Pelosi Creates Yet Another Impeachment Scam

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

If the Democrats didn’t have scams, they’d have nothing at all. – Lindsey Graham actually did something productive last week, and it deserves mentioning here. Despite the fact that there is literally zero chance that the resolution he introduced last Thursday condemning the sham fake impeachment process being run in the House right now could ever obtain the 60 votes needed for cloture, Graham’s ability to convince 50 of the 53 Senate Republicans to sign onto the resolution as sponsors demonstrated the resolve of the Senate majority to oppose any product from the current House process.

This effort by Graham produced two excellent results. First, it outed three GOP RINOs as being so disloyal that they can’t even vote to condemn the obviously anti-American, Soviet-style process being run in the basement of the Capitol building by Schiff and his gang of thugs. Those three senators are Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and of course, Mitt Romney, the Murderers Row of Senate RINOs. It would be sad if it weren’t so tiresome and predictable. Alaska, Maine and Utah voters: What in the hell are you thinking?

The second excellent result produced by Graham’s resolution is that it put pressure on Pelosi to do something to anoint her sham process with some imprimatur of legitimacy. The obvious way to do that would be to hold a vote of the full House on a resolution to authorize a formal impeachment inquiry, a step that has been taken in every previous impeachment process in American history. Initial reports from our fake news media Monday morning indicated Pelosi would be doing exactly that. Silly us for believing anything our fake news media says anymore.

Those reports were, of course, completely false. Pelosi can’t hold a vote to authorize a formal impeachment inquiry for the simple fact that she still does not have enough members of her pathetic caucus willing to support such a resolution. She still has 35-40 Democrats who were elected in GOP-majority districts in 2018, and all of them know they will be signing their re-election chances away if they vote to authorize a formal, actual impeachment inquiry.

But that’s not the only problem Pelosi and Schiff have here. They also know that a vote to begin a real, formal impeachment inquiry would result in GOP house members on the relevant committees having the same powers to subpoena and question witnesses that the Democrats have under the current Soviet inquisition. Even worse, the Trump Administration would also then have similar rights and powers.

In other words, a formal impeachment inquiry would function in the way the American system of justice is supposed to function under our Constitutional Republican form of government, and we all know the Democrats can’t have that.

Thus, Pelosi, faced with the procedural roadblock set up by Graham’s resolution, decided she had to do what she and her fellow Democrats always do when one of their scams fails: Create another scam. So, she huddled up with her buddies over at Lawfare, who really run the House of Representatives these days, and came up with – you got it – another scam.

This scam will involve a vote – ostensibly of the “full House” – on a resolution “Directing certain committees to continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing House of Representatives inquiry into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its Constitutional power to impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America, and for other purposes.”

In other words, it is simply a vote to authorize the continuation of the current Soviet-style inquisition.  Pelosi believes that, with the always-willing help of the army of Democrat toadies in the fake news media, she will be able to convince the nation that this vote, since it involves all members of the House, somehow legitimizes her illegitimate process.

Doing it this way will also allow her 40 or so reluctant members to claim to voters next year that, hey, they didn’t vote for “impeachment,” they just voted to continue an inquiry into whether an impeachment was justified. See the difference? Yeah, neither will most of their voters.

But here’s the catch that she and Schiff are counting on: If even one Republican member of the House votes “yes” when her resolution comes to a vote on Thursday – and a handful have already indicated they support the current process – then they and their media toady army will be able to claim that this vote was “bipartisan.”

Pelosi and her Lawfare lieutenants are also hoping that this vote, if “bipartisan,” will be able to convey the judicial enforcement authority that their sham process currently lacks. This lack of authority is why the “subpoenas” that have been sent to the executive branch by Schiff thus far are nothing more than toothless letters with no enforcement authority.

This is San Fran Nan’s philosophy of governance: When nothing you do is legitimate, you do everything you can to legitimize the illegitimate. In this latest scam, she’s counting on that one Republican vote, and you can be sure that there is a Mitt Romney clone in the GOP caucus just salivating over the chance to give it to her.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

This is not a threat nor a prediction, but the caption(s) of Marblemouth Pelosi reminds me of the characters in the mostly-unfunny movie “Death Becomes Her.” (Same class of people, too.) If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean.


