What is the Game with the Horowitz Report?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is not a happy man. – The former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is understandably irritated about the seemingly endless delays in the process of getting the report on FISA abuse from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz released to the public. Grassley made his concerns known in a tweet issued Tuesday afternoon:

Indeed, what is the game with this long-delayed report from an investigation that started more than 20 months ago in early 2018? The report has been rumored in the fake news media to be complete and ready for release since at least April of this year, yet we still have seen neither hide nor hair of it. Grassley’s reference to “next week when they said it would” is actually a reference to reports from Sara Carter and others claiming that their “sources” were telling them the report would be issued on or around November 18.

This is about the 600th “sourced” issue date for the report that Carter and others have rolled out on Sean Hannity’s radio and/or TV programs since April. Hannity himself has repeatedly claimed that his own “sources” were telling him the report was just bound to be released at some point every month for the last six months. And yet, here we sit, still without this supposedly crucial report.

And it only gets worse: Late Tuesday evening, the Associated Press issued a report that clearly tells us we won’t see this report next week, or the week after that, or anytime before at least early December. Here’s the key passage:

The inspector general in recent days has invited witnesses and their lawyers who were interviewed for the report to review portions of a draft this week and next, a critical final step toward making the document public, according to multiple people familiar with the process who insisted on anonymity to discuss it.

As part of that process, the people will have opportunities to raise concerns or suggest potential edits, making it unclear precisely when in the coming weeks a final version could be ready for release. Inspector General Michael Horowitz told Congress in a letter last month that he did not expect a lengthy review period and that he intended to make as much of the report public as possible, with minimal redactions.

Oh. It is “unclear precisely when in the coming weeks a final version could be ready for release.” Well, knock me over with a feather.

This witness review process could take a few weeks, or it could take months. It could even result in the release of the report being delayed until after Election Day 2020, at which time it could be safely quashed from ever seeing the light of day should a Democrat win the presidency.

Why? Because each and every one of these witnesses has a high-powered lawyer representing them, and those lawyers will no doubt employ every tactic for delay they can come up with, given that they are no doubt all loyal players whose livelihoods depend on the preservation of the DC Swamp and its corruption.

And presto! Just as if it were coordinated in advance, the reliable deep state mouth organ Washington Post issued its own report just hours after the AP report in which it claims that, while the timelines for some witness reviews have already been established, the timelines for others are “still being negotiated”:

Several witnesses have been scheduled or are in talks to review sections of the report dealing with their testimony in the next two weeks, the people said on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter.

Even better for the deep state, the witnesses can submit feedback, which could result in further delays and force additional “investigations”:

That could mean public release is imminent, though the witnesses will be allowed to submit feedback — which could spark more investigative work and slow down the process.

Oh. And guess what? Any additional investigative work might – just might – result in new revelations of wrongdoing, which would the result in the accused persons within the FBI and DOJ getting yet another lengthy bite at the apple to review the findings and provide their own “feedback,” which could in turn create the need for more investigative work and witness interviews and feedback and counterclaims and lawyer tactics and corrupt FBI demands for redactions and on and on and on and on ad nauseum.


Here’s the lesson for Senator Grassley: You need to stop watching or listening to Sean Hannity and his gang of tick-tock monkeys. Sean Hannity has aired essentially the same hour of TV and three hours of radio five days a week for the past three years now. His incessant, repeated claims of “big revelations coming” that will be “devastating” and result in “multiple criminal referrals” and yada-yada-yada and blah-blah-blah have become the single most tiresome feature of our national news media.

So, to quote Sen. Grassley: “WHAT THE GAME IS?”

The game is delay. The game is being played by not only Horowitz himself, but by Christopher Wray, by Dana Boente, by other corrupt DOJ and FBI officials, by the felons who participated and still participate in the coup cabal, by the witnesses and their lawyers and their willing accomplices in the fake news media.

And here’s the biggest problem, Sen. Grassley: The game is also being played by your successor at the Judiciary Committee, your esteemed colleague Lindsey Graham. If you really are frustrated by all the delays, well, Sen. Graham has the power to convene a hearing and subpoena Horowitz, Wray, Boente and anyone else he wants to and ask them why they are playing this game.

Graham has in fact had that power for 10 months now and failed to convene a single hearing or issue a single subpoena related to this matter.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-to…oh hell, nevermind.

That is all.


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So, Grassley tweets his “disappointment” if the IG report is again delayed… and wondering what the game is?

Really senator? really? You wonder what the game is?

