President Trump Being Booed at Nationals Park Was a Great Moment for America

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The booing of an American president at the World Series game that happened in Washington, DC Sunday night is not a negative for the rest of America, but a positive. It is especially a positive for those of us who live out here in what the east-and-west-coast elites derisively refer to as “flyover country,” that great, vast middle 80% of the lower 48 states that turned into a veritable sea of red on Election Day, 2016.

You may wonder why the booing of a sitting POTUS by any crowd could ever be seen as a positive thing, but that’s because you’re likely unclear about who was doing the booing. First, let’s go back to this laughable contention about the crowds at Nationals Park put out by the Democrat activists at Politico Monday morning:

Nats Park is perhaps one of the only gathering places in town that draws Republicans and Democrats in equal measure — but his box was all red.

Now, let’s remember that in the 2016 presidential election, the District of Columbia, home to Nationals Park, favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a 96% to 4% margin. And no, that is not a typo.  NINETY-SIX PERCENT of D.C. voters cast their lot with the Pantsuit Princess.

Thus, the contention that Nationals Park somehow “draws Republicans and Democrats in equal measure” is exactly as I described it in this morning’s Campaign Update: A smelly load of abject horse manure. If nothing else, the arithmetic simply does not support the specious assertion.

But it’s even more than that. See, the seats at Nationals Park are very expensive, and thus aren’t mainly occupied by just any old D.C. residents. As is the case in any city hosting a professional sports franchise, a very large percentage of those very expensive seats are purchased by corporations and wealthy folks who have business interests in the local community.

In Washington, DC, all of those corporations and business interests employ lobbyists who determine how those very expensive tickets are doled out. Guess who they go to? They go to the people being lobbied, and to the professional peers and colleagues of the lobbyists.

Thus, the crowd that roundly booed the President of the United States of America at Sunday night’s Astros/Nationals game was largely made up of the DC professional political class; the lobbyists, the lawyers, the congressional and campaign staffers, the company executives, the advertising geeks and digital media geeks and all the myriad other professionals who make their livings making sure that the DC Swamp remains very, very swampy.

In other words, the very group of people who Candidate Donald Trump rendered utterly irrelevant throughout the 2016 campaign. Donald Trump’s presidency is a threat to that entrenched DC permanent political class – is it any wonder then that they hate him so much that they chant “Lock him up!” when appears before them at a World Series game?

Many fans of the President are angry over that insult, but they should all be rejoicing. Because that booing was as clear a confirmation we could ever hope to receive that the guy we elected in 2016 is continuing to focus on doing what he was elected to do: Drain the DC Swamp. Threatened people boo. Angry people boo.

Those of us who live out here in the vast Red middle of this great nation want the folks who make up the preponderance of that Sunday night crowd to feel perpetually threatened and angry. It’s when that particular class of people stands up and cheers for a President that we should be concerned.

Sunday, the day the leader of ISIS was killed by a U.S. military operation, was a great day for America. The reaction the President received at Nationals Park only made it that much better.

That is all.


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At least the Nats had military personnel playing/singing the National Anthem at two of the games and they did a great job.

Who what was that “star”, she is apparently a professional performer, the Astros had singing(?) the Anthem at the series opener??? God she was terrible, the game two singer (air force airman) was great.

Ever notice how much better the members of the military, the police or first responders, all of whom are amateurs, sound doing the anthem or God Bless America than the “professional” entertainers when we occasionally get to hear it? Some of the “stars” don’t even know the words. Enrique Pilatzo (Lt. Frank Drebin, The Naked Gun) was better than most of today’s professional entertainers.

I also remember in 2009 when B. Hussain al Obozo threw out the first pitch in the Nats home opener wearing his mommy jeans and made a terrible girly throw first pitch that would put a ten year old to shame; cripple FDR made a better throw. He never did another first pitch – staff probably told him it didn’t look too good.

I am actually surprised the Nats fans stayed as long as they did considering the scores of the games, the fact that they are a lot like the Dodger crowds (show up late just to get some face time and leave early) and the DC Metro does not run subways after a certain hour (maybe extended hours due to the WS game). I am also surprised that even as good a team as the Nats have been for the last seven or so years they draw as well as they do because DC is a town of transients (among other things) and never really have supported DC’s MLB teams This is their third MLB franchise; the two previous teams called the Senators teams were in the American League and moved and became the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers in the ’60s and the ’70s.


Let Millennials to scream…they don’t know what is happening/First amendment !

Randomly and continuously drug check to : Senators and House Representatives.
Maximum 2 term for Senators.

phineas gage

I just want Trump to attend the clinching game in Houston and receive a standing ovation.

Red Rust

President Trump has pulled the ‘proverbial’ curtain back and now everyone can see the corruption, deceit, graft and complete rot that the Dems / RINO’s, MSM, COC and their deep state government buddies have become. They enjoyed the power and have become very rich in the process. It needs to stop right now!

They won’t give up without a fight – we must fight harder and keep exposing the truth. Sunshine is an excellent disinfectant.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pull the curtain back, as you say, and you can see the netherparts of a recently self-terminated Congresswoman; pull the curtain back, and you can see Comey flipping, because Sessions started the investigation of Ukraine before he left (“Headlines with a Voice”); pull the curtain back, and you can see the desperation of the self proclaimed “lords of the universe” as power is stripped from them, even as they do a flashdance with a bong in hand. The curtain is more like a veil, ripped open for all to see.

We won’t miss them when they’re gone. (It’s like missing bedbugs; who misses bedbugs?)


The crowd was made up of Democrats. The least human of us all.

Alex Fitch

This country is sick, and secession of the red states is the cure.

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