Watch as Texas Cong. Michael McCaul Lays Waste to Adam Schiff

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Here is a Republican House member who is unafraid to speak the truth. – Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, who has represented Texas’s 10th congressional district since 2005, appeared this morning on Fox News for an interview with Bill Hemmer. This interview is well worth the watch just because of who McCaul happens to be.

As you watch the clip below, and/or read the transcript that follows, keep in mind that Rep. McCaul is a man who is currently the ranking GOP member on the House Homeland Security Committee. From 2012 through 2018, McCaul served as the Chairman of that committee. This is a man who knows where all the bodies are buried, and who has no naivete about what Adam Schiff and San Fran Nan are really up to with their fake impeachment scam. First, here’s the clip:

For those of you who, like me, still like to read stuff, here is a transcript of this clip:

Hemmer: You were in that deposition yesterday. I know you’re not gonna say a lot – did Adam Schiff shut down your Republican colleagues in their questioning of the witness or not?

McCaul: Yeah, we haven’t objected to any of their questioning. On the other hand, Adam Schiff continues to shut down Republicans’ lines of questioning. On important issues, in terms of who was privy to the phone call, who was with the whistleblower – anything close to the whistleblower gets shut down.

I think the whistleblower is probably the most important witness, because it’s one person in Washington who launched this entire impeachment inquiry, and yet we have no access to him, we can’t talk to him, we don’t know who he is, and he won’t testify.

Hemmer: So, what’s the strategy behind Adam Schiff trying to keep you from answering those questions you just laid out?

McCaul: I have my own thoughts about that. [crosstalk] I personally think that what’s come out in the press, that there were conversations between Adam Schiff and his staff and the whistleblower, and that this complaint was all a contrived, you know, concocted event that took place to move forward with impeachment proceedings.

Hemmer: You say ‘contrived’ and ‘concocted’? What was contrived and concocted?

McCaul: Complicit. In other words…

Hemmer: In what way? Just be specific. This is, this is of the highest import here. He was complicit in what, sir?

McCaul: I think they were complicit in working with the whistleblower to come forward with his complaint and start this entire impeachment inquiry. I think that’s why Adam Schiff is so protective of the whistleblower, because he is concerned about the truth that will come out if we get access to him.

Hemmer:  Uh, the suggestion there is that the whistleblower ultimately, or even the witnesses along the line may not be that credible in the end. [Noooooo…you think?] Is that the suggestion you’re offering now?

McCaul: The best evidence is the phone call itself, which I don’t think is worthy of an impeachment proceeding. But I, my theory is that Adam Schiff and his staff had access to the whistleblower, and were complicit with this complaint being filed, which started this entire charade, this entire impeachment inquiry.


Folks, Michael McCaul is not a guy who just spouts off random accusations and theories. Nor is he one of the GOP’s rabble rousers in the house. McCaul is a guy who is always very careful and measured in this public statements.

When he publicly says that it is “my theory” that Schiff and his staff basically put the whistleblower up to it in order to create fake grounds for this impeachment scam, it’s because he basically knows this to be the case.

This little 2:18 interview is a signal that even the most careful and self-restrained members of the GOP house caucus have grown weary of Shiff’s and Pelosi’s scam and have not been moved in any way by their parade of fake whistleblowers and partisan hack witnesses.

A very good sign. Maybe even a key inflection point.

That is all.


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If that is the case, then why don’t any of these blow hards get it out and scream high and low for justice. Great, he is on our side but a do nothing and it is going to come down to, as Louis Gomhert said, a civil contest, which many of us are prep for. So freaking sad.


I am guessing this “whistleblower” actually was recruited way before any call took place and was working with Schitt over time to find just the right moment or phone call to “come forward” with contrived allegations that had been decided months and months ago. This is the ultimate kabuki theater.

Matthew M

these GOP guys need lessons in talking plainly, in fact we need a movement in talking plainly……. talking plainly reaches the most people, even you david, have to reword what he says so that the majority of people whom read and hear the conversation can understand it plainly….. rush gets it, trump gets it……. its an absolute key to what is effective and what isnt……. and using “washington-speak” is done purposely to keep the masses in the dark. Personally I hate the whole concept of washington-speak.

let those whom wish to deceive, speak in a manner that is confusing to the common man……. there’s nothing wrong with having a vast vocabulary, but when your job is to reach the most amount of people (or represent them), you need to be able to speak effectively.

My dad always told me, a smart man knows a lot of lords, a wise man knows when and how to use them. We have a lot of very smart men and women in congress, almost none of them are very wise at all.


I do not doubt this mans thinking a bit Schiff for brains will say and do what ever he thinks he can get by with which looks like whatever he damn well pleases.When will the truth ever happen I am fed up with these Dem/communists and will never support another one of these liars as long as I live.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the whistler blower doesn’t actually exist. It could be “He” (correct pronoun for an imaginary person??) is a concoction of several people’s concerns, with Schiff as the special sauce that ties the ingredients together to make the whistle blower. I gotta say, that’s pretty ballsy considering if anyone finds out the whole thing could be jinxed. But that explains why Schiffty is so protective; either there isn’t anyone there or the person who is there is wholly not credible and will cave if cross examined by Republicans.

Jimmy MacAfee

Protecting Spook Central: Ukraine.
Why would Brennan go there with a bad fake passport?
All roads lead to Ukraine. And so does, if you recall, Mittsie’s former Intel advisor, Joseph Kofer Black, former CIA. From an article quoting an article from American Thinker:

“Mr. Black brought to this role his extensive background at the CIA, which he joined in 1974 and trained for covert operations. He rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming Director of the National Counterterrorism Center from 1999-2002. Coincidentally, this was the time in which Al Qaeda planned and carried out the 911 attack without hindrance from the counterintelligence apparatus of the intelligence community. But Black was not penalized, he failed upward, being appointed Ambassador at Large and Coordinator for Counter-terrorism by President George W. Bush in December 2002.”

This isn’t about impeaching President Trump; this is about covering their tracks. Lots and lots of conspirators, (maybe including Joe Black.) Not Deep State: Shadow Government. Spook Central.

Don McCoy

The ENTIRETY of America knows that this whole impeachment travesty is a scam based on a lie based on a failed coup. And yet we all sit by whining as it continues…you can’t make it up…

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