How Does the Never-ending Coup d’etat End?

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

So, how does it all end? – Oh, we know how the Democrats’ “impeachment” circus is going to end – with a rejection of articles of impeachment in the U.S. Senate. They’ll get support from several disloyal RINOs, snakes like Mitt Romney and maybe one or two others to whom personal ambition and preservation of their slice of the DC Swamp gravy train outweighs standing up for the rule of law and the sanctity of America’s electoral process. But in the end, the senate will reject the Schiff/Pelosi impeachment effort – that much is a given.

No, what I’m talking about here, and what every loyal American needs to be thinking about as the never-ending coup d’etat approaches its third anniversary, is how does that all end? What is the ultimate end game there? The coup cabal leaders have now had 33 months of the Trump Administration to catch or entrap or frame President of the United States in the commissions of a crime – any old real, actual crime would do – and have come up miserable failures in that effort.

And their record of abject failure is even worse than that when one considers that the efforts to entrap or frame Donald Trump actually started way back in November 2015, when it became obvious he would win the GOP nomination, which means we are really right at the fourth anniversary of this ongoing bit of treasonous action. After those four long years, the coup cabal has come up with…bupkis. Zero. Zip. Zilch. A big ol’ bag of nothing.

So, how does this all end? Does it just keep on going for five more years, through the end of President Trump’s second term in office? Because a second Trump term is almost an inevitability at this point unless the coup cabal can find a way to get rid of him without an election. This impeachment farce ain’t gonna get it done.

The Democrats and their corrupt media toadies can pontificate all they want about impeachment being “a purely political thing,” but the American people are obviously unmoved by that false argument. The Constitution’s discussion of impeachment contains the specific words “high crimes and misdemeanors” for a reason, and the clear evidence of the peoples’ belief in that reason is that today, after hearing this false “it’s just politics” argument 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 2 months, the President’s public approval ratings stand exactly where they stood way back when all this began.

The evidence of just how miserably the coup cabal has failed in its efforts to move the nation’s opinion of the President was heard and seen loud and clear at Alabama’s Bryant Denny Stadium yesterday:

Yes, that’s real America, that vast middle 80% of the nation that lies between the regions occupied by the coastal elites. Real America is Trump Country, and those people will not peacefully tolerate the removal of this President from office by these illegitimate means.

So, if the people are unmoved by the farce, what happens next and how does this all end? Can the coup cabal really sustain this long-running fantasy play for nine long years? Are they really just planning to keep running through the same tiresome playbook over and over again until it somehow works? The word for that is insanity, and it is a very apt description of what they continue to put the nation through in their mad quest for power.

How does this all end? If the last 33 months have taught us nothing else, they have taught us that the federal administrative state is filled to the gills with disloyal Obama holdovers and career bureaucrats who are perfectly willing to subvert the Constitution and the electoral process in order to affect their own personal political agenda. The Alexander Vindmans and Eric Ciaramellas are not outliers at the National Security Council or the CIA – they’re closer to the norm, a norm that also exists within the bureaucracies of the State Department, the Department of the Interior, the EPA and most other bureaucracies of the federal government.

These people are like cancerous cells flowing through the vessels of the Trump Administration, doing everything they can each and every day to make it impossible for the President to govern as he was elected to do. This disloyalty, this active mendacity and seditious activity within the bureaucracy is not a “new” thing per se. President Reagan, and to a lesser extent, Bush 41 and Bush 43 had to deal with it, though at a far less intense level.

What’s different this time is scale of it, and its audacity. Before now, the Deep State had always lurked in the shadows, careful to hide its ambitions and activities. But now, we have the spectacle of it dressing itself up in fully military regalia – Vindman – in clear violation of the military code of conduct and having no one in the military chain of command utter a peep of objection or condemnation.

We have the lawyer for Ciaramella, the fake whistleblower who played the role of kicking off the whole impeachment farce, bragging about a coup and publicly recruiting other whistleblowers on his twitter feed. We have the leader of the impeachment farce, Adam Schiff, denying the GOP members of his committee the right to even ask questions of Ciaramella under the false argument that whistleblowers are guaranteed a right to remain anonymous. Completely false.

