Alan Dershowitz: The Stalinist Democrats are Making up Crimes

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Those who dare speak the truth invariably become the first casualties of any communist revolution. – Alan Dershowitz, for those who do not know, is a very liberal longtime professor of constitutional law at Harvard University law school. For years following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union, conservatives referred to Harvard Law School as the last bastion of communism on the face of the earth. That all ended early in the 21st century, as communism began making its comeback within the ranks of the Democrat Party.

But I digress. Back to Dershowitz.

For many years, Prof. Dershowitz was a frequent contributor for both CNN and Fox News. His appearances have now gone away for the most part as both cable news channels have shied away from airing the views of liberals who actually speak the truth about the never-ending coup mounted by the Democrat/media/deep state Axis of Disinformation. In fact, Dershowitz says he has has been banned entirely on CNN. Big surprise there.

But Dershowitz still finds his way into the media anyway. On Sunday, he appeared on the John Catsimatidis radio show  to talk about the fake impeachment circus being run by Adam Schiff and San Fran Nan. During the course of this interview, the longtime registered Democrat made some startling accusations about the current leaders of his Party, comparing them to Joseph Stalin and the head of Stalin’s KGB, Lavrentiy Beria.

Here is some of the transcript of that interview [emphasis added is mine]:

They’re very scary. They’re very frightening to any civil libertarian. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican; whether you come from New York or the middle of the country, you should be frightened by efforts to try to create crimes out of nothing. The latest twist was people on television, particularly CNN and MSNBC, are saying that if the president or somebody else was to name the whistleblower in the Ukrainian situation, that person would be guilty of a crime. I said in the afternoon yesterday, searching the federal criminal statutes from beginning to end, I couldn’t find the crime.

It reminds me of Lavrentiy Beria, head of the KGB, said to Stalin, he said, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” Which he really meant, I’ll make up the crime.

And so the Democrats are now making up crimes. First they made up collusion. “Ahh! Collusion. It’s a crime!” I searched the statute books. There’s no crime of collusion except when businessmen get together to collude against the anti-trust laws, but no crime of collusion with a foreign country.

Then after that, they said “obstruction of Congress.”No, no, no, no, no. Obstruction of justice is a crime; obstruction of Congress is part of our system of checks and balances. If you get a subpoena from Congress, and you’re the president or in the executive department, and you think you have an executive privilege, you have an obligation not to respond. That’s not “obstruction of Congress,” that’s checks and balances under our Constitution.

So what we’re seeing, in a desperate effort to try to find crimes against President Trump: they’re just making it up. And that means we are all in danger, because if we can make up a crime — Congressman Cohen of Tennessee said that me and others who appear on Fox essentially were co-conspirators; we’re in on it. He’s now threatening people who are commentators, a liberal Democrat like me, who’s a commentator, that we’re in on it, that we’re co-conspirators. It is such a dangerous development to civil liberties.

The ACLU should be up in arms, but they’re silent.


Well, of course the ACLU is silent. The ACLU is just another Marxist organization dedicated to undermining the rule of law in the United States, a reality that Dershowitz can’t seem to bring himself to accept. The ACLU only weighs in to promote “freedoms” that serve to undermine the foundations of American liberty and freedom.

So, you won’t see this world-renowned law professor on CNN again, because CNN shares the same goals held by the ACLU. And you won’t see him on Fox News much, if at all, anymore, because those idiots are too busy promoting the rants of the pea-brained hack, Andrew Napolitano.

This is how things work in any communist society: The first thing you do is silence authority figures and experts who refuse to toe the party line. Once that has been accomplished, the media outlets all know that the next step is to silence any journalists who facilitate the airing of those contrarian views.

Management at CNN has spent the last four years systematically ridding its airwaves of all liberal authority figures who dare to speak any truth about the Democrat Party, replacing them all with more cookie-cutter talking points monkeys. The current management at Fox News is now going about doing the same, getting rid of Dershowitz and other liberal truth-tellers and replacing them with talking points monkeys like the nitwit Marie Harf and the corrupt Donna Brazile.

We should fully expect the great Mollie Hemingway to become the next casualty of the Fox purge. Hemingway has been a frequent contributor on Fox for years now, but as we noted yesterday at the Campaign Update, she broke Fox’s idiotic wall of omerta against speaking the name of fake whistleblower Eric Ciaramella on-air on Sunday. The cable channel’s leftist management will now come under pressure from their peers to either punish Hemingway or face not being invited to all the best cocktail and dinner parties on the Upper East Side for the foreseeable future.

