Bloomberg’s In! Sort of. Maybe.

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this #WINNING yet? – The Dow Jones Industrials and S&P 500 set new record high closes on Thursday amid very solid corporate earnings reports and optimism about an interim trade deal with China. The NASDAQ also had a gain for the day and closed at its second-highest level of all-time.

Despite all the howling from liberal “experts” that tariffs would destroy the market, the Dow is up by almost 11%, the S&P 500 by almost 14% and the NASDAQ by right at 16% since President Trump first announced tariffs on China in February 2018. Maybe it’s time to find some new “experts.”

Mayor Big Gulp dips his toe into the race. Will he go all-in? – Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire professional nanny who famously outlawed the selling of sugary soft drinks in cups larger than 20 ounces, made the first move towards getting into the race for the 2020 Democrat nomination Thursday when he filed paperwork to get himself on the ballot in Alabama.

While most corrupt fake news media swooned hysterically at the prospect of another big Democrat hero entering the race, Tal Axelrod at The Hill got the story right in a piece headlined, “Bloomberg signals interest in entering presidential race.” Bloomberg is filing the paperwork in Alabama because it is the state with the earliest filing deadline. What he did yesterday was just a baby step towards getting ready to formally enter the race.

The ex-Mayor has not formed up a campaign committee, hired campaign staff or done any of the myriad other things anyone must do in order to mount a presidential campaign. He can do those things very quickly when he makes his final decision, since he, like Donald Trump, is a billionaire who can self-fund his own effort, but until he does those things, he’s just dipping his toe in the water.

Here’s a big catch with Mayor Bloomberg, though: At age 77, he is actually nine months older than the geriatric Joe Biden, who really does appear to be in a state of rapid mental decline. Bloomberg appears to be in much better physical and mental condition than Biden, but this is an extremely advanced age for a person seeking the presidency. Ronald Reagan, our oldest serving President in history, was 77 when he left office after 8 years on the job. Bloomberg would be 78 on his inauguration day.

Bloomberg will presumably base his campaign on an “I’m the one who isn’t batsh*t crazy” strategy, but as Joe Biden has discovered, that strategy has limited utility in a field crowded with various levels of Alinskyite/Marxist grifters. As of today, Biden, a massive front-runner just 6 months ago, finds himself running in 4th place in Iowa, a weak 2nd in New Hampshire, and clinging to an increasingly-tenuous lead in the national polls.

If you consider Preacher Pete Buttigieg to also not be batsh*t crazy, then as of today, in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls, the “I’m the one who isn’t batsh*t crazy” segment of the Democrat voter base amounts to just 35%. Add in Amy Klobuchar and you get to 37%. Tacking on Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard gets you to 41%.

Now, Bloomberg presumably wants to just jump in and divvy up that minority pie even further, because it is a mistake to believe that Biden and/or Buttigieg are just going to throw up their hands and shout “no mas!” like Roberto Duran (you Millennials will have to Google that reference) just because some guy who hasn’t held elected office in six years is jumping in with a lot of media fanfare. Should Bloomberg actually fully enter the race, the most likely impact would be to end Biden’s status as the national front-runner and basically make it even less likely that any candidate in the field would be able to accumulate enough delegates during the primaries to win the nomination on the first ballot at next year’s convention.

You are going to see a lot of wild predictions from your fake news media today and over the weekend about Bloomberg somehow becoming an immediate front-runner in the race. But once all of that settles and Democrat voters start to see just how un-exciting this guy truly is, his most likely impact will be to simply muddle the picture further than it already is.

Meanwhile, the Fainting Felon sits out there in her wardrobe of pantsuits and hospital gowns, waiting to waltz in as the Party’s savior at a hung convention next summer.

You just could never make this stuff up, folks.

P.S.: If you really believe that Bloomberg actually isn’t batsh*t crazy, invest a couple of minutes in reviewing this clip from a September interview:

And just for your further edification, here are photos of Mr. Bloomberg paling around with Jeffrey Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell:

Image result for bloomberg with ghislaine maxwell

Image result for bloomberg with ghislaine maxwell

Oh. The more you know…

That is all.


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The taller man has won every presidential election. Bloomberg has no chance.

Joseph Herschberger

Bloomberg IS far too OLD to be able to accept the serious strain of the oval fish bowl office just like Bernie Sanders is too old having had a heart attack even before having any responsibilities of high Office.The 25th amendment waits to be activated for any current candidate way over the age of seventy.President Trump at age 72 or 73 is barely acceptable at his age.But he has taken care of himself for a lifetime of not drinking alcohol or smoking anything so he is healthy enough to endure the strain of the oval office.But having so manny detractors of his Presidency has caused him to age much faster then otherwise would have happened under normal circumstances.But President trump has a youthful outlook of himself so he is surviving the str ain of the oval fish bowl office.


Actually, if anything, Trump appears even more energized and youthful then he did before he became president. I think he actually enjoys the fight…

Maybe the reason the other presidents all seem age faster than normal is because they have to spend so much time, effort, and energy keeping their skeletons buried and trying to figure out how to keep the American voter fooled; a tiring job keeping track of which lies to tell and to whom

Trump has none of the baggage the others have because he is beholden to none of the power-players and king-makers, only to the citizens who voted for him, and he is keeping his promises. He is surviving the oval office fish bowl because he conscience is clear and he really wants to “do the work of the American people” unlike the BS artist Bill Clinton when he uttered those words while wagging his finger at us on TV over Monica L.

Ricky D Church

After it was announced Bloomberg was looking to get in the race the liberal media and pundits went euphoric with excitement. This is an obvious indication they view the current field of democrat candidates as losers.

phineas gage

Hillary is tanned (preserved in alcohol), rested and ready. With Bloomberg further splitting the vote, it is now a nigh-on certainty.

The debates will be must-see events.

Jimmy MacAfee

How do you say: “brokered convention?”

They’ll end up like they began, thrown feces at the wall, the Dem Establishment waiting to see which candidate will stick. So far, they’re all plopping off in big globs.

Why is Booger still running? Is he still running? Hard to tell. (Pooh on my shoe.) Nasty Amy – she’s a dark horse, who should have slid off the wall but somehow thinks she’s going to be more likeable. (never) Lieawatha is crumbling, and she’ll drop off the wall from sheer desiccation, brought about by a s-storm of lies. Buttergag? If he didn’t have billionaire buddies greasing his skids, he’d already be shoe-poo. And now B-Berg? Another scold, who Is only good at hectoring and poking fingers? I doubt he will even get launched at the wall: he’s like a colon – shortly after drinking the slop you drink before a colonoscopy. Splattershot.

The wall will, of course, be stained, but nothing will stick. Not a one of them.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Gropey Joe – well, he never really left the safety of the lower end of the metaphorical digestive lumen, and all that has emerged is odiferous hot air. But they could put Gropey Joe to good use: whenever and wherever there’s an Amber Alert, they can put Joe on the trail to sniff the scent of the missing subject. Seems to have the nose for it! (Especially if the missing subject is a little girl?)

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