This is audacious. It’s right out in the open, and if you’re thinking the coup cabal will just fold up its collective tent and suddenly become loyal Americans again once their impeachment effort fails, you are living in an alternative reality. It should be obvious to everyone by now that that is just not going to happen.

So, what does the duly-elected President of the United States do once he is exonerated by the duly-elected U.S. Senate? To quote Ezekiel 25:17, he is “beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men,” to such an extent that it is now bordering on impacting not just the President’s security, but the security of this nation. Which of course is the goal of this cabal of evil, disloyal people.

How does this all end once the impeachment farce fails? How will the President deal with the skunks and snakes that Obama left embedded in the administrative state? He knows who many of them are by now, but federal employment laws make it almost impossible to get rid of them. He theoretically could issue an executive order declaring an emergency, suspending those laws and enabling his cabinet officials herd the snakes and skunks out of their ranks, but would they do it?

Would Christopher Wray take the opportunity to clean out his raging dumpster fire at the FBI? Would Gina Haspel use the chance to get rid of Ciaramella and his compatriots within her ranks at the CIA? And what about the Pentagon – the Vindman spectacle makes you wonder exactly where the loyalties at the Joint Chiefs of Staff lie at this point.

How does this all end? Or does it just keep going on and on and on until the Democrats and the corrupt news media and the deep state minions achieve their ultimate goal of taking the country into another Civil War?

Good question. I wish we knew the answer.

That is all.


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Bennie Sprouse

It should end with the arrests of all involved! FISA and the other declas will expose what most already know – an ORGANIZED COUP by the dems/rinos/deepstate/libermedia! All involved should be tried, convicted, and GONE from public view for the remainder of their lives – some should end QUICKLY! The punishment and exposure of that punishment should be so severe that NO ONE would ever think of doing this again! It should also restore belief in our Government!

Jay Whitcraft

I would love to see and am actively going to work for, the outcome that Gregg talked about. This can happen if we work together.

Dennis Swiatek

Line them up against a wall and shoot them in the head. Obama,Clinton,Comey,,Clapper and Brennan. Make every news Network televise it live. Replay it daily for the next 15 years.

Charles Aronowitz

It ends with the trial, conviction, and execution of the likes of Brennan, Comey, and Schiff.

P King

Obama, Jarret, Pelosi, Nadler, Maxine, Holder and Lynch! Throw in a couple Clinton deaths and the defeat of the new found SQUAD in 2020 …this will ultimately force Schumer and others into retirement…Make term limits a national referendum on the 2020 ballot …. and alas… the Deep State participants will in time take their government pension and ill gotten gains home….. because no one is there to feed their greed and hubris! It’s going to take a strong AG and full Congress to assist POTUS is getting rid of the SWAMP creatures…Interesting how quickly Cummings checked out after POTUS exposed his poorly represented district! He’s draining it… they are feeling their habitat in destruction and are rebelling…. it’s just a matter of time before the light turns them all to crispy critters. I pray… we don’t have bloodshed! I pray that the Secret Service are vigilant in his protection!

Ed Smith

Coup plotters to GITMO, tried and then executed. End of problem. For now.

phineas gage

I agree that the Dem party needs to be destroyed to be saved, but even the scenario you suggest–which is eminently possible–won’t stop things. The crazy blue states on the coasts will not stop. They are too far gone.

I really don’t see a scenario where this country comes back together.


Well Dave, If totally stripping them of power (they lost only the house in 2010) doesn’t force real reform and perhaps spark a private civil war within the Dem party, then it will be 1860 all over again. But most real Americans have guts and guns; whereas the left is just a bunch of soft, pampered, loudmouth pu…, I’ll leave it at that.

But if violence, caused by them, comes to America, I’m confident the right side, our side, will ultimately prevail. Evil must be eliminated by whatever means necessary and it will be.


The only way this ends peacefully is if the Dems grow up and stop it.

