Alexander Vindman Was “Concerned.” So What?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Is that really all there is? – Some low-level flunky at the NSC claims to have been “concerned” about the July 25 call between U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, and therefore we are supposed to support the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment circus?

Yeaaaahhhhhh….no. Not buying any of it. Sorry.

God bless Mr. Vindman for his military service, but can we please get him out of the NSC? Because, obviously his feelings are far too fragile to be a part of that difficult line of work.

Literally, the only thing Vindman said in his opening statement that was leaked by Adam Schiff to the media last night that in any way benefits the public discourse over this matter was when he confirmed that the transcript of it, which we have all been able to read and obsess over for the last five weeks, is a completely accurate recitation of what was said on the call. Here’s that key passage from his statement:

On July 25, 2019, the call occurred. I listened in on the call in the Situation Room with colleagues from the NSC and the office of the Vice President. As the transcript is in the public record, we are all aware of what was said.

Yes, we are all aware of what was said, and those of us whose level of reading comprehension is better than that of the average 6 year-old can plainly see that there was literally nothing wrong with anything the President of the United States said on that call.

Given all of that, why was Mr. Vindman even called to testify before the Schiff Soviet-style inquisition? Why, so that he could dress up in his uniform with all of his medals on it and parade into the hearing room, pausing to pose for all of the media cameras, and give the Democrats who spent 8 years defunding the military and the VA under Obama a chance to pretend to give a damn about the U.S. armed services for a day.

But once the one-man parade is over and his uniform and medals are put back into his closet – Vindman does not wear his uniform to his actual daily job – all we are left with from Vindman’s testimony is what we already knew: That this is all a sham and a farce over nothing. It’s the political version of an episode of “Seinfeld,” only without the funny parts.

In other impeachment-related news, House Majority Whip Stenny Hoyer is now backing off of Pelosi’s promise that the Democrats will hold a vote on their fancy new fake resolution by the end of this week. Pelosi had said Monday night that she expects the vote to take place on Thursday, but Hoyer is now not so sure, saying “We’re going to have to consider whether or not it’s ready to go on Thursday. I hope that’s the case.”

Oh. What does that tell us? It tells us that Pelosi, Hoyer and the rest of the Democrat House Circus Clown leadership are waiting to see some polling data on this whole resolution thing before they take it to a vote. It also tells us that they are obviously still getting pushback on the question from many of their most vulnerable members who represent traditionally Republican districts.

San Fran Nan can’t and won’t make the move to cross this particular road until all her ducks are in a row, and some of the little duckies don’t want to get in line for fear they might end up being road kill.

That is all.


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The House does not have the votes to conduct an impeachment.
And with the way they are going, they never will.


Last Refuge: “Holy smokes, this Alexander Vindman witness is very sketchy. Generally suspected of being “whistle-blower #2”, records show Vindman had numerous contacts with registered foreign agents, while a member of the National Security Council. [FARA link – pg 4]”

“Additionally, it is highly likely Vindman leaked the content of presidential phone calls illegally while he was a member of the National Security Council; which explains why Adam Schiff would not permit Vindman to answer questions about who he talked to.”
“The New York Times is reporting that sketchy Vindman attempted to manipulate the CIA transcripts of President Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelenskyy to meet Vindman’s ideological interpretations. [Vindman had a hidden agenda “spying” while inside the NSC]”

“In an effort to bolster his very sketchy credibility; and likely in an effort to avoid the appearance of sedition; Schiff’s Lawfare staff recommended Vindman wear his military uniform to the hearing today, though Vindman never wore the uniform for his NSC job.”

Seditious Conspiracy / Sketchy Witness – Schiff Blocks Questioning of NSC Staffer Alexander Vindman to Protect Him from Legal Exposure…The Last Refuge by sundance


Agree 100%, who cares what Lt.Col. Blivit says or thinks? There are thousands of people in the IC and government and, unfortunately, even if only 1% are traitors, it could still be a never ending parade of anti-Trump malcontents willing, or being paid, to appear at all of these impeachment soap operas.

Trump is absolutely right in saying that no president should have to ever go through this again, and when he wins re-election, his first priority should be to get some constitutional amendments passed to ensure that congress and the courts can never be allowed to harass any president ever again.

