Project Veritas’ Jeffrey Epstein Video Confirms What We Already Knew About the Media

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Here are some things to understand and remember about the video released on Tuesday by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas in the context of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal:

First, for those who haven’t seen it yet, let’s review the video – here’s the clip:

So, there we have the co-anchor of ABC’s 20/20 program – which I honestly thought had been cancelled about 15 years ago – Amy Robach, admitting live and on camera that she had the whole Jeffrey Epstein story, complete with information about his associations with such luminaries as Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz, three solid years ago. But the story was quashed by higher-ups at ABC News and never made it to air. What a surprise, huh?

Ok, what was happening three years ago, during 2016? More to the point, who was running for the office of the presidency on the Democrat Party ticket three years ago? That’s right: The Pantsuit Princess, the nominal wife of Bill Clinton.

Is there anyone out there today who is naive enough to believe that ABC News did not kill the Epstein story as a favor to the Coughing Crook’s campaign? If so, you are hopeless.

But what about Robach’s statement yesterday? Well, she said what she had to say to keep her high-paying job at ABC – no mystery there at all. For grins, here’s what she said:

“As the Epstein story continued to unfold last summer, I was caught in a private moment of frustration. I was upset that an important interview I had conducted with Virginia Roberts [Giuffre] didn’t air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC’s editorial standards about her allegations.”

No doubt, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh laughed his ass off at that part about “ABC’s editorial standards.” ABC certainly had no problem at all throwing any and all “standards” of journalism out the window when it gladly aired multiple abjectly false accusations at him that were unsupported by any “corroborating evidence” whatsoever during his confirmation hearings a year ago.

Nor has ABC had the slightest compunction about airing all manner of completely uncorroborated accusations leveled by a parade of attention-seekers at President Donald Trump over the past four years. Nor did ABC News rely on any standards whatsoever when it participated in the libelous media feeding frenzy related to a bunch of teenagers from Covington Catholic high school.

In today’s news media – not just ABC, but all of our national news media – referring to “editorial standards” is nothing more than the standard dodge used to justify not reporting any damaging information about Democrat politicians and depraved movie stars.

Remember, the Jeffrey Epstein story and Bill Clinton’s involvement with him has been circulating for 20 years now. Two solid decades, and we are to believe that the only person in our national corrupt news media who had the story on it just three years ago is Amy Robach?

Please. Every national news organization in this country has known about Jeffrey Epstein and his connection to Bill Clinton for not just years, but DECADES. Yet, until Epstein was taken into custody in early July, virtually none of them had allowed any reporting on the matter at all.

Then, when the federal government’s most high-profile prisoner dies under circumstances so absurdly suspicious that not even writers for CSI:Miami could have imagined them, our corrupt news media in unison forms a protective circle around the ridiculous narrative issued by the Bureau of Prisons and the interminably corrupt FBI. Not a smidgen of skepticism from not just ABC, but NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN or even from Fox News about an official narrative with so many holes in it that it could be sold in the supermarket as Swiss cheese.

This is a wall of intentional media ignorance. It is the same wall we see formed up today around the identity of Adam Schiff’s fake whistleblower. Eric Ciaramella’s name has now been out there for weeks, but we still have fake journalists throughout the corrupt news media pretending not to know who he is, including Fox’s Bret Baier, who conducted a five-minute panel discussion on the subject last night while pretending not to know how to pronounce “Ciaramella.”

This theater of the absurd on a grand scale.

On my weekly interview with host Greg Budell on Newstalk 93.1 FM in Montgomery, AL on Tuesday, I compared today’s corrupt U.S. media behavior to that of the German press during the years just before and during WWII.

America’s news media today operates on the exact same principles enforced then by Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels. The media has a daily narrative, drawn up in coordination with and supporting the goals of a national political party, and any reporting that conflicts with or would do harm to that narrative or party is quashed by higher-ups.

This is not just despicable behavior by these corrupt media organizations: It is in fact dangerous, a real and compelling threat to the survival of our nation in its current form. The freedom of the press was enshrined in the first amendment to our constitution because the founders of our Republic knew that the Fourth Estate played a vital role as the public’s watchdog, there to hold people in power accountable.

Because, when politicians hungry for power have no one there to hold them accountable, their behavior invariably becomes increasingly depraved and despotic. This is exactly the dynamic we have seen from the leaders of the Democrat Party since early 2016, when they had our FBI, DOJ and intelligence community actively attempting to fix a national election, and then lead a literal coup d’etat effort on U.S. soil.

