Lindsey Graham is in a Deep State Hole of his Own Making

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The First Rule of Holes: When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. –  South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is neck-deep in a big ol’ Deep State hole, and he apparently doesn’t have any idea how to get out of it.

Faced with rising anger among the supporters of President Donald Trump – who won his state by 14% of the vote in 2016 – over his refusal to follow up all year on promises to issue a raft of subpoenas and hold hearings to dig at the truth behind Spygate and the neverending coup attempts targeting the President, Graham thought it would be a peachy dodge to hold a press conference today at which he introduced his meaningless resolution condemning the House impeachment circus led by San Fran Nan and Bug-Eyes Schiff:

Far from placating any Trump supporters, Graham’s meaningless stunt only made them angrier, judging from the reactions on Twitter and other social media platforms. I would copy some of the responses over here, but they’re pretty much all obscene at this point. People are really angry, for very good reason.

Graham’s stunt also had the perverse effect of enraging the left-wing social media Outrage Mob, which had been quite happy with the Senator’s talk-a-big-game-but-do-nothing-real posturing since he assumed the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee in January. So now, literally everyone is angry at Lindsey Graham, except for the Deep State minions his studious inaction serves to protect.

You get the feeling from watching Graham’s presser today that he is just scared to death. His voice was shaky, his answers soft and uncertain, his forehead sweaty – he just looks and acts like a guy who in his heart wants to do the right thing, but just can’t, for whatever reason.

The most generous line of speculation about Graham’s refusal to act in any meaningful way is that, whether he knew it in January and February when he was making bold promises to hold an aggressive hearing schedule, he understands now that all roads related to Spygate ultimately to his personal hero, the execrable John McCain. Anyone who spends five minutes looking at the publicly-available information related to the coup cabal’s spying efforts on the Trump Campaign and Transition team, and the creation of the Steele Dossier very quickly realizes that McCain and his office were intimately involved in all of it.

Thus, if Graham were to actually follow through on his promises to conduct a thorough investigation, he would inevitably end up revealing even more information that would negatively impact McCain’s already soiled reputation. McCain is a man who Graham literally idolizes, a role model who Graham eagerly followed around and emulated for two solid decades. It’s easy to understand why he would break dozens of promises in order to protect his life’s hero.

That, as I say, is the generous speculation about Graham’s refusal to act. Other lines involve him being compromised, threatened or just plain corrupt at his core. Who knows what the truth really is? We may never find out, just as we will probably never find out what really motivated the useless Jeff Sessions.

What we do know, though, is that the stunt Graham pulled today only served to anger people of all political persuasions more than they already were. The Senator needs to quit flailing around like this, quit doing thrice-weekly appearances with Sean “Tick-Tock” Hannity, stop talking in public altogether for a few weeks for his own good. Just go back to focusing on approving the President’s judicial nominees at a record pace, and leave it at that.

Stop digging, Senator.

That is all.


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The first rule in politics should be that you dance with the people who brought you meaning you should faithfully represent the people who elected you. That is why house members are called representatives.

Senators were originally to represent their state’s interest equally which is why all states, big or small, have the same representation and this is why we have a bicameral congress/legislature.

About 100 years ago the constitution was amended to give the individual citizen the opportunity to vote for their state’s senators (US senators were originally chosen/elected by their state’s legislature) which effectively made senators (the people’s) representatives as well.

We, as an electorate, have only ourselves to blame because we have allowed ourselves to become woefully ignorant and lazy when it comes to being informed and voting for the right people to faithfully represent the wishes of “we the people”. Conservatives default vote Republican because the GOP is supposed to be the conservative party; liberals default vote Democratic because the Dems ARE liberal!

Sadly, many, if not most, American’s don’t pay attention to what their “representatives” do to them. We have allowed ourselves to be easily manipulated into believing almost anything anyone in politics, or the media, tells us – especially if it is done loudly and long enough – and we have gotten what we ultimately deserve: a corrupt and failing government who only answers to the money people…

Trump is the first politician who is immune from such corrupting influences. He is the ultimate outsider and the insiders are pissed. They are doing everything in their power to destroy him for exposing and breaking up their little club.

He is also forcing the swamp to expose their true anti-America agenda; forcing the swamp rats out into the open. He must not only be thanked for doing a service that the media should have been doing (and in fact was designed to do by being granted its first amendment right), but should be overwhelmingly reelected. He should also be rewarded by “the people” who must primary and defeat the fake, fraud, and phony backstabbing and lukewarm Trump “supporting” RINOs in both houses of congress.

