James Baker Flips and Sydney Powell Lowers the Boom

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Has ex-FBI General Counsel James Baker turned state’s evidence in the Barr/Durham criminal probe? –  You be the judge.

Last night, Ned Ryun, CEO and Founder of American Majority, appeared on One America News with host Jack Posobiec. The interview covered yesterday’s epic evidentiary tour de force in the Gen. Mike Flynn trial [more on that later] by badass attorney Sydney Powell and ended with Ryun’s startling claim that multiple former FBI/DOJ officials have confirmed to him that Baker is now a cooperating witness with Barr and Durham. Here is the vido clip of that interview, followed by a transcript:

For those of you dinosaurs who, like me, still like to read stuff, here is a transcript of the interview:

Posbiec: Two very important reports last night. First, that Barr and Durham are now conducing a criminal investigation. Second, that here comes Sydney Powell, in the Flynn Case, laying out what essentially is a conspiracy by high-level officials at the FBI and CIA working to entrap General Mike Flynn.

Ryun: Yeah, Jack, if all of these reports are true, and it’s increasingly looking like it, what we have suspected for months, that Barr and Durham were interested in getting to a criminal investigation. If this is true, they will get to the bottom of this.

The fact that we now see Durham has called grand juries. I think actually, Jack, this didn’t happen just in the last few days. I think that Durham has probably convened a grand jury weeks ago. But the amazing part is that the left, the administrative state players, the Democrats, their propagandists in the media tried to cow Bill Barr when he said that he thought there might have been spying that took place months and months ago, they tried to cow him into not pursuing this.

Bill Barr is going to pursue this, and I want to remind the listener, the viewers of this, Jack: Not only does he have experience and was at the CIA, and obviously was AG [under Bush 41] and has a lot of experience with the DOJ, people forget that Bill Barr was in private corporate practice for years. And you know what he was doing? He was a defense lawyer against government intrusion and abuse.

Bill Barr, I am convinced of this, is determined to not only get to the bottom of how this started and who abused their power, but he wants to set things right.

Posobiec: Sydney Powell has introduced into evidence the fact that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, working together, actually edited and altered the 302 interview of General Flynn to make it appear that he had lied. What does that mean?

Ryun: The most important thing that we have to focus on is there have to be consequences. I’ve said this for months: There have to be consequences, there has to be jail time. All of this is based off trust. And I want the listeners and viewers to understand this: The law enforcement regime and the surveillance state here in the U.S. ultimately all come down to one word: Trust.

That trust has been shattered. Our trust in institutions, our trust in the people who actually are inside of those institutions have been shattered. And the only way that you restore that trust is for there to be consequences for their actions, and those consequences? Jail.

Posbiec: We have long questioned who exactly was it that leaked the highly-classified transcript of General Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador. In this filing, Sydney Powell is stating that it was James Baker, the general counsel of the FBI, and that the Washington Post ran it at the urging of James Clapper.

Ryun: Yeah, no, I don’t doubt that. I do believe James Baker was guilty of leaking, I believe he did some things that he will have to bear the consequences for. But I’ve talked with some former high-level DOJ officials, Jack, who worked with James Baker back in the day. They believe that he is actually Witness #1 for Durham and Barr, that he is actually providing evidence against others inside of this entire investigation.

Let’s not forget: Not only was he general counsel at the FBI, he was also the FISA guy at the DOJ. I believe that he based a lot of what he did in the FISA process off trusting others. According to these sources, he has been used and abused, and he is actually being helpful to Barr and Durham. I think he will have to bear the consequences for some of his actions that I believe he is guilty of, but at the same time I think he’s being extremely helpful.

Posobiec: So, what you’re saying is that Baker has flipped.

Ryun: I do believe Baker has flipped based on my sources that have known and worked with Baker for years.

Posbiec: Thank you so much for being on with us today.


If Baker really has flipped, that is an enormous development in this investigation, since he will know where all the bodies are buried. Let’s hope it’s true.

As for Ms. Powell’s amazing filing of evidence in the Flynn Case on Friday, the folks over at The Conservative Treehouse have a terrific piece detailing and analyzing all of it, and you should check it out. It is long, but it is also a must-read for anyone hoping to understand how Strzok, Page and other FBI skunks attempted to frame Gen. Flynn.

For those of you who just like to look at videos, here is an interview Ms. Powell conducted with Lou Dobbs on Friday:

That is all. For now, anyway.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Iron Monkey

RATS have no loyalty to the country that gave them the highest living standards so why would they have any loyalty to anything other than their globalist paymasters.

marty lopez

Get it right for God’s sake. You got your Bakers confused. You jerks don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s have your evidence.


President Trump has expressed sympathy for General Flynn on many occasions. Perhaps President Trump directed a trusted team of attorneys to find and provide the exonerating evidence to a competent attorney. Sydney Powell was an excellent bull dog choice.

