Sidney Powell Lambasts the FBI For Falsifying Flynn 302 Forms

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

If Sidney Powell were representing a Democrat, Netflix would already be developing a mini-series based on her professional life. – The attorney for retired General Mike Flynn appeared on Fox News Tuesday night after government lawyers in the case made a filing with the court so audacious that it stretches the bounds of belief to the breaking point.

In that filing, government lawyers informed the totally badass Ms. Powell and Judge Emmet Sullivan that, for the past 18 solid months, they have “misidentified the authorship of handwritten notes from the January 24, 2017” ambush interview conducted with Gen. Flynn by FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka (whose identity the corrupt news media continues to pretend not to know). Per the filing, “Specifically, we were informed that the notes we had identified as Peter Strzok’s, were actually the other agent’s [Pientka’s] notes, and what we had identified as the other agent’s notes were actually Strzok’s notes.”

Here is a photo of the complete letter:

Once again, the utterly corrupt coup cabal members who remain embeded within the FBI and the Department of Justice rely on the ignorance and general stupidity of the American public, and the willingness of our corrupt news media to refuse to report the truth.

Kudos are due, then, to Shannon Bream and Fox News for inviting badass Flynn defense attorney Sidney Powell to come on live late Tuesday evening to respond to this latest blatantly obvious abuse of the public trust by the government’s corrupt lawyers.

First, the clip of the interview, followed by a transcript dutifully provided to you by Today’s Campaign Update:

Here’s the transcript, for those of you who still like to actually read stuff:

Bream: An explosive new court filing on behalf of the President’s former national security advisor is demanding that the FBI search its own internal database for documents relating to Flynn’s fateful January 2017 interview at the White House. Flynn’s legal team is claiming the FBI substantially manipulated interview notes. The FBI says the changes were “largely grammatical and stylistic.” Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to investigators under Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, but his sentencing is still up in the air after being delayed for months.

And breaking news late tonight: The government has just admitted it made an error with regard to key evidence in the case, and it involves Peter Strzok. So let’s go to the source: Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell joins us live.

Let me ask you about this letter that comes out tonight; the government says, reaches out to you, and you’ve had questions about the hand-written notes that dealt with Flynn’s interview in January 2017. Tonight, the government admitting this: “We were informed that the notes that were identified as Peter Strzok’s were actually the other agent’s notes…and what we had identified as the other agent’s notes were in fact Strzok’s notes…We understand that this has caused some confusion, and we regret our error.”

Why is this so significant, Sidney?

Powell: [laughing] Well, it’s a rather crucial point of their case – the entire case against Mr. Flynn relies on what the agents say that he said in the interview that they didn’t warn him about or take any verbatim recording of or anything like that. So, their entire case depends on what these two agents said.

And now, we are realizing, 18 months later, they’re taking a look at their file and realizing, oh, by the way, we got the names of the two agents crossed on the notes? The notes that we told you were Mr. Strzok’s are not – they’re they other agent’s, and vice versa?

It’s appalling. What else have they gotten wrong? We can’t trust anything they say. This is all the more reason that we have to ask Judge Sullivan to produce every single document out of the FBI file, make them search their Sentinel system, produce the original 302, which is still missing. They can’t explain that, and the only way it could be ‘missing’ is if it is affirmatively destroyed. And there would be evidence of that.

So they have a lot of explaining to do.

Bream: Just a reminder for the audience: The 302s are those eventual reports [by the agents] about the interview that they had with someone, like Gen. Flynn, in the days after they had talked with him.

The Hill, in an opinion piece by James Davidson, says this: “Despite the recent court filing by former national security advisor and retired Gen. Michael Flynn about altered FBI interview summaries, there is unlikely to be any revelation that will overcome his admission under oath that he did, in fact, lie.”

Is it your hope that you will uncover something that is such a misrepresentation of the government’s case, or exculpatory evidence that change that? I mean, he did admit to these things and make a plea deal.

Powell: Well, there’s an explanation of that in our filings. Whoever wrote that story obviously hasn’t read both of the briefs that are so important. We know that agent Strzok conducted the interview as a pretext. We found a text message that the government didn’t produce that said that. And we [interrupted by Bream] know that Lisa Page had a hand…

Bream: Let me put that up to show what you’re talking about. This is February 10, 2017. Strzok says to Page: “I made your edits and sent them to Joe. I also emailed you an updated 302. I’m not asking you to edit it this weekend, I just wanted to send it to you.”

That’s allegedly Peter Strzok to Page. You believe that is a discussion about the Flynn 302.

Powell: Yes, that’s a discussion about the Flynn 302, included as exhibits 9 and 10 of our filing a week or two ago, the material changes that were made to the 302 that night. So, we have tied them directly to that email exchange.

Bream: To the FBI’s point: They say that the changes were “grammatical” or they were “stylistic.” [Powell laughs at this absurd contention] They say that allegations about content changes, or things that would have made a substantive difference, that’s just not accurate.

Powell: Well, people can look at the exhibits for themselves – actually, it may be exhibits 11 and 12. But they added a definitive statement that General Flynn did not say something that he had said, and another statement that he had elicited some responses to questions about Ambassador Kislyak, what he had said in response, and there’s nothing in the notes that supports that whatsoever.

