No, the Whistleblower is Not Really Willing to Answer GOP Questions

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(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Dear House Republicans: If you fall for this ruse, you deserve whatever you get. – In what House Republicans are correctly referring to as a “Sunday narrative ambush,” the Democrat/media/deep state axis of disinformation spent all day claiming that Adam Schiff’s first fake “whistleblower,” revealed by Paul Sperry and RealClearInvestigations last week to be CIA analyst and John Brennan acolyte Eric Ciaramella, is suddenly “willing to answer questions” from Republicans as the impeachment scam continues to barrel down its fake tracks.

The deep state leaker’s lead attorney, Mark Zaid, tweeted out the offer just as the Sunday morning fake news programs were cranking up for their weekly parade of disinformation:

See the catch there? The offer is not for Ciaramella to offer public testimony, live and on national television: The offer is for “GOP” to “ask written questions” of Ciaramella through his lawyer team, which we already know has been in hand-to-hand coordination with Schiff and his staff. This, of course, would inevitably mean that any answers to “GOP” questions would be written by a team of government and high-paid private lawyers at the Compass Rose Legal Group, where Zaid has his practice.

In an interview with an always-eager-to-conspire CBS News on Saturday, Zaid hilariously claimed that his client “wants to be as bipartisan as possible” during this process, all while remaining anonymous. Of course, this is not an offer for cooperation or bipartisanship at all: It’s simply a tactic deployed to control the narrative around Ciaramella and his spying on the President of the United States.

Zaid claimed to have made the offer through Devin Nunes, ranking Republican on Schiff’s clown committee, but House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Face the Nation that the first he’d heard about it was when asked a question about it on-air:

To be perfectly clear about this: Ciaramella is not only unwilling to answer any GOP questions, he is unwilling to personally field any questions at all about playing his role in serving as the deep state actor who triggered this entire fantasy play. Any questions that go through his lawyers will be answered by his lawyers, carefully scripted to ensure that no real information is communicated and that the answer fully supports the Axis of Disinformation’s preferred narrative.

I keep waiting for McCarthy and other GOP congressional leaders to wake up to the reality that the Democrats are embarked on not only an effort to take down President Trump, but an effort to destroy the Republican Party as a viable national political entity.

After three and a half years of a perpetual, neverending deep state search to find some evidence – any old evidence would do – of wrongdoing by Mr. Trump, we know he has done nothing wrong and does not deserve this fate. But if McCarthy and his fellow House Republicans fall for this latest transparent tactic and actually demean themselves and the process by submitting written questions to Ciaramella’s lawyers, then their Party richly deserves whatever fate the Democrats wish to deal them.

The only proper answer to Zaid’s fake offer would be for McCarthy and Nunes and other Republicans to take the floor of the House today and spend hours revealing Ciaramella’s identity and biography to the world. It is long past time to quit cooperating with this Lawfare-inspired charade that paints him as anything other than a disloyal spy and leaker of highly-classified information.

That is all.


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Declare martial law. Arrest every Democrat in the House. Give them a fair trial and shoot them at dawn. It’s a plan.

Jimmy MacAfee

With ya.

Jimmy MacAfee

Submitted questions? I have a better solution: let the “whistle blower” (is he blowing Schiff’s whistle?) appear in the Senate – if there was a Senate Intelligence committee not run by wimpy Senators, or the Senate Judiciary Committee – (but I repeat myself.) Ridiculous offer; when I heard it, I felt deep anger, the kind that makes me want to see those participating slowly boiled in a cesspool. Just can’t help it. Screw ’em, and screw anyone who takes them up on their offer.

Don McCoy

What a SCAM! It’s astounding that Dems are allowed to continue with this blatant coup.

Don McCoy



I don’t watch any of the Sunday morning rumor/gossip/propaganda shows, haven’t for years.

All of the GOP should embargo these shows, there is nothing to gain from appearing on them; same goes for any conservative media person, as the message get parsed to the point of being meaningless – ask Hannity and Rush. The fact that McLame appeared almost weekly on them years ago says all anyone needs to know. Let all the political commentary become an echo chamber. Nobody I know ever watches them and their ratings reflect that.

The house Republicans should demand once and for all complete and open (televised on CSPAN) hearings, complete access to all records and testimony, complete access to the accusers/leakers/whistleblowers unencumbered by lawyers and media sycophants – like they gave to the Dems when the GOP was in power.

If the whistleblowers (and Schiff) are so concerned about Trump’s actions, they should have the guts to face the music and testify loudly and proudly, after all (according to their media acolytes) the nation’s survival is at stake, and to hear the Dems describe it, we are doomed if Trump is allowed to continue on with his MAGA/KAG agenda.

Failing to get these demands, the entire GOP house should just walk out, leave Washington, DC and go home to their districts and campaign to expose this fraud to their voters; same for the candidates in the Dem held Trump won districts.

Let the Dems go it alone and continue their kabuki theater show. The GOP house members should only return when this nonsense ends, and the Dems want to actually legislate on behalf of the American people rather than litigate against us.

If and when the Dems actually pass this turd of impeachment on the senate, McConnel should ignore it and move on. If he must do a perfunctory show, then expedite the trial and then we Americans can find who the GOP turncoat senators are and we can target them for defeat.

When BJ Clinton was impeached, the vote was 55-45 acquittal with all 45 (partisan) Dems voting not guilty and 45 – 10 (bipartisan) Repubs voting guilty – acquit. I also remember hearing a Dem staffer saying there could be bodies found and Clinton was not going to be convicted.

Oh, if we could have such loyalty in the GOP to protect a totally innocent and victimized president.

Sharon Campbell

Just WOW! Schiff & his ilk are so CORRUPT I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the many ways they’re willing to get our President. This is what happens when a room full of lawyers goes to the dark side!

phineas gage

Their leader is showing them how to deal with the radical Dems. If they are too feckless to follow, and to support this great President, then, in the words of Samuel Adams, “may their chains set lightly upon them, and may history forget they were our countrymen”.

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