The only way the Dems will grow up (even a little bit) is for them to lose 50 to 100 seats in the house, several in the senate, several governorships, state legislatures, and local races.

Blowouts like that have happened in 1994 and 2010 when the Dems held near super majorities and we had a new Dem. president. This time it must happen with a GOP president, who is actually more popular than Obama was at this point in his third year, on the ballot; it must happen not only in Trump won cong. districts, but in many traditionally blue districts in places like CA, IL, NY, MA, MD, NJ, PA, OH, FL, TX, AZ, WA, CO and in every remotely “toss up” area.

2020, the year of the ballot had better be historic, or 2021 may well be the year of the bullet.

phineas gage

I might also add you can look to Virginia as your flashpoint, if the radical Dems do indeed attempt gun confiscation….


What Phinias said.

Yeah, I pray first that Northpig not attempt the things he says he wants and second that there prove some peaceful way forward if he does, but I am not at all confident that these prayers will be granted.

phineas gage

This is a really great post–it bookends with the post by sundance this morning on the same topic.

I’m sorry to say, but my answer is–in a word–violence. As you state, they’re not going to stop, having come so far down this road, and at the end of it lies very bad things. It is 1860 all over again.

The military being completely silent in the face of the Vindman testimony of directly disobeying a duly elected president is particularly bad news.

Jimmy MacAfee

Don’t mistake patience for inaction; Vindman has some bills to pay.


This doesn’t end until a Democrat is President. This is the new America. Normal politics when Dems rule, seething cold/hot civil war when they don’t. Enjoy.

Keep the Kulaks Out

It all ends in a steaming hot dumpster fire of collapse and equal misery for all comrades of the collective.
Remember that this is a feature and not a bug to the Bolsheviks who have no plan B or other system that can work better than free market capitalism and the representative republic model.
Will the natives clamor when utopia is nowhere to be found and there are no conservative republican kulak deplorable wrongthink scapegoats?


Hanging is too good send them to Liberia


We got over the energy of activation hump for a hot civil war some time ago. All that remains is an event to trigger it. The Left has tried repeatedly (e.g., Antifa violence), but the patriots are tolerant (hopefully not too tolerant). Look to the Battle of Athens, TN for guidance on how to effectively respond to Democrat usurpation.

Jimmy MacAfee

The only end-game possible will be for the coup plotters and the corrupt (Clinton Foundation, Epstein participants, CIA officials, the Bidens and all the rest) to be charged and tried and sentenced. While this may seem impossible, “little” things like the Civil War, WWII and others seemed impossible, too. Unimaginable things happen. Can you imagine what the people in the immensely fortified Babylon thought, prior to the overthrow by Darius the Mede? Unimaginable for them, considering their immense fortifications.

Americans have been passive for a long time, trusting that things will always work out – and they do, usually, but usually with a lot of bloodshed. This appears to be one of those times, and it is not a hard prediction to make that there will be a lot of that. As one Evangelist said: “If G0D doesn’t punish America for her sins, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Consider the sides that are in alliance against us, and against President Trump: idolaters, blasphemers, liars, perverted and amoral practitioners of evil against the innocent and the unborn; worshippers of foreign gods and goddesses and even Satan himself; greedy, self-loving, boastful, prideful and arrogant schemers and plotters and rebels; hate-filled twisters of good and evil, calling good evil and evil good; men and women who misuse their bodies; haters of G0D Himself; lazy, deceitful and proud; those who teach children to do evil. These are all in an unholy alliance against us.

Things will be revealed that have been hidden, and fortresses will be flooded: there will be no escape for the wicked.

P King

Don’t forget Obama,Jarret, Rice, Holder, Brennan and Clapper…Comey and Loretta!

Gary Mathis

Simple. Try the Democrats for treason and then hang them by the neck until they are dead.

Sharon Campbell

Wow, David you out did your usual excellent art form! Superior article & those of us who still believe in the Constitution are wondering how this will end as well. I do not know the answer, but I believe it will be ugly.

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