There is another purpose to what the left is doing which I believe is their real goal:

They probably recognize that they won’t be able to remove Trump from office, and that he may actually be president for eight years, but they are, to some degree, retarding his agenda. But more importantly, their efforts are geared to ensure that no other outsider even dares to run for president ever again. No politician could have withstood the BS that Trump has, and I don’t see any other future conservative outsider ever wanting to run for president. That is their ultimate goal and that is why Trump has to defeat this current cabal and get permanent constitutional protections to ensure the swamp stays drained!

It is also a shame how the Dems and their allies have destroyed the impact of the following words and phrases and rendered them meaningless:

Racism, Racist, Pretty much any word ending in phobia, Impeachment, whistleblower, rule of law/equal justice for all, bigotry, rape, sexual harassment and all other forms of harassment, (the) Constitution, election(s) results, Russia, China, Ukraine, collusion, corruption, pay-for-play, quid pro quo, hearings, subpoena, testimony, oath, perjury, gender(s) illegal immigrant/undocumented alien, health insurance vs. actual affordable medical care, classified, privilege (white), and integrity.

None of these have any gravitas because of overuse and misuse. Like the little boy who cried wolf too often, no one is going to pay any attention to the excrement emanating from these leftist and anti-Trump blowhards.

Sadly most, if not all, government departments/agencies have also been corrupted to the point where real Americans hold them in utter contempt and have nothing but distain for them. Soon many will refuse to be ruled by them.


Infantry officers are mostly physical education majors.


10 to 1 the Colonel is a trump hater more than willing to lie for Nasty Pelosi and her terrorist team.

Doug Freeland

He’s not a Col, only a Lt Col. who would be a water/coffee fetcher were he at the Pentagon

Jimmy MacAfee

No active duty member of the Service would look like such a pudge-bucket – (not even a Chaplain.) Unless things have gotten so bad, even a Teletubby could serve. Looks like a DADT.

Ed Smith

I was in the military in late 1960’s and early ’70’s. We were forbidden to engage in political activities in uniform.
Why is this guy allowed to? He is also disobeying a direct order from the Commander in Chief not to testify. Trump should order his immediate arrest.


If the CIC did order his arrest, the dems would go bonkers. More than they already are. Good. That would make it clear that the military report to the President and not to the congress clowns.
Disobeying an order from a superior officer, especially the CIC is serious business. Wonder if the dems promised to protect him? lol.
Just sayin’.


Agree, about disobeying direct orders from a superior officer, but making overt and even covert threats against the president used to be grounds for serious penalties, I.e., Madonna blowing up the Whitehouse, Griffin, with the severed head of Trump, Depp, calling for another “actor” to assassinate the president to name a few.

Doug Freeland

And yet, there appear to have been no consequences.


Obviously, Lt. Col. Vindman got the memo that costumes are de rigueur for participants in the impeachment opera being performed in D.C. For those who have yet to awaken to the reality of post-modern, post-constitutional America, this melodrama is merely the latest sideshow to the “bread and circuses” presented each and every day to divert us from noticing that the federal government has forfeited its legitimate authority by repeatedly violating the strict constraints imposed upon it by the U.S. Constitution.

At the risk of assuming the role of the fabled child who blew the whistle that the emperor had no clothes on, I would point out that over the past half-century or so, a gang of self-serving politicians, unaccountable bureaucrats, and hyper-politicized lawyers posing as impartial judges has fraudulently transformed the Constitution from a security pact among the sovereign states and their citizens into an instrument of surrender to an unconstrained federal government. As a consequence of their treachery, these outlaws have mortally wounded the rule of law and the founding principle of limited, consensual government in America.

This fact raises an unavoidable question: What, if anything, are we the people of the United States prepared to do to prevent the imminent implosion of the American republic? In my estimation, only a bipartisan, non-violent grassroots movement of citizen CEOs (Constitution Enforcement Officers) willing to withhold our consent from the lawless, wannabe ruling class in D.C. can assure America’s survival for future generations as–in the words of Ronald Reagan–“a nation that has a government, not the other way around” (ref.

Cameron Howe

A+ response. Very Levin-esque.


Thank you Cameron


Nice thoughts, but due to the ignorance and apathy of the electorate, I don’t see any chance of a “bipartisan” movement of any kind unless it is the GOP masquerading as conservatives McCaining America and surrendering our principles. The only solution is for one side or the other to gain a total victory. The real question is: will it be by the ballot, or by the bullet.


He looks a little gay! A dem no doubt!


I understand from the comments over @ citizen free press he’s a two bit civil servant & is retired from active duty & thus shouldn’t have been in uniform at all according to army uniform code.

More BS kabuki theatre.

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