The Media Goes Full Fake News With Wednesday’s Post-Election Narrative

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This is getting to be repetitive, granted, but the corrupt news media is lying to all of us yet again. – All day on Wednesday, your fake, corrupt national news media told you that the Tuesday night elections in Kentucky and Mississippi were a “referendum on Donald Trump,” and that he suffered a terrible result. But the truth of the actual election outcomes paints an entirely different – and almost entirely “red” – picture.

This wonderful table shows you exactly what the results were in the statewide elections in those two states:

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So, despite the claims coming from the Democrat/media/deep state Axis of Disinformation, what really took place in those two southern states was a serious Red Wave. Republican candidates won every statewide office by wide margins, except for the governor’s race in Kentucky. Three of those GOP victories involved flips of offices previously held by Democrats, making the wipeout even more impressive.


That governor’s race in Kentucky involved Republican Matt Bevin, one of the most unpopular governors in America, running against Andy Bashear, a moderate Democrat who campaigned like he was the second coming of 1960s-era Texas Democrat Governor John B. Connally. The Axis of Disinformation wants you to believe that that single race means that President Trump is incredibly unpopular in Kentucky and, by some incredible leap of logic, even in Mississippi, since the President held a rally in Kentucky right before election day in a bold effort to get Bevin over the top.

But here’s the reality on that: Recent polls in that race showed Bevin trailing by as much as 20 percentage points, but Trump’s visit enabled the beleaguered Republican to end up coming within half a percentage point of actually winning the damn election. In fact, only the presence of a pissant Libertarian on the ballot enabled Bashear to hang on in the race. The jackass Libertarian ended up with more than 27,000 votes in a race Bashear nominally “won” by about 5,200.

Even better, GOP officials believe they have evidence of massive Democrat voter fraud taking place in the race – what else is new? – and are demanding a recount of the vote. Somehow, we are supposed to believe that more than 100,000 voters ticked off the Democrat’s name in the governor’s race, but then made the effort to go down the ballot and vote for Republican Dan Cameron in the attorney general’s race, a proposition that, given ingrained voter habits, is incredibly unlikely.

Cameron, by the way, became the first African American to ever win the office of Attorney General in the state of Kentucky. An honest news media establishment would have made him the real story of the evening.

But as we all know, and see clearly demonstrated to us 1,000 times every week, we no longer have an honest news media establishment in our country, and Wednesday’s coordinated narrative on the elections in these two states clearly demonstrated it one more time.

That is all.


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Don McCoy

The clowns who watch CNN already think this way…and there’s only about 100 of them…so…who cares?

phineas gage

Great post, David. The complete data certainly belies the false media narrative (which was eminently predictable). One local issue that might have done Bevin in, from what I hear, is bridge tolls. People vote on local pocketbook issues.

Jimmy MacAfee

Speaking of dishonest media: remember when Drudge was Drudge? When he broke the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal that Newsweek wouldn’t touch? Remember Linda Tripp, an actual whistleblower, not a CIA stooge?

But dishonesty in media went way back before that, though, even before Walter Cronkite read what he was told about Vietnam – he was nothing more than a talking head, reading what Mockingbird (or others) put in front of him to recite. He’d probably have read :”kite hit steel plane must,” if they told him to!

And in that, the press completely ignored the real 9/11 story, preferring to spread the official government lies and propaganda – probably the worst, most idiotic conspiracy theory ever concocted by the government. (The media still dumps on “truthers.”) Most people are waking up to the truth, with more to come. The story is not dead, much to Big Media owners’ (Deep State, Shadow Government) dismay.

So who is paying the corrupt media in this particular story? Deep State? Shadow Government? Corporate interests (there is a difference, even though they work together to control the news media.) Now it’s clear that the whole alignment between this “axis of evil” is arranged to protect the corrupt “elite” from us torch-and-pitchfork bearing villagers. The monster is having a hard time finding a place to hide – (even their lair in Ukraine has been exposed.)

Best day ever in the history of MSM ever: watching the faces of network hacks the night DJT was elected, as Jezebel was thrown to the streets below to be fed to the dogs.

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