Trump Moves to Florida, Where Taxes are Low and the Governor’s Approval is Sky-High

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This is what happens when you have a city run by Marxists. – The President of the United States of America just thumbed his nose at his life-long home state, announcing on Twitter yesterday that he and his family are officially changing their residence to Palm Beach, Florida:

As if to prove the President’s point about having been “treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state,” New York’s thug Governor Andrew “Sonny” Cuomo responded by saying, “Good riddance. It’s not like Mr. Trump paid taxes here anyway. He’s all yours, Florida.”

All of which is, of course, abject, smelly horse manure. Trump and his family have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes to New York City and State over the decades under their confiscatory income tax laws, and the economic activity created by his business ventures there have generated billions for the city and state coffers. But, whatever – Cuomo’s a Democrat and, as we saw on the floor of the House yesterday and every other day all over the news media, Democrat politicians lie as surely and as frequently as they draw breath.

In any event, the President’s change of residency is emblematic of the general flight of the wealthy away from New York and its increasingly confiscatory tax regimes that feature top rates of 9% for the state income tax and 4% for the City income tax, along with high rates of property and sales taxes. Contrast that to Florida, where residents pay zero income tax and lower rates of both sales and property taxes. If you have wondered why vast swaths of Florida feature retirement communities occupied mainly by ex-New Yorkers, here’s a clue: It isn’t just about the difference weather.

The Trump address change announcement comes at a very interesting moment from a political standpoint, since we also found out yesterday that GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, a strong supporter of President Trump, is amazingly popular with the people:

Remember: DeSantis prevailed in his 2018 election bid by just 33,000 votes, according to the official count. Of course, we must remember that the Democrat election officials in highly-populated Broward and Palm Beach counties were in full voter fraud mode in that one, so a legal vote count would no doubt have shown a significantly larger victory for DeSantis.

But a 72% public approval rate, with only 17% disapproving? Not even the Florida Democrat vote-stealing machine can steal that many votes. An approval rating like that means that DeSantis is doing a hell of a job in his office, and that is very, very bad news for the Democrat chances to take the presidency away from Trump in 2020.

The Democrat Party has already basically lost the big state of Ohio for the foreseeable future, thanks in large part to its opposition to oil and gas production – which has become a huge part of that state’s economy in the past decade – and the Trump-led renaissance of manufacturing activity there. With Ohio out of the picture, there is no viable scenario under which the 2020 Democrat nominee – regardless of which buffoon or Marxist the Party nominates – can hope to get to 270 electoral votes without winning Florida.

There is no more important asset to a presidential campaign in a key state than having the help of a popular governor, and there is no more popular governor in America right now than Ron DeSantis. It probably wasn’t a major motivating factor behind the Trump decision to change official residency, but that move, combined with DeSantis’s popularity may make Florida too steep a hill for even the Democrat vote fraud machine to climb in 2020.


That is all.


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Planet Clownfish Brain

The state that made it a crime to notice who controls the banks, media and entertainment industry. We can’t even keep that corrupt Snipes and sheriff Israel out of office. He’ll just steal the next election and she’ll have some judge reappoint her. Oy gevalt!

Planet Clownfish Brain

Where they made it a crime to notice who controls the media, banks and hollywood.


A couple of decades ago, Cuomo’s dad, Mario the Pious taxed Rush out of NY. Recently Cuomo the second, lamented how the rich are mobile and leave highly taxed “progressive (good policy in his words)” NY and other blue (sad) states leaving them in a monetary bind. Well, too bad. Now Andy drives out the Trumps and AOC: Amazon.

Soon the dozen or so corrupt and bankrupt states (CA, NY, IL, NJ, MA, CT, RI, WA, HI, MI, OR, and PA – MD will likely be spared for awhile due its proximity to DC and DE because of its banking tax structure) will go broke and need a federal government bailout. A bailout would only incentivize more corrupt fiscal policy. Hopefully the states that absorb the tax refugees don’t become blue themselves. The escapees must realize that their voting policy largely led to them being taxed out of their original state – don’t crap in your new home.

We need a constitutional amendment that states:

Any state, being so poorly managed, that it requires federal dollar assistance shall lose its congressional representation until the state becomes solvent and reimburses the federal government in full. Congress people from such state shall become delegates and, as such, would have no voting power in the house of representatives. That state’s senate representation shall be dissolved. The defaulting state(s) shall become territories like Puerto Rico, the Northern Marianas, American Samoa etc. The citizens from such states shall also lose their voting rights for the Presidential Elections.

There must be a severe penalty for corruption, mismanagement, and incompetence!


Reduction in congress in this manner would, in effect, be addition by subtraction, and a benefit to America.


only an idiot like cuomo would be happy one of the states richest and most famous residents is about to leave them for greener pastures. it really is impossible to fix stupid and cuomo proves it every time he opens that black hole he calls a mouth.

Skid Marx

Don’t worry the Bolsheviks are importing them in as fast as possible. There won’t be any red states as part of The Great Leap Forward.
True believer comrades aren’t grateful to be moving to a common sense state, they intend to turn it into the glorious people’s republic of California. Forward!


Some no doubt will vote left, but others won’t. I’m optimistic the voting migration will be a wash.

Jimmy MacAfee

Florida is basically New York in Exile. And why not?

A parallel:
The Shadow Government in Exile in Ukraine might have been a legitimate intelligence center, until Brennan politicized it, and Biden’s corruption (his and others, too) drew attention to their activities. Is the Ukraine viable as a place for the IC? Hard to say. But Haspel needs to clean house – big time – because they’ve exposed themselves by their criminal complicity with Schiff et al. How does this relate to Florida?

Well, the Wa Po and NY Slimes are both Intel/DOJ mouthpieces, corrupt to the core. Operation Mockingbird is a sliver of their activities, some illegal and many unethical and un-American and un-Constitutional (see Ciaramella, Brennan, Clapper.) The belly of the beast is NOT in Florida (yet) and won’t have cover in Miami or anywhere else, as they do in NOVA and Manhattan. They have to choose their locales carefully, just as they did Ukraine, which was easy to steamroll. Other states/regions that have vulnerability? SoCal; Seattle; Spokane(?) and Silicon Valley (used to be, and still is to a lesser extent.) Now that information is portable, they’ve spread out all over, but they still need some degree of localization. Florida will not be the Shadow Government or Deep State’s.

That’s what the move to Florida signifies. 4-D chess.


Winning! Luvin’ it. The Trump move to FL just makes sense. NY has demonized and denigrated President Donald J. Trump, and his family, ever since he announced his run for POTUS. And it has just gotten worse since his election. Another smart move by Donald J. Trump.
My thought is that NY state will lose millions of tax dollars which will add to the millions that state already loses to those who have already moved out of that dem(commie) bastion.
What we are witnessing all over the nation is the migration of the producers leaving those areas controlled by the leftist to areas where they are appreciated.
This will not end well for the lefty governments in those areas losing the folks who contribute to the tax coffers.
As you say, DB, cool.
Just sayin’.

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