What Everyone Should Know About Alexander Vindman

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Here are some things to understand about Alexander Vindman, the mid-level NSC flunky who the Democrats and their media toadies are trying to portray as the second coming of Audie Murphy in the wake of yesterday’s testimony before Adam Schiff’s Soviet-style inquisition:

– Mr. Vindman served his country admirably, rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel and earning a Purple Heart while serving in the Iraq War.

– He was born in Ukraine and speaks the language fluently. He and his twin brother emigrated to the United States in 1979, when they were 3 years old.

– He is most likely the so-called second “whistleblower,” who was much-ballyhooed by the media for about 48 hours several weeks ago before his statement was disappeared from the news like a favorable Trump poll. In that role, he has most likely been coordinating with Schiff and his hired Lawfare staff for many weeks now, waiting patiently for the cue to play his role in this ongoing DC Swamp Kabuki Theater production.

– He never wears his uniform to work. His wearing of the uniform on Tuesday was part of Schiff’s careful choreography of this whole drama, an attempt to lend credibility to an obviously politically-motivated hack. It’s the kind of stuff we regularly see in third-world military coup d’etat efforts.

– While serving at the NSC, he had numerous contacts with foreign agents, including the very sketchy attorney Marcus Cohen, who poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign of now-Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, in the hopes of being appointed to a high-level position within his administration.

– While Vindman’s military service is honorable, in testifying on Tuesday he was disobeying a direct order from his Commander-in-Chief. That is not honorable.

– During his testimony, Adam Schiff directed Vindman to refuse to answer questions from Republican members of the committee in order to protect Vindman from incriminating himself. Again, exactly the sort of stuff we regularly see taking place in banana republic coup d’etat efforts.

– Also during his testimony, Vindman apparently admitted to leaking the contents of the President’s classified call to several people, almost certainly a crime.

– The questions Schiff was most concerned about had to do with the identities of the people to whom Vindman had leaked the contents of the call. Again, most likely a felony under U.S. law.

– Despite the clear admission in his published opening statement that the published transcript of the call is accurate, Vindman also testified that he had actually made efforts to force changes to be made to the transcript in order to better fit his and Schiff’s narrative.

What we see with Vindman and Schiff’s other politically-motivated witnesses is the reason why Schiff and Pelosi have insisted in running this Soviet-style process behind closed doors, and why they can never allow the Republicans to have full rights to issue subpoenas and publicly question witnesses in this process. It is why the “resolution” the Democrats are ostensibly planning to vote on tomorrow – appropriately on Halloween – carefully preserves Schiff’s ability to shut down questioning and determine who can testify.

This is not an impeachment, folks – even Pelosi and Schiff admit that. This is a coup d’etat. It is simply a continuation of the efforts to bring down Trump that started way back in the Winter of 2015 at the Obama DOJ and FBI, and most likely the Obama White House itself. This latest episode basically amounts to the 10th or 12th act in the longest theatrical production in the history of the Deep State, with the fake news media faithfully playing the role of the Amen Chorus.

Alexander Vindman was just this week’s special guest star, all dressed up in his costume and playing his part to the max. Who knows what swamp skunk or snake Schiff and Pelosi will put before the nation next week.

One thing we know for certain: The Democrats at this point are in this all far too deep to ever pull back without committing voluntary political suicide. They have no choice now but to continue playing it all out until the bitter end. If you think they would hesitate for a moment before resorting to outright insurrection and widespread violence to maintain their power, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to what they’ve already been doing.

Be careful out there.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

It just looks more and more like this country is headed for a reckoning. Dems divide the country further by continuing the coup effort. The thing is, even if the House gets around to doing an actual vote on articles, the Senate is not going to convict. So are they going to be happy with a 1/2 baked turkey? If DJT and the Repubs manage to successfully navigate this debacle, the left is going to lose their minds. And if he wins re-election – it could look like Hong Kong out there.

