Why Paul Sperry’s Outing Of the Whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, Is Important

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The media wall of conspiratorial silence has been breached. – The identity of the fake “whistleblower” who conspired with Adam Schiff and his staff to serve as the kicking-off point for the Democrat/media-driven impeachment scam has been widely known for weeks now. It has been so widely known, in fact, that Paul Sperry, in his revelatory report on RealClearInvestigations, said this:

“… a handful of former colleagues have compiled a roughly 40-page research dossier on him. A classified version of the document is circulating on Capitol Hill, and briefings have been conducted based on it. One briefed Republican has been planning to unmask the whistleblower in a speech on the House floor.

“On the Internet, meanwhile, Ciaramella’s name for weeks has been bandied about on Twitter feeds and intelligence blogs as the suspected person who blew the whistle on the president. The mainstream media are also aware of his name.”

Yet, despite the broad knowledge of Ciaramella’s identity as the leaker – that’s really all he is – the fake news media has been so intimately complicit in the impeachment scam that literally every major outlet has played along with the pretense that he somehow deserves protection under a “whistleblower” law that doesn’t even apply to accusations made against any sitting president. As an arm of RealClearPolitics, a news aggregation site whose average of polls is regularly cited by every major news organization on a daily basis, RealClearInvestigations is in fact a part of the mainstream media and thus became the first to break through that solid wall of conspiratorial media silence Wednesday night.

“Everyone knows who he is. CNN knows. The Washington Post knows. The New York Times knows. Congress knows. The White House knows. Even the president knows who he is,” said Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst.

While conservative websites like The Gateway Pundit and The Conservative Treehouse revealed the leaker’s likely identity weeks ago, it was important for a mainstream media outlet to break through that conspiratorial wall in order to deny the ability of Democrat activist outlets to claim Ciaramella’s identity was somehow “confidential.” That excuse is now gone, although most of those outlets – including the increasingly swampy Fox News – continue to refuse to report the story this morning.

Make no mistake about it, that wall of conspiratorial silence constituted a direct assault not just on President Donald Trump, whose presidency is threatened by the false accusations made by this deep state functionary, but on the American people and their right to know who and what is behind all of this. The thought that the 2016 presidential election could be overturned based on accusations made by an accuser who would never be confronted by the accused or even identified to the public is the most un-American concept ever devised by political minds.

The utter mendacity behind that scheme becomes crystal clear now that we know who this guy really is:

– Ciaramella is a long-time associate of senior staff for Adam Schiff;

– Ciaramella has worked at various times for John Brennan, Susan Rice, Joe Biden and other Democrat skunks;

– In 2015 and 2016, Ciaramella worked on Ukraine policy with Biden and never raised a peep of alarm over Biden and his son’s obvious influence-peddling operation there;

– He was an Obama holdover on the initial Trump NSC staff, led by deep state snake H.R. McMaster, serving there until mid-2017 when he was revealed to be a serial leaker of classified information;

– While working at the NSC, Ciaramella was in fact instrumental in creating the false “Putin fired Comey” narrative that helped create the rationale for appointing a special counsel;

– Instead of being fired on the spot, McMaster intervened on his behalf and sent him to work at the CIA;

– Ciaramella was not on the July 25 call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky, and has zero first-hand knowledge of anything that was said on that call;

– All of the allegations made in his false “whistleblower” complaint come from second-and-third-hand hearsay accounts, with much of it very likely coming from fellow deep state functionary Alexander Vindman, who is most likely the second fake whistleblower in this impeachment scam.

Ciramella is, in other words, the classic example of the sort of anti-American deep state functionaries who remain embeded throughout the federal bureaucracy, especially in our intelligence community, Department of Justice and at the State Department. Obama literally filled our government with this kind of disloyal hack, people who have no respect whatsoever for our nation’s electoral process, and who place their their political ideology above the good of the country.

No wonder Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the disloyal hacks who infest our national news media outlets were so desperate to keep his identity a secret. Paul Sperry and the editors at RealClearInvestigations deserve medals for breaching that wall of conspiratorial silence.

That is all.


