Fake Whistleblower’s Lawyer Outs the Coup d’etat in a Tweet

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You seriously could never in a million years make this stuff up. – The lawyer for the leaker/spy Eric Ciaramella, whom the media refer to as a “whistleblower” so they can pretend to not know his name, was himself in the news last night when some enterprising soul published several tweets from his Twitter account from 2017.

The lawyer’s name is Mark Zaid, a leftist activist who has been literally shopping around for fake “whistleblowers” since the start of the Trump Administration. To his credit, unlike most leftist activists who skulk around in the dark trying to disguise their seditious efforts to undermine the country, Zaid has worn his beliefs on his sleeve via his Twitter account, littering his messages with hashtags like #rebellion, #impeachment, #resistance and even, yes, #coup, as in this message below:

Note that Zaid relates the beginning of the #coup to the elevation of long-time Deep State skunk Dana Boente to the post of Acting Attorney General after President Trump fired fellow Deep State skunk Sally Yates. Hey, guess where Boente serves today?  Why, he is the chief legal counsel at Christopher Wray’s dumpster fire of corruption and incompetence, aka, the FBI.

Now you know one big reason why so much Deep State skunkery continues to emanate from that dumpster fire agency.

Here’s another tweet lawyer Zaid issued in July of 2017:

We will get rid of him.” The “we” no doubt referring to the coup cabal embedded within the FBI and DOJ, and the then-young Mueller Witch Hunt that was then in the process of becoming staffed with leftist activist thugs just like Zaid.

There are more, including one in which Zaid predicts that CNN will play a key role in the ultimate removal of Trump from office. Wonder how he knew that?

Do any of you still think that we are not in the midst an ongoing, three-year-long coup d’etat?

This is deadly serious stuff, folks, a real, true attempt by a major political party and the national news media to overturn a national election. This isn’t happening in Venezuela or Chile or Nicaragua or some other banana republic: This is happening in the United States of America.

If the target of the coup, President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words that drive lefties, progressives, liberals, socialists, Marxists and all the other things we call “Democrats” crazy) is worried out it, though, he isn’t showing it. In fact, during his rally last night in Monroe, Louisiana, he hilariously read Zaid’s coup tweets to the audience:

“It’s all a hoax. It’s a scam. And you know who helps them? These people right back here – the media.”


That is all.


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Don McCoy

And STILL the farce continues…

Jimmy MacAfee

When Zaid admitted to participating in a coup d’état, he put himself and others in peril in a way he cannot fathom. Think FISA can’t go both ways? Need more evidence to secure a FISA app? His own words…plain and simple. The Schiff-blower’s name appeared on official documents. Ooops.

Tables turned: if I were Scummy Schiff, I’d be trying to find a good plastic surgeon, a new identity and somewhere that extradition isn’t possible. He’ll probably end up in Russia with Snowden, in other words – since he’s an agent of Russia/China. Remember how they went after President Trump: consider the word “projection.” Follow the money trail. Who is paying Zaid?


I guess the silver lining as this debacle continues is that the puppet masters behind this coup effort are becoming more exposed. What needs to happen is that more of the public needs to become aware and see this for what it is, and reject it. That’s problematic, what with every image and every spoken and written word being spun to support negative narratives against the POTUS and conservatives in general. Personally, I don’t trust any polls and I certainly scrutinize all news I see and hear. Its’s exhasting.


It’s pretty amazing what has happened to liberals since Hillary didn’t win her rigged election.

Htos 1

Fentanyl dumps in municipal water supplies. Selling of airports, dams, power companies, interstates, media networks, national parks, etc., to the sauds and Chinese. “Distracted” by the detonated “missing” Ukranian tac nukes(from 1991) while multiple shooter “events” just “happen”, Whilst moving the COG to New Zealand. That’s what we dodged.


“The whistleblowers attorney Mark Zaid is involved in an Anonymous (attack) White House book coming out :A Warning. DOJ requesting they need to of book contents…” My [email protected] today 11-7-19. Also on MSNBC.

Jimmy MacAfee

A parallel: CBS just fired the former ABC employee who gave Project Veritas the video. Apparently they’re all under one roof, which is what we all suspected anyway.

Don Holland

“As one falls, two more will take their place. ” Well, hail Hydra! Who knew Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a documentary.

Don Holland

“As one falls, two more will take their place. ” Really?? Did Schiff lean over and whisper “Hail Hydra” in his ear?
Who knew Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a documentary. sheeesh


Simple easy solution: Declare a national emergency. Arrest the coup plotters. Court martial. Shoot at dawn. That ends the coup. Trump will be a hero.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder why they set up the mentally unstable to commit atrocities? They want us all disarmed, red flag laws or otherwise. As if that were news! This is going to get far worse with every revelation, every exposure, ad they desperately hope to change the subject: expect more false flags, serious events; desperation has set in among the “elites.” (Desperation leads to mistakes, panic and hysteria right, John Brennan?)

Good news from this article, even though Zaid is a slimebucket who should be cleaning prison toilets: they’re admitting that President Trump is dismantling the entire Deep State, “department by department.”

Sometimes, the Shadow Government/Deep State pretends that Trump’s not having any effect whatsoever. For those who only want mass arrests and Nuremburg-type trials, with cages filled with criminals, it simply isn’t going to happen that way. Winning will have a different face. As Q once said: they won’t be able to show their faces in public. And some will be tried in military tribunals, far away from the fake press.

phineas gage

It is deadly serious. The good news is that they are going to fail miserably and pay the political price. Some will also pay the legal price.

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