So Mutt McRomney (AKA D. Peter) and the two faux Republican dingbats from Maine and Alaska voted to shaft America…

Collins is up for reelection next year and faced a lot of pressure from leftist groups if she voted to confirm Kavanaugh last year – which she did. She was threatened by these groups that they would spend oodles of money to defeat her in 2020. This to me represents an opportunity for the Maine GOP to primary her with a real conservative since she might not be re-electable. If the left is going to spend so much to defeat her, the seat might be lost anyway so she should be retired by the GOP Mainers in the primary. The left is so driven by hate that they will probably run an AOC type radical and since Maine is still a moderate state by New England standards and Trump is on the ballot, there is a chance we could get a real conservative senator in place of Collins. I believe the majority of the country is being so repulsed by the Dem’s. agenda and tactics that there will be a real red wave in 2020.

Murkowski has won three full terms to the Senate and is not up for re-election until 2022, so Alaska and America is stuck with her for this cycle . However, she has never won a majority of the vote; she won pluralities in each of her three races, with 48.6% of the vote in 2004, 39.5% in 2010, and 44.4% in 2016. In 2010 she lost to the TEA party candidate in the primary and won the general through a write in campaign that was well run by the Murkowski machine. Her father appointed her to the senate in 2002 when he became governor and resigned from the senate. I seem to remember that the write in campaign was so fixed that the machine got a judge, or an election official, to rule that the voters didn’t even have to spell her name correctly in the ballot – as long as the spelling was “close” it counted.

Hopefully Sarah Palin will primary her in 2022 and win.

Mutt is a mutt and will continue to do what mutts do (sorry I am disrespecting mutts in this case)… .

Also, Pelosi is really painted into a corner with all this impeachment nonsense, and regardless of which way she goes, it will blow up in her face.

If she forces her Trump District Democrats to commit political suicide and vote for impeachment, she loses the house, the senate trial acquits Trump and he wins again in 2020.

If she fails to get the votes for an actual impeachment, she still loses the house, and she will lose her minority leader status to an AOC type since the radicals will not be satisfied with her failure to get rid of Trump.

Either way, America and Trump wins and San Fran Nan and the left loses and our republic is saved.


Pelosi desperately seeks to keep her kickback son out of prison.

Don McCoy

It’s sad that this travesty of an impeachment is allowed to continue. It’s sad that the Democrats are allowed to continue to shop for SOME scam that will stick as each previous scam is exposed as the lie it is–and NO CONSEQUENCES. Imagine how this nation will run if the opposite party is allowed to attack over and over until they can create a lie that works to oust a POTUS? How will the government ever run even REMOTELY effectively again?

phineas gage

If the Dems have their way, there will no longer be an opposition party.

That is end-game for them.

Jimmy MacAfee

And if the IG report and investigations are completed and tried for all their criminal behavior, the Dems will no longer BE an opposition party.

Sharon Campbell

Thank you for explaining this convoluted pile of dog poop San Fran Nan & her thugs are trying to pull! This bunch of Dimocrats are despicable!

phineas gage

What matter is not facts, but rather the ability maintain the continued suspension of disbelief by the public. That’s the job of the media.

The biggest problem the Dems have is that Trump’s base is solid and his support just keeps growing. This was launched on the assumption that the media could drive Trump’s numbers down. Hasn’t happened.

Now they have to somehow keep this charade going to keep their lunatic base happy. It’s going to end in disaster for them. It couldn’t happen to a better group of people.

Jimmy MacAfee

Princess Pelosi reminds me of a cartoon mouse trying to intimidate a cartoon elephant. In the cartoon it works.
Only in cartoons. BTW, speaking of cartoons, I saw a video of the late Congressman lying and spouting offal, the one who was just laid to rest, and I can say that I am just as glad now as in the day of the announcement of his passing that he’s gone. Corrupt, evil and without a soul. Like Epstein, the investigation into his corruption (and his wife’s) should continue unabated.


So if I’m following you, what you’re saying is that they’re going to try and “legitimize” their closed door sham Soviet style “inquiry.” Trouble for them is, aside from this being laughably transparent while disgustingly typical, they would still have to have a full house vote for actual impeachment, which would put those at risk Dems right back on the chopping block if they vote yes. So I presume that at the end of the day this is merely an attempt to create a sense of a little more “credibility” to their sham inquiry and thereby at least keep it going as long as possible in the hopes of skimming off a significant number of gullible potential 2020 voters through their incessant lies and character assassination under an umbrella of pathetically manufactured “legitimacy.” Is that about right?

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