Steve Lawrence

There should be an Article 32 investigation for insubordination and other crimes. This guy seems to think that he as an LtC should override the President on foreign policy. Charge him and if convicted, kick him out of the army, strip him of his US citizenship and ship his ass back to Ukraine.

Sharon Campbell

Fabulous article, David! Thanks for the in-depth info on this 2nd Whistleblower. I really knew little about him but now I know he’s another coup member.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ukraine is the site of the Government in Exile, the Shadow Government; it wasn’t as if Ukraine had a choice, facing the teeth of the bear and the hammer and sickle of Brennan. This insurgent government, most of it US operated, was only able to squeeze Ukraine because of the threats to her existence, by Americans and Russians; no other country could be the site of such an underground apparatus, even if there are safehouses and tentacles of those spooks-in-exile, hosted by numerous countries across the West (such as Italy.) That’s what Vindman represents: the Shadow Government in exile in Ukraine.

Let the tribunals begin.

Sam Dennis

Of course he never wore his uniform to work … he is retired, not on active duty, and he would have been breaking rules if he wore his uniform to a civilian workplace for political purposes.

Let’s find out how close he and his twin brother (also NSC) are to Schiff!

Joe R.

We hope they resort to violence.

We hope there can be widespread collateral damage in response to ANTIFA’s “War on America”, and that it spills over outside our borders, where the Obama administration obviously sequestered huge chunks of America’s wealth, power, and authority, in order to complete these machinations.

The RED / BLUE voting map defines the battle ground(s) of the next Civil War. We all know who the good guys are, and if anything should happen to them, we’ll all assume they were killed by Indians, and respond in-kind.


Lock and load.

edward o'neill

The chain of Command in the Military starts with the CIC, this bastard is as phony as old Corn Pop Joe and Adam Schitt!!

phineas gage

What is Vindman’s motivation? The Ukraine connection is important–it always seems to come back to that country as the epicenter of the Deep State machinations. I don’t think we know enough about him yet.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Deep State and Vindman are protecting George Soros, too: the investigation into Biden’s son was concomitant with an investigation into Soros, and that investigation was terminated vis a vis Joe Biden’s threat. Follow the money. If the Ukraine won’t give up Soros…support for the Ukraine from the US public will be seriously impaired. We’ve been on their side for a long time, to have them stab us in the back. Soros is key. Vindman is a player.

Jimmy MacAfee

The whole impeachment sham is to scare the Ukraine into not cooperating. That’s the Pudge-Boy Vindman angle. They don’t want the Ukraine to spill the beans. Too late for that, but they’re screwing with the new Ukraine leadership, and this whole sham is just a terror plot to keep them from talking.

The Ukraine was central to the original Russian Hoax, and the Ukraine was central to the Ukraine hoax. Crazy Nancy and Adam Schitt are running interference for Brennan and the coup plotters, and they’re trying to keep the Ukraine conspirators from being sanctioned for their participation.

Conclusion: if the Ukraine is continuing to participate in the coup, they should be sanctioned as heavily as Iran; if they’ve cooperated with the legitimate investigation into the origins of the coup, then they should be given a reprieve. No quid pro quo: what they’ve done already deserves sanctions; what they have done to remedy their participation in the coup is the question.


President Trump has correctly stated that the effort to unseat him is Treason. I will never be satisfied until the traitors are tried, convicted and sentenced. NEVER!!!

Jimmy MacAfee

When the SHTF for people like Pudge-boy Vindman and Schitt, there will be no place to run, no place to hide. Visualize someone running in a closed-end tunnel, crying, whimpering and screaming. That’s your picture. Just sayin’.

I’m inclined to tell Ukraine to go to hell. They’re nothing but trouble. They’re responsible for a great deal of our troubles right now, since their company Trump mentioned conspired with the DNC, their politicians and intelligence conspired with Brennan, and they were with the coup plotters from day-one. They may have different politicians in power now, but they’ve caused all of this with their participation in the Russian Hoax and now the Ukraine Hoax. The fact that Pudgeboy was born in the Ukraine makes it worse.

Let the Russians have them. Screw ’em.

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