General Flynn is likely to get his money back and then some in civil court. A whole bunch of criminals will be left penniless even if they escape criminal justice.

Jimmy MacAfee

As you may have read, Flynn wanted to audit the intelligence agencies. It seems that this whole effed up scene proves the need for such an audit. And Flynn may thus qualify, in some way, as a whistleblower who can obtain a percentage of any levy against an organization or office. A lot has to be sorted out for this to take place. But the fact that there is a possibility that the actions the IC community took against him were due to their own corruption makes this a potential RICO case, and awards may be possible. Need Sidney Powell to figure out that aspect.

Remember Steven Hatfill, who won a large award? Richard Jewell? Randy Weaver? Those kinds of awards should be easy for Flynn to win. I think it ought to be paid by those who set him up, though, not by taxpayers. I hear James Comey is sitting on a pile of cash. Wonder what Andrew Weismann is worth? Mueller? Others? I’d like to see Flynn walk away with about $200 million.


I also like your transcripts; I have mild tinnitus and use closed captioning on the TV most of the time as I do miss a lot of the spoken dialogue, especially when there is background music (noise).

phineas gage

Elizabeth Vaughn at RedState notes that there are two James Bakers involved, and that they may have been confused in this instance.


There have to be consequences if we are to be a nation of laws not of men. That is what the Framers set out & went to war with Great Britain over. So far everyone has skated including HRC, she’s “too big to jail” or something to that effect. The double standards here are so egregious, so beyond what anyone would have thought possible just a few years ago.

Guess that shows just how far Left The Overton Window has been shoved.

Ricky D Church

Just a minor correction if you will, Strzok, Page and other FBI skunks did not “attempt” to frame General Flynn they actually did frame him or at least framed him with enough threats against his family to compel him plead out.



Show Me

James Baker, the counterpart to John Dean of Watergate fame.
If James Baker has decided to turn States Evidence, it could clear up a lot of things.
Likely James Baker would have at least some knowledge of what was going on in the FBI, although FBI agents and DOJ lawyers would know all the ways to evade responsibility.
I’m not sure he would be offered immunity for testimony, perhaps so, but there would be no way he could get immunity from the New York Times and Washington Post, as well as CNN, and the networks.
Would there be any connections to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in his testimony?
I really doubt he would go so far as to implicate someone in elected office at 1600 Pennsylvania.
If he did, where would that put the Trump telephone calls and requests for cooperation in investigating corruption.
Would there be any connection to the Democrat Party?
I think they should maintain the confidentiality of the IG FISA warrant application, at least until they have considerable progress in criminal investigations as fallout from the IG FISA Warrant investigation, since information from the IG’s FISA Warrant application investigation might give a heads up to people named in the FISA warrant application.
The Impeachment Inquiry is going on as an official investigation set in motion by Nancy Pelosi.
Was there any inside knowledge of what was going on in the White House by high placed elected officials such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, perhaps even people within the FBI such as the Southern District of New York DOJ office.
If any of these people go to jail, and that’s a really big “if”, it might be transforming even to the media.
If there were media figures that cooperated with or facilitated crimes by the FBI or the DOJ, would First Amendment safeguards be enough to keep media figures from being indicted.
There may be a difference between freedom of the press and actual cooperation in and participation with criminals carrying out a coup against the United States.
A coup or an unlawful regime change of government would be an act of treason.
If participants in this coup read the fine print, actually cursive hand writing, of the original copies of the Constitution , talking about treason, they might choose to cooperate for any chance at immunity or even a reduction in sentence.
I still find this act of betrayal by the FBI and DOJ to be disheartening about their level of commitment to the trust of the American People. It will take a lot to restore trust with this level of criminality.

phineas gage

Ditto–thanks to David for posting the text, that’s what I prefer as well, probably because I’m old.

I thought they turned Baker early on, so no surprise. I expect Clapper is next.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m not a Luddite, but I prefer to read the transcripts, too. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort!
I prefer reading narrative reports to (incompetently) looking at X-Rays or MRIs. Sometimes, words make better pictures! A word (or sentence or paragraph) is worth a thousand pictures.

I would still like to have a picture of John B.’s face when he was told that Baker flipped. And then. There’s a scene in Bourne Supremacy, with Ward Abbott and Pamela Landy. Just sayin’.

phineas gage

‘Enjoy your egg whites’ or ‘You better get a good lawyer’?

Jimmy MacAfee

No. the end of Ward Abbott. You’re thinking about Noah Vosen. Both lines are good, but it isn’t what Ward Abbott says to Landy. It’s what he does. To himself. Not suggesting that this is a good course of action, but that it’s a likely outcome.

Sharon Campbell

David, dynamite article and yes, I’m one who prefers to read the information!!

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