That effort continues to this day in the form of the Schiff/Pelosi impeachment circus. These people are power-mad and will never stop because literally no one in our corrupt national news media makes any real effort to hold them accountable for their seditious actions.

Yesterday’s Project Veritas video is a landmark event, mainly because it only confirms yet again what we already knew: Our news media is hopelessly corrupt and a true danger to our society.

That is all.


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Daniel Staggers

Yes, the media: A bunch of soulless heathens. I wonder if Joe McCarthy ever knew how right he was.

Jimmy MacAfee

Freedom of the press doesn’t mean freedom of the government to control the press – which is exactly what is happening. There ought to be a permanent divide between the press and government – separation of press and state. Instead, there is the Mockingbird press, an Intel co-op with the press, combined with others – (eg Soros-controlled entities who pay the press to keep them from bankruptcy.) There is evidence that reporters and publishers have obtained favors from banksters and gangsters, and a PEO known as 08318 should be brought to bear on these unholy alliances. Freedom of the press does not protect the government, nor the fraudsters who fund Big Media. RICO.


“nominal wife of Bill Clinton”

Never herd it put in those terms, but it made me chuckle. She is also a nominal woman, a nominal human, and hopefully a non entity soon like Ruth Buzzy Gins… . Human justice probably won’t be served due to the overwhelming corruption, but I have faith that there will be a judgement day for all the bat rastards that have done so much and worked so hard for so long to ruin all that is good.

What I really don’t understand is why these scum so badly want to ruin everything and when the Stalins and Maos gain their objective, what have they achieved for them or their subjects/country?


@Gregg – it’s simply control, and power. When THEY control the people, money, and all of the power in this nation, they have achieved their goal.


I get that, but to what end? Logic would dictate that all this effort should produce something positive. How does destroying everything produce any benefit to the “controllers”?

Total control by a select few to the detriment of virtually all is nothing but pure evil. I guess I just answered my own philosophical question: which is this ultimately a battle of evil vs. good. Please God, fix this by letting good triumph once and for all.

Jon Jones

Yes, but it is good to have the obvious be told in such simple terms that even a lib could understand it is important.

It is similar to how everyone knew how corrupt the Establishment and Deep State were, but with the attempted coup, you have to be insane to not see it now.

Or how libs loved to say abortion should be rare and safe, but now they have passed legislation that actually allows them to murder not only unborn babies but newborn babies.

Or how they love to say they are not coming for the guns of law abiding citizens, but there are now presidential candidates who are proud to say they will have their Jackboots break down your door unless you surrender your legal weapon.

Know Your Enemy

The Bolsheviks will never rest until the world is a smoldering heap of ruins with their stupid smug arrogant hubris filled faces doing a voice over.
They’ll say what an accomplishment is this utopia and why don’t you love us deplorable kulaks.


Mainstream media are well known brands with large audiences. All are owned by financial corporations whose goal is to front run the news and mold opinions to their financial advantage. The leap into molding political opinion was more of a baby step. Financiers favor Democrats because historically and by inclination Democrats can be bought to favor any policy. By contrast Republicans were historically inclined to favor business endeavor regardless. Mainstream news is ever and always propaganda intended to mold your opinion and behavior to the advantage of the owners of mainstream news outlets. Everyone talks their book. However you are more likely to learn the truth from a collection of individual bloggers.

Cameron Howe

Quote: “America’s news media today operates on the exact same principles enforced then by Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels….”

BOOM. DB dropping the mic after that paragraph. Spot. On.

phineas gage

In many ways, this is nothing new. The classical example is the protective wall of silence constructed by the establishment media around JFK, whose sexual peccadilloes rivaled those of Clinton. The man was also sick, suffering from Addison’s disease and addicted to painkillers, yet he was painted as a Camelot prince.

And even further back, no photos of FDR in his wheelchair were permitted and the media didn’t raise any objections.

Everything in service of the narrative.

The difference today is the media has largely lost their monopoly on information. This weakening of their power is in fact what is driving their ever-more strident radicalism and hysteria–they know it is disappearing. Fewer and fewer people believe anything they are selling, to the point that they are just preaching to others in their bubble now (see CNN).

It’s frustrating, but they are in their death throes. After what they have done for the last three years, they are never going to be able walk it back. And the truth, in the case of Epstein and countless other issues, is now leaking out, despite their efforts to plug every breach in their increasing leaking and unwieldy dam. When it breaks, it will be spectacular.

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