Thank you Captain Obvious – you wimpy jerk!

Get off your ass and get with Graham and McConnel and start DEMANDING ACTION OR THE FIRING OF HOROWITZ.

Get with the president and the AG and DEMAND indictments and prosecutions of ALL the turds in the sewer by the end of this month (November) of this year (2019).

No more lame ass tweets of concern. If you don’t get your buds in the senate (you must have some, you’ve been there forever) to get this moving then you are just as corrupt and guilty of supporting this anti-American cabal as the Obama and Hilary et al group.


I’m afraid they are changing “therefores” to “howevers”.


Seeing is believing ; hearing is informative . Being lied to is DC -speak for governing. Barr and Durham ( I distrust Horowitz) better prove me wrong!

ounce oflogic

First of all we know that rules, and probably laws were broken in the FISA application process. So this time there is an actual crime. And I suspect that this report contains some very damaging information that will impact people in high places and further erode public confidence in the FBI, for instance. My guess is that those impacted by this report are not going to be Trump supporters because, if that were the case, it would already have been leaked.

Va. Gent

All this back-and-forth BS reminds me of working through any gov’t-issued Draft Environmental Impact Statement, which takes YEARS to work through until it’s a codified FR rule.

This sure seems like an example of using such bureaucratic red tape to run out the clock, sincerely hope someone/Graham grows the nads to make it so.

In time of war, there are no good guys nor bad guys, there are only bad guys and the guys that are much worse. DEEP STATE, they say? Nonsense, there’s the STATE, and there is the STATE, SOB’s all.


At this point I have to wonder if even Barr and Durham ever plan to really nail anyone. My guess is, probably someone we’ve never heard of at some point so far down the road it wouldn’t even matter anymore. I suspect that DJT will get reelected in a landslide and the left will continue to hammer on him even long after he is out of office in 2025 and beyond. They will work to destroy him and his family forever and ever. And NO one will come to his defense. And America has simply bought itself a little more time before the lefties pick up where they left off and finish our country off.


Definitely rotten to the core as he is giving all of the guilty time to rearrange facts to their favor. He never did plan to release it. He has a sewer smell about him.

Charles Aronowitz

Isn’t it obvious that the IG is part of the swamp?

phineas gage

Forget about the Horowitz report. The Deep State Lawfare crew can and will delay this endlessly, and in the meantime reduce it to a thin watery gruel. It was always going to be thus. Hannity is, I’m sorry to say, a vacuous stooge.

The real action, whatever it may be, lies with Barr and Durham.


Didn’t the establishment pukes, all of them, laud Horowitz as the most impartial and excellent investigator for finding the facts regarding the FISA abuses by the possible culprits?
Wasn’t that the same kind of snow job they espoused when Rosenstein appointed Mueller to head up the russia, russia, russia debacle?
Trust the IG Horowitz to do anything which tarnishes those who lauded him is a fool’s errand. Don’t trust anyone the establishment clowns praise as being impartial and fair. If he is allowing the possible culprits to amend the results of the FISA investigation, something is rotten in the process.
Publish the freakin’ report and let the facts stand on their own merit. That is how justice is meant to work.
I’m reaching a point where my patience with all the foot dragging and juking and jiving by these so-called impartial and fair investigators is wearing terribly thin. That includes Barr and Durham and whoever else is involved in these , possibly sham, investigations.
Are they sitting back and mumbling to themselves, as did Marie Antoinette, “let them eat cake”? If so, they may not be as smart as they seem t think they are. Keep in mind what happened to the ill-fated Marie A.
Thinking it might be time for torches, ropes and pitchforks pretty soon.
Just sayin”

Sharon Campbell

David, you are 100% correct. Horowitz report is just another damn game. Our Constitution is being shredded & we are witnessing it day by day.

Jimmy MacAfee

Possibly they’re waiting for former CIA associate Schiff to roll out his last salvo; Horowitz also might be revising his work, so that other ongoing criminal investigations don’t make it look like he’s collaborating with the DS – he’s vulnerable, since Durham got rolling. Hoping that Horowitz is on the up-and-up, but that’s hoping – no evidence to back it up.

A plausible scenario is that so much has been uncovered – corruption and treason so vast, so widespread – that it would virtually destroy the entire DS if it were all revealed. In that scenario, it’s like Beto trying to come for our guns: there aren’t enough federal and state agents to go door-to-door; same with the DS: how do you prosecute possibly thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of disloyal Swamp vermin?

Have to proceed very carefully, IMO. As a certain anon has said: “timing is everything.”

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