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Jeff Brown

Even if he was a whistleblower, being able to proceed anonymously isn’t a given. There was an appeals court decision just last July that dealt with whistleblower anonymity. I don’t see this guy meeting many of the factors and the “risk of unfairness” far outweighs his anonymity.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit held that “the appropriate way to determine whether a litigant may proceed anonymously is to balance the litigant’s legitimate interest in anonymity against countervailing interests in full disclosure.” The Court identified a five-part test to evaluate whistleblower requests for anonymity:

• “whether the justification asserted by the requesting party is merely to avoid the annoyance and criticism that may attend any litigation or is to preserve privacy in a matter of sensitive and highly personal nature;”

• “whether identification poses a risk of retaliatory physical or mental harm to the requesting party or even more critically, to innocent non-parties;”

• “the ages of the persons whose privacy interests are sought to be protected;”

• “whether the action is against a governmental or private party; and, relatedly,”

• “The risk of unfairness to the opposing party from allowing an action against it to proceed anonymously.”



Dave, do you know who the blond with the scowl on her face in front of the leaker in the picture at the top is? She seems so unhappy like all leftists.


It makes me wonder if Ciaramella was left within his NSC/WH position by Brennan for the purpose of leaking and/or supporting the coup from within the WH. Too bad people in the CIA and elsewhere in DC either accept or condone his disgraceful behavior.

The liberal bias of his continued protection does not go unnoticed. If this had been someone favorable to Bush or Trump, there would have been billboards concerning the alphabet soup of networks and papers exposing every detail of Ciaramella’s life; preferably any negative stuff. But that he’s a rabid anti-Trump mole left by Brennan….continued silence and protection from the public. It’s obama’s media protection detail in action all over again.


This nonsense is very simple, yet so difficult for these whimps to convict. Duh, why are their positions not eliminated and we have the simple you are toast, fired???? Come on, so tired of these clingers hanging on and creating havoc. Trump needs a good house cleaning and is at this point responsible, with the admin team, negligent for not getting this completed. Easy fix the pres has not put the hammer down on.


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: Trump should fire every one he can, ferret out what organizations are really necessary and shut down (by defunding) the rest – DO Education, DO Energy, half of the 17 or so Intel Agencies, most of the EPA and ALL redundant departments. Staff the government at the 1932 level.

Bennie Sprouse

He should be charged with filing a FRAUDULENT claim! He indicated he had direct info – he did not and THAT is ONE Felony. He attested that he did not have contact with DEMOCRATS – he DID and THAT is ANOTHER felony. He should be absolutely under investigation for fraud and then CONSPIRACY along with the POS Schiff!


Curious Statement, Curious Timing – Senator Lindsey Graham Announces Intent to Abdicate Judiciary Chair Following 2020 Election…
by sundance The Last Refuge


The guy was basically a sleeper cell implanted by the Obama CIA in the Trump White House. Despicable that CIA is not busy enough doing this stuff overseas but now is actively destroying our own government.


No, the CIA et al is not destroying our “government”; they are doing all they can tp preserve the government as it existed under BJ Clinton and Obama along with both Bushes.

What they are destroying by preserving the status quo is the faith Americans have in our government’s ability to be impartial, fair, efficient, and to serve the citizens of the US and not all the global masters.


Right….like I said destroy our government. Status quo for them is undermining the Constitution, rule of law and government by the people. My only change to my original comment would be actively destroying….I would substitute that we have now begun finding out that they have been actively destroying.


WOW! Ciaramella DOES look like a hate filled little weasel. You can just see the self-loathing oozing out of his rancid being. I wish him bad luck.

Dave Hunter

Ciaramella is NOT a whistleblower, he’s a garden variety leaker who should have been fired outright instead of being allowed to move over to the CIA. The president made a lot of personnel mistakes early in his (first) term, hiring McMaster was a really big one.

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe we should name the low-testosterone girly man Eric “J.W. Booth” Ciaramella. Based upon this link, it seems a no-brainer:



Where is Mr. Clark when you need hium?

Jimmy MacAfee

Looks like a soy-boy; acts like a soy-boy. Soy latte with a pinch of treason – er, nutmeg. Wonder why Gina still allows him to keep his job. (That wasn’t a question.) 272 nanos of T, and superman and batman underwear/bedclothes. The picture is the picture, if you assemble enough pixels; the hunter is the hunted, if you paint a cohesive picture. The cryptic is not so cryptic, once that is done. Soy-boy.

phineas gage

Yup, an Obama-beta boy. Reminds me of pajama-boy.

BTW, I won’t link it, but Gatewaypundit has the background on the Vindman Ukraine connection. Bottom line, it’s all about the money.

Ideology is a useful facade to manipulate the true-believers, but for most of these Deep-Staters it is power and money.

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