An Honest Media Would Force The Democrat Impeachment Circus to Shut Down

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

So, the Democrats are going to give us two weeks of this? Really??? – In all seriousness, is this all there is? A parade of career bureaucrats and diplomats, some of whom – like Bill Taylor – are probably well-intentioned, and some of whom – like the dapper dandy George Kent – are obvious career deep state hacks attempting to undermine a President they don’t like, spending all day long whining about the fact that they were “concerned” about a policy approach to Ukraine that they, the unelected bureaucrats and diplomats, did not approve of?

The Democrats went into today thinking that they would have to make a big splash during the first hour in order to hold the nation’s attention. Unfortunately for them, the snotty Kent was so irritating and the tedious Taylor so incredibly boring as he droned on and on and on for 40 long minutes that the Dems likely lost at least half their audience before Bug-eyes Schiff even got to begin his questioning.

Kent’s tactical approach was to basically say, hey, my dad and his dad before him were both very brave patriots who served our country in the military, and that means I’m important and should be able to run U.S. foreign policy instead of the guy the voters elected to the presidency.

Taylor’s approach basically amounted to:

 I was told by Volker who was told by Sondland who had talked to Giuliani and yada yada yada blah blah blah on and on and on and on and undending bureaucratese and self-important BS and therefore and ipso facto Russia is bad and therefore Trump is bad and my esteemed colleague George Kent and I should get to set U.S. foreign policy instead of the President and let me repeat what I said at the outset for the 23rd time and blah blah blah yada yada yada I’m important.

Neither of these guys has any shred of first-hand information about anything relevant to the Democrats’ stupid, made-up claims against the President. God bless them and their service, but they are basically just the neighborhood gossips trying to elevate their own self-importance by spilling all the rumors they’ve heard about their neighbors. Neither of them would be allowed to testify in a court of law, because everything they had to say today was pure hearsay, some of it third-and-fourth-hand.

And these guys are the Democrats’ star witnesses. It all goes downhill from here. The ex-ambassador who will testify Friday was fired in April, three full months before the July 25 call between Presidents Trump and Zelensky even took place. She knows even less than Taylor and Kent.

An honest, real news media establishment covering today’s proceedings would basically force the Democrats to shut the rest of it down. It’s a farce, a hoax, a scam and a national embarrassment, one that is doing incalculable damage to our country’s reputation and influence around the world.

To the extent American voters were actually watching the hearing live, it was an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats. Tedious, boring, endless talk about byzantine machinations that no ordinary person could possibly understand, and zero evidence that any impeachable crime has been committed by President Trump.

The corrupt media of course will do everything they can to make it all seem oh, so damaging to the President, but the reality is that the only truly compelling moments in the entire day were produced by the epic opening statement by Devin Nunes and by the questioning from three GOP members, Jim Jordan, John Ratcliffe and Chris Stewart.

Here are clips of all four key moments:

Again, an honest media establishment would force the Democrats to shut this disaster down. But we don’t have an honest media establishment, so buckle up for two solid weeks of epic fail from the Democrats.

That is all.


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Jim Jordan is a rock star….this guy is like a political ninja. Delivers killing blows every time he gets involved.


Come on. An honest media would have never allowed and worked to get this crap started in the first place. Then again, our media is nothing near to honest. They lie, make up facts, and report opinion and hearsay as fact. Many people’s lives have been ruined lately by he said she said issues, with no criminal cases or complaints to be found. Why is that? Just like the old National, Enquirer, sensationalism sells papers, whether true or not.

Jimmy MacAfee

They won’t allow the real quid pro quo to be mentioned – Quid Pro Joe and his (ability-challenged?) son. But one name is missing in all this, in the investigation by the Ukraine into Burisma – that the other part of the investigation that was stopped was of a Soros enterprise.

It appears that Soros is active wherever the CIA wants him, and all his NGOs are CIA outfits. The appearance is there, and should be investigated.

Jimmy MacAfee

Schitt once claimed – repeatedly – that he had evidence of Russian collusion, then Mueller happened. Same with this Schitt-show. Now he claims he doesn’t know the identity of the whistleblower, a name his documents revealed. I have one comment on this:

Adam Schitt sleeps with a muhammed doll, and does awful things to it at night.
Prove me wrong.

Jim Hudson

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the video of Biden bragging about forcing the Ukrainian Prosecutor to be fired was seen by millions of people. Their hypocrisy is stunning and I can’t wait for election day!


Two weeks of epic fail from Democrats likely will be an ultimate good for USA, short term pain for long term gain.

Since Media is not honest, they may have to shut down coverage simply because it is not favoring Democrats and all the world is getting to see it first hand. They have had a great deal of sway by interpreting these things and reporting their opinions instead of the facts, but having the public view and hear what is actually said is as damaging as letting the Whistleblower be known and interrogated.


Ha! honest media…oxymoron

phineas gage

Ratcliffe was the best: ‘can you name a specific crime?’……..silence


That was the priceless moment. Caused a bit of chaos immediately thereafter. Shiffy didn’t know how to handle it. Probably just pooped his pants as he watched the hearing devolve into what it had been all along…a nothingburger.
The clown show will be here all week unless Piglousy gets smart and shuts it down. Not likely.

phineas gage

Never mind an honest media, a rational Democrat party would shut this unfolding disaster down right now. But they are not rational, they are unhinged loons now, all of them, playing to a like-minded lunatic base. And the same raving ideologues populate and run the media.

The process has spun out of control and it now has its own internal inevitable momentum. It’s quite said, because it represents in political microcosm what has happened to our country, irreparably damaged and poisoned by the Left.

Sharon Campbell

Perfect summary! Just a bunch of repeated gossip from two men who’ve been on taxpayers payrolls their entire lives who believe they should set foreign policy not our elected President. A total waste of time.

Sam Dennis

Ambassador Bill Taylor ADMITTED that Obama FAILED to provide weaponry to Ukraine and Trump did; and that he never met or spoke to Trump, yet he was ‘concerned’ about Trump’s supposed conditioning of the Aid. He and George Kent both admitted that foreign aid is often conditioned.

Jimmy MacAfee

They took lessons from Rachel Maddow, when she had the President’s tax returns. Buildup buildup buildup then…dead as a Democrat’s firstborn (or first-unborn, to be precise)


I am going to borrow that: dead as a Democrats first unborn

Jimmy MacAfee

Hope it gains traction!

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