Project Veritas Publishes First Video on the Epstein Killing

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Expect Amy Robach to be fired soonest. – Project Veritas just published the first of its expose’ videos on the Jeffrey Epstein killing. In it, ABC Anchor Amy Robach is caught live on a hot mic telling her producer that she had the entire Epstein story, including allegations against Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz, three years ago, and the powers that be at ABC News spiked the story.

You can see Robach’s compelling, bitter testimony here:

She concludes: “I believe it. I really believe it.”

Project Veritas promises more to come. Awesome.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

Amy Robach is one of (hopefully) many reporters who will be encouraged to come out of the dark. I hope she has copies of the information she’s referring to, and will be inclined to release it – doubt ABC has kept any of it.

But most of all, thanks to the heroes at Project Veritas and those willing to risk their necks to expose the corruption. Those are the REAL whistleblowers, not the Schifty-Schitt kind! (Maybe someone has recordings of the fake whistleblowers?)

phineas gage

No luck there. Her ‘response’ (you know this was serious because ABC issued this within an hour) was a bit of turgid boilerplate no doubt written by lawyers. She’s got no intention of being the next Sharyl Atkisson.

More broadly, however, the media may have a problem if it can’t contain this Epstein story and it becomes widely accepted that he was, in fact, murdered.

Jimmy MacAfee

You’re right; I saw her “official” statements or something to that effect. She said what she said on tape, and she can’t take it back. She can, however, turn coward, which is apparently what she’s done.

Time to dismantle the nitwits networks. Mockingbirds sometimes need to be terminated.


News media always were corrupt. Internet exposed their lies, distortions, and propaganda. Americans rate pedophiles higher than journalists. The propaganda business is failing rapidly. Television news is for old people. I haven’t purchased a newspaper in 15 years.


I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if she has info on Clinton, her days may be numbered. Here’s what I don’t get: Pretty much everyone believes Epstein was murdered (the avalanche of memes support this). You have the retired pathologist hired by Epstein’s brother, who believes the evidence shows he was strangled (although no DNA from the bedsheet of his fingernails have been released to be able to confirm the opposite). You have the laughable details about the follies at the prison (guards sleeping, cameras inop, placing him in a cell with a convicted killer, etc etc.)……and still NO ONE in Law Enforcement thinks this is worth a second look? Barr confuses me; I like that he’s investigating the origins of the Russia probe and all of it’s spin-offs, and the speech he gave last week about the left in this country undermining the Constitution and traditional American values, but seriously – that investigation the DOJ did into the prison after Epstein was found dead? That was pretty anemic. Almost purposely dismissive. None of this adds up.

Matt Dunlap

Fired? Amy Rorbach isn’t going to get fired, she is going to get “Epsteined”

Sharon Campbell

Just, oh my gosh!

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