And you know how the rich, white lefties are about their cocktail and dinner parties: Prof. Dershowitz hasn’t been invited to one in years.

That is all.


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Bottom line in all this: this type of intrigue/coup activity will continue until one important thing happens – that people in-the-know/in-on-it start turning up @room temperature if you get my drift.

What else would dissuade them/put the fear of God unto them? Barr/Durham prosecutions/convictions?

Okay. Great! But it has to happen. With the media in their pocket who/what do they fear?

There has to be repercussions otherwise this nation is done.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sometimes I post – I always save it prior to posting – and it isn’t posted. Certain words trigger a non-post, and I’ve edited the heck out of posts in some cases (though admittedly some of my comments need a lot of further editing.) The host won’t post such words as p0rn. (we’ll see if this one gets through – nope.)

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve see the “waiting for approval” notes, but not with the apparently offending words, which do not get the note: they’ve just rejected, no matter how many times I post. Those aren’t the delayed posts that you refer to, which you deal with promptly. Try posting the word p0rn, with the letter instead of the number; it isn’t allowed and you probably don’t get an email.


Dave, what happened to my post, it didn’t appear?

Jimmy MacAfee

Had to use a number 0 instead of the letter o to get it through. Edit, save, then repost. (Some topics seem to be off-limits, too.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Got that. Hard to know who in the organization may be editing – but no one blames you! And sometimes, I’m glad to have a post refused: too close to current affairs that need to be avoided for security reasons.


Speaking of making up crimes, this guy should fit in nicely as the new San Francisco DA:

He’s gonna “reform” the criminal justice system. The $950 limit to prosecute will be the least of your worries there.


When we fully lose Fox News, that may be the canary in the coal mine that signals an acceleration of the left’s attempted takeover of this nation. I say “when”, because while Baier and the news programs might be caving, the opinion hosts like Tucker, Sean, Laura, and Levin haven’t been silenced yet. When that happens, the end is nigh for Fox. Outlets reporting on the truth will be scarce. OAN? Anyone else? They still need a method to broadcast…and will be denied access.

phineas gage

Interesting times we live in–many so-called conservatives have been unmasked as nothing more than Democrats sucking off the corporate teat (ahoy, Bill Kristol…). At the same time, certain long-standing Democrats have been alienated and shunned, such as Dershowitz. I doubt he has many friends left in his academic circles. The realignment has been profound.

In general, Jews would be wise to look to the example of Dershowitz and pay more attention to what is emanating from the Democrat party these days and the people that lead that party, such as Omar. What was old evil is now new again.

Jimmy MacAfee

Quid Pro Joe – (the corruption is so obvious, so out-in-the-open) – is given a free pass, because he’s got a certain…”moral flexibility,” which makes him the ideal Deep State boy. It’s not just the coup, and Quid Pro’s participation, but the fact that the Ukraine is a hotspot for illegal Intel operations which no one wants to mention. Nowhere. Wil Mockingbird Media ever reveal that? Never. Not if they won’t even mention Eric CIA’s name and ban the mention of his name. Not even Alan Dershowitz wants to talk about that. Some sh$t, apparently, is not meant for digging.


The CIA sponsors a mercenary army to defend Ukraine against the Russians in Donbass. They are rather successful. The Russians are afraid to use tanks and artillery because our anti tank weapons and counter battery fire are superb. The occasional explosion of a military weapons depot inside Russia is suspect.

Jimmy MacAfee

Trump provided lethal arms, which Obumbler refused to do. NO one seems to mention this in the fake Ukraine scandal.

As far as the CIA goes, they’d better clean house of the traitors, because people like Biden blew their cover, whatever cover they may have had, along with Crowdstrike. If the CIA won’t clean up the messes their renegades create, and they continue to attempt to overthrow our own government, they should be dismantled and fed to better agencies, re-hiring only those who aren’t part of the Commie-slamic cabal.

Jimmy MacAfee

Eric CIA; that should be his name. Cuts to the actuality of all of this: this is a CIA-run coup. The word “dismantle” should be on everybody’s lips. All the news (even Faux) is Mockingbird. Soros is CIA.
Eric CIA needs to be treated with the contempt he deserves, and those who protect him – all the way to the top – should be targeted for removal.

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