It’s made up out of whole cloth.

I would encourage everyone to look at the exhibits for themselves, and the comparison of the February 10th 302 and the Feb. 11th 302. It shows dramatic changes made – no one could possibly call them ‘grammatical’ and ‘stylistic’ when you’ve added whole sentences out of thin air.

Bream: Do you have hard evidence at this point as to who made the changes?

Powell: No, we do not know. Without the meta-data and the audit trail, we cannot say who made the changes, other than the text message of Mr. Strzok reflects that he went back to the office that night to make Lisa Page’s changes and whatever else he wanted to change on his own.

Bream: Are you hopeful that there will actually be something that would overturn this plea deal? Do you think you have that much? Or are you hopeful that what you’ll uncover will be a missing piece?

Powell: There is already far more than enough to overturn the plea deal. I don’t want to go into the details of that now, but it is certainly apparent in our motion and our brief of what those are.

But I think we’re going to find even more that establishes the wrongful conduct of the government. We want the American people to see the whole truth about what happened here in the pretextual investigation of Gen. Flynn, and then the made up comments in the 302s.

[Interview Ends]

Judge Emmet Sullivan, a 1984 appointee by Ronald Reagan, has received a lot of praise over the years for his no-nonsense approach in court. But he has allowed these corrupt government lawyers to string this Flynn entrapment out for two solid years now and to get away with all manner of nonsense in this case.

As Powell says in this interview, her recent filings have provided overwhelming proof of government corruption in this case and of the outright falsification of the FBI 302 filings related to it. It is long past time for this Reagan appointee to quit behaving like an Obama or Clinton judge and shut this atrocity to American justice down.

That is all.


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FBI has 35,000 employees and They all carry guns.

Ken Rose


Jimmy MacAfee

No original 302 (the “dog ate my homework” defense by the FBI,) then no charges. Case closed, on that alone.
But the “metadata and audit trail” Powell refers to should be made available to Flynn’s defense team, because the identity of those prosecutors switching the tracks of this particular railroad need to be made known. why? In the eventual lawsuit against the government – in addition to providing even more exculpatory evidence (though the loss of the original 302 “evidence” is enough to shut this case down.) The government may choose to withdraw the case if they’re forced to admit any of this; better to make them reveal the metadata/audit trail, even if the prosecutor wishes to drop all charges.

Follow the weasels to their den. There are several career prosecutors who need to be disbarred for life.


I would think this all just calls for a handwriting expert !!!

phineas gage

Between Powell and Durham, the deep state and fake news media are going to have their hands full in maintaining their risible charades. We’ll see if they can lie and chew gum at the same time.


All my life I have seen cases where a criminal’s case has been thrown out due to improperly collected evidence or other technicality. The rights of the accused trump the evidence collected and many cases are tossed out due to “procedural errors” or other absolutely absurd technicalities. I remember recently hearing of the Central Park Jogger convictions got overturned; the convicted criminals not only got released, but were given oodles of money as restitution from NYC for their “wrongful conviction”. Not only wasn’t justice served, but the NYC taxpayers were also victimized.

Few, if anyone, in our “justice” system (judges and prosecutors) seem to give a damn about the true victims whether they be the wrongfully accused or the actual victim.

My father was in law enforcement and he also said that if the arresting officer, the crime lab, or the prosecutor make a technical “mistake” that causes the otherwise guilty to walk, they should be tried and found guilty of malfeasance and at the least be fired. It takes heaven and earth to remove an agenda driven corrupt prosecutor – Duke Lacrosse case as an example.

The same should hold true for judges, parole boards, and governors who overrule prior convictions and/or release “rehabilitated” convicted criminals early if they commit further crimes against the innocent.

Don McCoy

Oh well…as long as the FBI got “lambasted” I guess it’s problem solved! Americans have come to learn that a good lambasting is all we can ever hope for regarding Democrat punishment. Even for literal crimes. It’s either a lambasting or nothing at all…so…I guess this is Justice served. Or, the best we can hope for.


People join the FBI or CIA because they want to join a gang. It makes sense to join the biggest most powerful gang of criminals for protection. Joining a gang of criminals has nothing to do with altruism, respect for the law, or being a good person. Once you join the criminals it’s all go along to get along.


jtthedestroyer – You do not even know how true your statement and observation is. You hit the nail on the head.


“Honor Among Thieves” or something like that. This whole sordid affair has proven – IMHO – the CIA/FBI/associated intel agencies to be a rancid mess of rank fascists.

The organizations should be dissolved & all the agents fired. Let’em go flip burgers or learn to code. Honestly I could care less what happens to them.


And General Flynn should be exonerated and made whole as much as that is possible with the years of threats and torment he has gone through at the hands of what is supposed to be a legitimate government/process.

Who needs water boarding when we have such prosecutorial terrorism?

Sharon Campbell

Thank you, David, for this excellent report. General Flynn has been framed! Thank God Sidney Powell took over his case! I understand that General Flynn & his family have lost their home & any money saved due to this FBI corruption. I’m enraged over this!

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