

Every one of the 22 or so then-candidates for the Democrat nomination immediately made narratives about gun control and “white supremacy” their key campaign talking points for the entire duration of the congressional recess. The August narratives were set in stone.

Just another coincidence, no doubt. To think otherwise is, well, it’s unthinkable. Isn’t it?

Since then, it’s been very slow on the mass shooting front. Oh, you have had the usual drive-by and gang-related shootings across the country, and fights at big parties in Greenville, Texas and Long Beach, California that resulted in multiple deaths and injuries, but it’s a big country with 330 million citizens and that’s going to be an inevitable part of our societal landscape.

Now, think about what’s been happening in the media narrative space since congress got back in early September. The whole Ukraine narrative started percolating to the surface shortly after congress resumed its work to destroy the country, and that narrative has dominated the news ever since. The Democrats and their media toadies were having a field day, and they knew it.

But then they made yesterday’s strategic error, and suddenly things were getting uncomfortable.

Just like clockwork, yet another school shooting takes place, and here we go on the gun control narrative one more time.

Surely just coincidence. In fact, surely just a rather amazing string of coincidences. But amazing they have been.


That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Cameron Howe

You forgot about the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter (about 30 mi from me). July 28th. Also a coincidence w/ the San Fernando shootings, and also a “lone-wolf” with mental health issues that don’t quite make sense.

Also, Kamala basically single-handedly implemented a policy whereby no new models of handguns could be sold in the state of CA (long story). Yeah you can get a Glock, but it has to be a Gen 3, etc. Why, with her record on gun control measures, I don’t understand how we can possibly keep having gun violence problems in CA .

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, bet you have some real inside scoops! Energy industry etc. Ukraine energy. Suggesting nothing about you, but suggesting that you probably have some deep insight from your industry connections.

Jimmy MacAfee

Question about the video and recent events: why do all these political scions with their hands in the moneypot(s) look like Patrick Bateman of “American Psycho” fame? Just an observation.


They should have put up a Kevlar gun free zone sign. Why didn’t the gun laws in the glorious people’s republic work? Teenagers are not allowed to buy guns in any state and Kalifornia has laws on the books regarding gun storage.
At least assclown Schiff for brains won’t be on the teevee IQ destroyer tube until tomorrow.


For some reason, the Twilight Zone comes to mind regarding all this hullabaloo for the last 3 yrs. Then there’s the 8 yrs before that which qualifies in my mind as more espisodes from that great TV series.
I’m over 75 yrs old and I never imagined the commies would infiltrate the dem party to the point they have. Perhaps McCarthy was on the right track when he conducted those hearings into the commies in our nation all those many years ago.
Oh, and did I mention I’m really pissed about the whole thing? Still thinking lamp posts in DC need some occupants hanging around.
Just sayin’.


No decent cop or detective believes in consequences; neither do I.

Greg Budell

Another amazing blog.


Just another gun free zone happening.


A kid who shoots himself in the head with a 0.45 and walks away is incompetent by any standard.


Unwed mothers can’t control the little bastards. There ought to be a law.

Jimmy MacAfee

There’s always adoption.

tom elder

I also see this posting on The Gateway Pundit: Thursday, November 14, 2019

HUGE! EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL: Documents Released by Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office Reveal MILLIONS Funneled to Hunter Biden and the John Kerry Family

Sharon Campbell

David, before today’s coincidence shooting I would have said, “come back from the edge”, but today I’m not so sure. What started the perhaps “tin foil hat” consideration for me was the Las Vegas mass shooting. LV law enforcement & the FBI told us 1 guy did the shooting. That story didn’t match the evidence, plus 2 floors of Muslims were in the hotel at the time. Then poof, the story was gone from the media. No investigative reporters took up the mantel, nothing.


Sharon, same for me….nothing about that incident adds up. The whole backstory about the top floors of the hotel and the Saudis…its just insane…or is it?? Not to mention that multiple survivors who spoke out over inconsistencies about the shooting have died mysteriously since then. There is a lot to unpack on that one.

Jimmy MacAfee

Prince Salmon’s arrest and sequestration of Saudi royals was a big part of it, and there was to be an attempt on his life at the hotel on the top floors (4or 5.) Salmon, considered by some as a “reformer,” cut off the big bucks to ISIS from Wahhabists/Salafists, and was loathed by that faction. Some were tortured; many lost their fortunes. It was set up as a gun sale, which explains why the shooters had to constantly reload: they weren’t there for a mass murder. The CIA (and maybe the FBI) supposedly interrupted the plot to kill Salmon. There was also the related shooting at the airport. You can still find the story, some of it reliable, some not.

phineas gage

Excellent post, Sharon. I agree that the Las Vegas shooting remains the biggest contemporary cover-up by our federal government.

Jimmy MacAfee

I guess I’m a “conspiracy theorist.” Right?

From my post a few days ago on DB:
“the revelation that Trump gave lethal aid to Ukraine, while Obama offered silly blankets and K-rations, puts the Ukraine hoax is on its last legs. Expect the fantasies of the Left to turn violent, as often happens when the fables disintegrate into thin air. False flags are less likely, but still possible; acts of violence against our side will increase exponentially as they’re left with no hope. (High probability.)”

Predictable as rain, as Dave says: “Just like clockwork.”

Jimmy MacAfee

An analyst is a conspiracy theorist with a paycheck.

Jimmy MacAfee

Me too, but not in this field of operation.

phineas gage

Kamala’s got nothing on the departed, unlamented Beto in terms of appalling political exploitation of public shootings. But they’ve got (had) something in common–complete and utter desperation. Soon Kamala will join Beto on the political trash heap of history.

If the fake news didn’t have this event for distraction, they would have just used something else. It is an interesting question whether Mueller Day or the first day of the Ukrainian hoax hearings was a bigger disaster for these clowns.

I don’t typically subscribe to conspiracy theories, but these days all bets are off.

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