The Democrats are what they are; they are a known opposition/enemy. They can be seen and defeated.

We need to get rid of the hidden (until now) RINO fifth column enemy that is destroying our country from within,


Can we dig up McCain and hang him with the rest of these clowns?


At least Graham is out there defending Trump, and I think he’s realized he should join Trump instead of passively aggressively fighting him like the rest of the RINOs. The author should really be calling out McConnell for not having hearings into spygate, into Biden’s corruption, and using their subpoena power to get to the bottom of what Democrats have done and are doing. But McConnell is just as corrupt as Biden, and doesn’t want his secret empire expose (also the title of Peter Schweitzer’s book “Secret Empires” exposing Biden and McConnell as politicians getting rich selling out the US).


Something about Graham just irks me. His constant mental gymnastics to appear one way or another could be the problem. McShame and he seemed to always being wetting their finger, pick one, and sticking it into the politicial wind to see which way to go.
Can’t trust politicians who do that, which pretty much means all of them.
That’s why I support President Donald J. Trump. He pretty much calls ’em as he sees ’em. And he does it everyday! Always getting their panties in a bunch over something. Luvin’ it.
KAG 2020.

Melinda K.

All lawmakers, the media, and the American public should read the new article in The Federalist,

“10 Questions To Ask About Trump’s Removal Of Troops From Syria”

Clarifies details of the Big Picture quite well.

Jimmy MacAfee

Graham should have subpoenaed the “whistleblower.” At the very least. Where the Senate could examine and cross examine his “testimony.”

Phyllis PhyllisD

Graham speaketh from both sides of his mouth!

Larry Folds

Watching Graham for years puppy-dogging McCain and glowing with warmth whenever McCain said something, I always had the feeling that Lindsey knew more than he revealed and was always on the cusp of exposing something. In the end, I think it was just gas or constipation because he only accomplished two things. One, an Oscar winning portrayal showing his outrage in the Kavanaugh interrogation that may have just saved the nomination (hyperbole, I know) at a time when it desperately needed a champion. Second, he convinced a lot of people he had some substance and he was on the way to shedding his sycophantic reputation, but alas, he fumbled the ball and now we see he has little substance. If only South Carolina can see it. Gowdy seems to be a chip off the old Graham-block and strange that both are Palmetto State colleagues. Really guys, Gowdy – often resembling a banty rooster – lived a fantasy life for awhile in DC whose own short stint resulted in abject failure in all he did but evidently failed so well he became beloved by many. He may have been undefeated as a prosecutor in SC but in DC he was (is) (borrowing from the Bard) full of sound and fury signifying nothing. He has a lot in common with Graham.

Steve Kasian

Yeah, it all comes back to fact I’ve stated since I was awake enough to see what’s really going on (to whatever extent that’s actually the case): POLITICIAN=LIAR. As long as you remember that, you can’t go wrong.

Stay Uncivil

The pink palmetto princess likes holes.

phineas gage

Although Graham is for the most part a treacherous and cowardly individual, don’t make the mistake of interpreting Twitter reaction as representative of the public at large. That’s the error the Left always makes in assuming everyone shares the opinions within their Twitter bubble.

Until I see some solid polling data that indicates otherwise, I am going to assume that Graham will once again be returned to the Senate by South Carolina voters. If Trump can engineer Graham’s ouster as part of a 2020 wave that replaces him with a truly solid conservative, it would be a testament to his (Trump’s) political strength.

I agree that if all Graham and McConnell want to do is approve judges, then shut up and just do that.

Jimmy MacAfee

I remember a certain Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist, when journalist could still be given a capital J; they went from the garage to the Big Time, part of a group where it is assumed that they had a better source of income and prestige. What happened after the move was the change in role: this formerly Conservative Journalist was hired to minimize the damage to the Deep State; they would agree with the criticism (of Obama and Clinton inc.) on one hand, and then minimize the damage by comparing something egregious with something innocuous a Conservative had done. Kind of like Bidengate vs. the crap Adam Schitt is trying to pull. False equivalency. And Gwaham’s recent comment that he’d vote to remove Trump if more evidence showed up shows how insubstantial he is. It’s OK to disagree with the President; it’s not a sign of treachery. But showing an eagerness to use the knife hidden behind one’s back is seriously capricious.

That’s Wimpsy Gwaham’s role; to bounce back and forth between Graham 1.1 and Graham 2.1. Tries to appear to be a spiny lobster, when he’s mostly jellyfish. A shapeshifter.

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